Extra Tall Bar Stools For Tall People

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Bar Stools For Tall People

Buying a bar stool for a tall person can be difficult as many stools come in different heights, so getting the perfect stool with the perfect height for your actual height can be an issue.

Bar stools are a great area to sit and socialize with the family and friends. As a tall person, sitting at a bar or kitchen counter can have its challenges. For the most part a raised counter or bar height bench is needed so that bar stools for tall people are an appropriate fit. Having a raised bench also makes dinner preparation that much easier.

Which is why adjustable height bar stools are the best for tall persons. A tall person over 6 foot can comfortably sit at heights of greater than 24 inches from the ground. Many counter and bar stools have adjustable heights from this height and extend to over 30 inches tall.

The biggest problem a tall person has is the footrest on the stool. Because our legs are usually longer than a average height person, our knees can end up crunched up more and not as relaxed as a average height persons legs would be. One day someone will invent a bar stool with both adjustable height and also adjustable footrests. This would be ideal for the taller people around the world.

My Top 4 Picks

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Wooden Extra Tall Bar Stool
220 LB 34" Check Price Amazon
330 LB 26"-35" Check Price Amazon
Padded wooden bar stool extra tall
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What Height Bar Stool Does A Tall Person Need?

The easiest way to know what height bar stool you need is to measure the bar or kitchen counter in which you will be sitting. Once you have the height of either of these surfaces you simply minus roughly 10 inches from that number.

The 10 inches represents the diameter of your thighs when sitting down plus a little extra area so that your knees are not hitting the top of the table. But this number will vary from person to person as some tall people may have thicker legs than others for example.

What Height Bar Stool Does A Tall Person Need

The Average Bar Top Height

If you’re unsure what height your bar, breakfast bar, commercial bar, etc is you can work it out from the average height, which is 42 inches tall. So in this case you would minus 10 from 42 and you would be looking for a bar stool with a height of around 30″-32″ tall.

But many people have taller benchtops and will need a seat height of up to 34 inches. This is why an adjustable height bar stool is ideal. Provided the bar stool can go as high as 34 inches tall, tall people will be able to comfortably sit at this height.

Below you can find a list of various types of bar and counter stools with adjustable heights of over 30 inches tall so that taller people can adjust the seat height to exactly how high they need it. As well as some standard bar height stools greater than 30 inches tall which are a fixed height.

Best Barstools For Big And Tall People

Starting the list is this big and tall barstool by Yaheetech. As many tall people are heavier as a result of more body mass, it is relevant to show a barstool capable of handling the big and tall persons.

The Yaheetech comes as a set of 2 barstools, each stool is capable of handling people up to 330 pounds. In terms of seat height, it has a maximum extension of 30-inches plus 2-3 inches of padding. The lowest this stool can go down to is 21.7-inches.

For The Big People…

While the Yaheetech doesn’t have the highest weight capacity on the market, what it does have is a few features that make this barstool ideal for larger individuals.

  1. High-density foam provides just the right amount of support for the heavier person.
  2. 18.7″ wide seat gives larger backsides more room to sit comfortably
  3. As this is an armless barstool with a backrest, the larger person can easily sit without being restricted by arms.

Overall, the Yaheetech is a decent set of barstools. It is not the tallest barstool on this list, But it does cater to a specific type of person. The wide seat and backrest combined with the extra height make the Yaheetech one of the best barstools for the big and tall people.

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Wooden Extra Tall Bar Stool

Wooden Extra Tall Bar Stool

The first option available for tall people is this extra tall wooden swivel bar stool. The Boraam Palmetto bar stool’s seat is a fixed 34 inches tall. On average 5 inches taller than regular bar stools.

This stool is solid hardwood and has a vinyl covered padded seat. The back rest is also hardwood. Finished in a black color, the Palmetto bar stool is a great choice for entertaining areas, breakfast bars and outdoor bars. It’s solid construction is sleek design make it a good fit for many occasions.

The stool also has a  full swivel function which makes it great for the bar area when watching sports on the big screen with friends. You can quickly swivel around to see what all the noise is about while not having to leave your seat.

