Best Massage Chairs For Tall People Over 6’3″

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Buying a massage chair is hard enough, but when you add into the equation your height requirements, it gets even more complicated, not to mention expensive. But from one tall person to another, here are the the best massage chairs for tall people.

It goes without saying that one cannot really be labelled as the best because the amount of functionality available and the individuals needs and desires from a massage chair.

When it comes to being tall, there’s no arguing that the massage chair has to be oversized. At the very least in the length of the chair.

How To Choose A Massage Chair For A Tall Person

When you take all the functionality out of the equation, how do you best determine if a massage chair is going to be big enough to suit your 6 foot plus frame. Its certainly not easy that’s for sure. The best way is to visit a show room. Many of the chairs mentioned below are on display in showrooms across the USA.

However, not everybody has access to these showrooms and therefor will need to buy online. While there’s absolutely no harm in buying online these days thanks to return policies and warranties etc, a tall person still needs to take precautions. So here’s a few things to keep in mind when deciding if a massage chair will suit your height.

  1. Products Descriptions: While being very helpful with what the massage chair can achieve, often they don’t include a recommended user height. But some do, so keep an eye out for these chairs.
  2. User Height Concerns: Some of the chairs below do in fact state the massage chair is suitable for people up to 6’5″ for example, but something to keep in mind is that while your 6’5″ body can fit comfortably in the chair, the actually massage rollers may not in fact reach all the way up to your neck. This doesn’t bother me so much as I have a neck massage pillow which I can wedge behind my neck anyways.
  3. Customer Reviews: Try to find massage chairs which have plenty of reviews from customers. I have tried listing massage chairs below which have reviews backing up peoples heights. This is a good way to determine if it’s a good chair for your height is if someone your height says the chair fits well. However do remember that some people have longer legs than others and so forth.
  4. Customer Questions: You can find a mine field of answer to your height questions here.
  5. Extendable footrests. Always try to find a massage chair with extendable footrests. These extensions can make the difference between being cramped up and comfortably receiving a massage. The extensions will vary in length, some are 6″ while others extend 10″. So take this into consideration as well.
  6. Overall Reclined Length: This is the measurement of the massage chair when fully reclined, whether that is zero gravity or not. If you have an existing recliner, simply measure this and you will get a rough idea of what you need. Most likely you will be looking for around 66-70 inches in length.

Name Your Price

I’ve been saving up for a massage chair for some time now, but as you will soon see, prices vary. For me I’m looking for a chair around the 6’4″-6’5″ capability and willing to spend $2000 to $4000 on a massage chair. This is around the average medium for a decent chair.

However if you are much taller you are going to probably want to double that price. The first chair below is targeted to the very tall people and has a very tall price tag on it. Which is out of my price range, but perhaps not for you. So I have listed it here for the very tall people so that they too have an option. Do also remember that a very tall massage chair may in fact be too big for you, even if you’re over 6 foot. So make sure you pay attention to the specs.

But overall, you will find mixed prices below. I have tried to find height appropriate massage chairs in with varying price ranges so that everyone has the opportunity to finally relax in style.

Best Massage Chair For Very Tall People

If you’re above 6’5″, the options start become less and less. This includes on show room floors. Which can certainly make it very difficult to find a size appropriate massage chair when you are very tall.

Jerome Williams is a 6’9″ beast whom is a retired NBA player from the New York Nicks among other teams. Since playing 582 NBA games and retiring in 2005, you can imagine that he would love to own his own massage chair right.

Well put yourself in Jerome’s position and ask yourself what would be a good massage chair for someone that is 6’9″ tall suffering from years of abuse to his body with daily aches and pains?. Let me stop you there because you don’t have to think any further. Because Jerome himself will tell you: “I have the LURACO I7 The World’s #1 Medical Massage Chair”.

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Medical Massage Chair

While Jerome Williams is 6’9″ tall, on the product description you will find that it says it’s built for American size users, 6’7″. Take that how you like, but to me having Jerome actually use the chair says this is one big massage chair.

While you may need to be a high profile tall person to actually afford the Luraco I7, this is the best option for someone closing in on 7 foot. While it’s certainly not the cheapest option available, it is one of the high end massage chairs that over delivers.

