Extra Long Futons For Tall People

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Long Futons For Tall People

Futon beds are a great way to accommodate temporary and sometimes unexpected guests. But when your guest is over 6 feet tall, most futons won’t have the length to comfortably cater to their longer torso. Unless you want to get a custom made futon, finding extra long futons for tall people can be quite the challenge.

While it may be difficult, it’s not impossible. What we have done for you is all the research so that you can find a suitable tall persons futon. But futons come in all sorts of styles and designs these days, choosing one as the best is not an option.

So instead, we have listed them below in order of overall length and how much sleeping space you actually get. This way you can just scroll down until you find something that tickles your fancy.

What Dimensions Does A Tall Person Need

The most obvious dimension is the length of the futon mattress. A futon can be 7 foot long with a mattress that is only 6 foot long. So it’s important to differentiate the measurements between overall futon length and mattress length.

Most futons are measured in inches. A 6 foot tall person is 72 inches and a 7 foot tall person is 84 inches tall. So ideally you are going to want a futon with a sleeping area of at least 72 inches. A queen size mattress typically is 80 inches in length.

However some futons have ends to them. Which can be both good an bad. These ends are good for supporting a pillow so that the pillow doesn’t always fall on the ground, but also bad if the futon is slightly to short. If the futon has ends and is too short, a tall person may have to rest their feet over the end. Which is not always the best sleeping position. For a casual nap it’s fine, but for getting a good solid 8 hours sleep I find it too uncomfortable.

So now that you understand what you need to look for when buying a extra long futon, lets get into a few of the futons available to buy online.


Longest Futon Bed

Longest Futon Bed

  • Futon Dimensions: 81″ Length x 36″ Height
  • Sleeping Area: 80″ L x 60″Wide

The longest futon bed I have so far come across is this 81″ arm-less futon by Nirvana Futons. Known as the Arden Armless series, this futon comes in a variety of mattress cover colors to suit your living situation.

Regardless of the color you choose, the futon comes with a heavy duty real hard wood constructed frame. This frame has a natural timber look to it so it is not only sturdy but eye appealing as well. But the fact it’s real wood means it’s going to be a long lasting futon. Build strong to last long.

3 Positions To Choose From

The Arden futon can switch between 3 positions which is a nice touch. These are sofa, lounger and of course flat for sleeping. When in the sleeping position, the actually sleeping area measures 80″ long x 60″ wide. Which is plenty of sleeping space for 2 guests up to 6’7″ tall.

But because there are no arms/ends to this futon, if you are taller than this it’s not such a big deal. I often find myself sleeping with my toes hanging over the mattress and actually don’t mind the feeling.

The 8″ thick mattress that is included is not bad for a futon. It’s constructed using 2 materials. The inner core is a dense foam which creates the solid and firm foundation. This is then surrounded in a multiple layered poly cotton for a soft and comfortable surface. The mattress is also made in the USA.

If you’re after a futon that offers more than just a sleeping space, this Arden futon also has an upgrade to include under bed storage. This is 2 large drawers that run the entire length of the futon. This is a great idea if you need extra storage room in your guest room or even a dorm. The frame and mattress both come with pretty solid warranties. The frame is covered for 5 years and the mattress is covered for 4 years of limited warranty. So not a bad deal for a futon bed in my opinion.

Arden Futon Set By Nirvana Futons


Queen Size Wooden Futon With Arm Tray

Queen Size Wooden Futon With Arm Tray

  • Sofa Measurements: 86″ Long x 36″ High
  • Sleeping Area: 80″ length x 60″ width

Another quality futon by Nirvana Futons is this Eastridge set. Also available with a variety of mattress cover colors, but what I really like is the rustic hardwood frame affect. The frame is also 100% hardwood for extra strength and durability. The front cross bar is one continuous piece of wood. There are no joins which would compromise the strength of the futon.

But with the Eastridge set you also get a folding arm tray. This is a really nice feature to have, especially for when guests stay over. The arm tray can be folded up so they can put drinks and food on the tray while watching TV. When it comes to sleeping, the arm tray can be folded down and be out of sight.

It’s important to not that the arm trays do take up extra length. So if you are tight on space and want to have the arm trays out, the total length of this futon goes up to 102 inches.

The included 8 inch mattress is the same as the above Ardena set which is quite firm with a soft finish. So it sits quite nicely in place when in the sofa position because of this. As it is not attached to the frame, this is important as many other futons the mattress simply slips down.

Assembly of the futon is quite straight forward, but you will need to allocate about one to two hours. All the parts and pieces are organized well and the high quality craftsmanship really stands out as you assemble this solid wood futon.

Overall, it’s hard to go past Nirvana futons for quality, comfort and support. Guests that sleep on this futon will truly appreciate the effort you have gone to in providing them with a great temporary sleeping surface. Especially the tall guests.

