Lab Coats For Tall People

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Being a tall person comes with many challenges but trying to find the simplest items such as Lab Coats for tall people is certainly up there on the list. Finding a lab coat that will fit your height is hard enough let alone one that will actually fit well and protect you.

This is why it’s important to do research beforehand since if you don’t get a lab coat that fits properly there is a good chance it won’t protect you well enough. So doing this research is key and one of the things that I have spent countless hours doing to find extra long lab coats suitable for a tall person.

There are a number of things that a lab coat needs to have just to keep you safe when dealing with possible hazardous materials. This does mean that you may need multiple lab coats depending on your situation, one that’s fire-resistant or one that is a simple poly-cotton blend for your day to day operations.

Making sure the lab coat has tight cuffs that are either elastic or knitted, made from the right materials, and fit well are the best ways to keep you safe.

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43″ Long Lab Coat For Tall Men

43" Long Lab Coat For Tall Men

This unisex lab coat by Dr. James is excellent in helping you feel comfortable as well as feeling protected. It’s an excellent design that is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton which makes it great for your everyday use lab coat and on that you will feel comfortable in.

One thing that you can never have too many of is pockets. They’re always useful to help store things and keep your hands free, so I really like how this lab coat has 2 hip pockets and a chest pocket.

The 5 buttons on the front of this lab coat are quick releasing and are simple to do up. Making you able to get into and out of this lab coat very quickly, which just might be the difference between a close call and a serious accident.

Useful Features For A Better Fit

There are certain features that a lab coat requires for it to be considered a proper fit in my opinion. One of the most important ones is the cuffs. I find this lab coat by Dr. James has made the right decision in making them knitted cuffs. This will stop them from falling down when moving your arms around keeping you safer.

They have improved upon this further with a close-fitting collar and a back belt. Both of these are useful since they help keep the lab coat closer to your body so they don’t get in the way as much. With a 43 inch length, they are the ideal choice for tall people.

Dr. James Unisex Lab Coat


Up To 45″ Long Medical Lab Coat

Up To 45" Long Medical Lab Coat

There is a lot to like about this lab coat made by Medvat from its quality stitching to its simple yet effective design. Being such a simple design allows for this lab coat to excel at getting the basics right without it overcomplicating the design so that it becomes unsafe to wear.

Convenient Design

This extra-long 45″ lab coat does have 3 pockets which are useful for storing many different things. But it’s where the side slits sit on this lab coat that I like since it still gives you access to your pant pockets as well. Giving you even more pockets to access is extremely convenient in my opinion.

Stay Cooler For Longer

One thing that can be an issue for some lab coats is that they can get very hot when you’re wearing them for long periods of time. That’s not the case with this lab coat since it’s made out of a lightweight fabric that does breathe really well.

This does mean that this lab coat might not offer you the most protection from hazardous elements. So you might want to check out one of the other lab coats on this list if that is what you need. But it doesn’t stop this coat from being great in other situations where you don’t need as much protection.

Medvat Lab Coat


Plus Size Lab Coats For Tall Women

41″ Length

Plus Size Lab Coats For Tall Women

Natural Uniforms have designed this lab coat with ladies in mind which is nice for a change of pace. This does make it a good option for someone who doesn’t want a unisex lab coat and something that is going to fit there body better since it was designed for women.

Being made out of a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton does give this lab coat a good amount of comfort and protection. It’s a good option for those who need something on a day to day bases where they need to be comfortable and protected.

For those who require pockets than this lab coat is a good option thanks to it having 3 different pockets.

Excellent Buttons

The buttons on this lab coat really stand out compared to a lot of other lab coats on the market. The 4 front buttons are easy to do up and undo when combined with the button belt on the back. This allows you to adjust it to make it fit a lot better which is a great advantage. Being 41 inches in length, most plus size tall women will be able to find a suitable size lab coat.

Natural Uniforms Womens 41 Inch Lab Coat


Full Length 45″ Tall Lab Coat

Landau has made a name for themselves when it comes to making quality lab coats and this Professional Full-Length Medical Men’s Lab Coat is no different. If you’re in the Medical industry then it’s hard to go past this lab coat as it has been designed with you in mind.

If you’re not in the Medical industry you still might not want to pass this lab coat up. It’s made out of 100% cotton which makes it breathe extremely well so you won’t be sweat all day in it making it extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Neckline Done Right

This is one of the big standout features of this lab coat in my opinion. They went with a simple Notch Collar Lapel with a 5 cloth knot button closure system which makes this comfortable to wear. You may have noticed that comfort keeps popping up, this is for good reason as Landau has designed this with excellent comfort in mind.

While it’s not the biggest advantage it’s more useful then you might think which is the 5 cloth knot buttons. This allows you to bleach this lab coat without having to worry about it getting damaged. While not the biggest thing it’s something that is useful if you’ll be wearing it somewhere that can get messy.

Landau Men's Professional Full Length


Big & Tall Lab Coat

Up To 44.5″ Long

Big & Tall Lab Coat

Something that I really like about this lab coat is that Feiyy has kept safety in mind when they were designing it. So if you need that extra bit of safety when you’re wearing a lab coat then this just might be a great option for you in my opinion.

