Best Umbrella Strollers For Tall People

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Best Umbrella Strollers For Tall People

After enduring countless hours behind the stroller as a result of raising 3 beautiful kids, I can safely say I’ve learnt a thing or two. However after our first child was born I didn’t realize how low to the ground stroller handles and bars really are. A 3 hour pushing fest with my Wife down at the local mall led me to the conclusion that there has to be a better way. Sure enough, some of the best umbrella strollers for tall people came with height adjustable handles or bars. But the options are severely limited.

Fortunately for us we discovered this just in time for our second child. So our eldest Daughter was straight into an umbrella stroller with height adjustable handles. We got rid of the low 35″ height stroller and replaced it with an impressive 44″ tall stroller for our newborn.

Since then we have discovered an even better and more practical invention which would have saved us money on replacing the original stroller. That is the invention of the stroller handlebar extension kit. While I can’t say for certain that it would have fit our original stroller, but it would sure have been a cheaper option if it did.

An extension kit like this raises the height of just about any stroller by 10 inches. But it has been known to not fit all strollers. So make sure you take a good look at it before buying. But with that said, not everybody wants an extension and not everybody already has a stroller, pram, carrier, baby buggy, baby carriage or whatever you want to call them.

So if you’re a tall person over 6 foot in height, you’re going to get to reap the benefits of my research. Below you can find both umbrella strollers and regular full size strollers for tall parents.

If you’re as clueless as I was during our first pregnancy, the main difference between an umbrella and a regular stroller is the umbrella strollers fold down like an umbrella does. These are you go to strollers for toddlers and whenever you want to duck in somewhere quickly and can’t be bothered pulling out the larger heavier more in-depth stroller. As a parent you will most likely need both, especially an umbrella stroller as the child gets older. They are lightweight, easy to unfold and are less bulky.

What To Look For When Buying A Tall Persons Stroller

As briefly mentioned above, you will have to decide if you want a umbrella stroller or your regular larger stroller. This is often represented by how old your child is. A regular stroller is best for newborns and young children as the stroller is better protected and the stroller can lay down flat for nap time.

It’s also important to know that if you intend to run or jog with your stroller, you will need a special type of stroller. If exercise after childbirth is your thing, you should consider jogging strollers for tall parents.

Handle Or Handlebar HeightAdjustable Height Handle Strollers

While we live in an ever expanding world, it certainly seems like there’s a sever lack in strollers for tall parents. It’s like we don’t exist at times. But you certainly know you’re alive when your back is killing you from hunching over for an hour straight. Or when you stub your toe on the back of the stroller or wheels.

Most strollers will have a handle height of about 35″ – 37″. Which simply is too short for a tall person. Most people over 6 foot will be looking for a stroller above 40 inches tall.

How do you know what size stroller you need for your height?. Simply measure yourself. Stand next to a wall and put your arms out where they feel comfortable like you were pushing a umbrella stroller. Now get a tape measure and measure the distance from the floor to underneath side of your hand. Get your partner to do it for you if you want 100% accuracy.

Avoid Bulky Rear Ends

A stroller with a bulky rear end is a kicking hazard for taller people. This part always gets overlooked, yet it can be quite annoying when you bang your foot into the back of the stroller every few steps. Us taller parents have naturally longer walking strides. So our feet fling forward further than a regular size person.

Thus bashing our toes into the wheels or the back of the stroller. The handle bar extension kit mentioned above is a good way to avoid this. What it does is gives you an extra 4-6 inches of walking space behind the stroller. While also raising the handle bar height so that you’re not hunched over while banging your toes.

With that out of the way, lets look at some of the stroller options us tall parents have. While under going research I tried to find affordable options as well as the mid range to premium end strollers. Also including umbrella strollers and regular strollers with height adjustable handles or fixed height strollers so you have the option to choose what matches your height.