The Luraco I7 Features

  • Made in the USA for American people. That is it is both developed and assembled in the USA.
  • One of the only massage chairs with proven health benefits as shown in this study. The Luraco I7 is proven to reduce stress, stress related pain, lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Quite the machine!
  • Everyone in the family can use and customize the settings with the 5 user memory function.
  • Genuine leather, none of this blended rubbish that falls apart in 6 months.
  • FDA registered.
  • 100 air cells and 12 motors to operate the full body massage.
  • 9 preset options to choose from so you can get in and start relaxing.
  • Fully reclined length of 81″ with a massage roller track of 32″
Luraco i9 Max Massage Chair Made in USA

Best Massage Chair For Big And Tall People

Best Massage Chair For Big And Tall People

Stepping down from the high rollers division is yet another high quality but more affordable option by Kahuna. While cheaper, its still FDA approved which is something you should also look for when buying any form of massaging/electronic device.

In terms of height and size, the Kahuna Chair is another that is built to suit most body sizes. The user height recommendation is 6’5″ tall with a maximum weight capacity of 320 pounds. But what I like about this chair is that it has a generous amount of leg extension. The extra 12 inches makes it a great asset for taller persons.

For the big and tall people with wide shoulders like myself, the Kahuna Chair offers a wider shoulder area. The 24 inch shoulder space is a perfect fit for me and I’m a pretty big guy. The wider 21 inch seat also makes it a suitable candidate for people under 320 pounds in weight.

The Features Explained

There are a bunch of awesome features that come with the Kahuna Chair, but the one I love the most is the zero gravity feature. If you’re unsure what this means, well it’s basically reclined back into the same position astronauts go into before being shot into space.

I specifically bought a camping zero gravity chair just for this purpose and let me tell you, it’s so relaxing and pain free without having the massage function. This is because your body is put into a weightless state and the pressure is relieved in all the areas that normally hurt: neck, lower back, knees etc. It’s like laying on a cloud basically.

So now imagine being in this position while receiving a massage, it’s to die for. What’s also cool about this chair are the specific programs that are installed. In particular the yoga function. Yes, tall people can do yoga too with the right clothing and the right yoga mat. But anyway, what this yoga massage function does is stretches your body. Its only a light massage which is designed to loosen and warm up your muscles. This can also be used before any workout really.

There are so many more features the Kahuna Massage chair offers that I could go on all day about it. But seeing as tho you are here to find suitable massage chairs for tall people, I will let you find out the rest of the specs by viewing it on amazon. But I can tell you know, its worth every cent and you will be hard up to find a negative review. Especially as the L track on this chair has 6 rollers compared to 4 giving you a more overall massage feeling.

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

Longest “L Track” Massage Chair 6’5″ People

Longest "L Track" Massage Chair 6'5" People

If you have been doing your research, like you should be, then you may have come across some massage chairs that use the terminology “L Track”. The L track technology is relatively new on the scene, became commercially available just a couple years ago, but is probably the biggest technological improvement in the massage industry in over ten years. Yes, even more so than 3D massaging.

So what is L Track and why is this ‘RelaxOnChair’ so important for tall people?. Now this RelaxOnChair has the longest L track available, which is awesome for taller persons.

Regular massage chairs have whats known as the ‘S Track’. The S track is the line the massaging rollers in the chair follow. Its called the S track because the rollers in the massage chair follow the natural alignment of your spine. So for example, the rollers line follows your neck and then comes back closer to the chair to allow for your mid back. If it were a straight line roller it would pound the spine around your mid region and your neck and lower back would miss out on the action altogether.

So Whats It Do?

So the S Track is perfect for reaching all along your back. Now what this RelaxOnChair has is called a L Track. This is basically an extension of the S track. Where S track rollers stop at your tailbone, the L Track rollers change direction and follow along the top of the seat.

So this L Track massage chair can massage your hamstrings gluts and piriformis muscles using the same massage rollers that is on your neck and back. On normal S track chairs, the only way these muscles gets massaged is by airbags, which are less effective.

Because the L track is extra long at 50″ a taller person can get a full shiatsu massage from their neck down to the buttocks with the extra long L track rollers. Ideal for people with tense or sore backsides or suffer from conditions as Pirformis and Sacro-Iliac pain. But in all reality, having a massage chair that offers the L track just makes sense. A better full body massage.

Other Notable Features

So if you’re as excited about this longer L Track as I am, I bet you can’t wait to see what else the RelaxOnChair MK Classic massage chair offers. I promise, no more talk about the L track.

