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Mobility aids are an essential part of life, but as a tall person, they can cause more harm than good if they are not designed to suit your height. These knee walkers for tall people listed below are suitable for people as tall as 6’8″.

Much like buying a mobility scooter for someone over 6′, there are certain height measurements a knee scooter must incorporate to be suitable for someone that is taller than your average person.

Getting the measurements for a knee walker is pretty similar to finding a rollator to suit a tall person. Both these mobility aids are similar in nature. The handlebars need to be tall enough so that you can comfortably push yourself along on one leg.

The knee resting pad needs to be at the exact height to suit your leg. If it’s too tall or too short, it’s going to be very difficult to get a smooth easy rolling action. Not too mention the chance of falling over or causing an accident.

Fortunately, most knee walkers have adjustable handlebar and seat heights. Unfortunately, many do not have the right height settings to suit a tall person.

So the tall person does have limited options when it comes to buying a knee scooter, but the good news is that I have presented the best 4 options below, suitable for the very tall people up to 6’8″ including big and tall people as well.

Compare Tall Knee Walkers By Height

Height Capacity Price
Up To 6'8" 400 LB Check Price Amazon
Up To 6'8" 350 LB Check Price Amazon
Up To 6'5" 300 LB Check Price Amazon
Up To 6'6" 400 LB Check Price Amazon


What Size Knee Scooter For Tall People

There is no simple answer to what size knee scooter does a tall person need since everyone is different and someones overall height won’t affect this as much. The thing to note with a knee scooter is that it’s the leg measurement that is the most important thing that you will need to know before purchasing.

The height of the handlebars is important as well, but first and foremost is the knee pad height. If you can’t comfortably rest your leg on the seat, then there’s potential for an accident to occur.

Getting The Measurement

One of the first things you will want to do is get something to measure with, then you will need someone to help you and something to help you keep your balance. These are the bare minimum you will need to be able to find out what size you will need.

Taking this measurement next to something that is solid will increase your stability and give you a more accurate measurement. So it’s essential to use something as a stabilizer not just for the accurate measurement but also for safety reasons.

With all of these ready to go, you will need to lift one of your legs behind you and have your knee at a 90° position. Then you will need the second person to measure the distance between your knee and the floor. The measured distance is the number you will want to write down as it’s important.

This will give you the measurement you will need to work out if a knee walker will be good for your needs. One of the best things about knee walkers is that they usually cover a wide range of heights so you will be able to find one that suits your needs.

Knee Walkers For Heavy People

It’s worth noting that if you are a heavy person, you need to consider the weight capacity of the knee walker also. Putting too much pressure on the knee walker can cause it to break and or possibly cause an accident. So always stay within the walker’s weight capacity. With that said, let have a look at some of the best knee walkers for big and tall people.

Knee Walkers Big & Tall People

Knee Walkers Big & Tall PeopleSeat Height: 21.5″ To 25.75″

Handle Height: 35.5″ To 41.25″

Weight Capacity: 400 LB

When it comes to knee walkers for the big and tall people, NOVA Medical Products are up there as one of the best companies on the market. This becomes apparent when you start to see how just how good this knee walker is and how it gives you your life back after injury.

This knee walker was designed with tall people in mind which you can tell from the user height guide. It was designed for people who are between 6’2″ and 6’8″. Tall people will be able to tell you how difficult it is to find something that was specifically made with them in mind.

The knee rest itself is comfortable when you have it on there for longer periods of time. The actual mold they have for the knee is a big part of the reason as it matches to your knee well.

Heavy-Duty Isn’t Just A Buzz Word

Often times companies will throw the word heavy-duty around and their product can’t back it up. That is far from the case here with this model that has a very durable frame that has an impressive maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. Making this a great knee walker for heavy people along with the taller folks.

Being able to handle that heavier weight is an important factor for a lot of people. This is made even better with just how stable this walker is thanks to its 8-inch all-terrain wheels. This gives you more stability when your out and about which will let you have peace of mind when using this walker.

Range Of Accessories On Offer

There is a number of accessories that are available to buy for this walker if you want to increase your quality of life. You’re able to get things like a cup holder, or basket to make life easier. Some people might think this is a downside that they’re aren’t included. In my opinion, I prefer them as extras since you only pay for them if you want them.

NOVA Heavy Duty & Extra Tall Knee Walker


3 Wheel Knee Walker For Tall Person Up To 6’8″

3 Wheel Knee Walker For Tall PersonSeat Height: 19″ To 25″

Handle Height: 33″ To 42″

Weight Capacity: 350 LB

When you want a knee walker that can handle the rougher terrain then look no further than this model from the ever-popular KneeRover. It has been designed to make sure you get to keep your life moving while still allowing you to recover properly.

KneeRover made a very smart design choice with this knee walker that not only makes it more stable but also safer. This is the training wheel that is attached to the rear wheel that increases both of these things. This does make it a good option for someone who has never used a knee walker before.

Keep Having A Life

One of the biggest downsides to having to use a knee walker is that your movement is severely restricted so you can’t live your life. With this model, you can have your life back thanks to the excellent 12-inch pneumatic tires that allow you to go over more difficult and rough terrain while maintaining safety.

