Costume Ideas For Tall People – Halloween & Unique Ideas

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Best Costumes For Tall People

Whether its for Halloween, a Birthday party or simply a dress up party, tall people can often feel a little baffled when it comes to choosing a costume. When choosing costume ideas for tall people there’s some simple guidelines you can follow in order to achieve an appearance relevant to your height.

Choosing costumes in general is often a well thought out process, but for the taller people, you need to be very careful with your final choice. The costume you pick tells a lot about your character or personality and if you screw it up, well it can quickly turn a fun event into something less enjoyable.

While we are all somewhat self conscience, some tall people are even more self conscious of their height. So it’s important to take pride in ones appearance if you feel this way. Same goes for wearing a costume with pride. Receiving positive comments about your costume is a great way to feel confident in yourself even if you look totally different to normal.

So in order to feel comfortable in your own skin, or should I say costume, you will need to direct a lot of attention to picking a costume suitable for your height.

The Event Dictates The Costume?Scary Costumes For Tall Persons

The choice of your costume will also be determined by the event you are planning to attend, whether it is a Halloween or an exclusive party. You need to dress according to the theme of the event. This will ensure you blend well into the function. Nobody want’s to dress up like a tall pencil when the theme of the event is mysteries of the ocean, or to be dressed up as Elvis while attending a NFL party.

Tall people have their own costumes that fit them well. The costume also brings out the best in them, by ensuring they undertake their activities without any restriction. To reach that feat, there are a lot of costume ideas for tall people that need to be considered. Let’s have a look at some

Halloween Costumes For Tall People

As you know, Halloween costumes can range from dressing up as a pumpkin to the 16th President Abraham Lincoln who stood tall at 6’3″. So everything and anything in between is suitable for Halloween. But what about tall people?.

Do taller persons need a specific catalogue to choose from when it comes to dressing up for Halloween?. Not necessarily, but with a bit of out of the box thinking you can come up with some great costume ideas. Here are a few tall costume ideas you can use for this years Halloween.

Optimus Prime Costume For Adults

Optimus Prime Costume For Adults

With the Transformers franchise booming right now, it makes complete sense for a tall person to dress up like the leader of the Autobots. None other than Optimus Prime himself.

To make the decision even easier, you can buy the 3D Optimus costume on amazon already made for you. It’s an XL and ready to suit up some young future leader. It’s an official licensed product so you know you’re getting the real deal. Whats cool is that it comes with light up eyes for really making yourself stand out.

Grim Reaper – Always A Hit

Nothing says Halloween more than rocking up wearing a brutal Grim Reaper costume. If the aim of the game is to intimidate, a good grim reaper costume will go a long way.

Whats great about dressing up as Death himself is that regardless of how tall you are, these costumes can fit you. This particular costume is a plus size so it’s larger than normal anyways. But should it fall short on your long torso, wearing long black trousers will hide this fact anyways.

Because its a one piece costume, its suitable for people of many sizes as well. But the tall slender person really pulls this costume off nicely.


Tall Persons Dress Up Costume – Air Dancer

Tall Persons Dress Up Costume

What the heck is an air dancer you may be asking?. A totally cool and unique Halloween costume for tall people is what it is. Sure it isn’t scary, but is sure does scream individuality.

An air dancer is often used at car yards as a way to draw attention. Now put this into a costume party scenario and I think you get the picture. Certainly one for the attention seekers.

Available in 3 colors: Blue, red or yellow and suitable for people up to 6’4″ according to the listing on amazon. Plenty of leg space allows you the freedom to be able to walk and not trip in the Air Dancer and with the head opening you can also breath. Now that’s a bonus compared to some other ‘blow up’ costumes where breathing was an after thought.

The suit comes with a motor and fan to inflate the costume, all you need are the 4 x AA batteries and you’re away. However due to the thin design of the Air Dancer, I wouldn’t recommend this costume if you are quite big in other areas than height.

Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man Costume


Tall Persons Superhero CostumesSuperhero Costumes Tall People

When you think of Superheros you think 7 ft tall and bullet proof right. Is there anything else that needs to be said?. Superheros are tall and make for the perfect costume ideas for tall people.

These costumes will provide that physique that most tall people have. Even if you don’t have the physique, you have the height and that’s what really matters. Superheros have larger frames which perfectly fit taller people.