  • 3 position zero gravity from 115° to 160°. While I like the traditional zero gravity position, some people may like to have the option to recline further back, if so this is the chair for you as it offers 3 zero gravity positions.
  • Body scanning technology allows the chair to automatically determine where your pressure points are for the most effective results.
  • Height adjustable shoulder air bags which is perfect for tall people as you can pin point the exact height of your shoulders to get a pressure like massage.
  • Heated massage available.
  • 7 built in auto programs including the stretch feature I love plus the ability to have a 100% custom made massage treatment.
  • 42 air bags located around the hips, feet, thighs, calves and of course the height adjustable shoulder air bags.
  • 6″ foot extension feature.

Overall Review Comparison

So far we have delved into the really tall massage chair, the Luraci i7 which is a standalone chair for very tall people. But if you’re around the 6’5″ mark and you’re tossing up between the RelaxOnChair MK Classic and the Kahuna Chair SM 7300, its time to make a decision.

To me the defining line is either the extra long L track from the RelaxOnChair and the extra 4 massage rollers on the Kahuna. As the Kahuna has the extra 2 massage nodes, some may be swayed in this direction. While many prefer the 4 massage nodes as it gives a more hand like massage compared to the 6 nodes.

But on the other hand, some may prefer the option to have multiple zero gravity positions and a longer L track that the RelaxOnChair MK CLassic offers compared to what the Kahuna Chair can offer. Either option you take, I think you will be very happy with.

RelaxOnChair L Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair For Tall Persons On A Budget

Best Massage Chair For Tall Persons

When I first started looking for a tall persons massage chair, I was literally blown away by how much they can cost. There was no way I was going to pay $8000 or more on a chair. Well not until I win the lottery that is. So my search for the more budget friendly massage chairs began.

During my search I came across the RelaxOnChair MK 2 PLUS, which is how I inevitably found the better slightly more expensive RelaxOnChair MK Classic (above). Oddly enough I thought the PLUS version was the upgraded model, but it turns out the PLUS is the more affordable option which is the upgraded model of its predecessor RC MK2.

Its all a little confusing, but nonetheless, the MK 2 Plus is another good option for people around the 6’5″ mark. Its been know to fit people even taller at 6’7″, but how comfortably I do not know. The thing with RelaxOnChair is that they don’t have showrooms. They only sell online which is how they are able to keep their prices down and more affordable for the common Joe.

From what I can tell, the Plus (this model) has a few less features than the MK Classic. Such as the height adjustable shoulder airbags but it still has the 6 inch foot extension for taller people. It also has the L Track rollers which bring the massaging nodes all the way under your backside.

There’s a few less automated massage presets on the MK2 plus than the MK classic, but you still get all the classic massages you expect from a massage chair like shiatsu, kneading, rolling, airbags and tapping.

The bonus with this massage chair is that it also offers heat therapy in the low to mid back region. Heat therapy is especially good for people with back pain because heat increases blood circulation. With muscle and joint pain the affected areas can have damaged nerves and need nutrients and oxygen to heal. This is why pain is present. The nerves are sending pain messages to the brain. So when you apply massage and heat, you are increasing the blood into the area. With the increased blood flow comes the bodies natural healing nutrients and more oxygen. So having the heated lumbar area is a huge bonus for people with bad backs. So all in all it’s a pretty good buy if you want to save a few bucks.


Types Of Massages A Chair Can Offer

Heat Therapy

As briefly touched on in the above review, heat therapy is exceptionally good at increasing blood circulation. Not all chairs have this function so it’s a good idea to consider it if you suffer lower back pain.

Shiatsu Massage

When translated, the Japanese word Shiatsu means finger pressure. In a massage chair this is applied by the massage nodes found along the S or L track rollers. They resemble the feeling of fingers digging and turning into your muscles. Most chairs have 4 rollers that can produce the Shiatsu and kneading massage.

Air Pressure

Air bags are not as old as the classic rolling massage nodes, but are certainly making themselves known these days. More and more massage chairs are adding more and more airbags to their chairs. Airbags can be found to massage multiple areas of the body including:

  1. Shoulders and neck
  2. Your feet and calves
  3. Buttocks which S Track rollers offer.
  4. Waist and thighs.

Airbags essentially compress the associated muscle groups. This like most massage techniques is used to circulate blood. Which is why foot massagers are so popular as many people have associated conditions where blood doesn’t come back up the legs like it should.

If you’re still confused on what massage chair to buy, perhaps you can narrow down by the type of track you want. The video below will help you determine if you want a S track or the new and latest L track models.

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