Womens Tall Ski Pants & Snowboarding Pants

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Womens Tall Ski Pants

If you live in a remote area it can be quite difficult finding Womens tall ski pants and snowboarding pants. It’s almost like these stores haven’t seen a tall female skier before. It can be an endless battle trying on pant after pant trying to find one that actually goes all the way up to your waist and fits properly.

Even in the big cities, finding ski pants for tall Women is not easy. This is when the internet is your best friend. The options are greater online and you can get measurements before you buy and compare them on your own measurements.

Extra Long Inseam Women Ski Pants

While we all come in different shapes and sizes, the inseam measurement is one that you should always pay attention to. The long inseam womens ski pants that you can find below are chosen based on the average inseam length for a Women that is 5’10”.

On average a 5’10” women will require ski or snow pants with an inseam measurement of no less than 32 inches. For many women it will be a minimum of 34 inches. The length of your legs are what matters here and some tall women have longer legs than a women of the same height. This is why you inseam measurement is so important.

With the average height of a Woman in America being 5’4″ tall, you can quickly see that ski pants with an inseam of 32″ is going to be too long for the average woman. For women of average height, the inseam measurement will be 30″ and less. How tall is tall for a women?.

The general consensus is that a tall women is usually over 5’8″. Which tells you that the bare minimum inseam measurement you need is 32 inches. The taller you are, the longer the inseam measurement needs to be. The taller you are, the longer skis you need as well.

Measuring Your InseamExtra Long Inseam Women Ski Pants

If this is the first time hearing of an inseam measurement, don’t worry. It’s a simple measurement that will take you seconds. The inseam measurement is from the groin down to the ankle. This measurement is used for a variety of guidelines such as ski pants and also for exercise equipment.

For skiing and snowboarding the measurement can be slightly less. For example if you wear a pair of pants with an inseam of 32 inches over your jogging shoes it may be too short. But over your ski boot it might be the perfect fit as the ski boot comes up your ankle more than a regular pair of jogging shoes. So a slightly less inseam ski pant measurement is not uncommon for taller people.

Where To Buy Ski Pants/Snowboard Pants For Tall People

Now that you have your inseam measurement and I assume you have your waist/hip measurements, it’s time to look at the options to buy extra long ski pants.

Below you can find the results of my research from the 100’s of womens ski pants available on amazon and various other online stores. Each ski pant has been picked based on the length of the inseam. While also considering manufacturers statements and previous customer reviews. This way you can quickly find some ski pants which actually disclose the inseam measurement and not have to go through 100’s of pants like I’ve just done. So I hope this helps.

The Best Ski Pants For Tall Women

The Best Ski Pants For Tall Women

The Burtons Womens ski pants are available in 3 colors and a ‘tall’ version. The tall version of these pants have an inseam length of 35 inches. So regardless of your body size, the 35″ inseam will cater to your tall person needs.

These are a good choice for tall women as they are waterproof and have built in heat retention systems to combat the cold. While also keeping you nice and snug the pants have stretch to them for twisting and bending as you glide down the slopes.

When the going does get tough and you start to overheat, the Burtons ski pants have a thigh vent to release temperature. The cuffs have anti-scuff protection for constant wear and the occasionally crash. While the bottoms have a snow proof gaitor that is extendable to fit over your boot. This is essential for keeping the cold snow out of the boot and going up your leg.

Sizes range from extra small to extra large and come in 3 colors to choose from. Available on Amazon.


Up To 34.5″ Inseam Ski Pants For Women

34.5" Inseam Ski Pants For Women

Obermeyerare a popular manufacturer of ski pants that hail from none other than Aspen Colorado. For over 70 years now Obermeyerare have been designing and manufactuing waterproof ski pants that are not only stylish, but very functional as well.

This simple looking black ski pant known as the ‘Sugarbush’ has an inseam of 34.5″. This is the ‘Long’ ski pant version and measurements can be easily found on their website.

