Rollators For Tall People – 5 Of The Tallest

Rollators For Tall People

I’m not quite at the physical state where I need a rollator yet. But my close friends Father is. He is quite tall well over 6 foot. Recently he was complaining about his current model being too short and causing him more pain and discomfort than it is worth. Toying with the notion of giving up walking altogether, I knew there had to be a better way. This is when I decided to help him out and find him suitable rollators for tall people.

That is when I realized his grief. Many standard rollator walkers don’t cater to tall persons over 6 feet. To make life harder, many models don’t have a recommended height guide. So you are just about left in the dark when it comes to buying a tall rollator.

The perfect Tall Rollator for my friend turned out to be the Volaris Patrol All Terrain Model.

How To Choose Rollator Walkers For A Tall Person

Believe it or not, choosing a rollator to buy can be extremely difficult. Especially if your current one is far from meeting your needs. There are many factors to consider. But when it comes to your height you really only need to consider these 3 factors:

*Do note these are for rollators, not your traditional walkers with wheels.

  1. Height of handle Bars
  2. Height of seat from ground
  3. Weight Capacity

The Height Of The Handle Bars

How high the handle bars are from ground height is the most important factor to consider. This is because you don’t want to be hunched over as you walk. Not only is this extremely bad for your back (Which may already be in pain), but actually makes walking harder. This is what my close friends Father commented on quite often. It was enough for him to give up on walking altogether. We don’t want that.

So most wheeled rollators won’t have extendable handle bars that can go higher than 36/37 inches from ground height. If you’re above 6 foot, this is too low for your height. It could cause you potential further injuries to your back and may even encourage a slip or fall.

So ideally, you want a 37″ plus adjustable height rollator. This measurement is quite similar to using a tall version walking cane. So if you currently use a cane, measure it for comparison.

To measure your exact needs is quite simple. Get a friend to help out. Bend your elbows slightly and put your arms out as if you were to push on a rollator. Do this slightly above what you would consider comfortable because after a while your arms get tired and will slouch down a bit more. So allow a small amount of height.

Next get your friend to measure how high your underneath side of your hands are to the ground. This measurement will be the ideal handlebar height which most rollators state in their description. A rollator thats handlebar measurement is lower than this number,  you will feel discomfort and possible pain walking hunched over.

Seat HeightHow To Choose Rollator Walkers For A Tall Person

The seat height is not as important as the handlebar height. But still a factor to consider. Especially if you do a lot of walking around. Getting tired and having a comfortable seat on hand is priceless. So you will need to get your own personal measurements.

To do this, simply sit on a chair you feel is a comfortable height. Next get your friend to measure from the floor to the top of the seat. Next look for a rollator with a seat height measurement within the same ballpark figure.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the rollator/walker will only be a issue for a fraction of tall people. However, its not unusual for a tall person to be over the recommended weight capacity simply because they are taller. More muscles, longer bones etc results in a heavier person. So you don’t necessarily have to be overweight to consider the weight capacity.

My Top 5 Rolling Walkers For Taller People

The Volaris All Terrain PATROL Rollator Walker

Top 5 Rolling Walkers For Taller PeopleMaking an excellent choice for a wide variety of individuals, although particularly designed with big and tall people in mind, this walking rollator has 10 inch wheels, is lightweight and is easily foldable. The seat has an additional 2 1/2 inches in comparison with the regular Volaris SMART/patrol, making it 19 inches rather than 16 1/2. This makes the walking rollator a more comfortable choice for bigger people. The capacity for the walker is 352 lb, hence it provides a worthy option for taller people, as well as those who are heavier.

As far as the folding mechanism goes, the walker has been designed to fold easily and quickly, folding into 9 inches. Once the frame has been folded the brakes cables are not within view making it appear tidy, secure and less chance of getting stuck on something when putting away.

The general appearance of the walking rollator is sporty and attractive, however, there is certainly no compromise when it comes to quality and safety. The ergonomic shape, non-slip handlebars, and slightly soft runner wheels make it both appealing and practical as a walking rollator choice.

Being an all-terrain walker, users can feel confident getting ‘out and about’ and since the model allows for easy curb mounting, urban areas become ‘a breeze’. However, perhaps the most attractive benefit that comes with this walking rollator is the ability for the user to stand upright while walking, instead of being forced to take on that back-breaking, hunched-over appearance.

Tall Person Stats

  1. The Volaris Patrol Rollator has a great amount of handlebar adjustment capabilities. Perfect if you share the rollator with your partner. The handlebars adjust from 32″ to 42″ in height. So if your arm measurement you did earlier is less than 42 inches, this is the rollator for you. From previous customer reviews, I would anticipate users up to 6’6″ could use this rollator.
  2. Seat height is also adjustable which is not all that common. From 20″ to 26″ in height which I find to be ample.
  3. The weight capacity is perfect at 352 pounds.
Volaris All-Terrain PATROL Rollator Walker


The Tallest Rollator I’ve seen

The Tallest RollatorIf you are super tall and want the tallest rollator on the market, then the Dolomite Futura Tall Rollator is probably your best choice. The Dolomite has the tallest handlebar measurement on this list and on any rollator I have encountered.

The Dolomite Futura has a handlebar height of between 37.75″ to an incredible 43.5″. However, with this height advantage comes a steep price tag if you ask me. So if you really don’t need the tallest rollator in the world, then look at one of the other options on this list. Unless you are prepared to pay for it of course.

The seat height is also the highest I have come across. Measuring in at 27.5″ in height. However, the seat may be high, but I feel it’s a bit too small. It’s only 14 inches wide by 7 inches deep. That’s a good 4-6 inches smaller than some of the other rollators on this page. But in saying that, this is a more narrow rollator, so can fit into tighter spaces with greater ease. The seat also flips up out of the way so you can walk in a bit closer if need be to reach something.

