3 Wheel Walkers For Tall People

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3 Wheel Walkers For Tall People

A three wheeled walker or rollator can be a great assistance for mobility in the house and also outdoors. But when you’re a taller person finding one suitable to your height can be quite difficult. For me, using a shorter model is out of the question. So while it’s been difficult, I have managed to find a few of the best 3 wheel walkers for tall people over 6 foot in height.

If you are over 6 foot tall and are buying a 3 wheel walker for the first time, it’s important to understand the dangers of using one that is too short for your height. Because these are three wheels and not your more common 4 wheel rollators they are better for control and turning.

But when you have to lean over a considerate amount just to push the walker it can lead to potential danger. You lose that control a three wheel offers and could potentially slip over or fall forward. Just from having to bend over in an unnatural position. Not to mention the strain it can put on your back, neck and shoulders. Which can lead to further injury.

What Size 3 Wheel Walker Do You Need?

Before you go out and buy just any walker you need to first determine what size you need. To do this you just need a simple measurement. That is the measurement from the ground to just above your hips. For more accuracy, let your arms hang down your side with a slight bend in the elbow. Now measure from the under side of your hand to the ground. This will give you a better measurement for a maximum height 3 wheel walker you need.

For most people over 6 foot it will be a measurement of between 35″ and 39″. But for people closer to 7 foot you will be looking at over 42″ maximum height measurements. Unfortunately I am yet to find a extra tall 3 wheeled walker that would be suitable for 7 foot tall people. So if you are this tall your best option would be to look at the extra tall rollators which have 4 wheels rather than 3.

The Tallest 3 Wheel Walker 39″ Maximum Height

Tallest 3 Wheel Walker

The tallest three wheel walker I have currently come across is the model by Healthline Trading. This 3 wheel walker has a maximum height from ground to handle height of 39 inches. This walker is also FDA approved which is a almost a requirement these days for me.

Compared to the four wheel rollators, this 3 wheeler is very well priced. You can see the latest price on amazon here. Which means it frees up more money to spend shopping. Which is what this 3 wheeler does best. It’s a great shopping companion for tall people as it comes with a shopping bag and basket included. When it comes to lunch at the shops, the basket even has a tray on top for easy eating.

While this walker has large solid wheels for outdoors use, its not an overall heavy duty walker. Meaning it is not meant for supporting heavier people. Great for a walking aid, but if you must rest on the walker for support it is not the best option.

However there are brakes that can keep the walker from moving at all. The lock brake is as simple as pressing in the two loop handles. Once you hear the click sound, using a padded seat can then be safely operated. For slowing down but not completely locking the wheels in place, you just need to pull back on the loop handles until you have slowed down.

One of the nicer features of the Healthline Trading walker is that it can fit in tight narrow corridors and door frames. As it is a folding walker, you just need to fold the walker slightly and push through any tight areas. Then release the fold mechanism back to normal size.

Overall I find it to be a very good walker for the price. Like most 3 wheel walkers, stability is not its best feature. So if you have difficulty with balance I would highly recommend sticking to the 4 wheeled variety. But due it being very lightweight (Around 11 lbs) and how easy it is to fold down I find this walker to be great for transporting and used as a portable mobility aid.

3 Wheel Rollator By Healthline Trading


Extra Tall Three Wheel Rollator

Extra Tall Three Wheel Rollator

The next tallest 3 wheel walker comes in at 38.4″ in height. Made by Health Line Massage Products this walker is a great alternative to bulky traditional walking aids.

The strong aluminum frame on this walker is what allows it to have a weight capacity of 250 lbs. So a little extra strength and durability when it comes to pressure applied. Being aluminum it is also rust resistant which is a good selling point.

The wheels are quite big for a 3 wheeler measuring 7.5 inches in diameter. The wheels are also non marking so they wont leave nasty black lines all over wooden floors.

This walker also comes with a basket and tray which is quite convenient for when shopping. It’s fairly roomy in terms of walking space between the handle bars. It has a wide 18.9″ measurement. But when needing to go through tight doorways the walker can also be folded inwards to be a more compact walker. But for this you do need to remove the basket which is a little annoying.