Best Umbrella Strollers For Tall Parents

Adjustable Handle Umbrella Stroller

Best Umbrella Strollers For Tall Parents

The Maclaren Techno XT Stroller is one of the most popular umbrella strollers for tall persons due to the fact it has an adjustable handle height feature. But even without raising the handles, the height is still quite tall coming in at 42″. The adjustable handles can increase the height to 44″ for really tall parents.

There’s not a great deal of selection for tall people which is why Maclaren pretty much dominate in this area. To this day I haven’t come across a taller stroller that you can buy as is.

What The Maclaren Offers

This is not your cheaper run of the mill stroller by no stretch of the imagination. But it certainly isn’t up there in price compared to some of the premium high end brands. So I find the Maclaren hits the sweet spot for price and features.

Besides having a great height with the option to extend the handles even higher, the Maclaren does an all round good job. Here’s a few of the key features I love about this considerably light yet durable umbrella stroller.

  • First of all I noticed how smooth and easy it was to transition into a compact 14.5 pound stroller. While it is longer than most, it’s actually quite narrow when folded away. So you get the extra boot space compared to some of the more bulkier models.
  • Suitable for babies up to 55 pounds.
  • Finally a child proof harness. The 5 point harness is like Fort Knox for a child to escape from. Something I never considered when I got my first $20 stroller. Little Ellla wiggled her way out of that one far too easy.
  • The handles are a treat to use. While we have mentioned how they can extend to 44″ tall, I didn’t state just how ergonomic they are. They are molded to contour to your hand which is simply something else when your use to plain cylinder type handles.
  • Awesome extendable sun canopy which also blocks strong winds blasting into bubs face.
  • Smooth operating 4 position recline. Something my first cheap stroller never had.
  • For smaller babies you can adjust the calf area via a couple of clips on the side. For bigger babies, you can extend the footrest as they grow.
  • Even once the canopy is fully extended, you can still check up on bubs through the viewing window on the top side corners.
  • Comes with a awesome warranty by Sovereign lifetime guarantee.

Overall, the Maclaren is a top notch umbrella stroller with is both comfortable for babies, but so user friendly and ergonomic for the tall parents.

42"-44" Tall Maclaren Umbrella Stroller


Affordable Height Adjustable Umbrella Stroller

Affordable Height Adjustable Umbrella Stroller

Raising kids is not easy, nor is it cheap. The more you have the more expensive it becomes. I know first hand just how expensive. During the younger days of our 3 children it felt like we were buying stroller after stroller. A stroller for newborn, a stroller for toddler and of course the umbrella stroller for quick and easy getaways.

It all adds up and when you have to hand over a few hundred bucks every time it can become depressing. But fortunately I have tracked down a pretty basic and affordable stroller for the taller parents on a tight budget.

The Heavenly Stroller 42.5″ Handle Height

It may not look heavenly, but the the rewards your back will feel are quite heavenly. Your bank account will also be feeling the rewards as this is the most affordable umbrella stroller with height adjustable handles I’ve come across. Tall folks will love the fact the handles can extend to 42.5″ in height.

The handles on the Heavenly Stroller raise directly upwards in a vertical fashion. So us taller people really do reap the rewards on this front. While it certainly isn’t the most attractive feature I’ve seen on a stroller, it’s the most practical for a tall person.

If you’re looking for a high quality and heavy duty stroller, unfortunately the Heavenly stroller is not for you. Long walk on the beach or down at the park are out of bounds. This is your quick getaway stroller for popping into the shops for an hour or going from the car to school to drop the older kids off.

The wheels and design of the stroller are pretty basic. Best for flat surfaces as mentioned above. Don’t push the boundaries to far with this stroller and it will sever you as one of the best investments a tall person could ask for. The price is right on the Heavenly Stroller.

Heavenly Stroller 42.5


Fixed 43″ Height Umbrella Stroller

If a 43″ tall umbrella stroller is the height for you and you were considering the above Heavenly Stroller, I would strongly urge you to consider the J Is For Jeep Sag Harbor Scout stroller. It’s a little more expensive but still within reach for parents on a budget. But the quality and feature the Jeep Scout offers is far greater than the above stroller.

