Tall Baby Changing Tables For Tall Parents

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Tall Baby Changing TablesBeing a parent is the greatest joy imaginable, but being a tall parent also comes with its downsides. Trying to find tall baby change tables is one of them.

Just like leaning over the kitchen bench to cut up vegetables, changing your babies diaper on a low sitting change table can be excruciating on the lower back.

What I consider low is pretty much the average when it comes to the tables height. Most change table are around 35 inches tall. This includes the extra inch or two of surrounding framework. So in fact, the actually changing pad can be as low as 30 inches in some cases.

Which for someone around 5’9″ is perfect. But whether you’re a tall Mom or tall Dad, this height is simply too low. Average height males would find this height perfect and some taller Moms may even find it an acceptable height.

But for the really tall Moms and taller than average Dads (Don’t think you’re getting out of changing diapers because the table is too low), you’re going to need to find an extra tall baby changing table.

Add Up To 8″ Of Height To Any Change Table

Changing Tables For Tall People
Below you can find two 40″ tall change tables as well as a 38.5″ high changing dresser table. For some this still won’t be tall enough. So to boost the height by even more, you can look into buying furniture risers or even attach caster wheels for mobility.

These furniture risers found on amazon can raise the height of your baby change table by up to 8 inches. Said to be made of plastic that can’t be broken, they can hold up to 1300 pounds of weight. So a change table and the weight of your baby is nothing to be concerned about.

In the tops of the risers, there’s a recess where you place the legs of the change table. This recess measures 2 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ so most baby change table legs will fit inside comfortably. With the option to raise the height of the changing table and reduce the amount of strain and pain in your back, this is one of those purchases a tall person can’t live without.

Change Tables For Tall People

Tallest Change table
The DaVinci baby change table is probably my number one pick for tall parents. It has a total height of 40 inches, while also incorporating safety rails so bubs doesn’t roll off the table. When discount the height of the safety rails, the changing pad would sit roughly 35″ to 37″ in height.

When you allow for a extra thick changing pad on top, the height in which you change diapers is considerably tall. If 40 inches is still not tall enough, you can add the above risers to the feet of this table to gain a further 3 to 8 inches in height. The risers are also white which will not make them stand out like a sore thumb.

What I like about the design of this change table is that the side rails that run horizontally create a wall on both sides of the table. This will help prevent diapers, baby powder, wipes etc from falling out the side of the table. There’s 2 levels to store your baby goods and because its 36 inches wide you get plenty of storage space.

No Annoying Drawers

I prefer this kind of baby change table over a standard set of dressers because there’s no drawers to get in the way. I like having the freedom to reach in under and grab a new diaper without having to move out of the way and open a drawer all while holding bubs safely.

To make storing items more efficient, you can add additional baskets to sit on the shelves. The clearance between the levels is 11 inches, so a basket that has a height of 9 inches and under would be perfect.

The shelves themselves are consist of a medium density fiber material. Making them sturdier than many of the other brands that use flimsy thin boards that feel like they would break under the weight of a bottle of baby oil.

While the DaVinci change table does come with a 1 inch thick changing pad, I would personally buy another. The one that comes with it is a bit cheaply made in my opinion and baby deserves better than that.

But for the price, I wasn’t expecting there to be a pad anyways. There is also the option to upgrade to a 34″ or 31″ matching contoured change pad as well which makes the buying decision easier.

Overall the quality and the extra tall height of this change table make it a clear winner. The side rails and the top safety rails keep baby nice and safe. The design has a bit of an antique vibe about it which I really like as it matches most nursery furniture.

DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table


40″ Extra Tall Baby Nursery Table

Extra Tall Baby Nursery Table
Storkcraft, the winner of the 2018 award for America’s most recommended baby furniture provide this 40 inch extra tall nursery change table. Same height as the above DaVinci, but a different design with extra features.

