Best Converters & Standing Desks For Tall People

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Best Standing Desks For Tall People

As a tall person, you may have realized that not all desks measure the same. In fact some can be doing you more harm than good. Which is why I have taken it upon myself to find the best standing desks & converters for tall people which are height appropriate.

If you work in an office behind a desk all day, you would be all too familiar with the dangers of sitting down all day. Since the invention of the standing desk, people have been minimizing their chances of heart disease and early death which can be the result of sitting for too long everyday.

A standing desk for 6 foot tall people can generally be catered to you from just about any brand and model. But for people taller than 6 foot, the number of standing desks available dwindles drastically. This is one of the negatives of being in the minority that is defined by extra height.

What Is The Proper Height For A Standing Desk

Just like sitting behind an extra tall office desk, the tall person must also ensure that the dimensions are right. Or else you could end up creating all sorts of neck, wrists and back problems. Especially if you don’t have an adjustable standing desk and the height it too tall for your height. This would create an uncomfortable and unnatural position for your wrists.

If you are smack bang on 6 foot tall, a ordinary desk will have a height of about 27 inches. But for a standing desk, the proper height for the desk only will be between 43″ and 45″. An exact height cannot be given as we all have unique body shapes and sizes.

Someone’s legs or inseam measurement may be greater than a fellow 6 foot tall person which can make the height of the standing desk off an inch or so. Which is why an adjustable desk is the only way to go if you’re buying online.

It’s pretty simple to get the exact measurement you require from a standing desk. Grab a friend and stand up straight with your arms down by your side. Now with your elbows remaining in tact, raise your forearm until it is 90° with your body. Get your friend to measure the distance from the underneath side of your forearm to the ground. This will resemble how you should sit at a ordinary desk, except now you are standing. The same ergonomics apply.

Full Standing Desk VS A Desk Converter?

A decision you will have to make early on is  whether you want a standing desk or a standing desk converter. This is completely a personal decision which will be based on your current office situation.

A full size standing desk is a standalone desk which is often referred to as a sit to stand desks and workstations. If you buy a desk like this it means you will no longer need your existing desk, if you have one.

What Is A Standing Desk Converter?Standing Desk Vs Converter

A converter often referred to as desk toppers and even desk risers are ‘add ons’ essentially. You place these converters on top of your existing desk to convert it into a functional standing desk. The reason you would buy a converter is because you simply love your current desk, or the storage in your current desk can’t be beaten.

The disadvantage to a converter is that they usually take up a lot of space if on your existing desk. While converters are generally cheaper than a full standing desk, they can be limited to how much weight the desk can handle. Most converters operate on a gas strut style system which can be overloaded with exceptionally heavy monitors.

Below you can find both the full version standing desks as well as converters suitable for taller people. But first you need to ensure the desk is going to suit your standing height.

Determining If A Standing Desk Converter Is The Right Height

If you are adding a converter onto your ordinary desk you will need to ensure that the desk can raise up to the ergonomic measurement for your height using the instructions mentioned above.

So with the below standing desks & converters you will need to check the minimum and maximum adjustable heights. You will also need to know the height of your current desk if buying a converter.

So for example lets say you have a pretty standard 30 inch high desk. As a 6’4″ tall person the standing height recommendation is about 47 inches tall. So the converter needs to have an adjustable height of 17 inches (30″ desk + 17″ converter= 47″ standing height) to be high enough so that you can comfortably have your elbows rested on a 90° angle.

Below you can find some of the most recommended standing desks and converters for tall persons over 6 foot. Each of these products are hand picked to ensure the heights meet a tall persons requirements. Following the reviews are some important details you should know when using a standing desk on a regular basis.

The Types Of Converters & Standing Desks Available

The three main types of converters and standing desks are electric, hand crank and gas strut operated. This is what determines the main price difference. An electric converter is likely going to cost you more than a simple handle crank set up. But with electric you get a smoother transition from sitting to standing.

