Best Beds For Tall People

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Best Beds For Tall People

There’s no two ways about it, if you’re over 6 foot tall, chances are you have come accustom to sleeping with your feet dangling off the end of your bed. If you sleep alone or have a short partner, sure you can sleep diagonally to generate extra length. It’s truly concerning that beds for tall people are so few and far between.

To get a true bed frame for a tall person to sleep straight and comfortably, be prepared to fork out thousands of dollars to a custom manufacturer. Unfortunately not many of us can afford such a luxury, but I’m sure for the ones that have gone down this path, it’s the best money they ever spent.

Extra Long Beds By Country

But for the rest of us tall people we have to make do with what we can afford. Depending on what country you live in there may or may not be alternative options.

For people in the UK there are a number of sites where you can buy a super King bed. But upon closer inspection the length of these beds are just shorter than your average Queen or King from the USA. However on the PurelyBedsUK site they have bed bases and accompanying mattresses up to 7’6″ long.

For Australian tall people certain shop stores can make a king mattress and bed about 16cm longer via special order. There is also a website called Snoozilla which has beds 234cm in length (about 92″), but expect to pay multiple thousands of dollars here.

Buying Bed Frames For Tall People In The USA

Taller people of America have it a little easier than those of Australia and the UK. This is because these two countries don’t have the California King size bed frame. The UK Super King is just 78 inches long while Australia has the standard King size 80″. However California Kings are creeping into Australia claiming to be the longest beds.

The California King beds are 84 inches long. This gives the tall person an extra 4 inches sleeping length compared to the regular King bed. So unless you’re very tall then there’s no need for a custom bed make. Below you can find some of the best California King beds available on amazon.

Mattress And Bed Sizes USA

Platform Bed For Tall People

Made in the USA this California King platform bed measures 85.5″ in length and 73.75″ in width. So it’s designed for a longer but slightly more narrow mattress such as a California King. Has a weight capacity of 900 pounds also.

The top of the bed frame sits 13.5″ tall. So if you have a 12″ or thicker mattress it would give it a nice height for getting in and out of bed. The under bed clearance is about 6 inches, so you can store some stuff under the bed, just not very tall stuff.

What I like about this bed is that it doesn’t have a headboard, which is not all that common for a timber California bed like this. Having no headboard allows me to insert a mattress extender between the wall and end up the bed. But without the headboard you do run the risk of losing pillows down the back if the gap is not filled or flush to the wall.

The other thing I like about this bed is the assembly. I’ve owned beds like this in the past and when it comes time to move house, taking these types of beds apart and setting them up again is simple. It requires no tools as there are hooks on the ends which connect into the corners for a tight and sturdy fit.

Cardinal & Crest Wood Platform Bed Frame 85.5" x 73.75"


Extra Height Smart Base Solution

Extra Height Smart Base bed

The next bed for tall people is also a California King but has increased bed height. This is important for tall people because lower to the ground are harder to get into and up from. Especially if you’re a big and tall person trying to carry extra weight around.

So this Smart Base by Zinus adds an extra 4 inches to the standard platform bed height giving it a total height of 18 inches from floor to top of frame. Once you add a 12 inch mattress on top you got a nice and high 30 inch tall bed. Perfect for the people with longer legs.

The Smart Base is designed so that a box spring is not required which saves us the money on having to buy 3 components to a bed: base, box spring and mattress. Provided you have a California King mattress you’re good to go on this Zinus bed.

While the Smart Base offers great sleeping space for a tall person, it also offers some great practical storage space under the bed. With a huge clearance of 17 inches, you can finally get your bedroom under control. Store away things you don’t need on a weekly basis and friends will be none the wiser.

Because this bed frame has no headboard of foot end you can get away with a longer custom made mattress as well. Provided you center the mattress correctly you can have a little overhand on the feet and under the very top. The pillows will make up the rest providing you with a longer sleeping surface without having to spend thousands on a xxl bed frame.

Zinus Casey 18 Inch Premium SmartBase


Modern & Unique Tall Persons Bed

Modern Platform Bed Extra Long

If the idea of a boring platform bed turns you off then perhaps this California King modern bed by GreaTime will inspire you. Available in dark brown, black or white, this unique bed offs a modern appeal to any bedroom.

Designed to hold a California King mattress (84 inches long) inside the surround which is supported by 30 wooden slats. The modern and unique angle of this bed is that the mattress sits half below and half above the vinyl surround.

The overall length of this bed is a tad under 99 inches so when you take out the 84 inch length of mattress you are left with roughly 15 inches of vinyl surround between the feet end and the head rest end.

While it has a certain unique appeal to it, this design favors the tall person as well. If a 7 foot mattress is too short, you can always use the vinyl surround to rest your feet on while you sleep. Got to be better than dangling in the air right.

