Best Balance Ball Chairs For Tall People

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Best Balance Ball Chairs For Tall People

Presenting The Best Balance Ball Chairs For The Tall Person

They say sitting at a desk for 8 hours is the new health risk which is comparable with smoking cigarettes. Now I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to injure or live a shorter life thanks to working behind a desk all day. However, there is a solution.

A balance ball is a relatively new concept, but one that is certainly growing in popularity. But the problem is, they aren’t designed for taller people. Fortunately I have come across a few for both the office and for exercise workouts.

If you are under 5’11” tall, then most likely you can pick up any balance ball and it will suit your height. But if you are any taller, you are not going to enjoy the benefits a balance ball can provide.

Simply because your posture is going to be out of whack and you are going to probably feel very uncomfortable. Especially if you have longer legs. Ensuring you have a computer desk for tall people that allows for your extra long torso and higher raised knees.

So What’s The Solution If You’re Over 6 Foot

After extensive research, I came across a couple suitable balance chair balls. But unfortunately there’s not a huge selection when it comes to buying a balance ball if you’re a tall person. Apparently we are not worth adding a few extra inches to the back support or the casters on the chair.

Rant out of the way. So there’s 3 solutions.

  1. A extra tall balance ball chair which will be discussed below.
  2. A fitness body ball that suits people up to 6’7″ but doesn’t have the back rest like a office chair does.
  3. Forget the idea and invest heavily into a ergonomic tall persons office chair.

The Best Balance Ball Office Chair For Taller People

The Best Balance Ball Office Chair For Taller People

The Tall Boy by Isokinetics Inc. I found to have the tallest height from ground to top of the balance ball. This is the main component for determining whether the ball chair is suitable for your height.

The Tall Boy has a height of 25.5″ from ground to top of ball height. Which is about 2 to 3 inches taller than the next in line. According to the company, the Tall Boy is suitable for people up to 6’1″. This of course will be a person by person situation as some folks have longer legs than others.

However, the best way to see if it suits your bodies posture is to simply measure it. Find a chair where you think this is the ideal height. Also allow for any extra height for movement if you intend to bounce on the chair for exercise. Then measure how high the top of the seat is to the ground. That will give you a realistic number to form your opinion on.

If you are much taller than 6’1″, perhaps scroll down to the fitness balance ball as it accommodates users up to 6’7″.

A Little About The Tall Boy

So Isokinetics Inc first released the ball chair about 10 years ago. Which apparently was the first of any kind of ball chair on the market. So they certainly know there stuff and are satisfying customers. Otherwise they wouldn’t still be in business.

However, the demand for a taller version was high. So they released this ‘Tall Boy’ version. But if you ask me, they could have gone for a super tall version as well. Anyways, the principal is the same, but the chair now comes with a metal ball retaining bar to keep the ball in place. The structure is enhanced to adapt to the extra height as well.

The chair comes with 4 office chair casters that are 60mm in size. Which is fine, some heavy duty casters would have been better. The back rest is about par in terms of competition. It isn’t really tall enough to give full back support. But is handy for dragging it around the office.

Isokinetics Tall Boy Height Vs Regular Model

Best Balance Ball Chair For 2020?

Best Balance Ball Chair For 2020

With the Isokinetics Inc Tall Boy being the tallest model I have come across, there’s really only one other option. Besides the following ‘fitness ball chair’. That is to buy a standard size ball chair and fit appropriate height extenders which will raise the height up to 2 inches taller.

There are a couple brands which allow this height extension option. I found the best to be Gaiam chair ball. The 2″ extenders make the Gaiam ball chair suitable to 6’1″ users as well. Again not very friendly to the very tall people, but it’s the best on offer at the moment.

Just like the Tall Boy, the Gaiam comes with a 20.47″ ball, metal bar and 4 casters which are removable (2 of which are lockable). The weight capacity is 300 lbs, so suitable for the big and tall.

The only drawback when you compare the Gaiam ball with the Isokinetics Inc ball is the quality of the ball holder bar. It seems to be of lessor quality which makes me believe it may not last as long. So if I had to choose between the two. I would go with the Tall Boy as it’s already designed for taller people and the metal bar feels stronger.

Gaiam Ball Chair Optional Height Extenders

Best Exercise Ball Chair For Tall Persons

So if you are really tall as in over 6’1″. then your next best option could be this exercise ball chair by Mantra Sports. It’s suitable for people up to 6’7″ in height.

But it sacrifices the ‘office chair’ design to be focused more on being a exercise ball. Which is great if that is what you are after. Fitness equipment for tall persons is not all that easy to come by, so by having this as part of your routine certainly helps.

However, you can by all means use this ball chair as a replacement office chair. Just don’t lean back unexpectedly or you could fall back. The exercise options this ball offers really can help improve circulation, posture and relieve pain whether you are in an office or in your lounge room.

This is because Mantra Sports has a included stability base so that the ball doesn’t move around while you are either working behind a desk, or working on your fitness.