In my opinion, this alone makes it worth your time considering if this is the right model for you. Being stuck in certain areas can make recovery feel like it’s taking longer. With this knee walker, you’re still able to go out with your family and enjoy your time.

Impressive Design

Something that I really like about this knee walker is how the brakes are attached to the rear wheel instead of the front. This makes braking a bit more comfortable and doesn’t give you that sudden stop jolt you get when the brakes are on the front of the walker.

Comfort is important with these units since you will be using them for long periods of time. KneeRover made sure this was one of their priorities when they designed this walker. You can tell this is the case thanks to the excellent knee rest that is 3-inches thick full of comfortable padding.

KneeRover PRO All Terrain Knee Walker


All Terrain Knee Scooter For Someone Up To 6’5″

Extra Tall All Terrain Knee ScooterHandle Height: 35.2″ To 43″

Seat Height Min 19.3″ To 23.6″

Weight Capacity: 300 LB

OasisSpace has a reputation when it comes to walkers, which is that they make high-quality walkers for a wide range of people’s needs. So it should come as no surprise that they have made this list with a rather impressive knee walker that will help aid in your recovery.

While the wheels might not be as impressive as the KneeRover above, they’re still worth mentioning since how good they are for almost any situation. One thing to note with these wheels is that they’re filled with air unlike a lot of other walkers. This makes them comfortable to ride on but does give them potential puncture issues.

Comfort Stands Out

While most other walkers go the route of filling there knee rests with basic padding which is decent. It can be better, which is what OasisSpace has done with filling there knee rest with memory foam. By going with a memory foam they have made this more comfortable than a standard walker in my opinion.

Quality of life improvements is something that I’m a big fan of which is even more true for things that are meant to help you recover. With this knee walker having a bag on the front of it to carry your items is something that makes your daily life easier. It can make basic things like simple food shopping possible for you.

Quicker Road To Recovery

One of the biggest issues, when you’re trying to recover and need the help of a knee walker, is the pressure that can be put on the knee from your weight. It’s a problem that has a simple fix that OasisSpace has done by giving this walker shock absorber. It helps with bearing the weight which relieves the pressure on your knee.

With everything combined with this knee walker, you have one of the better walkers on the market. It has comfort, features, and helps improve your recovery time.

OasisSpace Shock Absorber All Terrain Knee Walker


Tall Seat Knee Walker Scooter

Tall Seat Knee Walker ScooterSeat Height: 17.5″ To 23.5″

Handle Height” 34″ To 42″

Weight Capacity: 400 LB

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go about something when you’re designing something. Which is exactly what Essential Medical Supply has done with this knee walker. It has a very simple design that’s not overcomplicated which makes it excel at doing the simple things you need when recovering.

Height Adjustable For Tall People

The amount of adjusting you’re able to do on this walker is impressive. Being able to adjust the handles between 34″ and 42″ gives it a lot of versatility for taller people. This works really well with the knee rest that’s able to go between 17.5″ and 23.5″.

You’re able to fold this walker down by making the handlebars fold over which does make it small enough to fit in a car trunk. It does weigh around 22.5lbs so it might be a little heavy for some people and is something you should consider before purchase.

Safety Is Key

You’ve already had a hard enough time if you need a knee walker so you don’t need to add to those worries which are the reasons safety is so important. With this walker, safety was one of the key design choices as you can tell from the dual braking system which is something that gives you better control.

They’ve managed to increase the stability of this walker which in turn increases the safety of it as well. They went with a unique turning system that when you turn only the wheels turn and not the axle. This increases the stability of this walker when you’re turning to make it much safer to use.

With all these excellent safety features it’s hard not to feel safe when using this walker. This does make it really good for those who are nervous about recovery and want to feel safer when out and about. It’s also good for someone who has never had to use one before since it gives you peace of mind.

Essential Medical Supply Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker


How To Use A Knee Walker Safely

Learning how to use a knee walker safely is one of the very first things you should do when you get one. By ignoring this step you leave yourself open to injury or worse, so it’s highly recommended to learn the appropriate procedures before using your new knee walker.



The First Steps

One of the very first things you should do is made sure you’ve put the walker together properly by following the manufactures guide. The correct height is different between each person so you will want to make sure that you can stand naturally and your knee is at a 90° angle.

Now that you’ve made sure it’s been put together you will want to go over the walker and check for potential issues. This is something you should do every day you will be using the walker. Checking the brakes, handle alignment, and making sure the wheels are aligned properly for example.

Using Your Knee Walker

Since you’ve gone over your walker and checked for potential issues it’s not time to get on the walker in a safe fashion. You will want to make sure that you have the hand brakes on so it doesn’t move while you’re trying to get on it.

You will want to grip the handles firmly with both hands to add to the stability when getting on the walker. Now you will want to get on the scooter from one side and put your knee onto the knee rest.

It’s now time to set off and to start using your knee walker in replace of crutches. You will want to be balanced before you’re ready to set off. Now that your balanced you can slowly let go of the brakes and use your good leg to push yourself. Start off slow and use your best judgment on inclines and sidewalks as they can be dangerous.

Time To Stop

Now that you know how to use your walker properly it’s time to dismount properly. You will want to only ever do this on a flat surface and not on an incline. You will want to make sure your brakes are on when you want to dismount. This is all you need to know when it comes to dismounting.


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