Workout Pants For Tall Men [Long Gym Pants 38″ Inseam]

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Workout Pants For Tall MenWhen it comes to buying workout pants for tall men, the reality is you’re in for a long search. While anyone can throw on some shorts and claim them to be your workout pants, the reality is even shorts are too short for a tall man.

That’s not to mention that many of us taller people prefer to wear long pants anyway. But as you have landed on this page, you already know how difficult it can be to find good fitting workout pants as a tall person.

Unless you don’t mind wearing regular workout pants that are more like 3/4 pants, chances are you’re just as fed up as the rest of the tall community. Finding the right size gym pants as a taller person is just like buying exercise equipment for tall people, the individual’s measurements are critical.

Compare Tall Men’s Gym Workout Pants By Size

Sizes Price
Up To 4XL (Tall) Check Price Amazon
Up To 5XL (Tall - 34" Inseam) Check Price Amazon
Up To 3XL - 38" Inseam Check Price Amazon
4XL Up To 36: Inseam Check Price Amazon
XXL 34"Inseam Check Price Amazon


Measure Your Inseam!

There’s no more important measurement to consider when buying workout pants than the inseam measurement. This measurement will help you determine almost instantly whether or not the pants will be long enough to suit the length of your torso.

So with that said, I have listed a bunch of extra-long workout pants with long inseams found on amazon. However, there’s still a good chance that these pants may not be long enough for the really tall guys out there, so a specialty tall person store is probably going to be your best bet.

Gym Pants For Tall Men

Gym Pants For Tall Men
Most of the time when we go to buy pants we don’t put a lot of thought into it, it’s just the way we do things. If you’re tall however it’s not so simple. You have a lot more requirements that most people don’t have, such as a longer inseam.

This is something that Russell Athletic understands, which is why they made these gym pants available for tall people. Just be sure to select the size followed by “Tall” to get the extended length version.

These pants are made from 100% polyester so they have a nice silk-like feeling to them that makes them really comfortable to wear. With their stylish design, they’re the type of pants that you could get away with wearing for different occasions and not just at the gym in my opinion.

Drawstring Pants

One thing that I really like about these pants is the elastic waistband and drawstring that they come with. This is great for when you’re a little on the heavy side and need that extra stretch, and get’s even better when you lose weight you’re able to just tighten them with the string, saving you money.

There is no complicated washing system needed for these pants which is something I think most of us will like. Simply wash them in warm water and when they’re done, you also have the option to throw them in the dryer which is great for when you remember at the last minute that you need them!

Russell Athletic Men's Big and Tall Dri-Power Pant


Sweatpants For Big and Tall Men

Sweatpants For Big and Tall Men
Big and tall men out there know the difficulty of finding clothes that fit their size and really appreciate when a company actually makes something specifically for them. With a name like KingSize, it should come as no surprise that these pants have been designed for tall men who have some extra weight on them.

KingSize offers a wide range of sizes with some of them being designed to handle people who have a waist of 80″ so there is a good chance there is a pair that will suit your size. This is something that I really like as it’s hard enough to be a bigger person without having to add the problem of finding clothes into it.

While there certainly are pants out there that have a longer inseam on them but I find the 34″ inseam to work for a good number of taller people. If you’re over 6’2″ you should order from their tall range which will give this longer inseam measurement.

One thing that every pair of pants we own must be, is comfortable, in my opinion. KingSize has achieved this by making these sweatpants out of 100% cotton which is an extremely breathable fabric. This will help keep you cooler when it starts to get warmer.

KingSize Men's Big & Tall Striped Sweatpants


38″ Inseam Activewear Pants Tall & Slim

38" Inseam Activewear Pants Tall
Do you want pants that can be used for more than one occasion? Then you might be in luck with these stylish activewear pants from SCR Sportswear. They have nailed the design with these pants that you would be able to pull off at a more formal function in my opinion.

While the style of these pants is undeniable, it’s far from their best feature in my opinion. Something that you will always see in pants for tall guys is a 34″ inseam which there is nothing wrong with that. Byt SCR Sportswear knows there are taller people out there which is why they have a 36″ and 38″ inseam option for the truly tall men out there.

Pockets are an important thing for practically everyone person on the planet in my opinion. This is why I like that these pants have a total of 3 pockets and all of them are zippered so you don’t have to worry about things falling out of them during your everyday errands.

