Best Cars For Tall People (Suvs, Minivans Trucks)

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Best Cars For Tall PeopleFinding the best cars for tall people is without a doubt one of the toughest things anyone over 6 foot can do. While being tall comes with plenty of advantages, driving a vehicle comfortably is certainly not one of them. No matter which way you look at it, most cars aren’t designed for people taller than 6 foot. Some cars are not even suitable for people just under 6 foot.

Buying a car for the first time is especially daunting if you’re above average height. It’s natural to think that seat height is the main concern, just ask any tall person how many times they have whacked their head inside the cabin and also entering/exiting the car.

But seat height is just one element of concern. Another very important factor to consider, especially if its a manual, is the angle of your legs as they go in to accelerate, brake or change gears. Sure, if you’re heads too tall for the cabin, you won’t be able to see where you’re driving. But if you can’t operate the pedals safely you’re risking your life as well as the others on the road.

So by lowering the seat to accommodate your head actually fitting in the car, be very mindful of the fact your legs are becoming more horizontal and making the use of your pedals much more limited. Not too mention cramping up your knees even with the seat all the way back.

But the headaches for a tall person continue, problems can arise from the position of a steering column and from the position of a seat, especially the position of a rear seat, which may have a small space for leg room in a small coupe or sedan.

Comparing The Best Tall Persons Car

In no particular order, these 2019 sedans that have a spacious interior, which is a beneficial feature for a tall person:

• Buick LaCrosse Sedan
• Cadillac XTS Sedan
• Chevrolet Impala Sedan
• Chrysler 300 Sedan
• Dodge Charger Sedan
• Ford Taurus Sedan
• Lincoln Continental Sedan
• Toyota Avalon Sedan
• Volkswagen Arteon Sedan


Trucks For Big & Tall PeopleBest Pick Up Truck Big Tall

When you’re big and tall, the most obvious solution is to look for a pick up truck. When it comes to a spacious cabin, many of these trucks will please a tall person as well as a heavy person. But which truck has the largest head and legroom cabins available?.

The Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab is one spacious truck, offering some of the biggest measurements of all cars, SUV’s and trucks alike. Because of this, you get one seriously big and mean vehicle. Here’s a run down on the cabin size for the 2019 Chevolet Silverado Crew Cab.

  1. Headroom in both the front and rear seats is quite high. For the driver you can expect a clearance of 43 inches and tall passengers in the back get to play with a decent 40 inch height.
  2. Leg room is very impressive for the driver, allowing a generous 44.53 inches while the rear seats have pretty much the same amount of room.
  3. 66″ shoulder room with a hip room measurement of 61.18″ for the front seats.


Best Minivan & SUV’s For People Over 6 Foot

Minivans and SUV’s are often referred to as a spacious and roomy for the big and tall people. However this is not always the case with the increase in smaller SUV’s for people that don’t want to drive such a large car. So make sure you don’t fall for this potential trap.

But in general, a minivan or SUV will offer larger leg room for the driver with greater head clearance. Some suggestions for taller drivers in this category could include:

  1. GMC Terrain
  2. Honda Pilot
  3. Chevrolet Suburban

GMC Yukon XLBest Minivan SUVs For People

The latest edition of the Yukon by GMC in the XL range is a larger version of the standard Yukon. The XL model offers an extra 20.5 inches in total length while offering a larger 3rd seat leg room measurement that is 9.7 inches greater than the regular Yukon model.

However both models have the same ceiling height of 74.4 inches and front leg room measurement of 45.3 inches.

The Yukon also offers a decent head room measurement for the driver of 42.8 inches. For the big and tall people, the Yukon Xl offers a large seating area. With a hip measurement of 60.8 inches and shoulder measurement of 64.8 inches.

Best Used Cars For Tall People

Not all of us can afford to invest in a brand new car, so now its time to have a look at some of the best used cars for tall people. These cars are recommendations from fellow tall people whom have had previous experience with the make and model.

2006 Buick Rendezvous CXL

The 2006 Buick Rendezvous CXL offers a good amount of head space and legroom at the same time. A great used car option for someone taller than 6 foot. While quite a few years old now, you can compare it to a 2019 Buick LaCrosse and see that while it’s a older car, it offers better head room for a tall person.

  1. Head room for the driver in the 2006 Rendezvous is 40.9″ compared to 38.4″ of the LaCrosse.
  2. The leg room for the driver of the older 2006 model is 40.5″ compared to 42″ for the newer model. So people with shorter inseams, yet still quite tall would benefit from the 2006 model whereas people with longer legs would be better suited to the 2019 model.

