Vacuums For Tall People

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Vacuums For Tall People

Anyone taller than 6 foot knows just how difficult it can be buying a vacuum for tall people. Anyone who’s been responsible for vacuuming the house before knows just how hard it can be on the lower back.

Even average height people find vacuuming a back-breaking chore, so it’s easy to see why tall people shy away from this common household chore. It’s simply too painful on the back, especially if you have a larger home. Much like sweeping or mopping as a tall person, the simple task of vacuuming is one that has been long feared.

However, there may be a solution below in the telescopic wand, or alternatively a vacuum listed below which has a longer wand to help assist in minimizing the amount you have to bend over.

Vacuuming Options When You’re Tall

Up To 39″ Extension Wand


If you already have a vacuum laying around the home, but find the wand to be too short, the good news is there may be an easy fix. This easy fix is to buy a telescopic vacuum extension wand.

This extension wand by Cen-Tec Systems found on amazon here has an extension range between 23.5″ to 39″. At its full extension, the wand is 7 to 8 inches longer than a standard wand. This extra length does wonders for the tall person and as its a telescopic wand, other shorter people in the house can still comfortably use the vacuum without having to change over the wands.

Is It Compatible With All Vacuums?

Cen-Tec Systems says that the wand will work with nearly all vacuums. As most vacuums use a 1.25″ diameter pole, this wand can be used in its place, giving you extra reach to the ground.

However, if you own a Dyson, you may need to get an adapter that can be found on amazon here, as Dyson uses a slightly different diameter measurement.

Lastly, if you’re concerned that it may not fit your vacuum, you can enter the model number of your vacuum on the amazon description page and it will determine whether its a match or not.


Best Vacuum For Taller Persons

Best Vacuum For Taller Persons18′ Retractable Power Cord
1200 Watts
Weighs 11.4 Lbs
Cleaning Radius Of 29.5′

Vacuums are useful tools, and trying to go with the cheapest option will often just hurt you in the long run as it won’t last or do a good enough job. This is where this German engineered Miele vacuum cleaner comes into the picture. As many people already know, German engineering is second to none in my opinion.

The motor of a vacuum is one of if not the most essential part of the machine. If you don’t have enough power to suck anything up, then it’s not very useful. So this vacuum cleaner that has a 1200 watt motor is going to provide you with plenty of power to suck up almost anything.

With how loud vacuums can be, it’s essential to find one that is quiet but has plenty of power as well. This vacuum certainly has the power and is one of the quietest full feature vacuum cleaners I’ve come across. This is a big thing if you have a baby and are trying to get the vacuuming down, and they’re asleep.

This vacuum comes with a lot of different accessories that give it a lot of added value, with my personal favorite being the crevice tool. It also comes with a dusting brush, upholstery tool, air clean filter, a combination floor head, and an original air clean filter bag. As you can see, it comes with a lot of useful accessories.

The stainless steel wand of this vacuum can extend to suit your height, plus you also have the handle on top of that, which gives this vacuum some good reach. The extension on the Miele is better than a lot of vacuum cleaners on the market in my opinion. Extension wands are also available with a full extension of 39.5″.

Miele C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum


Extra Tall Freestanding Vacuum 

Extra Tall Freestanding Vacuum Telescopic Handle
Max Height: 44″
Weighs Just 5.3lbs
10′ Cleaning Head

Some vacuum cleaners can be large and bulky, which makes them hard to store because as a result. Such a bulky product isn’t useful if you have a lack of space and being tall, space is already at a premium. So there is some good news for tall people and people who need space, this Eureka Vacuum cleaner is excellent for both!

It’s a narrow vacuum cleaner that is easy to store away in a cupboard, or even behind a door. Having such a compact size is quite a useful feature for a vacuum cleaner.

For a tall person, you need your handle to be slightly longer than the average person. Which, as I’m sure you’re already aware, is hard to find. But I think this vacuum makes a good compromise between being suitable for the average height user, while also being considerate to the tall person. The top of the handle measures 44 inches to the ground at full extension.

