The Official Tallest Movie Stars In Hollywood

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The Tallest Movie Stars

Celebrities heights can be deceiving when watching them on the big screen, that’s without factoring in the shoe insoles to make actors look taller. So who are the tallest movie stars in Hollywood?.

While it’s easy to get carried away with rumors and speculation, I want hard evidence that an actor is in fact as tall as what people say. Or perhaps they are saying they are shorter than what they really are?. Much like tall rock stars and the tallest country singers, the list of the tallest male movie stars and female stars below are celebrities we all know.

Sure there are taller actors out there, but only a small percentage of people have even heard of them. So the ones listed below are some of the crowd favorites and my personal choices.

One of the most recognized tall celebrities is of course Shaquille O’Neal. At 7’1″ this NBA superstar turned actor lit up the screens way back in 1996 with Kazaam. Over 20 years later he also stars in Uncle Drew. However he’s not a person I would specifically classify as an actor due to his NBA career. So he’s been left of this list of tall actors.

Tallest Male Movie Star

Some may question whether Richard Kiel is in fact a big enough movie star to make it on this list, but standing at 7’1″ tall who’s going to question him.

So who is Richard Kiel?. Richard is most well known for his villain character ‘Jaws’ in two of the James Bond movies back in the 70’s: ‘The spy who loved me’ & ‘Moonraker’.

But for anyone under the age of 40, you will surely remember this tall ‘Mr Larson’ from one of Adam Sandlers greatest funny movies Happy Gilmore. You may remember him by his shirt which read “Guns don’t kill people, I do”.

Unfortunately Richard Kiel died in 2014 just 3 days before his 75th birthday. But its needless to say that Richard was one of the best tall actors over 7 feet. In this interview with Richard on CommanderBond he says “I am actually 7 foot and and one-half inches tall, I say 7’2″ because it’s easier”.


How Tall Is Dolph Lundgren Official Height 6’5″

The Tallest Action Star

Dolph Lundgren is 6’5″ in height according to himself. During an interview with Sylvester Stallone for Rocky 4 back in 2014 Dolph mentions that he was applying for the role of Ivan Drago in New York competing with hundreds of other guys.

During the casting process they asked Dolph how tall he was. This is what is shown in the video below: “How tall are you “6’5″…Next“. Meaning to say he would be too tall for the part. Sylvester Stallone goes on to say ““I’m gonna fight him with elevator shoes on, it’s ridiculous,”.

But it turns out Dolph wasn’t too tall and he became a favorite household name, especially during the 1990’s. He has teamed up with some of the biggest action stars ever including Arnold Schwarzenegger who is also tall (Almost 6’2”) and Jean Claude Van Damme in the 1992 smash hit Universal Soldier.


Tallest Male Comedy Actor

Vince Vaughn Is 6 Foot 5 Inches Tall

It doesn’t matter who Vince Vaughn stars with, chances are he towers over his co stars. There’s no denying that Vince is one very tall actor. Vince has found his soul partner in Kyla Weber who stands 1 foot shorter at 5’5″. Together they have 2 children born 2010 and 2013.

A few years back Vince co stared with Reese Witherspoon in the festive comedy ‘Four Christmases’. While these two actors share their differences, Reese does go on to say that ‘He’s (Vince Vaughn) 6’5″ and I’m 5’2″‘ in an interview here with Reese.

Vince Vaughn has been in a ton of movies going back as far as 1994 (If not further) and continues to make movies to this day. The most memorable Vince movie for mine was ‘DodgeBall’ which was released in 2004.  With more recent movie titles such as Couples Retreat, Daddy’s Home and Anchor Man 2.

Tim Robbins Height In Feet

Tim Robbins Height in feet is 6’5″ according to sources found online. He’s one of those actors that doesn’t appear to be as tall as what he actually is. There’s a short video below comparing Tim Robbins in height with other tall celebrities.

Tim’s most notable film appearance was back in 1994 playing Andy Dufresne in the Oscar nominated Shawshank Redemption. While the movie was no doubt worthy of winning an Oscar, unfortunately in 1994 the movie was up against the like of Pulp Fiction and Forrest Gump (Oscar Winner) which brought in more money in the Box Office.



Is Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ 6’4″ Tall

It wouldn’t be a list of tall male actors if I didn’t include the modern day action superstar Dwayne The Rock Johnson. From the failed dreams of being an NFL star to one of today’s highest paid actors, Dwayne surely is a testament to successful tall people.

As a junior he was 6’4″ and weighed 230 pounds according to this interview with Dwayne. Aspiring to be a NFL star, Dwayne used his talents to become one of the best known Wrestlers in the WWE. When you visit The Rock Profile on WWE, it states that Dwayne is 6’5″ tall.