The backrest is about 13 inches tall giving this stool a total height of just under 48″. There are no arms on this stool which I do actually prefer. Arms can be a hindrance, but I do like having the backrest you can lean back into. Overall it’s one of the best extra tall bar stools available.

Boraam Palmetto 34 in. Swivel Extra Tall Barstool

Tallest Swivel Bar Stool Chrome With Padded Wooden Seat

The tallest bar stool I have come across that is not only an appealing piece of furniture, but quite sturdy is this Bentwood bar stool by Flash Furniture. With an adjustable seat height that reaches all the way up to 35″, people with extra tall benches are going to love it. The minimum height for the Brentwood is 26 inches.

This bar stool adds an element of sophistication while still holding onto a classic vintage appeal. Both the seat and the backrest are padded and tufted for adding more character to the stool.

The stool is also fully swivel and comes with a footrest and a chrome base that is friendly to sensitive floors. The base and the seat are all made quite sturdy. Boasting a fairly decent weight capacity of around 300 pounds, big and tall people can relax and enjoy a comfortable time behind the bar.

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Extra Tall Home Bar Stool Microfiber

Padded wooden bar stool extra tall

This Palazzo bar stool is a great choice for tall people. It’s seat sits a nice 34 inches in height, but has a extra tall backrest which suits the longer torsos. The seat is also wider I’ve found, measuring in at 19.25″ wide. So there’s plenty of butt space on this stool.

But because this is a soft and luxurious microfiber padded bar stool, I would stick to keeping them indoors. Exposure to the elements could quickly deteriorate the microfiber. If you have a taller breakfast bar, these chairs will look fabulous around it.

Available in a Chocolate brownish color, grey or a navy blue color. Both colors come with a nicely finished birch hardwood frame which gives it a nice level of stability and footrests on all sides.

While they are eye appealing and very comfortable chairs, if you have timber floors you may want to remove the plastic peg from the underneath of each leg. This could scratch or dent your floors. They are easy to remove with some pliers and ideally replaced with a non scratch furniture felt pad stick ons or something similar.

But overall I like the looks and feel of microfiber. The extra tall backrest is a nice touch, especially if you have a taller upper half.

Palazzo 34 Inch Extra Tall Bar Stool - Set of 2

Tall Wooden Bar Stools

 Tall wooden bar stools are a great addition to a vintage/cottage style bar area but finding them in extra tall heights is not easy. Most bar stools have a maximum height of 29 inches and counter bar stools are usually 24 inches tall. Which is too short for tall benches and raised breakfast bars.The ones listed below are all have a seat height of 30 inches or more.

If you’re trying decide whether you want wooden or metal bar stools there are pros and cons to both. Wooden furniture just adds another layer of character to your home but come with the burden of ongoing maintenance. Every so often you will need to sand and stain the timber chairs again so they maintain their high quality.

But because you can actually repair and re-varnish the timber yourself, you can extend the life of a wooden bar stool. Whereas if you bend or crack a metal frame it is pretty hard to fix and most likely not worth fixing. So being able to repair a wooden bar stool yourself in a cost effective manner is certainly a positive. If you plan to keep the wooden bar stools outside, you will need to ensure the timber is always coated with varnish or stain. This stops the weather rotting the timber.

Below you can find an assortment of tall wooden bar stools, some will include metal frames and a wooden seat. All of these bar stools have a maximum seat height of 30 inches or more.

Tall Metal Bar Stools

Tall metal bar stools add a modern twist to a contemporary breakfast bar or entertaining area. They can be used indoors or outdoors provided they are rust resistant.  Metal bar stools often have a padded vinyl or leather seat and come come in a variety of colors and styles. So choosing one to fit into your current design is considerably easy.

The tall metal bar stools below all have a maximum height of 30 inches or more. These chairs are available on amazon.

Bar Stools For Tall Persons & Extra Tall Benches

While it is hard to find extra tall bar stools to suit your specific needs, the ones listed above all have suitable seat heights for the tall person and the extra tall bar bench. With many styles and colors to choose from, the decision is now up to you. Which one do you like best?. Will you go for an adjustable or fixed height bar stool?.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you have other tall bar stool ideas to share.

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