The most frustrating thing about a vacuum cleaner is changing the bag or buying replacement bags. Thankfully this is starting to be a less common thing thanks to vacuums like this one, which is bagless. Being bagless is useful for those who’re on a strict budget and can’t afford replacements.

The Eureka is a lightweight and very maneuverable vacuum cleaner. It only weighs about 5lbs, so it’s incredibly lightweight and easy for most people to use. It has a 15 feet cord, which gives you a lot of range when combined with its long handle, which is what these freestanding vacuums are designed to do.

For a freestanding vacuum, it has a good amount of power thanks to its 2 amp motor. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s good for a freestanding model. It will handle wood, tiles, and low carpet floors easily, but it will struggle on thicker, more dense carpet sadly.

Eureka Easy Clean 2 in 1 Lightweight Vacuum


Vacuums For 6 Foot Tall People

Vacuums For 6 Foot Tall People

Canister style vacuums are handy for people who need to vacuum a lot, as their cylinders can hold a fair amount of dirt before they need to be emptied. A large canister like this is useful since you won’t always be starting and stopping to empty the vacuum cleaner, which is something I personally really like. The quicker you’re done, the faster you can be doing something you enjoy.

Cleaning the filter on a vacuum can be a difficult and annoying job at times, but this does depend on your model. This particular vacuum is one of the easier ones to clean on the market; it’s as simple as washing it with water before use, just make sure it’s dry before putting it back in!

Thie Ovante has an impressive 1200 watts of power, which is impressive for its cost. Some vacuums cost 5 times this vacuum and still don’t offer this much power, and who doesn’t like to save some money for other more enjoyable things.

There is a lot to like about this powerful little vacuum cleaner that has a good amount of power and gives you some extra accessories. Such as the ever-important pet brush, which is essential for any pet owner! But it’s the telescopic wand that I like as it helps with the bending over when vacuuming.

It’s a little on the heavier side for some people with it weighing 12lbs. Whether you think this is too heavy is a personal thing, but I personally don’t find this too heavy. There are certainly heavier vacuums I’ve come across.

Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum with HEPA Filter


Telescopic Wand Vacuum Head

Telescopic Wand Vacuum Head

Sometimes you like your vacuum cleaner, but the wands too short or the vacuum’s head just isn’t good enough for what you need. This is where this extremely high-quality vacuum head and telescopic wand come into play. It can turn an okay vacuum into a beast that has no equal!

Just to clarify, this is a wand and head upgrade, not the complete vacuum. It can be added to older model Stealth, Ace, Black Hawk vacuums among others. Read the product description page on amazon to determine if it’s compatible with your existing vacuum. The main feature of this piece is the 12 different height settings for taller users.

The power brush on this head is just incredible, and a big part of this is thanks to its Italian engineering, who are known for quality. Very rarely with this vacuum head, will you need to do more than one pass when cleaning. You’ll be surprised at just how much dirt your old one had missed.

There’s a surprising amount of weight in this set up with it weighing more than some complete vacuums. It weighs an impressive 10lbs, which might put some people off, and I can understand why. This is something I’d consider quality weight and not something that just weighs a lot to trick you into thinking it’s sturdy and durable.

Telescopic wands are handy and should be on all vacuum cleaners, in my opinion. This great wand lets you set it to an impressive 12 different heights, so there is something for practically everyone. Having multiple wand size options like this works well if you live in a household with a lot of varying height.

With a name like Stealth, you won’t be shocked to learn that this gives you extremely quiet operation. So for those who don’t like a lot of loud noise when vacuuming this makes a big difference, yours and your family’s ears will thank you!

15in Stealth Vacuum Head and Telescopic Wand


Visit Your Local Vacuum Specialist

The best way for a tall person to get a vacuum that suits their height is to go into a store and try out various models. This can usually be done in the various specialty vacuum stores. The salesperson should have a good idea as to which model has the most amount of reach for a tall person.

Vacuuming can be a major influence on back pain for a tall person. This pain can be debilitating, which is why it’s essential that you explore every avenue to minimize the amount of chores that require you to hunch over for long periods of time.


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