Best Yoga Pants For Tall Women 34″ – 37″ Inseam

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Best Yoga Pants For Tall WomenYoga pants are extremely versatile, not to mention comfortable. But for a tall lady it can be quite difficult finding them with extra long inseams. Regular length pants just won’t do. Unless you want your pants creeping up your ankles as you perform tall yoga poses. Even if you’re not tall it’s not a good feeling. Which is why I have come up with this list of the best yoga pants for tall women.

Below you will be able to find yoga pants with 34 inch inseams up to 37 inch inseams. Most Women won’t be over 6 foot tall and will need between 32″ and 35″ inseam length. However, these pants can come in multiple lengths which include the 37 inch inseam for very tall women.

Just like when ordering workout pants for tall women, you will need to do more investigating then just selecting a size and hitting the buy now button. Buying clothing online can be a bit of a hit or miss scenario. While you think a 35″ inseam would be perfect, there’s a good chance the pants can shrink a bit. This is where reading actual consumer reviews will help you out. In this case, a 37 inch inseam yoga pants may have proved more beneficial.

So with that in mind I have selected only the extra long yoga pants which have been successful worn by tall women. These pants will have reviews and an appropriate link to find the reviews. This way you won’t have to find out the hard way like many others before you. Once you have chosen your pants, be sure to check out the extra long yoga mats.


Best Yoga Pants For Very Tall Women Over 6 Foot

Best Yoga Pants For Very Tall Women
If you’re over 6 foot tall and struggling to find a decent fitting yet comfortable set of yoga pants, you have to check out these bootcut long yoga pants by YogiPace.

Suitable for Women of any size from 5″ up to 6’2″ tall. The sizes however don’t come in your typical size 10 etc. So you will have to get out the measuring tape and measure your waist and hip. Sizes range from XS up to XXL. All with the inseam length of your desire from 27″ up to 37″ inseam.

Type Of Material Used

YogiPace have just the right blend for coverage and durability with these yoga pants. They are not your typical 50% cotton which wears down after a few months. These pants are a thicker material comprised of 87% nylon and 13% spandex. No cotton at all.

Due to the make up of the fabrics, the pants are moisture wicking, so sweat will run off the pants instead of creating unwanted sweat patches like cotton based pants do.

They are a little thicker than your regular cotton pants as well. Not so thick that they make movement difficult, but thick enough that they pass the bending over test. Just the right thickness so they are not see through when you bend down.

Overall Opinion

For the quality you get from these bootcut YogiPace pants, I would have expected to pay a lot more for them. However, I find them to be very well priced. How much exactly?. You can get the latest prices on amazon here.

I like the fact the waist band is not a fold over design because I find the waistband becomes flimsy and loose over time. So if you use yoga pants for a long time, you don’t want to be pulling your pants up every 5 minutes. Inside the waistline is a hidden pocket as well. Big enough to keep your cards or keys in while getting around town.

The only gripe I have is the positioning of the tag. It’s dead center on the backside. So it can be annoying. But cutting it off is a simple fix. Other than that you really can’t go wrong when you consider the quality and the price of the boot cut YogiPace pants.

*Available in blue or black.

YogiPace Long Yoga Pants Up To 37" Inseam


Yoga Leggings Pants 35″ Inseam

Yoga Leggings Pants 35" Inseam
If the bootcut design is not for you and you prefer the tighter fitting leggings style, these KindFolk yoga pants may be the solution. Designed specifically for women over 5’10, all sizes have a 35″ inseam. The sizes range from small to extra large.

The color design is quite striking and make excellent workout pants for tall women. While you could get away with wearing these for other occasions like a visit to the shops or visiting a friend, I find them better suited to be used as yoga/workout pants only.

Materials Used

Similar to the above YogiPace, the KindFolk yoga pants contain no cotton. They are a moisture wicking material made up of 86% nylon and 14% spandex. But because they are leggings compared to the bootcut of the YogiPace, you get the compression effect.

The compression effect of these tight fitting pants can be beneficial for blood circulation. Blood circulation is needed for a variety of reasons, including medical conditions. But in terms of working out an yoga, having pants that enhance blood circulation is good for muscle recovery.

The pants put extra pressure on the muscles. When muscles are tight and sore, the applied pressure allows blood to flow to these areas. With the blood flow comes oxygen and self healing nutrients which can increase recovery time. So you not only get comfortable fitting yoga pants, but you also get the benefit of blood circulation.

Tall Ladies Rejoice

After reading a few reviews on the KindFolk long legging yoga pants it’s quite obvious these were 100% designed for tall women. Women over 6 foot tall are rejoicing that these pants don’t pull up 3 inches too short like regular yoga pants. Some even have a build up at the ankles and have never experienced this feeling before. So if you’re over 5’10”, these yoga pants are certainly worth a shot.

