Extra Long Body Pillows For Tall People

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Extra Long Body Pillows

Along with the shear comfort and support a body pillow brings, they also offer many health benefits. But as a tall person, it’s hard to find extra long body pillows suitable to our height. Which means we can’t take full advantage of this phenomenon sweeping the country. Just another product in the long list of items that aren’t specifically made for a taller person.

However hope is not all but lost. There are some options available that are quite long and even suitable for the 7 foot tall person. Its just that our options are quite limited compared to someone under 6 foot tall.

This is because most body pillows are only 54 to 60 inches long, including the popular u shaped body pillows for pregnant Women. Some people may not mind having the body pillow finish at their knees, but I personally want to take full advantage of the full body support and comfort a pillow like this is meant to offer.

So being 54 inches is just not long enough if you’re over 6 foot tall in my opinion. Fortunately through my dedicated research I have come up with a list of the best body pillows for tall people to enjoy. With one even breaking into the 100 inch territory. Yes I know, its pretty exciting, so lets have a look at the extra long options available.

The Longest Body Pillow 100″

The Longest Body Pillow 100"

At over over 8 foot long, this 100″ (Or 90″ model) is the longest body pillow I’ve seen. It’s the go to option for the tall person without a doubt.

Made by Cheer Collection, this down filled pillow is a premium choice as it is designed to last and be used everyday. Not some cheap throw away you need to replace every month.

Whether you choose the 90 inch or the massive 100 inch long body pillow, you’re going to get enough goodness to wrap it between your legs and feet without sacrificing arm wrapping and using it under your head. To say its a super long body pillow is an understatement.

The lengthy body pillow also comes with a cover so you can regularly clean the cover and keep it lasting fresher for longer. This cover is zippered so you won’t experience the cover slipping off the pillow during the night.

While Cheer Collection says they overfill this hypoallergenic down body pillow, I think it’s not quite like that. Its certainly not lacking filling, but its not so thick and bulging out the seams. Which I think is a good thing. Trying to comfortably snuggle your legs around a body pillow that is super thick would be very difficult. I think the amount of filling is just right.

The main difference between the 90″ and the 100″ option besides the extra 10″ length, is that the 90″ is a wider pillow. The 90″ pillow is 4 inches wider than the 100″ coming in at 19 inches. Now depending on your size, this extra width may prove beneficial, especially if you’re big and tall.

Overall Vibe

Considering this body pillow is extra long and suitable for tall people, I expected the quality to be sub par. But surprisingly it exceeded my expectations with build quality, medium density comfort and shear relaxation.

Cheer Collection Hypoallergenic Down Alternative 100"


78″ Long Bolster Or Body Pillow

78" Long Bolster

Made in the USA, this King size body pillow is designed with tall bodies in mind. While not in the same league as the above Cheer Collection pillows, this option by Digital Decor is the next longest option.

Also measuring 15 inches thick, this firmer option is the solution for tall people, but not the very tall. It’s a good size for your tall persons bed as it is 78 inches long allowing enough room at the end of your bed for your regular pillow.

The filling in this pillow is virgin polyester which is also hypoallergenic. Virgin polyester means it’s not recycled and brand new which results in a stronger fibers and a longer lifespan. Whats good about the 70oz polyester filling is that it holds its shape considerably well. Stays firm for day in day out use.

Overall, this pillow is certainly longer than most body pillows and offers a good alternative to the above Cheer Collection. However, the reputation of the Cheer Collection is far superior making it hard to ignore.

78" Long Virgin Polyester Body Pillow

Tall Pregnant Women Rejoice

Best Body Pillow For Pregnant Women


If you’re going through pregnancy right now, you know all to well the importance of sleep. While is can be extremely uncomfortable and exhausting, getting enough sleep is not only important for your own sanity, but the health of the little baby inside.

If you’re a tall Mom, finding the best body pillow while pregnant can be a little more difficult. This is because of your height again. If you’re late in your pregnancy, a total body pillow is a good choice. This is because the offer full stomach and back support. While being great for pregnant Women, they can also aid in recovery and joint issues.

This is because they can be used in a number of ways including a full wrap around, lounging and even for nursing baby once bubs has arrived. The best part is that you can continue to use a total body pillow after pregnancy in your night to night routine. Below you can see my number one pick for a full body pregnancy pillow for taller Moms.

Best Body Pillow For Pregnant Women (Extra Long 76″)

Best Body Pillow For Pregnant Women

Just like regular body pillows, the typical length for a U pillow is around the 50″ mark. Which comes up to short for tall pregnant Moms. While most Women are shorter than Males, a full 100 inch long body pillow may not be necessary.

Which leads us to this beautiful pregnancy pillow by Queen Rose. It’s a full body U pillow but measures 65 inches long on each side. So longer than standard and perfect for the tall Moms.

What Makes It Good For Pregnancy

The length certainly appeals to tall Mothers, but the pillow still needs to be supportive and comfortable to be effective. Queen Rose have also mastered this with this U body pillow. First of all the thickness of the pillow is 7.8 inches which I think is the perfect thickness level for wedging between the legs while also supportive enough to use as a pillow.

When you’re pregnant, its very hard to get comfortable, so a lot of tossing and turning occurs. Whats good about the Queen Rose is that it’s not so restrictive where you can’t roll over during the night and lose the supportive benefit of a body pillow.

