Arm Chairs For Tall People [Club Chairs]

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Arm Chairs For Tall People

There’s nothing better than getting home from a tough day at the office to lounge out on an armchair or club chair. That is of course if you’re under 6 foot. You see living room chairs and armchairs for tall people need to be taller in order to fit out long torsos.

But as most arm chairs, especially club chairs have a total height of just 30 to 35 inches maximum, getting comfortable in one of these chairs as a 6’3″ tall person is near on impossible.

So whats a tall person to do, sacrifice their comfort for the sake of a few inches. No, you go on the search for extra high back arm chairs. That is if they exist.

Compare Tall Armchairs & Living Room Chairs

Size Price
30.5"D x 34"W x 49"H Check Price Amazon
Best High Back Fabric Arm Chair
31.9"W x 37.8"D x 42"H Check Price Amazon
Best Club Chair For Tall People
26.5"D X 36"W X 41.5"H Check Price Amazon
Guest Chair For Tall People
32"D X 29"W X 41.5"H Check Price Amazon
Tall Reclining Arm Chair
34.75"D X 28"W X 41.25"H Check Price Amazon
Tall high back tufted armchair
37.5"D X 38"W X 40.5"H Check Price Amazon
Push Back Recliner Club Chair
32.5"D x 30.5"W x 40"H Check Price Amazon
Living Room Chairs For Tall People
24.5’’Dx 28.5’’W x 43.5"H Check Price Amazon
High Seat Living Room Chair
27.36"D X 35.04"W X 41.34"H Check Price Amazon
Living Room Chair For Big And Tall People
26.38”D x 29.13”W x 40.16”H Check Price Amazon

Like all furniture for tall persons, it certainly seems as though the tall person has been forgotten about here which is why I have conducted a list of possible tall person arm chairs. After scouring through hundreds of chairs I did manage to find some that were taller overall.

But in saying that, I would still prefer to find some arm chairs with heights greater than 45 inches. Perhaps that may be asking for too much as it would almost be like having a tall recliner chair parked in your living room, in terms of taking up space. Which an armchair is generally not designed for. So with that said, let’s have a look at the armchairs I found to have greater height measurements.

Tallest Arm Chair On This List

When it comes to living room chairs for tall people finding an adequate chair with a decent height is difficult. The people at Homelegance understand this which is why they made this impressive chair with an impressive height of 49″ to give your back plenty of support.

If this chair was just its high back it wouldn’t have made this list. Back problems are something that tall people are forced to deal with and having the right lumbar support can help with that. This chair has an excellent lumbar pillow that really helps with this problem.

Something that is truly hard to get a grasp on is the sheer size of this chair and how much space it can take up. With its impressive measurements of 30.5″ by 34″ by 49″ you’ll be hard-pressed finding such a large and stylish chair that adds a touch of style to your room.

Sturdy Construction Stands Out

One of the most important things with a chair is just how well it was constructed and is made out of high-quality materials. This living room chair has a durable wooden frame combined with pine wood feet that gives it an impressive weight capacity of 300lbs.

Apart from the durable wooden frame, the fabric of this chair is made out fo 100% polyester fabric. This is a common fabric that a lot of chairs are made out of because it’s comfortable, durable, and really easy to clean. It was the right choice in using this fabric on this chair since it’s really good.

Homelegance Avina Fabric Wingback Chair

Best High Back Fabric Arm Chair 42″

Best High Back Fabric Arm Chair

The tallest of traditional arm chairs is this fabric piece by Stone & Beam. With a tall height measuring 42 inches. This is about 7 to 10 inches higher than standard arm chairs.

In terms of depth, the seat sits quite deep. Not as deep as some, but for a high back like this it’s deeper than many. The seat also sits about 18 inches from floor height and is generously padded. Probably the thing I like most about this chair, the thickness of padding in the seat.

Being a high back arm chair you can expect a good amount of back and shoulder support. This Stone & Beams backrest is about 28 inches from the top of the seat to top of the backrest. Which is quite sufficient for most tall people.

With the height being tall enough to support someone over 6 foot, the width of the seat also caters to heavier people too. Just shy of 32 inches wide, the seat allows for low to mid 20’s between the arms. Which is ample room for the big and tall.

While I think this chair is just amazing, I would prefer it if the armrests were a few inches higher. In my opinion it’s a little low sitting around 21 inches. But considering the rest of the chair measures up, it’s a small sacrifice I’m willing to take.

Stone & Beam Highland Arm Chair 42"H

Best Club Chair For Tall People

Best Club Chair For Tall People

Club chairs are basically arm chairs which are finished in leather. They are normally quite short in dimensions which do give us taller folks quite the headache when searching for a club chair. Especially when it comes to the backrest and total height.

These days club chairs have become more modernized and have included fabric into their line of design. But this particular chair by Christopher Knight Home has opted for the more traditional appeal.

The textile materials and the brown tan color really brings warmth to this chair. Its the type of chair you want to see with timber style decors. Whether that’s timber flooring, ceilings or beams, this chair looks like it was just built to blend in perfectly.

