Lower Back Exercises For Tall People

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If you are one of many tall people that suffers from back pain that you notice after getting out of a hot tub or shower or in some cases after warming-up when you are exercising, this usually means your back pain is muscular and not caused from nerve damage. This is easy to fix with lower-back exercises for tall people.

The first thing you need to understand is that the glutes, hamstrings and quads are all connected to your lower back as well as your hip flexors. The reason you usually feel lower back pain is because one of your muscle groups have become overly tight and your opposing muscle groups will compensate in an attempt to find balance. As time goes by this situation becomes worse, the muscles become hard or tense. To start off with you need to stretch these muscles in order to release this tension. Here are few tips for when you have a bad back yet still want to exercise.

Exercise Equipment Exercising As A Tall Person

If you suffer lower back pain yet still want to use equipment to help with muscle building, cardio etc. As a taller person, it’s important to only use exercise equipment suitable for tall people. Using inadequate equipment can actually cause damage or further damage to your body.

While having the height advantage certainly comes in use more often than not, when it comes to using gym equipment, being tall is a burden.

Why?. Well just about everything standard isn’t build for extra height people. For example, running on a standard 50 inch running deck treadmill as a tall person can end in disaster. Our leg strides are far wider than normal height people. So it’s far too easy to fall off a small treadmill. Anyone 6 foot and above should not use anything other than a 60 inch treadmill at a minimum.

A treadmill may not be the best piece of equipment if you suffer lower back pain. As a substitute I find using a recumbent exercise bike a better choice. This is because you you can sit down and relieve the pressure on the lower back.

But the problem with using these machines is that the leg space can be insufficient for a tall person. Having cramped up legs can actually be more harmful then beneficial. So it’s important that you use a recumbent built for taller bodies. At minimum you should look for a recumbent bike with 34 inch inseam.

Working On Lower Back Muscles When TallLower Back Exercises For Tall People

This exercise is truly beneficial for people that tend to rotate their hips forward which is known as a postural distortion and raise their rear to the back. When you do this, it shortens your hip flexors into a position that is contracted. Other problems tall people often experience is sitting for too long while driving or at work. This will also shorten your hip flexors and they start becoming accustomed to this particular position. This is when the muscles situated in your lower back start to compensate in their attempts to pull your hips into the right position and this causes significant pain.

The first exercise will stretch your hip flexors and when you are experiencing pain this exercise will hurt, but the relief afterwards is well worth it. One tip with this exercise is if you experience that one side is tighter in comparison to the other, start off by only stretching this side to see if this eliminates your pain. Keep in mind that your body is always in search of balance, which means stretching just the tight side may fix the issue. This however, will vary from one person to the next.

Starting The Exercise


To start the exercise, lean forward making sure your torso is pushed back to achieve the greatest stretch for your hip flexors. You can also choose to turn away to increase the stretch. If you are looking for the greatest stretch prop one foot at a time up against a wall and then lean the head back, pushing your hips outwards away from your wall.


Exercise: Seated Good Mornings

To begin this exercise set a box up inside a power rack at the gym. Make sure the pins are set at the right height. Now step underneath the bar and place it across the back part of your shoulders. Now squeeze the shoulder-blades together, rotating the elbows forward, and attempt to bend your bar across the shoulders.

Now remove the bar out of the rack and create an arch in the area of your lower back. Now keep your core, shoulders and back tight, push the butt and knees outwards and start descending. Now sit back using your hips until you sit on your box. Make sure the bar stays tight bend forwards from your hips. Pause just above the point of the pins and then reverse this motion until your torso is once again upright.

Alternative Lower Back Exercise To Attempt

This exercise is the same as the first excepting you stretch both sides simultaneously.

Second Exercise: Hyperextensions


Another popular lower-back exercises for tall people includes hyperextensions. You need some-one to hold your legs down (or if you have a home gym with this modification) , now slide down to an edge of a flat-bench so that your hips are hanging off the edge. Making sure your body is straight, put your arms behind the head or across your chest. Now start bending forwards gradually from your waist as far is you are able to go, making sure your back is flat. Keep on moving forward until you feel your hamstrings stretch. Avoid rounding your back while doing this exercise. Now slowly raise the torso back to the original position. Repeat this exercise 15 to 20 times.

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