Which is good if you’ve always been a stomach sleeper. Often people will try and wedge a pillow in between their knees to prevent them from rolling on to their stomach, which is not going to happen when you’re late in your pregnancy. But the Queen Rose provides enough support on the front and back to keep you on your side, but not preventing you from changing sides.

The shape of this pillow is also not a straight U shape. The inside edges are contorted to match your body, especially the stomach region. The contorted inside edge provides greater support in your crucial areas that need the extra comfort during pregnancy.

The Queen Rose comes in a 55″, 61″ and a 65″ long pillow. If you’re taller than 5’6″, I highly recommend you go with the 65 inch or you will find it too short and your feet will not feel grounded.

There’s also some color options to choose from which is a nice change from the typical white body pillows. I like the grey color as its a soft velvet finish making sleeping much easier than on typical cotton.

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow Extra Long


72″ Body Pillow For Tall People

72" Extra Thick & Long Body Pillow

While 72 inches may seem quite short in comparison to the other body pillows mentioned above, its still quite long compared to your standard 54 inch pillow. But the appealing thing about this option by Acanva is that it’s considerably thicker than the other options.

Being 20 inches thick provides greater surface area for longer legs to wrap over the pillow and feel greater support under their knees.

This body pillow is better suited to the people that prefer a softer and more fluffier feel. The microfiber cover completes the soft fluffy filling by providing a smooth and dreamy finish.

But because of its softness and fluffy appeal, you do lose a bit of support a firmer pillow offers. So heavier people may struggle to find the right level of comfort with a pillow like this. The legs and hips will form a natural angle as they have sunken down a bit which some people may find uncomfortable.

However, its still a nice and long body pillow, certainly suitable for taller people. If a soft plush feel is what you;re after, this is the one. But for more firmer options, I would certainly consider the 100 inch Cheer Collection range.

Acanva Ultra Soft 72" Bed Body Pillow


Benefits Of A Body Pillow Explained

Now that you’ve seen the best body pillows for a tall person, its time to really focus on why you should have one in your life. If you’ve never slept with a body pillow before, then boy are you in for a treat. These things are amazing, especially if you have problems sleeping.

Regardless the degree of difficulty it is getting to sleep and staying to sleep it is for you, a body pillow really can add a new dimension to your sleeping pattern. Here’s some of the benefits of a body pillow explained to help you decide if a pillow like this is right for you.

Benefits Of A Body Pillow


1. Spine Alignment

Because a body pillow can support your entire body, it encourages the spine to be in the correct position when sleeping. U shape pillows are great for doing this as they prevent you from tossing and turning during the night.

2. Relieves Pressure Points & Pain

As a result of better spinal alignment, you may notice that your back pain or regular pinched nerves in the neck dissipate. When your body is sleeping in a awkward position it can harm itself. As most people have probably woken up with a sore neck from sleeping in a bad position.

A body pillow can encourage your body to sleep correctly. Once the brain has clocked off for the day, your bodies pressure points simply takes the grunt of your bad sleeping positions. So you wake up in the morning with your brain’s alarm clock screaming ‘back pain’ or ‘neck pain’. The the wake up call anyone wants.

The body automatically tenses and puts pressure in areas while your asleep. With a full body pillow supporting you, your whole body can subconsciously relax for the whole night.

3. Total Relaxation

Because you body doesn’t have to tense up while your asleep for 8 hours, you wake up feeling much more relaxed. Your bodies muscles have actually had a chance to take the night off for once. What a relief.

4. Can Reduce The Levels Of Stress In Your Life

As a side affect of a peaceful relaxing 8 hours sleep, you’re going to feel less stressed automatically. Having a good nights sleep is a dead giveaway between someone with stress levels popping out their head and someone with a cool calmed head on their shoulders.

Just think about the last night you barely any sleep or interrupted sleep, how did you feel the next day. Tired, lethargic, short tempered, frustrated etc. These are all the ingredients for a stressful day, whether its taking the kids to school or slogging away at your job for a further 8 hours.

5. Helps Back Sleeps Snore Less

In particular a U shaped body pillow. Snoring is a result of mainly sleeping on your back as your airways are somewhat blocked as a result of your throat sagging over it vibrating. This is especially prone to people overweight as well.

So a U shaped pillow can force you to sleep on your side reducing the amount you snore. Which is hugely beneficially to the big and tall people. The backside of the U pillow will be supporting your back as you sleep on your side. When it comes to automatically trying to roll over onto your back, the mission is made harder by the supporting body pillow.

The benefits of a body pillow apply to everybody including the tall people. However it use to be a lot harder to find a suitable extra long body pillow in the past. Since the invention of online shopping, the options are finally starting to favor the tall person.

Commons Sleeping Positions For Tall People

While more often than not, you will find your own unique way to get cozy with your new body pillow. As a tall person with their extra long body pillow, getting it just right is just as important as the length of the pillow. Here are some common positions to sleep with your body pillow.

  • Tall people often do exercises to relieve sore backs as a result of bad posture and sleeping positions. So by sleeping with the body pillow pushed up against your back can be a great way to relieve the pressure points while you sleep.
  • The normal position where the body pillow runs from your head to your toes. In this position you can cradle the pillow with your arms and legs wrapped around the pillow. With the extra long pillows mentioned above, a tall person can now enjoy the benefits of an aligned spine.
  • Use a U shaped pillow if you are a restless sleeper. This will help you stay in the same location and while sleeping on your side you can use the pillow to help with better sleeping posture while reducing the amount you snore.

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