There are certain things that not all lab coats do that in my opinion, they really should be. This is the cuffs of the lab coat itself which is often left to be free-flowing to allow you to breathe in it much easier. This isn’t always the safest option which is why I like how Feiyy went with an elastic for there cuffs making them much safer.

They have backed this up with giving this lab coat a lot of the standard industry features. Such as having 3 pockets to store items and is made out of a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

Scrubs For Tall People

One thing I do need to say is that this lab coat is really comfortable considering that elastic cuffs are usually uncomfortable. This is something that really stood out since you rarely find a lab coat that has these style cuffs and is comfortable.

Medical Lab Coat White Full Length Scrubs


45″ Extra Long Welders Lab Coat

Extra Long Welders Lab Coat

When you need something durable that offers a lot of protection then this welding coat by Lincoln Electric is one of the market leaders in my opinion. There is a lot to like about this welding coat that makes it worth your time considering if you’re in the market for a new coat.

High Grade Of Protection

This is one of the best features of this coat in my opinion, is the level of protection it offers you. It’s made out of a premium flame retardant fabric which helps with preventing fires keeping you safer while wearing this coat.

Lincoln Electric went one step further with this by adding Anti-mildew and a coating of anti-static on it as well. This gives this coat a lot more durability and an overall longer long span that adds tremendous value to this coat in my opinion.

To increase this protection the cuffs are adjustable thanks to the metal snaps meaning you can make it fit closer to your body. The collar around the neckline is able to be turned up to help with protecting your neck from arc rays or something like sparks.

High Level Of Comfort

Something that you might not expect with this welding coat is that it has a higher level of comfort then you might think. This is because of the lightweight material it’s made of that allows it to breathe really well. This makes those times where you need to wear it for long periods far more comfortable.

45"L Premium Flame Resistant Welders Coat


What Size Lab Coat Does A Tall Person Need?

This is one of the tougher questions to find an answer to since we all have different body shapes especially when it comes to taller people. You might be taller because you have longer legs or you might have a longer torso and shorter legs. From this simple example, you can already start to see where the difficulty lies.

The only way to guarantee if something will fit your size is if you get something tailor-made. Which is something that not everyone can afford to do since it’s an expensive process? So what can you do as a tall person? Thankfully there are a few things you can do to find the right size for your needs.

Take Your Measurements!

Learning what your measurements are is one of the most important things you need to do before you go purchasing a lab coat. Depending on if you’re a male or female you will need to measure different things which is an important step.

For Males

If you’re a male then you will need to take 4 different measurements. Which are your neck, chest, waist, and hips which will help you in finding what size coat you will need when you start reading sizing charts.

For Woman

Thankfully, a woman doesn’t have to measure as much with you only needing to measure bust, waist, and hips. One thing to remember is that for your waist measurement is that it can’t be done over clothes to get a more accurate reading.

Something To Consider

One thing that I probably don’t need to say since you most likely already know is that most sizing charts are done for people of average height. So in most cases, you will most likely need to order the largest size they have since it will most likely be the closest fit for you.


Why Wear A Lab Coat At All?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should wear a lab coat and if you’re in an environment where you should be wearing one, you should! The reasons for this are quite simple which I expect most people to know but for those who don’t, I will go over why you should.

Safety With Fabric

In my opinion, this is hands down the reason why you should be wearing a lab coat as they will help protect you from danger. You will notice most lab coats are made out of a blend of polyester and cotton. This is because both of these materials will protect you from certain dangers.

Cotton will offer a small form of fire protection and polyester will give your lab coat chemical resistance. From these two factors alone you can start to get a bit of an understanding of why lab coats are important.

Safer Work Spaces, Safer At Home

Lab coats also help with cross-contamination if you do leave them inside the lab. This will keep the contamination to just inside the lab and not bringing it home with you which is something no one wants. It also helps keep your clothes underneath protected so they don’t get anything on them.

You might have noticed that a lot of lab coats have quick release buttons and might not know the reason why. This is so you can get out of them quickly in an emergency where you don’t want to have to be worrying about trying to get buttons undone.

Looks More Professional

Safety is always going to be one of the best reasons why you should wear a lab coat but there is another reason that is important. By wearing a lab coat it does give your area a look of professionalism which is something that any business or laboratory should want.

Lab Coat Limitations

While I will always be someone who thinks if you’re in an area where you need a lab coat then you should be wearing one. But there are times and certain limitations that do restrict them and make them not the best choice for your safety.

A lab coat should never be used to replace a more important piece of protection which is something too many people do. If you’re dealing with something that’s corrosive then you should have something more then just a lab coat like vinyl or rubber apron to protect you.

Key Limitations To Lab Coats

As good as a lab coat is, it’s not designed to replace something like a chemical protection suit. They don’t have the capabilities to protect you from handling major chemical handling emergencies where you should be wearing a suit to protect you instead.

Chemicals are always going to be dangerous and a lot of the times a lab coat just won’t be enough to handle the situation. If you’re going into one of these situations I would recommend finding out beforehand what kind of protection you’re going to need first.

While a lot of lab coats are fire resistant it’s only protection from something like an open flame which is how they test them. So they offer protection from something like a flash fire or an arc flash, but not from a chemical fire. Whether you’re a tall person or not, a lab coat is something that is not optional.

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