Best Walking Canes For Tall People Up To 7 Foot

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Best Walking Canes For Tall People

It’s important to find the best walking canes for tall people to ensure an adequate fit is achieved. A walking cane can be a life saver for an elderly person or someone with substantial injuries, finding one suitable to your height is paramount to ultimately achieving mobility.

However there are many dangers associated with this form of mobility, especially if your height is not proportional with the cane. If you’re taller than normal, a cane can cause further health issues and may result in a painful fall.

Assuming you already know how to safely use a walking cane the correct way, the next best thing a tall person can do to prevent injuries and falls is to ensure the length of the walking cane is suitable for your height. The cane is usually the next recovery stage after using crutches. As with tall crutches, using walking canes is just as dangerous if not appropriate in size.

Having a shorter cane can cause great discomfort and pain in the back while also making it difficult to maneuver around the place. Essentially putting your health in danger. Which is why you should always seek out extra long walking canes as a taller person.

What Size Walking Cane Do You Need?

The size of your walking cane determines how comfortable you will feel moving from place to place. Not to mention how safe you feel. So in order to figure out what size cane is best suited to your height you need to take a couple simple measurements as follows.

This is an important step to follow as some taller people have longer legs than others. Which would mean they need a longer cane in comparison with someone with the same height.

Do note that many walking canes are adjustable in height, so ensure the minimum height is not too tall for you or you will be having similar problems.

  1. Typically you will have a good side of your body, which is the opposite side of the injured leg or most painful side. Ensure you are wearing your regular shoes or slippers to get an accurate measurement.
  2. Have your arms relaxed by your side allowing the natural bend in the elbow.
  3. From this position use a tape measure to measure from the floor to your joint in the wrist. Ensure you are wearing shoes. This number will reflect what size cane you should buy.
  4. If you are buying a walking cane for someone else, look for reviews on the cane where someone has specified their height. A walking cane is typically suitable for someone of the same height up to about 2 inches in difference.
  5. Any cane about 36-38 inches long could be suitable for people around 6 foot tall. It will greatly depend on your upper half height compared to your bottom half height (Long legs).


The Best Extra Long Walking Canes

The Best Extra Long Walking Canes

If you are around the 6’4″ – 6’6″ height mark, this beautiful cane by Harvy Canes might be right up your alley. Made in the USA, this black hardwood cane measures in at 44 inches. One of the tallest canes I’ve come across that is not adjustable. Meaning one secure piece.

The diameter of the cane is 1.125 inches with a nice large grip. The grip of the large hand piece is a great addition for the taller person which complements the extra long shaft.

While the cane is ergonomic, it is purely a fashionable item. It’s not intended to for heavy duty use. So keep this in mind when deciding if this is the right walking aid for you.


Heavy Duty Mobility Walking Cane For People Up To 6’5″

Heavy Duty Mobility Walking Cane For People Up To 6'5"

If you want the stability and control a quad cane offers, then the Hugo is a good choice for taller people. With height adjustments that allow users of up to 6’5″, this walking stick can be quite versatile.

Adjusting the height is relatively simple thanks to the push button. There are 11 height settings. To change the height you need to hold the button down while extending the shaft. Don’t just press it once or it won’t budge.

The handle is designed with ergonomics in mind. While the handle is a hard plastic it utilizes a soft rubber cushioning intended to act as a shock absorber as the quad cane makes each landing.

Because of the tough design, this Hugo quad cane makes a great outdoors mobility aid for even uneven surfaces. If you currently own a tall persons rollator, this quad cane be like a match made in heaven. Taking you off track to places a rollator may not be possible.

With most quad canes, the base is typically an ‘X’ style. With the Hugo it’s more like a ‘K’ design which I feel offers greater stability and the ability to go over tougher terrain. Plus the flat side of the ‘K’ is designed so that it is on the inside of the footing. This allows you walk safely without having the fear of tripping over one of the legs.

The cane can be switched from left hand user to right hand user which makes it perfect for multiple users. Having a 300 pound weight capacity does mean this cane is quite heavy duty. So it is heavier than your typically cane. So it’s important to keep this in mind when shopping. It’s also worth noting the ‘K’ style footing is quite large. So while great for outdoors, not the best for using on staircases.