*Available in 3 color styles. Black, black and white, Neon blue.

KindFolk 35" Inseam Leggings Yoga Pants


34 Inch Inseam Yoga Pants

34 Inch Inseam Yoga Pants
These 34 inch inseam yoga pants are intended for women 5’5″ and taller. Made by YogiPace they offer a mix of fabrics to cater to your needs. If you want yoga pants for cooler conditions the Charcoal high rise waist pants have a blend of 50% cotton, 36% polyester and 14% spandex. The cotton keeps your warmer while the polyester and spandex allow for moisture wicking and stretching.

The solid blue or black color pants have a mixture of 87% nylon and 13% spandex. These would be a better choice for warmer months as they won’t be as hot as there’s no cotton and they also won’t retain sweat.

These yoga pants by YogiPace are 4 way stretch which means they can stretch both horizontally and vertically. Which basically means they are very stretchy and will suit most body shapes over 5’5″.

Of this list so far, these pants are the only ones which contain a back pocket. Which makes them super handy for other things besides yoga. Great for out and about pants as the pocket is even big enough to fit a smart phone.

The pocket doesn’t have a zipper. Which if you ask me is a good thing. Some people may prefer a zipper for non yoga reasons such as keeping keys and money safe in the pocket. But for yoga, having a zipper is a thing you should avoid. Especially on back routines. The zipper can dig into your body and cause discomfort.

Whats awesome about these yoga pants is that they are not binding. When you’re use to shorter inseam pants, the material often runs up your calves during a workout. Because these are a long fit you can even have then tucked under your heel.

But when you’re walking or running, the pants don’t move. They stay in position while maintaining comfort. The high or medium waistband completes the pants and really helps to keep everything in shape. They are also thick enough, yet not too hot, that you can bend over without the risk of them being see through. Overall a great buy and at a great price.

YogiPace 34" Inseam Yoga Pants Mid/High Waist


Need More Extra Long Yong Pants?

While the above 3 tall Womens yoga pants are very popular among the tall population, they may simply not be your preference. But being a tall person means choices are limited and with limitation comes a lack of vibrant colors and designs.

However, I have sourced out 4 more yoga pants with inseams of 34″ or greater on amazon. These can be found below. I hope these options have been helpful and you end up with the yoga pants you’ve been dreaming about.


How To Choose The Perfect Yoga Pants

While we have discussed choosing yoga pants with long inseams to match your tall height, there’s other factors to consider as well. Since yoga is spiritual practice the last thing you want to be doing is feeling uncomfortable in your pose due to the pants. Once you forget the pants are there, from the overwhelming comfort they provide, you can feel more centered and relaxed. Creating a better yoga experience.

But buying a comfortable fitting pair of yoga pants is not easy, especially as a tall person. There are multiple types of pants you can use for yoga ranging from loose fitting to leggings. Choosing the style of pants will be determined by your preference. No one can say Capri pants are the best because you may prefer the loose fitting pants. It’s a personal decision.


Yoga Pant Fabric – Whats The Best?

Ultimately you want yoga pants with stretchy materials. These can be either 2 or 4 way stretch materials. Preferably 4 way stretch as it allows the fabric to stretch in any direction whereas 2 way is basically one way stretching.

Choosing the fabric of your yoga pants is also an important consideration. You will find you will have hot weather and cold weather yoga pants based on the fabrics they are made out of. For example Cotton based pants are a awesome choice when it’s not too hot. Cotton is very soft, but absorbs sweat. So in really hot classes, you don’t want your pants to absorb sweat marks. Instead you want the moisture to wick away.

During the hotter months you really only want yoga pants with moisture wicking features. This will repel the sweat instead of absorbing it. Polyester blends are good fabrics to look for when you plan to do yoga in Summer.

What To Avoid When Buying Yoga PantsHow To Choose Yoga Pants

Yoga pants come in 3 different waist measurements. Low, Mid and High waist. This again is a personal choice, but for the most part mid and low waist yoga pants are better suited to compliment the curves whereas the high is a good choice for taller petite women as the waistband is not too far from the belly button. So knowing this will help you decide which type of waist to avoid.

Other things you should avoid are yoga pants with zippers. Zippers can create a fair amount of discomfort and even pinch your skin in certain poses. This also goes for wearing a belt, especially with steel clips as they can pinch your stomach very easily.

Having a waist area that is bulky due to excess clothing can also restrict certain poses and be uncomfortable when you lay on your belly. This is also true for wearing uncomfortable belts.

What Tall Person Yoga Pants Do You Wear?

With all the above choices for yoga pants for tall women you should have a busy time finding the best for you. Now you are armed with some basic information for choosing the right yoga pants for you, the decision is much easier.

But if there’s any yoga pants you find exceptionally good for taller women, please do share with us in the comments below. We would love to hear about your selection and experiences with them.





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