Gas strut standing desks are the middle ground which are easier to operate compared to a handle hand crank system, but not as smooth as an electric. However, gas struts can become worn down over time like an office chair. So a new strut may be required over time. So if you are on a strict budget, hand cranks are the way to go. But if you want the best in the business, look into an electric powered standing desk. Below I have listed all three types with height adjustments suitable for the taller person over 6 foot.

In A Hurry? Choose What You Need Below

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Best Standing Desk Converters For A Tall Person

Electric Powered  20″ Tall Converter Desk

Best Standing Desk Converters For A Tall Person

First up is the VersaDesk Power Pro which is an electric powered desk riser. While it’s a stunning and modern looking desk, the main reason I chose the VersaDesk was because it had the highest adjustment point for an electric model that I could find. There were quite a few electric options that went as high as 19 inches, but the VersaDesk goes that one inch further and can reach 20 inches tall.

This extra inch may not sound like much, but it can mean the difference between felling slightly awkward and ergonomically sound as a 6’7ft tall person. Provided you already have a rather tall desk, this VersaDesk converter can be used by just about any tall person.

Whats awesome about this converter is that it doesn’t have preset heights configured into it. So unlike other converters you can get pin point accuracy when raising the desk up. To raise the desk you simply hold down the  button on the front right side of the desk until the desktop is at a comfortable height for you. Up to 20 inches of course.

What Makes The VersaDesk The Best For Tall Folks

Besides the maximum height of 20 inches, the VersaDesk has two levels for creating the ergonomic office. What this does is raises your monitor up for a higher level so that it is in eye level with you. So there’s no need to chock up the bottom of the monitor to get it at the right height.

This electric standing desk converter also has quite a high weight capacity. Which is 80 pounds. This is due to the shear quality of the materials used to assemble these converters in California.

The heavy duty (X) steel frame is what gives this desk the stability and strength to handle a heavy load. In terms of this design, it’s one of the leading products in my opinion. This (X) design gives it the extra strength and therefor the edge of much of the competition. Many converters and standing desks operate on a (Z) design. Which is fine for light usage. But for people with heavy duty computer equipment or 2 monitors, having the (X) design really does give you the confidence to trust this desk when raising it.

It’s A High End Electric Standing Desk Converter

The VersaDesk is a high end premium model. From the heavy duty mechanism and frame to the scratch resistant commercial grade laminate. Which are meant to be fade and dent resistant as well. Nothing worse then spending a good sum of money on a desk only for it to deteriorate in the main areas where you’re wrists lay.

The desk comes in various sizes so you can choose one that’s appropriate for your office space. There are 2 grommet holes in the top to allow for two monitors at the same time. Again, you can feel secure doing this thanks to the 80 pound capacity.

The only concerning factor with this particular design is the button to raise the desk is quite sensitive. So if you spread your wings (elbows) a great deal you can accidentally hit the button. This can be easily fixed by placing a inverted coaster or oversized button on top. A minor issue nonetheless. Also available in an array of colors.

VersaDesk Power Pro Electric Desk Riser 20" Max Height

Extra High Standing Desk Converter

Extra High Standing Desk Converter

A smooth and solid gas strut operated standing desk converter by iMovR. Known as the ZipLift+, iMovR have set the standard in providing an ergonomic and quite work zone.

From a tall persons prospective, the ZipLift+ has the greatest reach in terms of height. The ZipLift+ has a maximum height of 20.5″. While it’s specified that the converter is suitable for people up to 6’7″ tall, it will come down to how tall your current desk is. So do the measurements and if you are confident with the numbers, don’t hesitate to have a better look at the ZipLift+.

Take Ergonomics To A New Level

The ZipLift+ is the only desk raiser that I have come across with a keyboard tray that has a 25° tilt option. From -15° to +10°, the keyboard tray can get tilted to the most ergonomic position suitable to you.

The other feature of the keyboard tray that I love is how deep it is. Compared to the above electric model, this tray is far deeper with a total depth of 13 inches. This increase in depth allows you to rest your wrists more comfortably and not fee restricted. While also reducing the chances of knocking the keyboard over the back. Wired keyboards can also be used on the ZipFit+.