Used Compact Car Suitable For Taller Drivers

The Honda Fit 2017

You wouldn’t think a compact car would be suitable for people taller than 6 foot. Compact means just that. But not every tall person wants to drive a large sedan or SUV.

This is where the Honda Fit 2017 model is ideal. A small, yet spacious 97.5 cubic feet allows tall people to zip around town, through narrow alleyways in comfort.

You can see all the Honda Fit measurements here, but the important ones are listed below.

  1. 39.5″ headroom
  2. 41.4″ Legroom
  3. 51.5″ Hip room
  4. 54.8″ Shoulder room.

Small SUV Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 is a very popular small SUV, and according to some tall people, its suitable even at 6’4″ tall. So lets take a look at what the Cx-5 offers in terms of the drivers cabin space for models from 2012 to 2019.

  1. 40.15″ Headroom
  2. 41″ Legroom
  3. 55.19″ Hip room
  4. 57.17″ Shoulder space.

2015 Subaru Forrester

The large cargo area of the 2015 Subaru Forrester combined with Subaru’s All Wheel Drive makes this a great compact SUV choice for taller people.

The 2015 model is slightly larger in the cargo area when compared to the recent 2019 edition. So if you’re tossing up between new or used just be sure to always compare the cargo area measurements.  Here’s a brief comparison of the 2015 Subaru Forrester Vs the 2019 Forrester

  1. With a headroom measurement of 41.4″, the 2015 Forrester is 1.2″ higher than the 2019 edition.
  2. Both models offer a very large 43 inches of legroom, however the 2019 has the slight advantage with its measuring 43.3″.
  3. The hip room of the 2015 model is 53.9″ compared to the 2019 Forresters 54.1″
  4. The 2019 Forrester has a wider shoulder measurement of 58.2″ compared to 57″.

Overall the older used Forrester offers greater head clearance which may be just enough to allow a tall person to comfortable sit and see out of the windscreen. Both offer very roomy cabins regardless which makes the Forrester by Subaru a great choice for tall people wanting a compact SUV.

Always Book A Test DriveCar Buying Tips For The Tall Person

No matter what you read or what you hear about any car, it’s never wise to buy without test driving first. This is especially important for the taller drivers due to all the factors to take into consideration. While this does limit the amount of options we have, its still best to have a car that is not only safe but one that you feel safe driving.

Below you can find some of the key things to look for when buying a car as a taller person. All of us are built differently so while one car may be suitable for one person it may not be for the next. Inseam measurement is just as important to understand as is total height.

For example, two people both measuring 6’4″ may have different opinions on the same car. One may find it the perfect fit, while the other finds it too restrictive in the legs due the person having a longer inseam. So one may require a car with a higher cabin ceiling while the other with the longer inseam will need more space to sprawl those long legs out.

Car Buying Tips For The Tall Person

Adjustable Steering Column Is A MustCar Buying Guide Tall Person

The steering column may be too low for a tall person to comfortably turn the steering wheel without encountering a problem. Some steering columns have a feature for adjusting the position by raising or lowering the steering column.

The feature can be used to raise the steering column to the highest position for a tall person who must have enough space to comfortably turn the steering wheel without cramping up their legs. But some cars steering columns at the highest point will still be too low for someone with a longer inseam.

Another problem a taller person can face with the steering column is limited view of the dashboard. The steering wheel can be quite large in diameter and when up as high as it goes, can restrict the view of the speedometer, gauges etc.

Multiple Position Adjustments for a Front Seat

Many front seats have multiple features for adjusting the position of the seat, such as an option for adjusting the angle for tilting the seat back or in an upright position. A tall person would experience fewer problems by sliding a front seat backward, using the lowest elevated position for the seat and by slightly tilting the seat toward the rear seat for more space.

But again, you really need to experience the seating first hand. The seat may not go back far enough for your legs to fit. The more you lower the seat, the less angle your legs have to operate the pedals with. This combined with a seat as far back as it can go will make it difficult to operate the pedals. Not too mention the distance from the steering wheel to your chest. Making it more difficult to reach and operate the steering wheel and necessary controls for basic driving.

Car Features That Benefit a Tall PersonThe Best Cars For Big Guys

A large interior space and large dimensions for the height and length of a car are beneficial features for a tall person who could experience problems from bending down to get inside a small car. The large interior space would usually include enough space for leg room in front of the front and rear seats. If a car has a large height dimension, then a tall person would have more space to use to easily get into the car.

