Best Yoga Poses For Tall People

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There are a lot of different reasons to get into yoga. Luckily, yoga is something that is very versatile. Therefore, it can be adapted to fit just about everyone regardless of strength and even height. However, there are specific exercises better suited for those that might be taller. Below, we will be going over some of the best yoga poses for tall people.

Because of the extra long legs and super human height, to better perform yoga you will need to invest in the right gear. In particular, Extra Long yoga mats that can suit people of any height. Having a short yoga mat can certainly hinder your performance which can lead to frustration and unwillingness to keep going.

“But I’m Too Tall To Do Yoga”Best Yoga Poses For Tall People

It’s been said many times in the past and I’m sure it will a continuing statement where tall people think that they are simply too tall to undertake in yoga. It’s either, “my legs are too long”, “my legs are too tight together” and “I’m simply too tall”.

While I do get it that in the beginning it can feel like you are too tall. But the fact of the matter is, you just need to stretch more. I can hear you saying “But I already do stretch”. Well, stretch more!. Back when I first started I couldn’t touch my toes due to my height and long legs. I was a good 2 feet from touching my toes.

But these days, touching my toes is a morning ritual. But it didn’t come over night. That’s the thing to remember. You are stretching each and everyday to greater the distance in which you can stretch. So keep stretching everyday and each day push yourself that little bit further. Eventually you will be able to move like a ballet dancer on ice. Or perhaps one day you can undertake yoga on a paddle board. This is taking yoga to the next level.

So with the importance of stretching out of the way, lets look at some of the best yoga poses for a tall person.

Best Yoga Poses For Taller Persons

The Forward Fold.Easy Yoga Poses For taller Persons

This particular exercise is meant to stretch the entirety of the legs. It hits every muscle from the hamstrings to the calves. Along with this, it helps to boost flexibility in the hips as well. With this particular pose, as a tall person you will probably have your knees bent a lot more than other people. This is normal and don’t fret over this. The goal of this pose is to open the back onto the body. So by the more you bend your knees, the more your torso releases and stretches your back, glutes and hamstrings.

How To Perform It: Simply stand with your feet should width apart. You will want to slowly lunge your body forward at the hips and lower your upper body as much as possible towards your feet. You will want to bend your knees (if needed) to take any increased pressure off of your lower back. Ideally, you want to get to the point where you can grab your ankles. Simply hold for one full minute and go back to your standing posture.

Benefits: This particular move is excellent for those that are tall because it allows them to increase the flexibility in their hip region and it can effectively act as a warm-up for the rest of their yoga workout. Along with this, it can be great for minimizing tension and pressure throughout the body.

How To Do The Eagle Pose As A Tall PersonEagle Pose For Tall People

The Eagle Pose is often used in yoga class for balancing and strengthening through both sides of the body. This can be quite a challenging task as a taller person.

So for this modification you need to go ahead and sit down in a chair position (not on an actual chair). Then swing your right leg up and over your left knee. This can be the challenging part as tall people often have tighter hips.

Next you need to put your hands in a prayer position and lean forward while imitating sitting down on a chair. The eagle pose.

Nest you can take a figure four step where your drag your right leg back from the left knee up until the right ankle is inline with your left knee. This makes it easier to perform if you have tighter hips while still getting the benefits of the Eagle Pose. You’re getting the strength and balance from the standing left leg and you’re getting the focus and concentration from the balance being obtained.


Crescent Lunge.

This is another excellent yoga pose that anyone can incorporate into their routine. It effectively loosens up the hips by stretching the entirety of the groin area.

How To Perform It: Simply start on both your hands and your knees and place your right foot forward between your hands in order to effectively lunge forward while keeping your knee completely above your heel. You will then want to hold the pose for a minute and repeat the process with the other leg. This will allow you to work each leg, help strengthen your core, and work on your balance all at the same time.

Benefits: This particular exercise is so good for you because it can increase the level of flexibility in the hip region. It can also be beneficial for limiting back pain and it can strengthen your legs and core muscles.

Boat Pose.

This is another good option for someone that is tall because your height is not going to be a factor in performing this exercise.

How To Perform It: Simply sit on the floor with your knees completely bent and your feet on the floor in front of you. Once in this position, you will want to put your hands behind your glute muscles and lean them into your arms. While doing this, you should be engaging your entire core section and maintain a completely straight spinal alignment as you lift up your left leg and then the right. You should keep your legs at a 45-degree angle with the floor. You will want to completely straighten your legs while maintaining a straight torso and stretch them as much as possible.

Benefits: This particular exercise is good for you because it can help to strengthen both your core region and your back muscles.

Downward Facing Dog.

This is another very effective pose that you will want to consider getting into your routine and it will not be more difficult because of your height. Regardless of your height you can do this pose. But as a taller person you will need a yoga mat suitable for tall people.

How To Perform It: In order to perform this exercise, you will want to start on both your hands and knees and lift your knees off of the floor with everything shoulder width apart. You will then want to straighten out your legs and stretch everything as far as you can.

Benefits: This particular pose is great because it can help you minimize back pain due to having tight hips and hamstrings. Along with this, it will even help you build upper body strength and increase flexibility in your shoulders which can help just about anyone especially as they get older.


Tall People Can Do These Yoga Poses

There are plenty of different yoga poses that you are going to want to consider implementing into your routine. As someone that is tall, you are not necessarily going to be too limited when it comes to finding the ideal yoga poses. While some poses might be harder to implement, the increased challenge might be worth it.

If you are tall, you might want to focus on implementing poses into your routine that will not provide you with an increased challenge due to your height initially. That way, you can build up your core and back muscles along with the flexibility in your hip region prior to doing exercises that might be more difficult due to your height. Yoga is a very adaptable exercise for anyone and you won’t be limited by your height in most aspects and a lot of poses.

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