The sizes for these ski pants range from size 2 up to size 22. When choosing a size be sure to select the size with the ‘Long’ version. This will ensure you get the 34.5 inch inseam pants and not the regular size.

The Sugarbush pants come with all the features you expect from a premium brand such as Obermeyerare. These include waterproof features, YKK zippers and 60gram high loft insulation for warmth. As well as articulated knees which means the pants will mimic the actual normal bend in a leg for a more custom fit.

The seams of the pants have also been critical seam sealed. Which basically prevents moisture and water from seeping in through the tiny holes of the stitching. Similar to how a tent has it’s seams sealed to prevent rain seeping in the stitching. The waterproof rating is 10k which is fairly decent. The higher the number the better they perform against moisture. The minimal rating is 3k if you plan to use in the wet so 10k is on par for entry point on the slopes in my opinion.

Obermeyer Women's Sugarbush Ski Pant


32-34″ Arctix Womens Insulated Snowboarding Pants

34 inch inseam snowboard pants

For ski and snowboarding pants that run long, the Arctix insulated snow pants are a popular choice among tall women. According to the size chart image displayed on amazon, the ‘Tall’ ski pants have a inseam of 32″ for size small and go up to a 34 inch inseam for extra large. So depending on what size you buy will determine the inseam measurement.

The Arctix snow pants are a more affordable option, so the layers can be a bit thinner. But for the price the 85gram Thermatech insulation does a pretty good job. But because they are less bulky it does give you the freedom of enhanced movement. Being lightweight, flexible and stretchy is the ideal set up for many skiers.

The dobby shell waterproof rating is only 3K which may be a turn off for some serious skiers. But for the average skier this is fine if you ask me. They are built for day to day activities, just not intended for swimming in the ocean with. However, they will survive a good snow session and handle some serious winds.

The gaitors on the Arctix are boot grippers and even still many people around 5’7″ consider the pants too long. So if you have long legs, this a good affordable option. The ankles and seams have been reinforced and the pants include hem and scuff guards for greater protection on the slopes.

Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pant


32-34″ Inseam Spyder Pants

It wouldn’t be a winter list if it didn’t include one of the most well known brands in the winter sports arena, Spyder. This brand name has been around for 30 years and ever since 1990 Spyder have been the official supplier to the US ski team. Since them days Spyder have gone through some changes which start with providing ski pants for tall women.

Like many ski pant suppliers, the Spyder comes in various shapes and sizes. This is the Athletic Fit which I prefer over the Tailored fit which can be described as too snug. The Athletic Fit is also better for getting over the ski boot.

The shell of the Athletic fit Spyder is both waterproof and insulated. It’s a nice fit over the top of ski clothes because of the inner layer of nylon taffeta. While inside the pants you can pull on the velcro tabs to adjust the waistband which is a nice convenience.

In terms of features, the Winner Athletic Fit doesn’t shine. It has a front zippered pocket for keeping your ski pass in but other than that it’s pants designed for comfort and the cold. So you’re not weighed down by some bulky pair with all the bells and whistles.

Do These Ski Pants Keep You Warm?

With the 60gram insulation you can get down to some pretty cold temperatures. Freezing no, but cold yes. For the average skier on a average ski temperature day, these will be fine to wear on the slopes. But if it’s a warm day, you can get quite warm. So keep the under layers to a minimal on these days.

Overall the Spyder Athletic Fit Winner pants are a good day to day ski pant. They don’t have all the bells and whistles, but they do offer a relaxed fit with comfort and protection from the cold. Available in some cool funky colors and designs.

Spyder Athletic Fit Winner Ski Pants


More Long & Tall Ski Pants For Women

If the above 4 styles of ski pants for women don’t take your fancy, check out the 4 below. These are four more options that were discovered after scouring through over 100 ski and snowboard pants with extra long inseams.

Be sure to read the reviews to determine the size fit and whether you should buy one size up or down. Feel free to also leave a comment below of any other ski pants for taller ladies that you may know of. It will greatly help the tall skiing community out.


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