I do like that Dolomite put on the 8″ wheels. Any smaller and the rollator would quite funny being so tall. But looks aside, the 8″ wheels really do serve a purpose. That is to be used outdoors on surfaces like grass and gravel.

Overall, this 330 lbs capacity Rollator by Dolomite lives up to its premium quality name. It has all the bells and whistles you need and happens to be best suited to the really tall folks. In fact, Dolomite states that it’s designed for people over 6’2″. That’s over, not under. So if you are super tall and tired of bending over, give the Futura Dolomite Tall rollator a chance.

Dolomite Futura Tall Rollator 43.5"


Medline Heavy Duty Rollator With Padded Seat

This rollator walker comes in with an impressive capacity of 400 lbs making it an excellent choice for adults or seniors with a higher body weight. This generous capacity is thanks to the reinforced and durable design of the walking rollator. In fact, with a sturdy aluminum frame that weighs in at 19 lbs users can walk with confidence. The design also comes with a wider distance between the walker’s handles, making use more comfortable for individuals who require extra room.

I prefer to have the heavy duty models as they are more stable and won’t tip over so easy. Especially if you are planning to use on uneven surfaces. The model is slightly wider as well, which makes it easier to walk between the handlebars.

What Height People Should Use The Medline?

The handlesbars aren’t as high as the above Volaris Patrol, but is still a good option for tall people, but not the super tall. The handlebars can be adjusted from 31.5″ to 37.5″ with an overall height of 44.5 inches. Certainly not up there in regards to handlebar height, but I feel the overall quality makes up for this.

This headline walker choice is ideal in all terrains, both outdoors and indoors. The 8-inch wheels have reinforced spokes to ensure that the user feels secure and safe at all times.

Designed to meet the everyday needs of the user, this walker has a basket which can be placed under the seat, in the front, or removed when not required. In addition, the seat of the walker has both a padded back and seat to allow for a comfortable rest when needed. I like how well it is padded. Medline sure went the extra mile on the seat in regards to comfort. Very pleased with the level of comfort after a long stroll.

As far as the braking system goes, the walker is operated with loop-style brakes. Hence the user will need to push down when they want to lock the roller in place and pull up when they wish to move. All in all, this walking rollator verges on the larger size as far as walkers go, however provides impressive weight capacity and features which instill confidence and security for the user.

*Do note that as this rolling walker is wider than most, it may not fit betweena  standard door frame as it is 29″ wide.

Medline Heavy Duty Mobility Rollator Walker


Drive Medical RTL 10266-T NITRO Euro Walker Rollator

For individuals who need an easily adjustable walking rollator, this option is very worthy of consideration. Both the handle height, as well as the back support, can be quickly adjusted to suit the current needs of the user, using a tool-free thumb screw. In addition, the walker can quickly and easily be folded into a compact size. Only one hand is required to fold the walker making it exceptionally convenient for the user.

This design sees to embrace both the desire for security and convenience with the wish to look attractive and appealing. The large 10 inch front casters give excellent steering and comfort and the turn radius benefits from a caster fork. I actually like the front wheels being slightly bigger as it allows for greater control when going over bumps and rough surfaces.

The bag which comes with this design is attractive, removable and stays in place even when the roller is folded. This factor can greatly contribute to the convenience of the walker. I particularly like the back support on the Nitro over other models. It isn’t a steel bar digging into my back which is a much welcomed feature.

Certainly, when it comes to seeking a rollator walker that offers value, durability and a style that is ‘easy on the eye’, the Nitro Style Euro Rollator could make the ideal choice and is certainly worth putting on the short list.


Tall Person Requirements

  1. The handlebars are adjustable from 36″ to 41″ in height. This offers greater reach for taller persons without having to sacrifice their back and cause further pain. Not the tallest rollator on this list, but certainly one of the best on the market. People Under 6’4″ may find this rollator ideal to their height.
  2. The seat height is set at just under 24″, which is quite enough for taller bodies. It’s when you start getting down to 20 inches is when I get concerned. It’s far too hard to pull yourself up at this low height.
  3.  300 pound weight capacity  with a fairly wide 18 inch seat. So quite efficient for the big and tall users.
The NITRO By Drive Medical


The Escape ‘Tall’ Rollator With Seat

'Tall' RollatorComing with an impressive 5 year warranty, Escape-Tall promises to give users the ‘next step’ in their mobility. One vital step that should always be considered when considering the purchase of a walking rollator is the braking system. the Escape-Tall offers an excellent touch braking system which does not operate with cables. This means that gone are the days of worrying about cables catching on objects and generally causing stress to the user.

As well as the innovative braking system, Escape-Tall offers three seat heights so that virtually any user can find a position that is comfortable for their needs. This is a vital factor to take into consideration when making a choice since a walker which does not provide comfort is of little real use.

When it comes to the folding capacity of the walking rollator an easy system is in place with a lift of the lock release handle. In addition, once the walker is folded it will stand independently, hence providing a convenience factor for storage, as well as being easier to lift in and out of a vehicle.

A few other benefits which users appreciate with this model are the pressure dispersing handgrips and the large padded seat, both of which make use of the roller more comfortable. In fact, it seems that with the Escape-Tall the world really can become your oyster!

How Tall Should You Be

  1. The Escape Rollator comes in 3 sizes. From low for short people to ‘Tall’ for people up to 6’6″. The tall version (sometimes referred to as the standard size) has handlebars that adjust from 32″ to 40″ in height.
  2. The seat height on the Tall edition is a solid 24 inches high while maintaining a nice 18.5″ width.
  3. The weight capacity is a little lower at 275 lbs. To compare all 3 sizes and specifications, Triumph Mobility have all the details.
Escape Tall Rollator

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