What Separates This Ball Chair

Besides the missing casters and back rest that the office chair style ball chairs boast, the fitness ball chair incorporates resistance bands that makes it better suited to taller people that want to get fit while working behind a desk. While also improving posture and providing a ergonomic working environment.

The 15 pound latex resistance bands offer a multitude of exercises. But what I found the most useful was simply the arm pull ups I could do while watching a video or live feed for example. Great way to work out the arms while getting paid. But please don’t tell the boss.

If you’re taller than 6’1″, I recommend getting the 75cm ball. It is the biggest size available by Mantra Sports and claims to be for people up to 6’7″, which also has a 650 lbs weight loading capacity. As for color, I love the turquoise and orange. If you’re going to stand out, do it in style I recon.

Mantra Sports Fitness Ball Chair

Extra Tall Balance Ball Office Chair On Wheels

Extra Tall Balance Ball Office Chair

Uncaged Ergonomics has knocked it out of the park with the comfortable Wobble Stool. It works really well in conjuncture with a balance ball. Since it doesn’t take up much room, especially important if you have a smaller office, you’re able to fit comfortably inside your work space.

The diameter of it’s base is 18 inches, so it will fit under most desks pretty easily. It has a minimum height of 19 inches, which isn’t that high. But you can adjust it to 25.5 inches tall.  At this height, it is on par if not taller than the tall persons traditional office chair. Certainly one of the tallest balance ball chairs going around.

Resembles A Traditional Office Chair

The wobble cushion is very cleverly designed. It moves enough that you can feel it helping with your posture and comfort level. But it doesn’t move so much that you feel you’re going to fall off the side of the ball. Which is usually the biggest draw back of these types of stools, so this is a big plus for this stool.

If you’re not a fan of the wobble cushion, you can take it out if you wanted. The thinner cushion underneath is usable, but it feels more like a slightly more comfortable wooden stool then. You could alternatively get another type of cushion for it. This is personal preference, but it’s better with the wobble cushion.

When you swivel on an office chair you have to worry about the bulk of the chair hitting things. This isn’t the case with this stool, since it’s so compact. You’re able to swivel without any worries, and can go a full 360° without worry. This is something I consider to be really useful as I like to move around a lot in my office while sitting on the chair.

There is one thing to consider with this stool, which is it’s wheels. While they’re good solid wheels which roll really well, there is some concern when it comes to wooden floors. Like many office chairs with casters, they can eat away ate your expensive timber flooring.  So I’d recommend having a office chair mat or rug underneath, to protect your wooden floor.

The Wobble Stool Office Chair

Benefits Of A Balance Ball Chair

In this day and age it’s getting much more common to replace an office chair with a balance ball. With it becoming more common I think it’s a good time to go over the benefits of a balance ball chair. This is extremely useful information to have before, making a purchase of a balance ball, or office chair.

There are a lot of benefits to using a balance ball, but for me the best is how it can help with back pain. This is important to me since 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain, sometime in there life. This is mainly due to work, and if you’re in an office job sitting for 8 hours and up. You can see where a balance ball will help.

So having a balance ball chair, helps since it forces the body to sit and maintain correct posture. Having the correct posture will make such a big difference, to your everyday life. A correct posture will really help alleviate back pain.

Burn Calories While At The Office

One added benefit which is a little obvious is that it helps you burn some extra calories. I imagine there’s not to many people out there who don’t like the idea of this, especially me! This is pretty simple to explain, as with most things, more moving, equals more calories burned.

Sitting on a balance ball for extended periods of time can be difficult. This is true even if you’re a personal trainer. While this may some like a bad thing, it actually isn’t. What it does is it forces you to move and stretch, which is something your body needs.

A balance ball isn’t going to be the cure for all problems sadly. In a perfect world it would be best to have a combination of a balance ball, and also an office chair. This is the best way to help keep fit, and active for extended periods.

Is A Balance Ball Better Than a Office Chair

Since balance balls are becoming more common, the question is are they better than an office chair. Which is a fair question to ask, since both can be expensive. As with most of these types of questions, there isn’t a simple yes or no answer.

There are benefits to both of them, and both do certain jobs better. While a balance ball is overall better for stability, and helping your balance. It can also help with having stronger abs, which is another advantage of them.

But for me the biggest advantage of them is that, they can help you exercise. This is really helpful for desk jobs and people who sit all day. Being able to do some simple exercises, and stretches will help maintain your body.

There is a downside to balance balls that make office chairs have a slight advantage in one particular way. Is that sitting on a balance ball for 8 hours a day, isn’t actually good for your body. This is if you use it for such extended periods of time.

That downside is a pretty big one in my opinion. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best thing to do is to use both.

What’s Your Experience Using A Tall Ball Chair?

I have found that balance ball chairs work in well with standing desks. This is a great way to limit sitting down all day while also getting in some exercise. If you experience bad back pain from sitting, I highly encourage you to look into a tall persons standing desk.

Have you found a superior ball chair suitable for taller people than what is listed on this page?. I would be very happy to hear your recommendations and any feedback so other readers have more options. Please do feel free to share them below, or anything at all.

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