In comparison to some other types of converters like a spring coil set up and the hand crank converters, the ZipFit+ operates on a relatively quite gas strut mechanism. Which is good when you work in an office with other people.

The Design Is Strong

While iMovR bash the (X) design a bit, the ZipFit+ operates on a one piece (Z) design construction. The obvious benefits of this are less chances of getting fingers caught in the (Z) frame and being one one solid piece of steel ensures a strong and durable build.

With this design you have a lower weight capacity. But still strong enough and has enough space to hold 2 monitors. The keyboard tray can hold 5 lbs while the top deck has a capacity of 25 lbs.

Completing the iMovR ZipFit+ is the bonus standing mat. One of the biggest drawbacks to standing desks is the fact your feet get sore after some time. So iMovR have thrown in the ‘EverMat‘ as part of this package. So all in all it’s a pretty decent buy considering I’ve seen the EverMat sold for over $100 alone.

iMovR ZipFit+ 20.5" Tall Standing Desk Converter

Desk Riser For People Over 6 Foot Tall

If you have a 31 inch tall work desk, the FlexiSpot standing desk converter is suitable for people up to 6’5″ according to the company. This is because the converter can extend up to 19.7″ in height.

The last of the standing desk converters for tall people is the M2B. It’s a simple design which operates in a vertical fashion rather than slightly angled. This is great for stability and reduces the chances of toppling the desk with heavy monitors.

What I like about the M2B is again the (X) design. It allows for a stronger and more reliable lift. This is achieved by the back support frame sliding forwards to lift the desk in an upwards motion with little to no space lost due to the desk sliding forwards. On the back of the frame is a reinforcement bar as well which just adds to making this desk riser even more stable. Which is ever important if you are intending more than one expensive monitor on top. The total weight capacity of the M2B is 35 pounds.

Slide Out Keyboard Design

The design of the M2B is slightly different to the above converters. The keyboard tray slides out from under the top level desk. So this creates a larger working space on the actual desk top. While the keyboard tray is nice and wide allowing you to spread your mouse and wrists out, I would prefer the deeper style of the above ZipFit+. But the FlexiSpot M2B has a decent 7.9″ deep tray which is slightly larger than most slide out keyboard trays.

The keyboard tray sits 5.5 inches below the desk, which is a nice height for working at. The curved design of the tray is also a cool little features as it gives you greater area to move you hands between the mouse and keyboards. The tray itself is quite resilient to heavy duty typing as well. So if you’re a fast typer or a gamer that likes to smash buttons, this tray is up for the task. It doesn’t bounce around a lot like many others.

The FlexiSpot comes in a variety of sizes to cater to many types of office use. So check the specifications for each design to ensure you have enough room in your office, or that the desk is actually wide enough for your needs. All of the models have a height maximum of 19.7″, so tall people over 6 foot are covered regardless of the riser you buy.

The FlexiSpot converter operates on a pneumatic assist lift. It’s a one handed operating system and is considerably easier to raise and lower in comparison to the spring action raisers of the more expensive counterpart VeriDesk. Overall I like the FlexiSpot and it offers a large amount of work space. No annoying cutouts which take off 1/3 of the desk just so it looks pretty. Just a modern looking rectangular desk that does the job.

FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk Raiser Up To 19.5"

The Tallest Standing Desks

The tallest standing desk I’ve come across is the Electric 48″ or 60″ desk by Stand Up Desk Store. It’s a portable stand up desk that can reach a maximum height of 53 inches. That is when the caster wheels are attached. These wheels make it easy for moving the desk around the office, or from room to room if need be.

But if you want a permanent location desk you can add the furniture feet under the steels legs instead. This however does decrease the height to 50.5 inches tall. Mind you, 50.5″ is still a very high desk. Most likely suitable for someone around the 7 foot range. Hence the tallest standing desk title.

So It’s An Electric Desk

Being an electric standing desk you are spoiled with ease of lifting. A seamless and silent transition from sitting to standing is done in under 20 seconds. An electric desk like this is the way of the future, here’s why.

