The Best Yoga Mats For Tall People Of Any Height

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The Best Yoga Mats For Tall People

If your a taller person, you’re going to want to buy your very own yoga mat. Even if you’re not tall, who wants to use the mat from the previous workout and smell someones previous sweat and feet odors left behind. Not me!

Well that’s if you go to Yoga classes. But if you’re buying one for your own personal use at home, choosing one can be quite difficult without prior experience. So if you’re height privileged, the ones listed below are what I consider to be the best yoga mats for tall people. They are extra long and fit for a 6 ft+ person. But seeing as tho all the yoga mats available are different widths, use different materials and have different thickness, I think it’s important you also consider some of the below features as well as looking for an extra long yoga mat.

How To Choose Your Yoga Mat

  • Width is important if you are a larger person.
  • Length is obviously the key component to selecting a tall persons yoga mat.
  • Thickness of the mat will depend on your spine and how you intend to use the mat. If your spine really protrudes, a thicker mat will help compensate this. A thinner more lighter mat may be a better choice if you plane to travel with it a lot as it is more compact and lighter to carry around.
  • How much grip the underside of the mat has to stick to the floor you use. Double sided yoga mats can have varying types of grip which could suit both wooden floors and carpet for example.
  • Environmentally friendly. This is a personal opinion that yoga is about being one with nature, so choosing one that is made from recycled products or can be recycled is a great idea.

The Best Extra Long Yoga Mat

The Manduka Pro

For tall thinner people, the Manduka is a great choice as it comes in at 85″ long. Which is the longest I have come across besides the behemoth of a yoga mat below. It’s a good 26″ wide which is not the widest on the market, but still a an inch or two wider than the standard.

Manduka is certainly not a new name in the Yoga world. They have been making the finest quality mats for about 20 years now. What I love about this mat in particular is that it’s non toxic and latex free. Too many products use PVC and it’s companies like Manduka that are helping bring in these changes to prevent any toxicity among the products we use.

The 6mm thick pad is in the medium – high density range which offers a very stable work (yoga) platform while still offering enough thickness that you don’t grind your joints into the floor. What’s cool about this mat is that it uses a closed cell surface protection system.

What this does is basically seals the pad from moisture being absorbed and causing the mat to deteriorate. So sweat and bacteria don’t penetrate the mat while also making it easier to wipe down after use. Which is also why Manduka offer a guaranteed for life where the mat wont peel or fade. Which I think is a pretty out there proposal, but one that favors the customer for once.

Does The Manduka Come In Other Colors & Sizes?

Absolutely. It comes in quite a selection of colors, but in regards to size. The 85″ version is what us taller people need.

Is The Mat Slippery?. When you first buy this mat, it comes off a bit slippery when you sweat. However, after a few uses the mat wears in and becomes better the more you use it. There’s also a method in which you can use salt to make less slippery if that is your preference. The closed cell outer layer is what prevents the mat from penetrating, which therefor makes it a tad slippery in the beginning. But something that will not be an issue after the first uses.

My Verdict: Probably the best yoga mat for feeling stable on. It looks heavy duty, feels heavy duty and is built to last and perform for a longtime.

The Longest Yoga Mat Is By Gorilla Mats

The Longest Yoga Mat

The longest yoga mat I have come across is 108 inches long by Gorilla Mats. This mat is not only extra long, but also extra wide. So wide you could fit 2-3 standard yoga mats on it. So if you love your space or have another person join you, then this could be the mat of your dreams.

It’s a thicker mat than the above Manduka coming in at a comfortable 8mm. Which is 2mm more than the Manduka. Which may not seem like much, but that extra 2mm makes this mat great for doing Yoga on hard floor surfaces without feeling pressure on your joints.

As for non slip, it’s certainly up there with the best. The mat is double sided. The top surface is a sticky non slip textured surface so you don’t loose your balance and slip. While the underneath is a circle pattern that grips to the hard surfaces like hardwood floors and even concrete when working in the garage. But best of all, the yoga mat is non toxic and uses eco friendly materials.