But because its a fixed 43 inches tall, it may not be suitable for some people. This is where an adjustable height stroller would be a better fit. While the description states it has an adjustable handle, this is not what you may be thinking.

The handles actually rotate in a circular motion 360°. They can be changed up to 8 positions. So you can face the handles outwards if you have broad shoulders and need a wider grip. Also if you want to walk beside the stroller you can angle the handles to suit walking this way better.

More About The Jeep Scout Stroller

  • Suitable for kids up to 45lbs.
  • Folds down very easily. Lift the clip on the bottom of the basket and flick the tab on the right hand side and fold up the stroller. Nice and compact and comes with a strap.
  • 5 Point safety harness which is considerably easier to put on compared to other complicated models.
  • Large viewing window on top of canopy.
  • Canopy is quite long and does a good job at keeping the sun out of bubs face.
  • Padded armrests with cute design.
  • Front wheels rotate quite well, not still and draggy like some of the cheaper models.
  • Wheels are large, but not heavy duty. While you can maneuver on grass, tougher terrain will prove a challenge.

Overall I think the J Is For Jeep Scout stroller is the best bang for your buck. It’s not super pricey and it’s not cheap and nasty. It certainly looks like a $200 stroller to passing by people, but you will know just how much you paid for it. A quality and functional stroller which leaves the rest of the strollers in this price point for dust.

The adjustable handles are a great feature, especially for the Men with wider stances. Weighing just 16 pounds you can easily and quickly fold down the Scout and move onto your next adventure.

J Is For Jeep Scout Stroller 43" Tall


43″ Tall Umbrella Stroller That Oozes Style

You don’t often refer to a stroller as stylish, but when you think about it. The stroller is an extension of yourself and your baby. So some class and style never goes astray.

The UPPA Baby G-Luxe is one of those strollers. Not only is it tall for parents (43 inches in height)to easily push around, but it’s also tall in terms of style and class. Even the name makes it sound fancy ‘G-Luxe’.

The things that first caught my eye were the included cup holder and the fact it stands on its own when folded down. Both of these features are like hidden gems, once you have them you never want to go back to falling over and cup less stroller. The humble cup holder has come in handy on more occasions then I care to remember. It’s that useful. The cup holder is removable for easy washing too which is a bonus.

The G-Luxe by UPPA Baby is the 2018 model, so all the features are up to date. Including the 4 wheel suspension and the almost 6 inch wheels. These 2 features making pushing this stroller all day long achievable and not a drag. The wheels are also a polyurethane plastic so they will not go flat on you. Hooray for less maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, the cover on the seat is also easy to remove. So cleaning up baby vomit and split milk is not as hard as it once was. Hooray for easy cleaning.

Because it’s an umbrella stroller you really do expect less. I certainly wasn’t expecting 4 wheel suspension from an umbrella stroller. The step down recline is also a very nice feature for such a lightweight and compact stroller.

The stroller weighs 20lbs, which is a little heavy for a umbrella but still easy enough to carry under one arm up the stairs. It’s also quite sturdy and durable which is why it ways that few extra pounds extra.

Overall it’s quite a good umbrella stroller. Given the fact it’s 43″ tall means the height advantaged people have something to celebrate. The control and oversized canopy really boost this stroller up a notch. However I do wish there was a viewing window in the canopy. This may be a deal breaker for some people.

UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller


Whats New About The UPPA Baby G-Luxe 2018 Stroller


Best Baby Strollers For Tall People – Full Size

Best Baby Strollers For Tall People

The Italian made Peg Perego Booklet Onyx is the tallest stroller coming in at 40.25″ in height. But wait, I hear you saying that’s not tall. It is when you add the Peg Perego handlebar extension. The extender which is sold separately can extent the height of the handlebars by 5.75″. Making this regular stroller an impressive 46 inches tall. The tallest on this list.

It is worth noting that we have moved on from umbrella strollers and are now looking at regular strollers for tall people. Or Prams, baby carriages etc.

