Best Mattresses For Tall People

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Best Mattresses For Tall PeopleBeing tall has many perks but also comes with its fair share of disadvantages. One of them being too tall for standard mattresses. Depending on your sleeping positions, the best mattresses for tall people will come down to extended lengths.

People that sleep on their back or front will find that their feet dangle over the bottom of the bed. While you can buy mattress extensions if your bed frame is large enough, it’s not the most ideal route to take.

A simple solution is to sleep on your side with your legs curled up slightly. This will eliminate your feet hanging over the edge, however not everyone is a side sleeper. Plus you will most likely end up on your back or stomach during the night anyway. For people with bed ends this can be quite annoying anyways.

So the ideal solution is to buy a extra long mattress which caters to your extra height. Easier said than done tho. Most mattresses are only 80 inches long, which is fine for someone around 6 foot tall. But if you’re over 6 foot, finding a longer mattress can be quite difficult. However it’s not impossible, provided you have a suitable sized bet to suit.

Available Mattress Options For A Tall Person

Mattress Options For A Tall PersonThe California King size are the longest stock standard mattresses which are 84″ long. This extra 4 inches may be all you need to keep the feet from dangling over the edge. However they are 72 inches wide, which is fine if you want a big sleeping surface.

But if you are living in tight quarters and don’t have the extra width available you will need to get a extra long single mattress. These mattresses are usually 36″ wide by 84″ long. However these are not easy to find and wont offer you the double height either.

So with that said, lets take a look at some of the extra long mattresses available for taller people including California King options and extra long single mattresses.

Extra Long Single Mattresses


Extra Long Single Mattresses
The first of the longer single mattresses is this 312 innerspring design by Invacare. Its single high meaning it’s 6 inches thick with a total length of 84 inches. Because it is only 6 inches thick, it may be worthwhile to buy a mattress topper to stick on top. The width is 36 inches. So quite a long thin mattress, perfect for small spaces or dorm rooms.

The Invacare mattress also has a vinyl cover which makes the mattress waterproof as well as anti-bacterial. The mattress comprises of high-density urethane foam. Which means it’s quite firm. So if you prefer a softer bed, a mattress topper would also be required.

Drive Medical

If you’re a heavy person as well as tall, this option by Drive Medical may be a good choice. It too is 84 inches long but features skin breakdown preventing support for people up to 450 pounds. Why this is good for heavier people is because the high density foam distributes the excess pressure caused on your body due to being heavier.

The mattress has a slight heel slope as well. This is designed to help people with heel ulcers. The actual mattress itself is layered with 4 foam mattress components to provide support and comfort. While this is considered more of a medical mattress, it can be a viable option for tall people due to the 84 inch length.

Best California King Mattress For Tall People

When it comes to buying the best mattress you got to be prepared to spend up. A bad mattress will not only be a waste of money but can also be harmful to your body. I couldn’t tell you how many pinched nerves I’ve had over the years from badly supportive mattresses.

So buying any California King size mattress just because it is extra long for tall people is not the best idea either. You want one that is supportive and comfortable. So with that said, I find the Plush Beds Botanical Bliss one of the best mattresses ever made.

About The Botanical Bliss Mattress

Best California King Mattress For Tall People
First up its a 84 inch long mattress with a width of 72 inches. The height is 10 inches which is sufficient for most people. 84 inches translates to 7 foot long, so most tall people will find this mattress adequate.

The mattress comes in 2 levels of firmness. Medium firm and medium. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is not a soft plush bed either because of this. The 2 levels of firmness are there to cater to all types of sleepers. The more common option is the medium firmness. This is for side sleepers and people that toss and turn during the night.

But if your a back or stomach sleeper you will want the medium firm option as this is more comfortable when sleeping in these positions. Ideally with minimal pillow or no pillow if you suffer neck pain while sleeping.

Custom Comfort In Your Tall Mattress

While the Plush Beds Botanical Bliss is available in 2 firmness options, you have even greater control over the comfort level. This is what I love the most about this mattress.

Inside the mattress are 3 layers of mattress. Each with a different level of firmness/plushness. The mattress is inside a cover that can be zipped close. So you can custom fit your comfort level by swapping the layers around to meet your firmness levels. So if the mattress isn’t quit plush enough you can swap over the softer layer so that it sits on top. A truly unique and brilliant idea.

To Die For Comfort

It gets even better in terms of comfort levels. These 3 layers are not just your usual mattress fillings. They are organic latex foam. This is the sapping naturally produced from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree also known as the rubber tree. The combination of this sap with the Joma wool creates a foam unlike any other.