Hugo Mobility Adjustable Quad Cane for Right or Left Hand Use


Best Bariatric Tall & Heavy Persons Cane For Walking

Best Bariatric Tall & Heavy Persons Cane For Walking

When it comes to bariatric equipment, Drive Medical are one of the leading brands in the industry. They have two bariatric canes that are your classic canes but with an offset handle.

It’s important to not that just one of the two are suitable for tall people. The shorter version only extends to 37.5″. Whereas this extra long version is capable of extending to 46″ as seen on the Drive medical website.

Both canes have a high weight capacity so this shouldn’t be an issue for the majority of tall people. However it is worth noting that due to being a bariatric cane it is slightly heavier than your traditional wooden cane.

Because the Drive Medical bariatric cane can extend to a whopping 46 inches, people up to 7 foot tall should have no difficulties using it. Provided you have the strength to lug around a heavier cane.

If you need to use this cane on uneven surface and outdoors, there are attachments available that turn this into a even more stable and reliable cane. So overall its the tallest cane built very strong and sturdy. If you’re tired of the 37 inches canes you buy at the shops, this Drive Medical is going to take you to new heights.

Drive Medical Bariatric Cane 46"


Tall Walking  Folding Cane With LED Lights

Tall Walking Cane With LED Lights

While this cane by Eecoo is not the tallest model in the world, it is a very good cane for people around the 6 foot mark. The cane can extend to a maximum of 39.5 inches tall and has a weight capacity of 200 lbs.

But what makes this cane rather special are it’s features. I just wish they made an even taller version for people up to 7 foot. But until then….

So the Eecoo comes with 6 LED lights which are attached to the handle. These lights can be angled for when walking directly in front, or you can have them straight ahead so you can see further down the path.

This is a really good idea as it opens up the ability to take walks in the evening and not fear too much about night time hitting. Also great for inside the home during the night when you don’t want to light the whole house up with the house lights.

The other unique feature of this can is the second drop down handle. What this does is makes sitting down and getting back up easier as you don’t have to reach so far for the top handle.

Lastly, the all terrain foot on the cane opens up the ability to take walks in the park and anywhere outdoors a standard cane wont allow. It uses a 4 leg non slip system to fully support the cane by itself. What this means is you can sit down and leaving the cane standing up vertical. No more having to bend down to try and reach for the cane.

The Eecoo is also a folding cane. It can break down into a third the size which makes it easier for storage and when traveling on a bus, train etc. A great idea and one that is just as useful as the other features on this cane.

Eecoo 39.5" Folding LED Light Walking Cane


Walking Canes For Big & Tall People

Walking Canes For Big & Tall People

Believe it or not, walking canes actually have a weight capacity. Something regular size people generally don’t have to worry about. But if you’re big and tall its certainly an issue that may arise.

While tall people can generally be heavier than most, when you’re overweight as well that is when you really need to consider a walking cane for big and tall people.

One to consider is the Nova heavy duty walking cane. It has a 500 pound weight capacity and is suitable for people up to 6’4″ due to the 39 inch length. It’s an adjustable can so users shorter can also use this can. The height can extend from 30″ to 39″ tall with the push of a small button. Its also got a locking mechanism to prevent that annoying rattle often associated with height extending canes.

About The Heavy Duty Cane By Nova

Firstly for a heavy duty cane, the Nova is considerably light in comparison to some other canes and 4 point canes. This is especially helpful for people with weak wrists. The Nova comes with a wrist strap which I quite like, its surprising how many times it can come in handy.

But if the strap doesn’t appeal to you, its easily removed. The handles is a nice smooth grip rubber handle. Some people have stated that it is in fact slippery plastic, but this is not the case unless they are different canes of course. But this cane has a smooth rubber grip which makes holding on much easier. However if you sweat a lot, it might be advisable to wear some form of gloves so the handle doesn’t become too slippery.

In terms of stability the Nova does quite the job. For a lightweight cane I don’t think you can find a more sturdier cane for people up to 500 pounds. Its quite the heavy duty cane indeed.

Nova Heavy Duty Cane 500 Lbs


Want More Tall Persons Mobility Canes?

The above five walking canes are all different from each other and are intended to serve a different purpose. While they may be applicable to many people, they may also not be what you are after.

If you still need to find a better walking cane that is extra long it’s just a matter of doing a simple search on amazon. Now that you know what size cane you need you can search directly for the size of shaft that matches your height.

Below you can find 4 more walking canes for tall people. These canes have either a 39 inch or 40″ height at full extension.

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