A Closer Look At The Booklet Onyx Stroller

The Booklet Onyx is a full size stroller which is part of the Peg Perego travel system. This is ideal for newborns as the travel system comes with a infant car seat that attaches to the stroller and can later be used in the car.

However, this is the standalone stroller which is suitable for children up to 50lbs. For a full size stroller, it’s extremely light. Weighing just 13 pounds you can easily fold this stroller up without breaking your back. Whats also cool is that once it’s folded it can stand up on its own without resting against the car or wall.

When the Peg Perego Booklet Onyx is on all fours, it handles quite well. It’s not the best for pushing and turning, but it’s definitely not the worst either. I think it’s about what you expect for the price.

Moving down into the under carriage storage is a considerably large storage area. As a parent of 3, I very much appreciate a large area to put items when out shopping or down at the park. If you have large buly items like a nappy bag, the Peg Perego offers a very cool feature I haven’t seen before.

The base of the storage are is spring loaded. So you can push on it to make it go down slightly. Then you can squeeze in larger bulkier items that normally wouldn’t fit. A truly unique and thoughtful feature. But unfortunately the storage areas stop there. I don’t know why, but they left off a drink holder and smaller pockets for keeping things like wipes, keys and bottles.

The stroller canopy is not bad, it features an extendable sun shade for better protection for bubs. The viewing window which is covered by a flap is a little smaller than I would have expected. It’s a medium size, but it does the job.

Overall I probably would be looking at strollers around the same price and comparing the features in more depth. But because the Peg Perego has the additional handlebar extension to make this stroller 46″ tall, it instantly becomes a top contender for a tall couple. If you’re taller than tall, then you really need this stroller combined with the height extension.

Peg Perego Booklet, Onyx


Extra Tall Full Size Stroller By Britax B Ready

Extra Tall Full Size Stroller

The Britax B Ready G3 stroller is a full sized baby mover with height adjustable handles. Weighing 30 pounds, you just know this stroller is robust and built for some serious pushing. When tall people get behind the ‘bars’ you can enjoy the freedom of increased handlebar height up to 43.25“.

Whats unique about this stroller is its versatility. The standalone stroller allows you to extend the handlebar height as well as having your baby facing you rather than the view ahead. Especially handy for newborns.

With additional extras you can completely change this stroller. By adding a second carriage to carry a second child the options open up. To be precise, there are 12 seating positions on the GS with the additional baby seat. But this is completely additional should you have a second child. For now, lets just look at what the singular stroller offers.

Features Of The G3 Stroller

  • I love the idea of the oversized canopy. This offers far superior protection from the sun, rain and wind.
  • Decent size viewing window for when baby is facing forwards.
  • Ability to have bubs face forward and see Mom or Dad behind the vehicle.
  • 55lbs capacity
  • Ultra smooth riding motion due to the foam filled rubber wheels which are hole proof.

Overall I find the G3 stroller is ideal for taller parents who like to shop and take scenic walks. The ultra smooth suspension and wheel system makes pushing the stroller a dream. The extra storage pockets and very large under tray is perfect for picnics and trips to the shops.

But unfortunately Britax has yet to add a cup holder for bubs or the parents. Again I don’t know why and it is frustrating at times. It is quite bulky and heavier than a lot of other regular size strollers. So do keep this in mind. But overall it’s a nice functional and very sleek looking stroller.

Britex B Ready G3 Stroller 43.25"


Options Are Limited, But There’s hope

While the stroller options for tall parents are limited, it’s not all doom and gloom. As you can see above there are several models which do in fact cater to taller people. The question now is are you willing to pay the extra and are you willing to sacrifice some features in order to have a stroller more applicable to your height.

You never sacrifice the safety of your baby. Ensuring the harness is high quality and baby proof is the best place to start. Added comfort and protection from the elements are also high priorities. But not having a viewing window can be put aside for the extra handlebar height. At the end of the day, us parent know what is best.

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