In terms of size, the total height is 41.5 inches, which is quite tall for a club chair. But the back height is only 22 inches, which for a club chair is again quite high. But the really tall people won’t enjoy this height as it may be found to be too low.

The seat depth is also a little short coming in at 17 inches. However, if you want a warm feeling traditional club chair when you’re a taller person, sacrifices need to be made, unfortunately.

Christopher Knight Home Club Chair 41.5"H

Guest Chair For Tall People

Guest Chair For Tall People

Another club or guest chair for tall people is this piece by Boss Furniture. This type of chair I would describe as classy without the high-end price tag. It looks stunning and won’t cost you the world. Which is always a good thing.

Like the above club chair by Christopher Knight Home, it too has a total height of 41.5 inches. The tufted design combined with the wing-back shoulders makes this arm chair really stand out.

The seat sits about 19 inches high which again is pretty good for an arm chair, while the depth of the seat is a nice 20 inches. Certainly suitable for someone over 6 foot tall.

While described as a guest chair, it certainly can be used on a daily basis around the home. It’s available in a matte black or an oxblood color to suit multiple decors.

While I certainly like the height measurements of the Boss and the stunning eye appealing design with the tufted finish, I can’t say its the most comfortable looking chair in the world. While it screams classy, it lacks additional padding in my opinion. But nothing an extra pad couldn’t fix.

Matte Black/Oxblood 41.5"H Boss Chair

41.25″ Tall Reclining Arm Chair

Tall Reclining Arm Chair

Another fine selection by Christopher Knight Home is the Elizabeth Tufted fabric chair. It’s also worth noting this chair also is a push back recliner. But as a standalone arm chair, it looks the part.

Similar in design to the above Boss chair, this Elizabeth chair is made from fabric and not faux leather. I must admit I do like the fabric finish better as I find it lasts longer with the correct love and attention.

But if you anticipate young kids drooling and spilling food all over your arm chair, perhaps a leather chair is the better option as it’s easier to clean. I’m just not a huge fan of faux leather.

Visually the Elizabeth chair is an elegant standout. I love how it has less of the tufted buttons compared to the Boss. Too much and it kind of dominates the rest of the chair too much. But this chair with its 3 rows of 3,4,3 tufted buttons is perfect. Adds an element to the chair without drawing too much focus away from the overall piece.

In terms of size, its a nice tall 41.25 inches with a total depth of 34.75 inches. Both of which are acceptable for a tall person. But remember this is a reclining arm chair and when it’s in recline mode, I don’t feel its long enough to fully accommodate someone taller than 6 feet. But as a standalone arm chair, the measurements stack up.

41.25"H Elizabeth By Christopher Knight Home

40.5″ High Armchair Homelegance

Tall high back tufted armchair

Homelegance produces this 40.5 inch tall tufted armchair. Another elegant design with all the tufted buttons. While I typically don’t like the overload in tufted buttons, like the backrest of this chair has 31 buttons alone, the accent nail heads on the trim of this chair bring it alive.

It’s the contrast between beige fabric and lighter buttons on the backrest combined with the dark nail heads that run along with the trim of the chair that makes it pop. The darker buttons draw your attention away from the 31 light-colored buttons. Which is a good thing is you ask me.


In terms of size, it measures 40.5 inches tall and has a seat depth of 20.5 inches. The total depth of this chair is 37.5 inches which is quite deep seating compared to the other chairs on this list.

The seat itself measures roughly 23 inches wide and has a deep seating measurement of 25.6″. These numbers are great for the tall person to allow all of the behind the knee and legs to be supported.

40.5"H Homelegance Rhett Fabric Armchair

Push Back Recliner Club Chair 40″H

Push Back Recliner Club Chair

When you want something simple yet relaxing, this push back recliner club chair is the way to go. The simple grey linen fabric and the club chair design applies the modern appeal of simplicity at its best.

While this chair by Naomi Home is cozy and relaxing its getting close to the too short for a tall person status. However, considering most armchairs have a height of between 30-35 inches, the 40 inch height of this chair does offer a little more back support for taller people.

But in saying that, I wouldn’t expect much in the way of head support if you’re over 6 foot. One of the above chairs would be a better option for this. Especially considering this is a push back recliner as well. It would be too short for a longer torso.

With that said, its still a nice modern yet simple arm chair. While not suitable for very tall males, it still may be suitable for the taller females. The comfort and reclining features of this arm chair make it worth considering.

Naomi Home Landon Push Back Recliner

Living Room Chairs For Tall People

Living Room Chairs For Tall People

One of the first things you will notice about this excellent living room chair from Giantex is just how stylish it is. On style alone, it’s up there with the best with its sleek design. But this chair is more than it looks which is how it ended up on this list.

Being a tall person comes with a lot of back issues since it very rarely gets enough support in any aspect of your life. Which is one of the reasons I like this chair, it has a higher back which is 27.5″ high giving your back some decent support.

Durable And Comfort Is High

It’s not very often that the durability and comfort of a chair come together this well in my opinion. It gets its durability from the high-quality pine frame that has a decent weight capacity of 265lbs. This can be a little on the low side for the heavier individuals out there which is something to keep in mind.