Eastridge Nirvana Futons Queen Size



Big And Tall Futon Bed Set

Big And Tall Futon Bed Set

  • Sofa Dimensions: 89″ long x 44″ tall
  • Sleeping Surface: 80″L x 60″W

Epic Furnishings produce this wonderful looking futon bed set which includes a full queen size 8″ loft mattress compressed from 13″ to give you a nice medium to firm feel. A more traditional style of futon comfort, but packed with materials that ensure the mattress is nice and comfortable.

The frame of the bed comes in either a dark mahogany or a lighter oak color. You can mix and match the mattress colors with the frame colors to your style. I personally am a fan of the mahogany and the red. Looks brilliant together.

While the frame is wooden, the mechanical parts are all steel. The braces and latches are steel on steel connections which not only make transitioning from futon to bed simple and easy, but also provide a strong and reliable construction. Because of this the futon has a high weight capacity of 750 pounds. So it’s a great futon for the big and tall.

Because this futon utilizes a metal base, you won’t get the common wooden slat breaking problem associated with wooden futons. But as it is metal, the assembly can be a little more difficult. Sometimes the joints are that tight you need to rug of a small layer to get the pieces to lock together. But in saying this, you’re left with a wiggle free and very tight supporting bed frame.

Epic Furnishings Big And Tall Futon


80″ Long Futon

Another solid and sturdy queen size futon is this one by Jerry Sales. Full queen size sleeping dimensions of 80″ x 60″, this innerspring 8 inch thick mattress will leave your guests satisfied with their stay. Not many futons go the extra mile and provide an innerspring mattress like this as they can tent to be quite expensive.

Whats really nice about this mattress is the suede microfiber material. Makes it so smooth and comfortable to sit on. When combined with the luxury of innerspring, tall people across the USA will enjoy sleeping on this futon.

The frame on this futon is a hardwood and has a high quality finish. The finish looks really good with all the variety of colors available for the mattress. The weight capacity for the futon is 500 pounds, so bigger guests can sleep safely on this futon.

The design of the frame and the colors available make this futon quite modern looking. Not like your typical ugly futon. From the research I have gathered, this is a very comfortable sofa and futon. But there’s one common theme that’s not as impressive and that is the assembly instructions seem to be quite poor. But in saying this, you should be able to assemble it in under 2 hours.

*Under bed/futon drawers are also available with this futon for an additional cost.

Jerry Sales Queen Size Futon


Futon For 6 Foot Tall People

Futon For 6 Foot Tall People

A slightly shorter but very funky futon is this Teal color fold out futon by Coaster Home Furnishings. This is a 76 inch long futon which is ideal for anyone under 6’3″. However as there are no arms or ends to the futon, you can lay with your toes over the end if you are slightly taller.

Because this is not a queen size futon, the width is also less. Which is fine if you are accommodating just one guest. The total width of the mattress when folded down is 46 inches.

The futon is crafted with solid wood legs and kiln dried Asian hardwood. The mattress is a soft fabric with dense foam padding. It’s a quite comfortable design except the back rest is not all that tall for using it as a sofa.

Overall it’s a stunning looking futon that you’re sure to get compliments for. It’s not the most advanced nor the biggest futon on this list, but it’s an affordable option for tall people over 6 foot.

Coaster Transitional Teal Velvet Sofa Bed


Memory Foam Futon For Tall Persons

A little shorter again is this 75″ long futon mattress. Because it is a mattress alone, you will need to purchase a futon frame separately. But this is easy done, especially if you are on a strict budget. You can pick up a metal full size futon frame on amazon for relatively cheap.

But the reason this 75 inch long futon has been included is purely for the gel infused memory foam mattress. While not really suitable for people over 6’2″ tall, it’s still a very good choice for people around 6 foot.

If you’ve ever slept on memory foam before you know just how comfortable this stuff is. But with typical memory foam, you tend to get hot quickly. So to combat this, Moziak have infused the memory foam with gel. What this does is allows the trapped heat in the memory foam to circulate. Preventing the build up of heat associated with memory foam.

Made in the USA, this memory foam futon bed is designed to be folded for typical futon use. It’s not like your ordinary full size mattress. It’s also reversible which means you can flip it over periodically to keep the foam fresh and not worn down.

If a soft supportive futon mattress is what you are after and you don’t mind buying a frame separately, this Moziak is a great way to go. Gel infused memory foam really sets this mattress apart. A good buy for anyone around the 6 foot tall mark. Also available in a variety of modern colors.

Mozaic Full Size 8-inch Cotton Twill Gel Memory Foam Futon Mattress


How To Assemble A Metal Futon Frame

If you like the idea of the memory foam futon mattress above, but are concerned about getting a frame for it, check out this video below. It shows you just how easy it is to assemble a metal DHP futon frame. This frame combined with the memory foam mattress gets you an affordable futon that is comfortable as all heck.

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