Once you lay on top the mattress contours to your body and provides amazing support. But unlike memory foam, this organic latex foam doesn’t over heat your body as the Joma wool breathes naturally to keep your body nice and cool.

Lastly these mattresses are made in the USA, so you are supporting local people by buying local which is always a good thing. Overall I can’t recommend the Plush Beds Botanical Bliss mattress enough to tall people. It’s a superior choice in my opinion.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress


Budget Friendly Tall Mattress

Extra Tall Mattress
If you’re on a tighter budget an alternative to the above organic foam is this 10″ multi layer memory foam California king mattress by Breksta. Also 7 foot long, this mattress comprises cooling gel infused foam to combat the typical heat problems associated with memory foam.

This cooling gel is the first layer under the mattress cover so it can distribute your body heat immediately and not be stored in the memory foam. So you get the benefit of soft memory foam which contours to your body without having the heat build up.

Under neath the cool gel layer is the no sink reflex foam. What this layer does is prevents you from sinking into the mattress and becoming uncomfortable. So you can still feel supported but not swallowed by the plushness. There’s also a 5″ high density layer at the bottom to create the support foundation of the mattress.

But in between the high density and the no sink reflex layers is this truly unique layer called the zero gravity transition layer. This is what makes you feel like you’re floating on the bed rather than sinking into it. This layer is 2″ thick and designed to help your body go into zero gravity type of sleeping.

Zero gravity is the position astronauts go in when shooting into outta space as it’s the optimal position for having near to zero pressure on your body. so as you can imagine, laying on a bed with no pressure would feel like sleeping on a cloud. This is a unique feature I have not seen before and I must say I am very impressed.

My only gripe with this bed is the outer edges are not as firm as I would like them to be. This is a minor inconvenience when you sit up on the edge of the bed.

But other than that, I really am impressed with the Breksta mattress, it offers supreme comfort and allows body heat to escape through the cooling gel layer. Another important detail, this mattress is made in the USA!. While also being CeriPur-US non toxic. So it contains no metals and without phthalates while being low voc. Good for the environment and good for you.

Breksta Calypso 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Extra Long Mattress Protectors

Like all height related furniture, protecting your new purchase is just as important as buying it in the first place. The last thing you want after spending a small fortune on a mattress is to ruin it with stains and smells. Don’t think you don’t need one because we all sweat during the night and this sweat can become embedded in the mattress.  So to combat this you need to buy a extra long mattress protector.

But don’t worry, I have got your sorted here. No headaches of having to research any further to find a suitable sized mattress protector to go over your extra long mattress. Below you can find some of the best options in regards to a 84″ long mattress. These are high quality and reputable brands with a solid reputation for protecting your investment. While also including twin extra long mattress protectors in case you decided to buy a XL twin mattress for its 80 inches of length.



Looking After Your New Tall Persons Mattress

Now that you’re armed with a new mattress for tall people and an extra long mattress protector to fit your mattress, it’s time to consider a few lifestyle solutions to making your mattress stay fresh and last longer.

With a bigger mattress comes a bigger blanket to keep you warmer in Winter. Most blankets leave the tall person with cold feet due to the shorter length. However, I have sourced a bunch of blankets for tall people that are longer than 100 inches.

After all, you just spend hard earned money on this amazing comfort and support. So don’t just throw it on your bed and be done with it. If you apply semi regular maintenance on your mattress you can expect it to last at least 5 years to 10 years. Now all of a sudden the mattress doesn’t seem so expensive when it could last you 10 years now does it. So here’s some tips to keep your tall mattress fresh and new.

  • Use a quality bed – Placing a brand new mattress on a rundown or broken bed frame can not only damage the mattress but also make it feel uncomfortable.
  • Break in your new mattress. Just like buying a new pair of shoes your mattress takes time to break in. So in the initial stage it may feel too firm, but give it a few weeks to break in to resemble the true firmness.
  • Once the mattress has been broken in, it’s advisable to rotate the mattress every month for 3-4 months. This means flipping over or switching sleeping ends. After the first 3-4 months you can reduce the amount of rotating to every 3-4 months.
  • While your mattress may look ‘clean’, it may in fact be riddled with bacteria. Even with a mattress protector on its advisable to clean your mattress from time to time. This involves using a vacuum and warm soapy water, but do not drench the mattress. Just wipe it down.
  • Its not a trampoline so don’t let your kids jump on the mattress and break the integral structural support of the layers o the mattress.
  • Air out your mattress. Just like you air out a room or a car, open the windows and let the sun in on your uncovered mattress. According to Kingston University this can help dry out the moisture in your bed and dehydrate some of the million or so dust mites and bugs.

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