The knob in which you raise the height to a maximum of 38.4″ is self threading. Which means it’s extremely easy to set the height exactly how tall you want it. Once your set at the desired height, grab onto the contoured handle grips. These grips are well designed to reduce user fatigue. They mimic the shape of the underneath of your hands which is far more comfortable than just a plain cylinder grip. Then grab hold of the looped grip for easy access to the brakes. Then use the brakes when required and away you go. When you’re done, fold away the 12 lb walker for easy transport or storage.

Healthline Lite Folding 3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Walker


The Carex Trio Walker Review

Carex Trio Walker Review

Another lightweight option for taller persons is the Carex Health Brands 3 wheel Trio Roller (A33300). This model is slightly shorter than the above two models with a maximum height of 38 inches. Which is still quite sufficient for 6 foot tall users.

With similar features the above models the folding walker by Carex lacks a shopping basket. Which is good and bad depending on your intent. Instead of the basket, Carex Health Brands have included a nice solid travel bag instead. This bad is quite large and made from durable vinyl.

So fitting heavier bulkier items in this bag is certainly better. On the bag are additional pockets made specifically for your ID and smart phone. Which makes the need for carrying a bulky handbag around not necessary with the Carex walker. The bag is also attached to the frame using metal buttons. So it sits quite firm in place. If the bag is empty you can use the fold feature to squeeze though tighter gaps as well without the need for taking off a basket like on the other models.

Out of the above models, this is probably the most heavy duty 3 wheel walker. It’s quite stable while maintaining it’s maneuverability. With a 250 lbs weight capacity it can take some decent pressure being applied. If you rest on one side of the walker I have found it to be quite stable. But in saying that if you put a full 250 lbs force onto one side of the handle bars it could topple. But the 3 wheelers are designed for this kind of use, so I recommend an even balance at all times and avoid resting on just one side of the Carex walker.

Walker 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker


3 Wheel Walker For Big And Tall People

3 Wheel Walker For Big And Tall People

It wouldn’t be a health related list without the mention of Drive Medical. They are one of the leading brands in health and mobility aids across the USA.

When it comes to 3 wheel walkers, the Drive Medical rollator is the best option for tall and heavier people. With a 300 lbs weight capacity, this lightweight walker can still cater to the larger individuals as well as people over 6 foot. With a maximum height of 38 inches, it is one of the tallest on the market that can handle heavier weight capacities.

Pros & Cons Of The Drive Medical Big & Tall Walker

The Good

  • Quite lightweight. Being aluminum you get the ease of lifting and storing this walker.
  • Very stable for a 3 point support device. When assembling make sure the legs go ‘click’ and are not directly under the brakes. This makes it more stable.
  • Transforms into a narrow walker very easily.
  • The tray included makes carrying dinner on a plate a breeze. Compared to the hazardous walking cane while trying to juggle a plate of food.
  • The leather pouch/bag is a great addition. When shopping you can put bags of groceries in there and when you need to fit into a narrow walkway you can take bag out and fold into position.
  • Very compact for when needing to transport in just about any vehicle or the cars back seat.
  • Great for tall people as the height can be extended to 38 inches from ground level.
  • Very affordable considering it’s suitable for big and tall people. Fnd out how much the Drive Medical goes for on amazon now.

The Bad

  • Sacrificing strength for lightweight, the frame is not metal. Yet still stable enough to hold 300 lbs.
  • Being a 3 wheel walker, the front wheel can get stuck in grates etc. But it is fairly light to just lift the front wheel out without any further assistance.
  • The basket can be difficult to attach to the walker on first few attempts.


Drive Medical 3 Wheel Rollator

Other Mobility Aids For Tall People

The 2 wheel walker is just one of the mobility aids for tall people. While many makes and models of various equipment is not suitable to taller people you will often find one or two that are designed for us people. Here’s a few other mobility aids for tall persons besides the 3 wheeler:

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