There’s a control panel built into the front right side of the desk. This is a great location as the chances of accidentally hitting the buttons is very minimal. Raising this desk is very simple; hold down the up arrow to go up and down arrow to go down.

Now what’s even more amazing is this desk can remember your preferred custom desk height settings. Unlike the traditional desks with 11,12 or 14 adjustable height settings, with this desk you can control the height of the desk to exactly how you like it.There are no predefined positions. You stop the desk where you see fit.

So say you have a height for playing games (I won’t tell the boss), a height for online seminars and a ergonomic height for your day to day office activities. This desk can store those heights in it’s memory. Next to the up/down arrows are 4 programmable control buttons. So you can set and change your preferred heights as you need. Very cool feature.

It’s A Very Deep Standing Desk

If you’re after a spacious desk which you can stand at and have all your office equipment at arms reach, this is a great choice. Both the 48″ wide and the 60″ wide desks have a depth of 29 inches. Which is sufficient space for most day to day activities. No worries about the mouse or keyboard falling off with this desk. But if you need a smaller depth, this is not the desk for you.

While it’s a simple design (Rectangle with rounded ends), it has some stunning color designs to choose from. I particularly like the Teak & black finish (Image Below) as it works in beautifully with my office. But for the more homely feel, there are black matte or gloss, walnut, white gloss, bamboo (Image above) and more choices available.

To sum it up, this is a great portable sit to stand desk for tall people as it has a very generous 50″+ height and comes with the 15″ casters. The simplistic design and the smooth electric lifting motion make this a desk to be jealous of (co-workers that is).

*Max weight capacity of 154lbs.

50"+ Tall Standing Desk - Various Colors

Best VariDesk For Tall Persons

Best VariDesk For Tall Persons

It wouldn’t feel right excluding VariDesk from a standing desk list like this, and for good reason the electric ProDesk 60 makes the cut. Being one of the more well known and popular stand up desk brands in the industry you will have to pay premium prices unfortunately. In comparison to the above full desk, this ProDesk 60 costs considerably more.

How much more?. You can check the up to date price on amazon, but I assure you it’s not for the faint hearted. So with this hefty price tag, it the VariDesk ProDesk 60 worth the investment?.

Premium High End Desk?

So if you want to justify the extra costs, you can compare this ProDesk to the above Standing Desk Stores more affordable option. Work out if the extras are worth it and go from there.

In terms of similarities, both desks come in a variety of colors and both can be either 48 inches wide or 60 inches wide. The VariDesk is slightly deeper having a depth of 30 inches compared to 29″. But nothing too drastic to justify the price just yet.

In terms of height, the VariDesk can go to a maximum of 50.5″. Which is still quite tall and would suit most people up to 7 foot. However, the VariDesk doesn’t come with caster wheels to raise the height slightly.

More Stable & Heavy Duty Desk

Where the VariDesk does leave the above standing desk in the shadows is in regards to the construction. Being a well known brand, VariDesk have set the bar in terms of durability and stability in the standing desk arena. Speaking of bars, the ProDesk 60 has a reinforced bar between the frame to give the desk extra strength and stability.

Because of this, the desk can handle a load of up to 250 pounds. Which is just under 100lbs more capacity then the above standing desk.

The other notable difference and really neat feature is the cable management tray. This little tray hides all the cables running to and from the desk and can come out through a hole in the cable tray. This is a great way to keep cables organized and neat. Especially handy if you don’t have your desk up against the wall to hide the cables.

While I find the electric motor to be slightly slower, it is very smooth and quite when in use. Similar to the other electric standing desk, the ProDesk has a control panel built into the front. The main differences here are that there’s only 3 programmable heights compared to 4 and the panel has a digital display which tells you how high the desk is. A small but pretty cool feature.

Is It Worth The Money?

The simple answer to this is yes and no. If you are a frequent user, it makes sense to invest in a high end product like the VariDesk. But if it’s for the home office where you use only a couple times a week, you could easily get away with the more affordable electric option mentioned above. The features on the ProDesk are handy and the heavier weight capacity will certainly influence some people. So weight it all up and if you can afford the VariDesk, then go for it.

