Tall Dining Tables For Tall People

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Dining Tables For Tall People

For most folks a 30 inch tall dining table will do the job. But dining room tables for tall people need to be much higher. That is unless you enjoy hunching over as you eat your dinner. Which I highly doubt you do. One it is not very comfortable and two it is bad for your back.

How much taller does a dining room table need to be?. Usually a few inches is enough. But this really depends on your height. So the easiest solution to this ever common tall person problem is to look into counter height dining tables.

Counter height tables are usually 36 inches tall. While they are quite high if you do have shorter family members or guests over, there’s an easy solution to this. Extra tall dining room chairs for the shorter guests.

If you can find yourself a nice counter height table in a set, you will most likely get higher seating chairs included. So the shorter folks can still see above the table when eating. The average height for a dining room chair is about 18 inches from top of seat to the floor. So look for a set with chairs that have greater dimensions than 18 inches tall.

However a stool may be required to help them reach the seat of the chair. A small inconvenience, but one that’s well worth it for a tall person. The other option a tall person can go with are pub table and chair sets. Below you can find an assortment of chairs and dining room tables for a taller person.

For the full list of counter height dining tables you can view them all on amazon here.

Rustic Tall Dining Table With Extension Leaf

Rustic Tall Dining Table

If you already have your dining chairs sorted out and all you need is a rustic style table for 4 to 6 people, Ashley Furniture have this beautiful counter height dining table.

The table height stands at 36 inches which gives plenty of clearance beneath for tall people, while high enough that you don’t have to hunch over to eat. Because it’s a drop in leaf extension, this table can transform from a 4 person to a 6 person dining table quite easy.

Without the extension out the table is rectangular and measure 42″ x 60″ which is suitable for 6 guests. Having no corner posts means the chairs wont tangle up together either which is a nice touch.

When converted down it becomes a 42″ square table. The underneath cube does interfere when pushing chairs in slightly. Not enough to cause headaches. But it’s a must when you have a table like this. Plus you can store books or a nice vase underneath for presentation.

Overall it’s a very sturdy and solid wooden dining table. The softly aged brown finish to the table creates a rustic appeal any country style kitchen would admire.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Ralene Counter Height Dining Room Table


Two Tone 36″ Tall Dining Room Table

Two tone black amaretto dining table 36 inches tall

If your dining room is lacking a focal point and you really want the dining table to stand out and scream ‘look at me’, then this 36 inch tall dining table by Coaster Home Furnishings may be the focal point you need.

This table has a beautiful two tone finish with a high quality design finish. It doesn’t look cheap because it doesn’t use cheap materials. This table is the real deal. It will require 2 or 3 people to turn over the table once you screw in the legs. It’s not a cheap mdf knock off. It’s real hard wood and boy can you feel it when you lift it.

The top is a amaretto finish while the trim work and legs are black in a satin like finish. The legs have been turned to add more glamour and uniqueness to this table. Along the black trim is a bead like finish which completes the final ‘Wow’ appeal.

The table is available as a standalone tall persons table, or you can by the matching dining chairs to complete the set. This table also features an extension leaf which makes this an 8 person table measuring in at 60″ x 60″ when extended. When not extended it’s a 42″ by 60″ dining table.

Coaster Cabrillo Counter Height Two Tone Dining Table


Round Oval Table For Tall People

Round Oval Table For Tall People

Another fine piece of dining furniture by Coaster Home Furnishings. This 42″ round dining table is counter height at 36 inches tall. Yest another table with a leaf extension that transforms this round table into a 62 inch long oval table. Perfect for 2 in a romantic setting, or 4 with the leaf extension for a small family.

Underneath the table is a nice storage cabinet. A great place to keep wine glasses or elegant dishes. This storage area is about 24″ x 24″ with a height of 8 inches. So there’s enough space inside to store dishes for about 6 people comfortably.

The table is a standalone dining table which is finished in a deep cappuccino color. It’s also available in a dark cherry color but this is only available in a set with 4 chairs included.

You do need some minor assembly if you buy this dining table, which normally I’m not a fan of as they can tend to be wobbly. But this table by Coaster is quite sturdy and level. If you’re looking for a darker true cappuccino color table to fit your 24 inch dining chairs under, this is a great choice. Moderately priced and looks like it’s worth far more than what it costs. A very modern appeal with some handy storage options.

*Available as single table or as a set with 4 chairs. Alternatively matching chairs can be bought separately.

Coaster Counter Height Dining Table Extension Leaf Dark Cappuccino


Solid Wood Tall Persons Dining Table

Solid Wood Tall Persons Dining Table

It’s amazing what you can buy online in comparison to some local stores. This rectangle solid wood extra tall dining table was pretty much impossible for me to find in store. Fortunately East West Furniture have it available on amazon.

What was appealing to me besides being very sturdy and made from 100% solid wood was the detail on the tables trims. While it’s a simple 36 inch tall table in essence, this serrated edge pattern engraved into the tables trims gives it a much more rustic and cottage appeal.

This table does come in a variety of colors and finishes from black to white. But I like the Mahogany as it ages it and makes it stand out from the crowd. Plus because it’s a stained finish on real hard wood and not cheap pressurized chip board you can do your own maintenance to this table.

It’s inevitable that the table will get some scratches over the years. So a quick sand and a further coat or two of mahogany stain will make it look brand new again.

In terms of size, it’s a set size. There’s no leaf extension on this table. It’s a rectangular 48″ x 30″ with a extra tall height of 36 inches. Assembly is super easy and will only take you minutes. So don’t waste your money paying someone to assemble this for you. Perfect for 2-4 people.

East West Furniture 36" Tall Dining Table


Taller Dining Chairs & Table Sets

Above you found dining chairs which came as single tables with the option for buying chairs separate. If you’re looking to buy dining room table sets for taller people then the sets listed below all have a table height of 36 inches. At this height you will find that 24 inch chairs will fit quite well. But again, the tables listed below come in sets. You will need to check to see if you can buy the table by itself if you already have your own dining chairs.



How To Know What Size Table To Buy

Each and everyone of us will have different dining room size requirements. But it can be hard to know when you buy online whether or not a table will fir 4 people or 6. The following information should help clear this up for you so you know what you are getting before you buy.

In terms of height, you will pretty much have to get a counter height/bar height dining table. This is fine for tall people. But if you are say just 6 foot, you may be able to get away with dining table foot extensions. There are a few options available which can raise your existing table to a more suitable height.

When determining how many people you can comfortably fit around a table you first need to consider the width of the chair. Most chairs are around 20 inches wide. So unless you want to be sitting on top of each other, you must allow for about 6 inches of gap between each chair.

So on average if you allow 26-28 inches in width per person you can work out how many can fit at the table. For example, lets say you buy a table that is 90inch long by 60 inches wide. Length ways you could fit 3 people on each side. On the two ends you could squeeze in 2 on each end. So in total you could essentially fit 10 people on a 90″ x 60″ table. But in reality it’s probably best suited to 8 people. 3 on each side and one on either end.



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