One thing that really adds to the comfort of this chair is how the backrest and seat are both filled with sponge. Combine this with the PU leather this chair is upholstered with then you have an extremely comfortable living room chair.

Something that Giantex did that at first you might not appreciate. Is the soft padding on the armrests are removable which can be useful. This allows you to use your own if you want something thicker and it also makes cleaning the armrests easier. Both small things, but really useful in my opinion.

Giantex Accent Arm Chair PU Leather

High Seat Living Room Chair

19.25″ Seat Height

High Seat Living Room Chair

There is a good reason why the name Christopher Knight Home keeps appearing on this list. They consistently make some of the best living room chairs that offer the right requirements for tall people and this Ingrid recliner is no different. It has all the right features for a tall person while being extremely comfortable.

When it comes to the seat of this living room chair it has a good amount of space for taller people. The depth of the seat is 22″ which allows you to sit much further back than your standard chair which gives your legs more room. The height is 19.75″ for the seat which could be a little higher in my opinion, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

Something that really stands out to me is the Birch legs that have a dark finish on them. Birch is a strong wood that is tough to break which adds to the durability of this chair.

Comfort Is Impressive

Being a recliner does give this chair an advantage over chairs that don’t recline. It takes up less space since you don’t need an ottoman and the comfort of reclining is unmatched. You can get very close to going back a full 180° on this chair which is great for when you want to take a nap without moving to the bed.

This is a very comfortable chair thanks to the reclining and the padding that’s been used for the seat and backrest. It does take some time to break in which is something to remember as it will be a little stiff when you first get it. Tho once you’ve broken it in it’s nice and comfortable.

Christopher Knight Home Ingrid Recliner Chair

Living Room Chair For Big And Tall People

Living Room Chair For Big And Tall People

The versatility on this chair from Altrobene is impressive with it being able to be used in multiple styles of rooms. Most living room chairs are really only meant to be used as a living room chair. Altrobene has said no this design choice and has made this excellent chair that can work in more than just your living room!

While this is an extremely stylish and comfortable chair it does offer a good amount of space for the taller individuals out there. With the overall height of the chair being 40.16″ your back will have a good amount of space for the support it does need.

The armrests on this chair are a little different thanks to it having a wing-back style. They’re not your standard armrests that run to the front of the chair so it might take a little bit to get used to.

Designed To Perfection

In my opinion, if a company chooses to use high-density padding for their chair it tells me two things. One is that the company knows what they’re doing and two, the company wants to give you the best product they can when they designed it.

High-density padding offers a lot more support and takes a lot longer for it to slump like most other paddings. It’s also one of the most comfortable types of material you can use if you want a chair to be heavy-duty. Both of these I believe Altrobene has achieved.

To prove this point even further they opted to use hardwood for the frame of this chair. Hardwood doesn’t crack or warp as easy as a softer wood.  This does give this excellent chair a much better weight capacity coming in at 330lbs.

Altrobene Big Tall Velvet Accent Chair
Tallest Arm Chair On This List

Tall Recliner For The Living Room

I know, right off the bat I’m throwing in a reclining chair. But in this chair’s defence, it masks itself well as a regular looking arm chair. Plus it has the tallest height of any of the chairs I could find.

Measuring 43.5 inches tall with a fully reclined length of 70 inches, this Beaumont chair makes for a great arm chair. It’s not one of those bulky recliners that stand out like a sore thumb, this chair actually looks like a arm chair. But it has a push recline feature to make it even more comfortable.

The armrests are well-padded and sit about 25 inches high. Which is not a bad height for a tall person. But someone closer to 7 foot would ideally like to see them more around the 28-inch mark.

The seat itself is 20 inches everything, wide, deep and height from the floor. Which is pretty good considering many armchairs are about 15 inches in height from the floor. Again, not perfect for the really tall people. But beggars can’t be choosers as they say.

Beaumont Brown Paisley Fabric Reclining Arm Chair

Choosing A Living Room Armchair For A Tall Person

While there are a number of living room armchairs above suitable for tall people, chances are they may not match your height or your decor. At the end of the day, it’s not easy finding the best armchair or living room chair to suit every single tall person out there.

This list is just a guide for you to get started on your search, perhaps you will find a chair better suited to your height along the way.

The main things to keep in the back of your mind when choosing an armchair as a tall person include the following:

  1. Seat Height: This is how tall the seat sits from ground level. Too low and your legs won’t be able to sit comfortably as they will be either pushed up towards your chin or sprawled out horizontally as a result.
  2. Backrest height: Some chairs will have a tall seat but not have a tall backrest. This is when you need to decide whether or not you will ba laying back in the chair o not. If you are, then consider finding a chair with a taller backrest, even if the seat sits lower to the ground.
  3. Armrest height is important as some chairs will simply be too low for you to rest your elbows on, which kind of defeats the purpose of an armchair.
  4. Overall height: The overall height of the chai can indicate to you just how much seating is available for your body height. The taller the better as it means it has either a tall seat, backrest or a combination of them both.

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