VariDesk Electric ProDesk 60

Before You Buy The ProDesk 60 By VariDesk

This short video review of the Prodesk 60 by VariDesk may be the in-depth review you are after. It gives you a good close up look at what to expect from this high end standing desk.

Two Level Sit & Stand Up Desk With Casters

Two Level Sit & Stand Up Desk With Casters

This multiple level portable standing desk is by TranZenDesk. This time we are looking at a handle crank system rather than electric. This particular desk has split levels for your keyboard/mouse and top level for you monitors.

At full stretch the keyboard level extends to 46.5″ tall. Which is about where you want it if you are between 6’3 and 6’5″ in height. The top level is higher maxing out at 52.5″ which is a good clearance to sit a monitor on and still be at eye level.

The lowest height for the desk is 29.5″ in height, so it’s certainly designed for the taller person. The lower shelf is 18 inches wide while the top is 12 inches. The top shelf overhangs the lower shelf by an inch, so in total the depth is 29″. So quite sufficient work space even with longer limbs.

Hand Crank Standing Desk

There are two things to consider here if you opt for a hand crank system over an electric model. 1. Price 2. Load Capacity.

  1. Price: Because it’s not electric, the price is naturally going to be cheaper. How much cheaper? Get the Exact Price on Amazon. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to solely rely on power to do what you want, then this is the desk for you. But you do have the burden of manually raising the desk.
  2. Load Capacity: The TranZenDesk has a lower load bearing limit of 85 pounds. So you will have to be cautious when using this desk. Don’t overload it. Not only could it become unstable, but it also makes cranking it up a lot harder if not impossible for some people.

Affordable Yet Quality

The TranZenDesk is certainly the most affordable option of the 3 full standing desks. This is one of those times where a lower price does not mean junk. It’s mainly down to the fact you have to manually raise the desk from sit to stand with the crank. By the way the crank can be positioned on the left or the right of the desk making it usable for left handed people as well.

Back to the affordable and quality ratio, the TranZenDesk has it nailed in my opinion. Although it only has a 85lbs capacity, this is not because of the strength of the desk. As mentioned before, any heavier and the hand crank becomes too hard to raise or lower.

Backing up the strength of this desk is a cross support beam between the legs. Besides making it more durable, this beam is a great place to run your leads/wires along. As the beam has a slight lip, cables can sit on top and be out of sight. Making your desk look much more tidier and professional.

Tranzendesk Dual Level Standing Desk

How Long Should You Stand At A Standing Desk

Standing desks while seem like a new and modern piece of office furniture, they have in fact been around for centuries. In one way or another, office workers from the 19th century were opting for standing over sitting. But in today’s era, the standing desk has been modernized to become more useful and more effective.

But as effective as they are, how long should you stand at a standing desk before it becomes unhealthy?. Is there such a limit where standing could be doing you more damage to your body versus sitting.

Many experts state that 1/3 of your office time should be spend standing, while new research has found that 30 minutes from every hour is ideal. Others have also used systems where workers stand for the first hour or 2 hours even.

But for me, standing for this long is just asking for trouble. I typically don’t experience back pain. I have no injuries or conditions which would be considered as factors for back pain. But after standing for 30 minutes my lower back starts to become unbearable. So I can imagine that people standing for an hour or more could be creating unnecessary back problems down the track.

Fitness and repetition will certainly play a key factor in how long you can physically stand behind your desk. So in my opinion it really is a personal decision that needs to be made. Someone that is use to 8 hours sitting behind the desk is not going to be able to handle 2 hours of standing up straight. In this case, building up from perhaps 10 minutes in every hour to 30 minutes every hour is ideal. At the end of the day it is your body and you will feel what is right for you.

The Height The Monitor Should Be If You’re TallBenefits Of Using A Standing Desk

While standing in periods over the course of your work day is very important, so is the height of your monitor. The same rules apply to how high a monitor should be if using a standing desk as it does to a regular work desk.

But with a standing desk your measurements will be greatly increased. For a 6 foot tall person, the eye level should be about 67 inches from the ground. When adjusting your monitor the top of the screen should be at 67″ or just below.

