Rocker Recliners For Tall People

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Rocker Recliners For Tall PeopleIn the world of reclining, being able to rock yourself to sleep is often forgotten about. As a tall person its essential that you get the right chair to suit your individual height. The below rocker recliners for tall people do just that.

After thorough research I have been able to list off a few of the tallest rocker recliners any tall person could dream of. But with that said, not all of the same quality. During the selection process the main features I looked for were regarding size, not quality as much.

This is because us taller folks don’t always have a whole heap of products to chose from. Sometimes we just got to take what we can get. That is unless you can spend a small fortune on getting a custom made chair built.

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The Tall Persons Criteria

I want to touch briefly on the criteria I used to select these rocker recliner chairs. While some chairs are impossible to find all the details, I found that through some of the reviews is much golden information. For example if someone reviews the chair at 6’8″ and says it fits like a dream, then you know you’re onto a winner. In terms of size anyway.

Overall HeightWhat Size Recliner For Tall Person

Overall height of the chair lets you know a few of the key measurements for the rocker. If a chair doesn’t state the other size measurements, the total height is the next best gauge to consider. Most rocker recliners have a total height between 38 inches and 40 inches.

A 40 inch tall chair is perfect for someone around 6 foot. But if you’re taller than a flat 6 foot you’re going to need a taller chair. Otherwise your head is going to pop over the top of the backrest and your feet will dangle off the edge of the footrest.

Seat Height

As a minimum, a person around 6 foot will need at least a 16 inch seat height. Otherwise you will be sitting too low to the ground and not leaving enough leg room for those longer legs.

Backrest Height

You can sometimes get away with a shorter backrest provided the rest of the measurements fall into place. A simple pillow behind your head at the top of a backrest can give you extra 4-6 inches of neck support.

Ideally you want to look for a backrest that’s around 24 inches or more. However this measurement is not that easy to find due to the angle of the backrest. As the height of the chair is measured in a direct vertical line, the measurement doesn’t reflect the extra few inches you get from the backrest being on an angle.

Total Reclined Length

Again, another measurement which is difficult to find. The total reclined length is the amount of surface area from the tip of the back rest to the end of the footrest. 6 Foot people can comfortably lay on a reclined chair that has a 66 inch total reclined length. Taller people should be looking for an extra 5 to 10 inches.

The Tallest Rocker Recliner For Big & Tall

best rocker recliner for big and tall people
The name Gladiator is fitting in this case by Lane Home Furnishings. This is a huge reclining chair which doubles up as a rocker. But the best part is this chair has a total height of 48 inches which is confirmed on the Lane website. Yes that’s right, 48 inches. This chair is not recommended for short people less than 6 foot in height. Your feet will simply not touch the ground.

Because its a rocking chair as well as a recliner, both the back and the footrest release simultaneously. Which is good for tall people, but bad for shorter people as the backrest can be too far back before releasing them and with your feet not on the floor due to not being tall, can get somewhat uncomfortable.

The Gladiator Comfort King not only rocks and reclines, but is powered also. Which is more of a luxury feature for some, but a mandatory feature for others with limited movement capabilities. Having the ease of recline with buttons close to the top right hand armrest makes using this rocker recliner simple as can be.

I also find the price of this chair to be quite good considering its a power rocker/recliner. I haven’t seen any other chair around this price with this many capabilities. You can check the price on amazon for latest price.

Fit For The Big And Tall People

The Comfort King doesn’t stop there tho, its also the best rocker recliner for big and tall people due to being oversized with a 500 pound weight capacity. A rocker that can support weights up to 500 pounds is almost unheard of, until now.

Wile its able to handle heavy people, it can handle larger sized people as well. With a total width of 44 inches, this beast of a chair means business. The total depth is an impressive 40 inches as well. But just keep in mind to assemble this chair in the actual room you want it in. Or it will be very difficult to fit through 32″ door frames.

Overall the Gladiator Comfort King is comparable to the Stallion which is the best recliner for tall people. But the Gladiator offers the rocking motion where the Stallion does not. Both chairs are by Lane so you know you’re getting a quality piece of furniture. .

Gladiator Comfort King By Lane


Next Tallest Rocker Recliner Chair

Tallest Rocker Recliner Chair
Not far behind the Gladiator Comfort King is this amazing chair by Catnapper known as the Deluxe Magnum. Again another powerful name for a power operated chair.

The total height on the Magnum is 46 inches tall, a good 6 inches higher than your average rocker recliner. This chair is also oversized with a total depth of 44 inches and a width if 48 inches.

Catnapper has the height as 48″ on their site so its a little confusing, but either way its a big chair suitable for tall people. So just remember this when it comes to setting the chair up on arrival. Do it in the room you want the chair to live in.