But a large interior space does not necessarily mean its going to be suitable for a taller driver. For example, some pick up trucks and SUV’s have a spacious interior cabin, but the seats aren’t adjustable enough to suit longer bodies. My families 7 seater SUV is so spacious, yet I cannot comfortable fit in the drivers seat. The important seating measurements are just not there for a tall person.

Large Space in Front of the Front and Rear Seats

With a large space in front of the front and rear seats, a tall person would have more space for comfortably relaxing without experiencing a problem from trying to find a comfortable position for his or her long legs.

In a small coupe or sedan, a tall person could be forced to move his or her legs into an uncomfortable position in the small space that is behind a front seat. But drivers ability to operate the vehicle safely id the number one priority. So if you have no backseat passengers, this is not an issue. But if you have a car full of kids, consider finding a car with a longer cabin.

Tall Cabin Ceiling Height

Car Cabin size For Taller Drivers

A car that has a large height dimensions would have more interior space for a tall person to avoid problems from being too close to the headliner, which could cause visibility problems when trying to watch the traffic. The large cars usually have a large front windshield and have more space for a driver to safely watch for problems while driving the car.

A tall cabin ceiling is beneficial provided the lining of the ceiling does not protrude too far down towards the windscreen. If your head fits in the cabin, yet your eyes are in line with the join between windscreen and interior lining, then it’s just not the right car for you.

Trying to see traffic lights, cars coming from other direction and pedestrians is near on impossible. Pick up trucks and vans with big wide almost vertical windscreens are ideal as they offer a much larger viewing area.

Choosing A Car When Youre Tall

Modifying A Car For A Tall Person

There are some possible modifications for cars to increase the interior space for a person who is more than 6 feet tall. The seats could have a lower position to provide more clearance space from the dashboard and from the headliner, but the position of the front seats are also controlled by the safety features for the air bags. Do not attempt to modify any car beyond the laws of your local state.

Invest In A Smaller Diameter Steering Wheel

As mentioned earlier, the steering column height adjustment feature is a must for anyone over 6 foot tall. But this can cause a large steering wheel to block the view of the dash display. The easiest modification you can do to your car to make it more tall person friendly is invest in a smaller steering wheel.

A steering wheel with a smaller diameter like 300mm will provide you with a better visual on the display, but also give you more leg room as the steering wheel will sit slightly higher. Hands up who’s sick of their thighs rubbing or digging into the steering wheel when entering the vehicle.

The downsides to a smaller steering wheel are of course it becomes harder to steer due to less leverage per turn. Also if you’re current steering wheel is fitted with an airbag, you will need to replace it with a steering wheel that’s fitted with an airbag. Steering wheel minimum sizes will be determined by your local state laws.

Tall Passengers

With a large space between the front and rear seats, there would be enough space for the passengers who are sitting on the rear seat to comfortably relax without pressing his or her legs against the back of a front seat.

The driver could offer to slide the front seat forward to a safe position to provide more space for a tall person who is sitting on the rear seat. However, its most important for the driver to be comfortable and to be able to safely operate the vehicle. Never ask the driver to position their seat where it could make driving more difficult.

Large Space Between Dashboard and Floorboard

A large space between the dashboard and the floorboard should include enough space for a tall person to comfortably turn the steering wheel without encountering a problem. A tall person is usually required to hold his or her arms in an uncomfortable position when holding onto the steering wheel inside a small car. The cars that have a large interior space and large dimensions for height and length are usually more suitable for a tall person.

Large Length Dimensions for Cars for a Tall Person

A car that has a large dimension for the length would typically have more interior space for the space that is in front of the seats, especially the space that is between the front and rear seats, which is a beneficial feature for a tall person. Most of the full-size sedans have a much larger interior space and much larger trunk space than the midsize sedans.

However, it’s the drivers cabin that matters most when you’re a tall driver. Ensure the seats can be mover back far enough so that your legs aren’t up in your chin making driving too difficult.

Some people modify their car by replacing the current seat with a thinner, less padded option. This will allow you to sit lower, giving you more head space, while also giving you a couple more inches of leg room. But you do sacrifice padding and comfort for this.

The Best Cars For Big Guys

The quality of a driving experience is important for controlling the problems from the drivers on the roads. A tall person can experience fewer problems and more comfort while driving a full-size sedan, SUV or pick up truck than while driving a smaller car.

The best cars for tall people can be quickly found by a car buyer who knows how to choose a car for a tall person, such as by focusing on a large interior space and on large dimensions for length and height. has suggested a range of cars, SUV’s and minivans for taller people which includes the head room and leg room measurements to help you gt a better understanding of what to expect.

If you have your heart set on one particular make and model, always take it for a test drive. Don’t buy blind or you may end up driving blind.

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