To test if the monitor is at a ergonomic height simply look at the middle of the screen. You eyes should be angled slightly downwards. If you have to look up, then the monitor needs to be raised on the standing desk.

You should also position the monitor so that it is more than 20″ away from your line of sight. Tilt the screen to avoid any unnecessary glare from office lights or reflective glass. Another good tip is to focus your eyes on an object about 20 feet from you every so often. This will give your eyes a much needed rest.

Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk

When working in an office condition it is obvious that you will sit at the desk for a long, sometimes people sit at their office desks for more than 8hrs. And while we know that sitting at the desk chair for a long can be uncomfortable, spending too much at your office desk chair is equally not good for your health.

The harms caused by extensive sitting is no joke, in fact, some researches equate it to smoking. The argument behind this reasoning is that spending prolonged periods at the desk is as dangerous as smoking. Being sedentary increases the risks of premature death more than even smoking. Because of the dangers, many people and companies are shifting from the traditional office desks to standing desks.

But are standing desks a lasting solution to this problem?

Below we are going to focus on the benefits and the drawbacks of using a standing desk.

Improvement of posture and muscle activity

The most obvious benefit of a standing desk is that helps in improving your posture and muscle activity. Unlike when using the traditional desk, with a standing desk you will prevent your back from getting a hunch. Also you are not submitting your neck to awkward angles. It allows you to maintain an upright position throughout the day and encourage more movement since you are not seated.

A standing desk helps reduce stress on the joints

When sitting at the desk for prolonged periods you will start to notice your joints begin to get sore because of sitting in the same position for a long period. The beauty of a standing desk is that it enables you to choose between sitting and standing.Breaking up the prolonged periods of sitting in the same position.

Given the many options available for tall people mentioned above, a standing desk significantly helps you to reduce stress and pain on your joints especially those associated with back pains and uneasiness in mobility. Which is common among taller persons.

Get the Blood Flowing

Another advantage of standing is that it’s almost immediate once you start implementing the stand motion.  That is that it increases your body’s blood circulation. When you sit for prolonged periods it is very easy for the limbs especially at the extremities to fall inactive due to inadequate circulation.

Using a standing desk, however, will restore blood flow to and flow the limbs specifically the legs. Blood flow in the body is natural but to keep the circulation efficient you need to keep the body engaged in motion.

It reduces risks from major illness

When sitting for a long time, the chances of developing health complications are higher. Some of the problems associated with prolonged sitting hours are obesity, cardio related complications, diabetes, and cancer. Health experts advise that using ergonometric tools like a standing desk and an adequate size office chair can help your curb with sitting challenges that often result in these complications.

General Energy & Mood Improvement

Some researchers claim that a standing desk has a positive effect on the overall wellbeing of an individual. Besides other benefits like increased mobility and preventing cardio related disease, it is also known to lower the feeling of stress and fatigue while boosting energy levels and mood.

Helps in burning off excess calories in the body

Losing weight is instrumental if you want to stay healthy. The challenge is that most people lead a busy life which does not allow them to exercise to cut weight on a daily routine. Especially office workers doing 10 hours a day. Working on a standing desk gives you an opportunity to exercise and cut weight then you will under a normally fixed desk. Another solution to this is the increasing in popularity balance ball chairs.

The Drawbacks Of Using A Standing Desk

One challenge when using a standing desk is that you shift sitting problems to different parts of the body. Human beings should not be seated for long as well the same rule applies that they should not be standing for long hours either. Sitting for long periods at a time is more bearable than standing for long sessions. In this regard using an adjustable seat when using a standing table can greatly help you.

A standing desk may not be for everyone. Another challenge is for women who like wearing high heeled shoes. Using a standing desk with such type of shoes can destroy your legs completely. Bring a more comfortable pair of shoes to wear while behind the desk if you plan to stand for periods of time behind the desk.

From the advantages and disadvantages, you will notice that a standing desk is more favorable. For one, it allows you to stand when you want and sit when you want. So investing in a tall persons standing desk can be beneficial to your health. It is time to stand for your health.

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