While its a big chair, its not tested for heavy people, just taller folks. The weight capacity is only tested to the 250 pound mark but this doesn’t mean it can handle more. Just that is where they tested its capabilities.

The Magnum rocker recliner is also a heat and massage chair. This is achieved by using a controller that lets you select the zones, speed and intensity of the massage. For the price its not a bad inclusion, but I would have preferred a power operated chair rather than a manual handle. But regardless, its a nice tall chair with plenty of leg room.

Magnun Rocker Recliner By Catnapper


Tall Persons Swivel Rocker

Moving away from the traditional rocker recliners is this fabulous piece by Ashley Furniture. At a fairly decent price I may mention, its comparable to some of the recliners double its price in my opinion. To see the latest price you can check price on amazon here.

But before you get too carried away, do note that this chairs height is 42 inches tall. 4 to 6 inches shorter than the above 2 options. However, still taller than your average rocker recliner.

While it may be slightly shorter, it offers the awesome swivel rocking action the other chairs don’t have. This feature may be pointless to some, but a game changers for others. It allows the whole chair to swivel in any direction while rocking back and forwards.

While reclining is done with the simple pull off a tab, rather than a handle. I like these tabs better than handles as the handles have a tendency to break over time.

In terms of size, this chair is better suited to the tall slim people, rather than the big and tall. While it offers extra height, it won’t take up your whole lounge room. The dimensions are much smaller than the above oversized chairs.

The total width is just 38 inches while the depth is 39 inches. So great for when you have a small room or limited space.

Ashley Furniture Swivel Rocker Recliner


Powered Rocker Recliner

Powered Rocker Recliner
It wouldn’t be fair to not include a La-Z-Boy chair into this guide to rocker recliners now would it. Being a hugely recognized brand you know you can expect high quality. Being the tallest of the La-Z-Boy collection that I could find, it just had to come on board.

But unfortunately I couldn’t find an option in the 46 to 48 inch category, the tallest I could find was this 41.5″ power rocker recliner. Still classified as a big boys chair, just not as tall as the Catnapper or Lane Home Furnishings.

However the 41.5″ total height gives you a full 68 inches of reclined length. Which is ideal for people just over 6 foot, but a little short for people edging in on 7 foot. The depth is 38.5″ while the width is 40 inches. So certainly not the smallest recliner out there.

In terms of rocking capabilities, this La-Z-Boy only rocks with the footrest down. Which I prefer as I don’t like the accidentally rocking you can sometimes get when you are fully reclined. So its more of a chair for relaxing in while rocking but also offers you the ability to recline and stretch those legs out.

Overall I like the shear quality of this leather rocker recliner and the fact it is power operated. While the footrest could do with a little extra height and the armrests with a tad more padding, overall its not a bad choice for someone taller than average.

La-Z-Boy 41.5" Tall Power Rocker Recliner


High Back Glider Recliner

High Back Glider Recliner
Gliders are often used in the nursery for taking care of our precise babies. But for tall people, having a glider with no head support is just terrible. Sometimes you have to sit in the chair for an hour or more. When you got no support behind your head, this can result in a seriously sore neck.

So while this glider may not be the tallest rocking chair, it certainly has a nice high back to offer the head support us taller parents need.

Being 42 inches tall, this glider by Baby Relax is mostly back support. So while you may sit lower to the ground, you get the head support needed.

Once bubs has grown up and moved on from the glider, the best thing about this glider is that it doesn’t look like a dedicated nursery chair. It will easily fit in with your other tall furniture around the house.

While the rocking motion works a treat when it comes to reclining some folks have found it difficult to get into the reline mode. This is because its one of those chairs where you need to release the lever and push back on the backrest for it to pop out.

I’ve owned one of these types of recliners for many years and I can see the frustration. But after a while you do find it much easier once you know how to push your body into the chair to make it release into recline mode.

But simply for the high back alone, this glider is a great option for the tall people whether its for the nursery, media room or lounge room.

Baby Relax Rylee Gliding Recliner


Which Rocker Recliner Is Right For Your Height

If you’ve come this far and still can’t decide on which rocker recliner is best for your tall body then its time to think about the above 5 options again. There’s chairs ranging from 48 inches tall to 42 inches in height. So most tall people are catered for.

So should you go for the tallest rocker recliner that is the Gladiator Comfort King standing tall at 48 inches?. If you are close to 6’5″ or taller, then my suggestion would to be to seriously consider this option. The extra height certainly wont go to waste.

But if you’re close to the 6 foot mark then you may not need the full 48 inches of height. It may even be a little too tall for you. Something around the 42 inch height would probably be better suited.

In this case the Ashley Furniture chair would be a good choice. Unless the swivel action is too off putting for you, then I’d go with the ever reliable La-Z-Boy option at 41.5″ in height. Either way you have 5 good options to chose from on this page.

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