Once suited up not only will you look amazing, your height will no longer be the talking point like it normally is. The costume will give you a chance to imitate your favorite superhero, for instance, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Batman or Thor.

Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth made it onto our list of tallest movie stars. Standing at 6’3″ in real life he comes off as someone closer to 6’6″ when he portrays Thor. Thor is meant to be tall, now are you tall?. If so, Thor is your Man!.

Superhero Costumes Available On Amazon

Lurch from The Adams Family

Standing at about 6’9″, Lurch was a scary and tall dude. If you’re quite a tall person with a slender look, pulling off the Lurch look is quite easy.

Essentially you want to look pale, especially in the face. So a simple white powder make up will do the job. Black eye shadow and lipstick complete the face. Make sure you frown all the time!.

Next you need a black suit with an oversized black bow tie. Underneath you need a white button up collar shirt and a white hand towel to finish the look. A simple yet effective costume for a tall man.


Uniform Costume Ideas For Tall PeopleDress Up Ideas For Tall Persons

There is certainly no shortage of uniform inspired costumes. These costumes do come in a wide variety depicting different professions. Depending on your career path, you can pick a costume that fits you well. Some of the costumes include fireman, Astronaut, SWAT jumpsuit and Authentic Cop Costume.

These ideas are very reliable, especially during Halloween. You will be set apart from the rest of the people attending the same party. Just ensure you find a costume that fits you well and is able to express your great sense of fashion in the best way possible.

Much like Superheros, people dressed in uniforms are often visualized as rather tall and authoritative people. Which is why they make a good costume for a tall person. You would look the part and may even come off convincing to random people.

TV Character Personalities

Popular TV icons will earn you great recognition. Television personalities do have various costumes that they are well known for. But it’s important you choose a costume that once you put it on is 100% identifiable as that character.

Some costume ideas include a bad toxic suit, Popeye suit, duffman costume, Homer Simpson and even Sideshow Bob or Crusty The Clown if you have the hair to pull it off.

Simple Formal Wear

Simple formal costumes are one of the easiest costume ideas for tall people. First, they are very appealing to the eye on a day to day basis and can be considered quite unique during an event where everyone else is dressed up like something from another planet. Think of Will Smith in MIB, very formal yet still an effective costume a tall person could dominate in.

These types of costumes can confirm you a great sense of fashion as well as the confidence to actually wear it and pull it off. Additionally, some of the costumes under this category may even be worn at your place of work. You will need to select a color that goes hand in hand with your career choice and BAM, you have additional use out of a potentially one time costume idea.

So if you are a 6 feet tall or taller, a formal costume might just be the costume you need for your Halloween party. But once you commit, do not back down from it.

So Many Costumes, What To Choose?Halloween Costumes For Tall People

When it comes to choosing a costume, there are a number of factors you need to put into consideration. Especially when there are literally thousands to choose from. It can be quite overwhelming to find the perfect costume. So it’s always a good idea to consider a few factors which will not only give you a perfect outfit, but also enhance your sense of fashion. Some of the factors you should consider include:

  • Budget. Your income does also define your dress code. It affects the quality and trends of costumes you will prefer. If you need a unique outfit, it is better you start saving for it early enough. Cheap poorly made costumes are seriously the worst idea. Not only do they look lame, they fall apart way too easy.
  • Material. No one wants to put on poor quality attires. This means you have to be selective when it comes to choosing the material of your costume. Make sure it is strong and of the right quality. Also check what the material is made from in case you have allergies to specific materials.
  • Color/Theme. The color/theme of your costume should perfectly blend with the event you are planning to attend. This consideration helps enforce the theme of the event taking place and you won’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Lots Of Costume Ideas For Tall People..

It is evident that tall people have their fair share of costume ideas. But this is just a short list of a few potential dress ups. Try to be creative and think outside the box when coming up with ideas.

Buying a costume is not always necessary either. Many people make their own costumes and some people create magnificent creations from a simple cardboard box. Think of a Knight made from cardboard bod painted with metallic paint. Simple, height irrelevance, cheap and very effective.

If you have some unique and cool costume ideas for a tall person, please do share them below in the comments section. We would love to be inspired come this Halloween.

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