This bed by Greatime certainly oozes modern style and offers a nice foundation for a tall person, the assembly however can be downright difficult. If you don’t mind a challenge, set aside a few hours to assemble this bed frame and be sure to ask a friend for help. The pieces are very sturdy and heavy. Certainly a two person job. But once the job is finished, its well worth the labor invested.

Greatime Modern California King Platform Bed


Best Bed Frame For Big & Tall People

Its not unusual for a tall person to weigh more than a shorter person. We have extra long torsos after all. Which can result in many of us whacking on a few extra pounds over the years. But not everybody is aware that bed frames, like many other products have a weight capacity.

So when you add longer bodies with extra weight, there’s may be a need for looking into a bed frame for the big and tall people. Depending how heavy you are, steel frames provide the best support.

#1 Big And Tall Bed

Best Bed Frame For Big & Tall People

When you include the weight of a California King mattress plus 2 big and tall adults you will be looking for something quite sturdy. None come more sturdier than this 45Min steel platform bed. This bed is rated to hold an incredible 3500 pounds. Simply put its a super heavy duty bed frame.

What gives this bed such a high weight capacity is the high quality steel frame and steel slats. The secret to any good solid bed comes down to its foundations. In the case of a bed frame, this is the legs. There are 9 thick support legs on this frame. Each leg measures 2.4″ x 1.2″ and raises the bed 14 inches tall. Which is apparently 20% wider than its competitors.

But It’s Steel?

I know what your thinking now, “It’s a steel bed, won’t the mattress slide off and the frame rattle during the night?”. Normally I would have to agree with you, steel bed frames can be quite well regarded as the noisiest in the house, and getting mattress to stay in place can be a nightmare. But fortunately, this steel bed is designed to change the reputation of steel beds forever.

To eliminate mattress slide, this bed utilizes a buffer of 1.4″ on the inner track of the frame. So the mattress actually sits just inside the frame rather than on top. The frame encases the mattress to prevent and sliding around during the night.

To reduce the noise impact of steel grinding on steel the connecting ends of the frame have been reinforced. This reduces the chance of the wobble effect. Each of the steel slats have a cushioning gasket which stop them from coming into contact with the bed frame. Eliminating the once irritating squeaking noises.

So overall I don’t think there’s a better steel heavy duty bed frame for big and tall people. Sure I’d like the bed to be 18 inches tall rather than 14 inches, but I would imagine this would greatly lower the weight capacity down from 3500 pounds to about 1500 pounds. All in all its a thumbs up from me.

3500 Lbs Capacity California King Steel Platform Bed


Alternative Bedding Options For Taller PeopleHow To Make Bed Longer With Mattress Extensions

A California Bed measures 7 foot long, or 84 inches. This may be suitable for people under 7 foot tall but you have to remember that you lose some sleeping area naturally. This is from the bed head, pillow and sometimes the end of your bed.

To maximize every inch of your bed you can add mattress extenders to give you extra length. So you may have a California king bed frame and mattress but find there’s still a few inches gap between the end of the bed or the top of the bed. Adding an extension in here will give you extra length to your bed.

DIY & Custom Made

The biggest drawback to going full on custom made and getting yourself a nice 96″ long bed is the cost. Until manufacturers decide to make a stock standard bed for tall people, custom builders can laugh all the way to the bank. Charging multiple thousands of dollars simply by adding an extra foot in length.

To help lower the upfront initial cost of a extra long bed you could go half/half. By this I mean buy a 90 inch long mattress custom made and to keep the cost of the bed frame down you can build your own.

Now of course this is not going to be practical to everyone. But the people with the tools and basic building skills can easily make there own super king size xxl bed frame.

There are uncountable amounts of DIY bed frame guides online. Choosing the right one for you may end up being harder than actually building it. So with some determination and hard work you can lower the cost of a custom bed built for taller people.

Overall Buying A Tall Person A Bed Is Not EasyTall man laying in xxl bed

Being tall certainly comes with its drawbacks and a bed is often the one with the most impact when you compare tall persons furniture. As we spend a third of our lives in bed, it’s important to have a supportive and comfortable bed. But as you have found, it’s not easy finding a bed long enough to cater to our longer torsos.

At the end of the day, it comes down to how much money you are willing to invest into a custom made bed. Sure if I was rich I would have no problems handing over 5k or 10k for a custom bed to suit my height, but that’s simply not a reality for me.

So a California King like the above mentioned beds are the next best thing. Some of these beds you can get for less than 10% of the cost for a custom bed. For me personally, I like to sleep on my side with my knees bend anyways. So I don’t always utilize the full length of a bed anyways.

But I sure know about it when I roll over and bang the tops of my feet into the wooden end of the bed. This is why the above Greatime bed is a good solution. Having the vinyl covered frame surround the mattress offers a little extra wiggle room and more protection for instances when you do accidentally bang your feet.

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