Lift Chairs For Tall People (7 Of The Best)

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Best Lift Chairs For Tall People

These lift chairs for tall people mentioned below are quite the rare find. When you’re over 6 foot tall, the options to buy a lift chair become fewer and fewer the taller you are. With the vast majority of people being under 6 foot, I guess its easier for manufacturers to forget about the tall person.

Fortunately there are some companies that specialize in making extra tall lift chairs. But because they are more difficult to sell in in terms of sales volume, they can be quite expensive. This is certainly applicable to people up near 6’8″.

As you fall down in height, there are certainly more options for the people around 6’2″ to 6’4″. These too can be quite expensive, but there are the odd cheaper models available.

So to try and help out all the tall people from 5’10” up to 6’8″, I have listed options below. Starting with the very tall people whom will be looking at chairs that are not recommended for people below 6 foot, but as tall as 6’8″.

Following this you can find a number of alternative options for tall people up to about 6’4″. However, before you jump the gun and by the first lift chair you see, its important to understand the measurements and how they will reflect in terms of your height.

Lift Chairs For The Very Tall Persons

Weight Capacity Max Height Price
375 lbs 6'4" Check Price Amazon
400 lbs 6'2" Check Price Amazon
320 Lbs 6'2" Check Price Amazon

What Size Lift Chair Does A Tall Person Need?

Buying a lift chair as a tall person can be quite difficult. This is because we all have unique measurements. Your inseam may be 36 inches and mines 34 inches, yet we are both 6’4″.

This small difference may prove the difference between which lift chairs best suited. A longer inseam could mean you need a deeper seat (24″) to comfortable seat your longer inseam. Whereas someone with a shorter inseam may find the 21″ depth seat fits perfectly.

So its a matter of measuring your own unique body parts to determine which lift chair is best for you. So in saying that, this is how you go about choosing an appropriate lift chair for your height.

What Size Lift Chair Do You Need

Seat Height

How high the seat sits from the floor is quite important for the tall person for just about any chair we sit in. Too low to the ground and our knees get pushed back into our chins. But with lift chairs it’s also important to ensure the seat isn’t too low when the chair is activated into lift mode.

When in a full recline, the height of the seat can reflect how much of your ankle/foot hangs over the footrest. While I find this isn’t the most important aspect, its certainly one some folks will look for. A little foot off the end is acceptable for me if the chair provides the right amount of support elsewhere.

Seat Depth

Much like choosing a recliner for a tall person, the depth of the seat will vary depending on your height and your inseam. If the depth of the seat is too short (Below 20″), as a tall person, you have no hope of getting comfortable.

Fully Reclined Length

When looking to buy a lift chair, more often than not the manufacturers will include a fully reclined measurement. This number represents the total distance from the tip of the backrest to the base of the footrest when the chair has been fully reclined.

However, if you base you decision purely on this number, you can be deceived. This is because lift chairs can come in multiple positions including flat. So a flat reclined lift chair will have a greater fully reclined measurement than a lift chair with only 3 lift positions that does not lay flat.

But this is not to say the flat laying lift chair is better suited for a tall person jut because the fully reclined measurement is greater. The chair that doesn’t recline completely flat May have a higher seat, deeper seat and a taller backrest. But because it only reclines 160° instead of 180°, the fully reclined measurement is smaller.

So in the case of buying a 3 position lift chair where it doesn’t lay completely flat, its a good idea to measure the backrest, floor to top of seat and the seat depth, add the numbers together and you will have a rough idea as to how much sleeping surface the chair actually has. More often it will be larger than what the fully reclined measurement is. Which is better for a taller person.

Full Recline Power Lift Chair For People Up To 6’4″

Full Recline Lift Chair For Tall People

For the tall folks that love to sleep in their recliner, this Med Lift chair can provide a full recline to make sleeping a breeze. At full stretch, the Med Lift can recline out to 76 inches. Which is almost the length of a King size mattress.

At 76 inches in full recline, users about 6’2″ to 6’4″ will find this the best option. Alternatively one of the 6’8″ options listed above could be better if you are more than 6’4″.