So there’s no side rails which help keep the stored items on the below shelves, which does annoy me slightly. But the Storcraft does have a bonus feature the Davinci lacks in. That is a top drawer where you can keep all the ‘immediate’ items.

This top drawer is super handy as it allows you to quickly access baby wipes and rash cream without having to bend down and grab it from the storage shelves. All while not having the drawer interfere too much with the changing of diapers routine.

I also like how the top sides have length of the table handles so you can use them to move around the table with ease. They also make great places to hang babies towel for when its bath time as well as tie a plastic bag to it for the rubbish and or dirty diapers.

On the top of the table is a strap so you can feed them through the changing pad to hold it firmly in place. This makes it far safer for changing baby, especially if you have a wriggler.

The table itself is made of non pine wood and has a non toxic finish. Its available in black, cherry or espresso. No white from which I can find unfortunately. Because of the durable pine construction, the table has a total weight capacity of 30 pounds.

Overall, I quite like the Storcraft change table. The extra height and the top drawer make this a standout for me. The safety strap and the curved design of the timber makes it a real winner.

Storkcraft Aspen Changing Table with Drawer


Nursery Dresser With Changing Pad

Nursery Dresser With Changing Pad
While I’m not a huge fan of dressers used as changing tables, this option by Delta Children utilizes this common way of changing diapers with a change station on top of the dresser. So it looks better and provides more safety compared to just a changing pad on top of a dresser.

But best of all, the top changing table is removable. So once baby has outgrown the diapers, the drawers can be used as a standalone child’s room drawers.

Being 3 drawers deep, there’s plenty of room for storing all the changing needs as well as baby clothes and more. The total height of the change table is 38.5″ which is better suited to taller parents. Especially as you get to utilize most of this height as there are no 5 inch high safety rails on top of the drawers.

Should you be concerned about safety, there are attachments included so you can attach the dresser to the wall and prevent any unwanted tipping issues.

The surround on top is about 4 inches tall, so you get some protection from baby rolling off the top and stops the baby powder from rolling onto the floor. Inside the changing pad area, it measures about 16 inches by 34 inches. So a standard change pad will fit and you will need on as this dresser doesn’t include the pad.

Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Dresser with Changing Top


Consider The Safety Of a Tall Change TableBaby Change Tables For Tall Parents

While there’s not a huge amount of options for tall parents when they want a change table that won’t encourage back pain, its good to see a couple options available. With the addition of furniture risers, you can easily add a few more inches in height which will do your back wonders.

However its always important to ensure the safety of your baby first and foremost. When it comes to a change table being extra tall, the chance of the table actually tipping over become greater.

So by ensuring you have the table set up on a firm flat surface and if possible, attach the table to the wall so it has no chance of tipping over. If you do use risers to extend the height of the change table, test out the table first. Rock on it a bit to see how sturdy and stable the table is.

Places To Change Diapers When Change Table Is Not Plausible

Most families have a change table, they just don’t know it yet. Sure a conventional change table is great, but not everybody has one or desires one. Why’s that?. Well simply put, there’s plenty of change tables exiting around the house already.

Because of this, many people opt out of buying a table all together. Instead they focus on finding other height related necessities such as strollers for tall people. Products that must be adequate in order to provide a more comfortable time for the parent.

Here’s a few places around the home you can change a babies diaper without the need of a change table.

  • The Bed: The go to location when a table is not available. They are raised off the ground, soft and comfortable for both the baby and parent. Especially if its a tall persons bed, there’s plenty of space.
  • The Sofa: The Sofa is another popular alternative when it comes to changing a diaper, they are generally in a centralized location making it both convenient and time effective.
  • The Floor: If you have carpeted floors, they make for a great change table. Just be sure to put down a blanket so you don’t make a mess on the carpet.
  • Kitchen Bench: While probably not the preferred location, nor the most hygienic, the kitchen bench has been known to be a substitute change table in its time.
  • The Sink: Certainly not my preferred location considering baby has access to turning on hot water and playing with electrical ports.

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