The last main benefit to this yoga mat is that is has included straps. So rolling it up and putting it in storage is easy. No more messy unfolding mats popping out of the cupboard. The mat also comes with a microfiber towel for wiping down the mat between sessions.

My Only Gripe

While it’s certainly extra long and very spacious, the 8mm thickness is not as dense as you may think. Yes its well padded and soft, but just not as dense as the above Manduka. By this I mean, if you stand in one spot then step away, the footprints take time to fade away. This is because the mat isn’t as dense. Other than that, its a fine replacement yoga mat for tall persons while also can be used as a high impact exercise mat.

Gorilla Mat 108" Long Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat For The Big And Tall

Yoga Mat For The Big And Tall

It’s hard to top the above Gorilla Mat in terms of length and width. But for some people, it may be too big. Which can be the case. However if you are big in size while also a tall person, a extra wide and long yoga mat is recommended.

Which leads us into this next yoga mat by Yoga Accessories. It’s a rather long yoga mat coming in at 84″ long. But where it is more applicable for bigger people is in its width. This yoga mat is an impressive 36″ wide. So 7 foot x 3 foot. Which gives the larger bodies extra space to perform the moves they desire and not have to get frustrated when they end up off the mat.

Whats special about this yoga mat (besides being oversized) is how dense it is. While the above 8mm mat wasn’t the most dense mat in the world, this 6mm (6.2mm to be precise) is thinner, yet more dense. Has a firmness to it that is expected on more heavier mats that are twice the thickness. This is a great thing because its not so heavy and bulky to carry around. While also offering comfort and stability as you perform your moves.

This amount of density is made possible due to the mats unique combination of open and dry cell foam that is used. The open cell allows breath ability and the tight compactness of the cells, while the closed cells mean it won’t absorb sweat and bacteria causing the foam to break down. Cleaning the mat is as simple as wiping it down with water and unscented soap (to avoid chemicals). Ensuring you keep your mat clean, it should last you a very long time.

84" x 36" Dense Yoga Mat

Most Comfortable Yoga Mat For People 7 Foot Tall

Most Comfortable Yoga Mat For People 7 Foot Tall

When you think of memory foam, you don’t really think of yoga mats. Most likely you would think of pillows, shoe inserts and mattress toppers. However, the PogaMat is here to change that. It’s the first yoga mat that utilizes memory foam into its construction that I had ever used. Let me say, it was magical.

So the dimensions for this yoga mat are 84″ in length by 27″ wide. So fairly spacious compared to a regular size mat. The thickness is a nice 7mm which comprises of memory foam as just mentioned.

So whats so great about memory foam?. Well like any product made from it, you get a new level of comfort. So if you have bad feet like I do, everything is memory foam. What it does is contours to the shape of your feet, hands, body etc. So rather than just placing your hands on top of a mat, imagine placing your hands on to a supportive cloud. The memory foam contours to your hand and provides support while offering amazing comfort. The only drawback to memory foam is that it doesn’t distribute heat that well. So it can become quite warm over time.

In terms of grip, it’s certainly a great design. A two layer design with the top being a non slip textured surface while the bottom is a honeycomb type of pattern for maximum grip on hard surfaces.

Does The PogaMat Peel Up?

One of the more annoying things that happens when you buy a new yoga mat is that they can peel up when unrolled. Nobody wants this. PogaMat guarantees that their mats will always stay flat and not peel up on you. Provided you unroll the mat and leave it flat for a couple days. Don’t just use it for the first time and then re-roll it back up into the carry straps.

As a cool extra, PogaMat throws in a stretching mat so you don’t have to stretch on your yoga mat if you don’t choose to. Which is a pretty nice addition considering the rather affordable price for this yoga mat. When you consider that it is an extra long yoga mat for tall people, comprises memory foam and comes with a stretching mat. I find it one of the best value for money yoga pads on the market.

PogaMat 84" Memory Foam Yoga Mat

See The PogaMat Review

Time For Some Poses

Now that you have a suitable size yoga mat, it’s time to get to action. Being taller does make some of the yoga poses more difficult and impossible for some people. To help you get going in the right direction, here you can find the best yoga poses for taller people which are easy to do and don’t require you to be short.

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