In terms of seat height, the Med Lift is one of the tallest coming in at 21 inches. While most seat heights hover around the 18 to 19 inch mark, the extra couple inches of sitting height on the Med Lift won’t go unnoticed as a tall person.

In terms of the features, the Med Lift has pretty much everything you want from a quality lift chair, including an amazing lift mechanism warranty. It comes with separate motors to control the footrest and the backrest reclining motion via the handheld control. So you can adjust the position of either perfectly to suit your laying or sleeping style.

The double motor feature alone proves the Med Lift is a premium high quality lift chair. Many others on the market operate on a single motor, so you don’t get the flexibility of controlling the footrest independently to the main recline feature.

The Med Lift being a premium lift chair also comes with a back up battery operation. Should you lose power in an inconvenient position, the back up power will be there to save the day. This feature is especially important for the elderly and or injured people.

Med Lift 5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair

Power Lift Chair For People Over 6 Foot Tall

Power Lift Chair For People Over 6 Foot Tall

The Windermere by Mega Motion is about what most people would be willing to spend on a lift chair, not crazy over the top, while maintaining enough quality to stay out of the trashy category.

With a full 77 inches on full flat recline, Mega Motion has a suggested user height of 6’2″. So if you’re around the 6 foot mark, or slightly taller than this option can certainly work for you.

With a weight capacity of 325 pounds, its one of the smaller lift chairs. While still being well built, I wouldn’t suggest this to the big and tall people for this reason. However, tall average size people or plus size people can certainly enjoy the added length of the lift chair.

The seat sits 20 inches above floor level, which is just above average, but the seat depth is slightly deeper than the above Med Lift, coming in at 22 inches. The back rest has a 25 inch measurement which when reclined gives a full 77 inches of sleeping space.

Unfortunately, this Mega Motion chair does not go into zero gravity position. In the description it mentions that it is, but it is obviously an error as this chair only reclines to fully flat. So your feet don’t go above your heart if you’re looking specifically for a lift chair that has the zero gravity position.

Finishing on a positive note, I think the Windermere provides great value for your money. It operates using 2 motors, so you can independently adjust the backrest to the footrest. What’s also cool about this chair is that the remote that comes with it has a USB port, so you can charge your smart phone, iPad etc all form the comfort of your chair.

6'2" Windermere Mega Motion 2 Motor Lift Chair

High Back Lift Chair

High Back Lift Chair

Moving down the ladder now away from the more specialized lift chairs, you will tend to notice much confusion about what height is recommended for the lift chairs. For example, this MCombo lift chair has reviews stating that people from 6’2″ to 6’7″ have found the chair a suitable height for them.

Yet another reviewer could say that at 5’10”, their feet hang off. This brings me back to my point about how some people will have longer upper halves compared to others, and vice versa for their lower torso.

So what do you do?. Well you need to look specifically at the chairs dimensions and compare it with your dimensions. In the case of this MCombo chair, the measurements are as follows:

  • Flat Recline Length: 70.9″
  • Seat Height: 18.9″
  • Seat Depth: 20.5″
  • 27.6″ Back Rest

Overall Opinion

The key takeaways from the above measurements are that when you put the MCombo lift chair into the flat recline position, it’s quite well suited to taller people. The extra tall back rest really benefits taller people here.

But when you are to just sit in the chair, the lower seat height of 18.9″ could be a deal breaker. But in saying that, you have the lift option which does make it easier getting in and out of the chair for a taller person.

All in all, the MCombo lift chair is an OK choice for taller people. Considering the price and the fact its run off two motors, includes 2 USB ports and does its job as a lift chair well, the MCombo is worth considering.

MCombo High Back Lift Chair

72 Inch Full Recline 4 Motor Lift Chair

4 Motor Lift Chair

With a slightly longer recline length, this Ashley Furniture Ballister polyester microfiber lift chair is a great alternative. Being a better known brand, one would suspect that you may have to pay a little more for a lift chair like this.