One thing that I really like about these pants is that they’re really comfortable to wear, which makes it difficult to want to take them off. So owning multiple pairs is something a lot of people find themselves doing and has been made easier by these pants coming in 20 different colors.

SCR Men's Workout Activewear Pants


Workout Pants For Tall Men

Workout Pants For Tall Men
If you’re in the market for a pair of pants that need to be more rugged than your standard pair of workout pants, then Columbia has a great option for you! This excellent pair of Rebel Roamers have been designed to be more rugged and make great traveling companions that can handle the tough jobs.

Being made of 100% Nylon is a big part of the reason that these pants are so tough. It’s not only a tough fabric tho, but its also a comfortable fabric which is important when you know you will be walking for long periods of time.

Protection From The Elements

This is something that I consider to be these pants’ biggest and best advantage over most other pairs on the market. They have excellent protection from the elements thanks to the technology that went into designing these pants making them waterproof, which is one of the reasons they’re great when your trekking.

They also have this really useful velcro strap around the ankles of these pants that allows you to tighten or loosen them as much as you would prefer. This gives them an advantage when it comes to cold winds as you can make them tighter so it can help keep the cold winds out.

Columbia Rebel Roamer Pant


Running Pants For Tall Men 34″Inseam

Running Pants For Tall Men
If you have any interest in sports or working out then there is a very high chance you have heard of ASICS since they have been one of the market leaders in the sporting industry for a long time. This is something that really shows in this amazing pair of running pants for tall men.

When you get your hands on these pants you can tell they have been made to a high standard. The stitching itself is to a very high standard which is something that most people won’t notice, which tells me that these pants have been designed for more professional use.

The combination of 88% polyester and 12% lycra (spandex) works really well with these pants but it does leave them a little on the thin side. So if you live in a cold area, wearing something like long underwear would help with keeping you warmer on your runs.

For Those Who Want To Take Running More Seriously

This is the thing that really stands out about these pants which is that they are for people who to start taking running more seriously. They have been more designed for people who are already on the thinner side which is something you can tell from the shape of the pants in my opinion.

ASICS Men's Essentials Pant


Simple Guide To Buying Workout Pants Online

I know, I know, we are males and we just go and rush in and buy clothes without really putting any real thought into it! Do they fit? are they comfortable? Yes! Good enough! This is the way most of us shop and I wouldn’t tell you to stop being you but there are things that we don’t consider that will end up costing us more in the long run!

The thought of paying more is something that I find to be the one thing that stops us in our tracks and makes us listen. Since who wants to spend more money than they have to? I know I certainly don’t which is why I’ve put this simple buyer’s guide together.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Pair Of Workout Pants

Being a tall person does limit our choices when it comes to pants so I understand that you can’t always find the perfect thing. So the first thing that is more important than anything else is will they actually fit your inseam and waist so you should measure this before starting in my opinion.

Now you know your measurements you need to know what type of material and workouts you will be doing. These two questions are very close together and both affect each other so this is the important next step.

What Are You Doing And Which Material To Choose

There are many different kinds of exercise that can range from boxing to something as simple as walking the dog. Both count as exercise but obviously one is more extreme and is going to need something a little more specific.

If your exercise is going to something simple like going on a walk with the dog than what you choose won’t really matter too much. If you’re heavier person cotton might be an issue since it does hold a lot of moisture which can be an issue around the groin area for you, so going with a polyester could help.

With cotton being so good at holding moisture it’s hard to recommend it for people who will be working out in a more intense style. With it holding the extra moisture will come a few issues that I don’t think most people will like, which is smell and weight. This doesn’t mean cotton is bad it’s just better suited to light exercise.

Polyester Is A Good Choice

You might have noticed just how much of the pants on this list have been made out of polyester. There are a number of reasons for this with one being that it is cheaper to make and two, it doesn’t hold as much moisture.

It’s this second part that a lot of people pay attention to since it’s a very important factor when you will be sweating so much. The reduction in weight is something that professionals really like and why there is a big shift from cotton.

How Important Are Pockets?

This is more of a personal question in my opinion since your workout will be different from someone else. I can’t argue having zippered pockets is useful in keeping things safe and protected, but having keys and phones in your pockets when working out can be difficult. So it will come down to your type of workout and how much it will bother you.



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