But in saying that, you get a quality lift chair which is quite well padded. The lumbar support cushion is also quite high up the backrest, which suits tall people to the ground. When fully reclined, the Ashley Furniture Ballister measures 72.75″.

While the Gunmetal microfiber just looks so comfortable and eye appealing, how does it measure up for the tall person.

  • Seat Height: 20.5″
  • 21.25″ high footrest when reclined.
  • 23″ back rest height from top of cushion to the tip of the chair.
  • 22.5″ wide seat with 22 inches between the arms.
  • Fully reclined at 72.75″

Advanced Comfort Control Options

While being very well padded, whats quite intriguing about the Ballister by Ashley Furniture is that it operates on 4 motors. These motors control every aspect of the chair in which you can customize to your comfort level.

The 4 motors control how you recline the footrest, back rest, lumbar support and most impressively the head rest. With this feature you can tilt or recline the headrest to how it suits your needs.

Also having the ability to control the footrest independently to the backrest is again, a must have feature if comfort is what you’re after. While the Ballister is not the tallest lift chair on this list, it is certainly one of the best when it comes to customizing your comfort. Which I think is very important regardless o your height.

Signature Design by Ashley - Ballister Lift Chair

What If The Lift Chair Has No Back Up Power Function

Best backup power supply for lift chairs

I always recommend that you have a back up power source for your lift chair. Especially as a tall person with an injury or condition that makes movement difficult. Trying to get out of a reclined lift chair when the powers out is quite difficult.

So what do you do if one of the above lift chairs that are suitable for a taller person doesn’t include a back up battery power source?. Or should you ever need to replace a broken battery backup power supply on your lift chair?.

Fortunately, replacing or adding a back up power supply to a lift chair is quite easy and rather affordable. Take this universal battery power supply found on amazon here intended for lift chairs.

Its compatible with lift chairs that have a 2 prong connection which most lift chairs have. So connecting your lift chair to this battery pack will offer peace of mind whenever the power goes out. It also has safety features such as overload protection and short circuit protection. For this type of back up, you simply insert 9v batteries inside the device, plug your existing cables into it and the jobs done.

Wireless Power Lift Chair Option

If the thought of cords running to your lift chair is a turn off, turning your lift chair into a wireless rechargeable product is simpler than you may think. Having a rechargeable battery pack solution like this one from Tomsheir means you can position your lift chair anywhere you like, regardless of where your power points are located.

This is because the battery pack is rechargeable and not connected to the main power when in use. Depending on how much you use your lift chair, the battery pack can last a full month without needing to be recharged. Or they state it has 150 cycles.

How it works?. Well you need the existing cord from your 2 prong lift chair. You plug this into the battery pack and into the mains power. Let it charge for a good 8 hours and then you disconnect form the main power. Plug the battery pack into the lift chair via the 2 prong connection and you’re good to go.

Use your lift chair for up to 150 times or a full month before needing to disconnect and recharge the batteries. This type of back up power won’t appeal to every one, as it may be seen as an inconvenience to recharge the battery pack every month.

But it will appeal to the people that can’t connect their lift chair to the main power due to lack of nearby power points. As these full reclining lift chairs need to be away from the wall, up to 30 inches, they can be a nuisance to find a suitable home near a power point. So a back up rechargeable power supply like this would prove beneficial.

Wireless Power Supply For Lift Chairs

Check The Dimensions When You’re Over 6 Foot Tall

So now that you know how to add a back up power supply to just about any lift chair, you can have more confidence buying a lift chair that doesn’t offer this feature. While a back up power supply is extremely important, as a tall person you need to ensure the lift chair fits your dimensions.

As mentioned earlier, the dimensions of the chair are vital to appropriately fitting a tall person. From the seat height to the full extended length, a tall person needs to know the chair will fit.

Unfortunately, to get a height appropriate lift chair when you’re over 6 foot can be expensive and hard to find. Hopefully the options listed above help you towards finding one that suits your height. If you have managed to find a decent lift chair and you’re over 6 feet tall, do leave your recommendation or opinions about it in the comments section below. Other tall people will greatly benefit from you research.

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