While Dwayne Johnson occasionally returned to the ring, his focus shifted to making blockbusters. For which his bank accounts thank him dearly. With a estimated 165-220 million net worth, I think you can safely say that the switch to the big screen was worth his time.

So where did all his fortunes come from?. Here’s a few good reasons: The Scorpion King, Jumanji, Hercules, Baywatch, The Mummy Returns, Central Intelligence just to name a few.


Liam Neeson Is Officially 6’4″ & A Wee BitLiam Neeson Official Height

Ever since Batman Begins was released in 2005 I have has a serious man crush on Liam Neeson. Perhaps I am just totally overwhelmed by his tall 6’4″ frame. But in all seriousness, Liam is one amazing actor with huge amounts of talent. Even before Batman Begins, Liam was voted one of the top 100 actors of all time in 1997. Which goes to show just how many awesome movies he has been in and still appears in to this day.

Hailing from Ireland, Liam has made quite the impression worldwide. But when it comes to height, Liam is a true standout. In an appearance on the Conan O’Brien Show Liam Neeson says that “I’m 6’4″ and a wee bit” as seen below.

Liam Neeson has also had a bad habit of slouching a bit during his career, so it can appear as tho he is shorter than he actually is. Poor body posture can not only make you appear shorter by a couple inches, but also cause you the shrink with age even more so.


How Tall Is Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is officially 6’4″ in height and one of those actors which just seems to appear in incredible movies, yet doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves in my opinion. In an article on Playbill Jeff goes on to say “I’m 6’4”. While there is no doubt he is a tall actor, just how tall was not officially known until now.


Chris Hemsworth THOR Is 6’3″

Chris Hemsworth aka Thor appears on the big screen as a huge menacing character able to snap you in half with the blink of an eyelid. While Thor on the big screen could appear as tho he is 6’6″ or taller, the truth is Chris Hemsworth is not as tall as you may think.

In an interview Chris discusses how he used to have to lie about his height in order to get roles. Thinking he was too tall. But for the role of Thor, the future Thor actor must be 6’3″. In which Chris Hemsworth was very relieved to hear. You can read the full article here.

The article is worth a read as Chris goes on to say what he thought he wanted to be when he got older. Some interesting dreams from being a fashion designer due to sewing his own clothes as a young Aussie boy to becoming a professional boxer.

Tall Female Actors Over 5’10”

When it comes to females, height can be an issue for many. In the day to day world, many women feel men don’t like tall females. So does this kind of thinking transpire into the world of movies?. According to Nicole Kidman, she was not too happy about her height as we will now discover.

Nicole Kidman Is 5’10 – Tall Like Her Mother

In this article Nicole Kidman says ‘I used to confide in my mum Janelle, who was tall too – 5ft 10in’. While Nicole Kidman thought she couldn’t be a famous actor due to being ‘too tall’ and ‘gangly’ it goes to show there is more to success than appearance.

With her self doubts and lack of confidence due to her height, Nicole Kidman has gone on to be one of the most recognized female actors in the world. Nicole has been in a long string of movies ranging from superhero flicks to thrillers.

Such movies include Batman Forever, Days Of Thunder, Australia, The Others, Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rouge and she has even scored a role in the latest Aquaman DC comic book movie as Atlanna. While Nicole is no longer married to Tom Cruise, anyone doubting whether men like tall women, this is your proof as Tom Cruise is a mere 5’7″.


6 Foot Tall Actresses

Geena Davis Is 6 Feet tall

There’s a small underlying concerns with some tall celebrities, that is they lie about their height. Just like Chris Hemsworth, Geena Davis too lied about her height saying she was in fact shorter than she really was. In Geena’s case these lies went on for a long time.

Geena use to say she was 5’10” as it was just easier. But since coming out in this interview stating she’s 6 feet tall, rumors have speculated as to whether she might even be in fact 6’2″.

Geena Davis is probably best known for her role in The Long Kiss Goodnight also starring Samuel L Jackson. She was also nominated as best supporting actress for her part in Thelma And Louise. Geena has also made a successful career in television series including: Grey’s Anatomy, Commander In Chief and lately in the horror series The Exorcist.

Uma Thurman’s Height – ‘Nearly 6ft’

Uma Thurman is yet another whom has said that her height was an issue, especially growing up. It wasn’t until she turned 35 that she felt comfortable in her own skin. In this interview with Uma she was asked if height was ever a issue. Her response was: ‘At nearly 6ft tall, with large feet, of course it was!’.

There’s no doubt the majority know Uma Thurman from her role in Pulp Fiction due to ‘that dance’ with John Travolta. Whom by the way is just over an inch taller than Uma.

Since Pulp Fiction Uma has been in quite a few good movies. Another tall actor appearing in a super hero movie, Uma played Poison Ivy in the 1997 Batman & Robin movie. While certainly not the best Batman movie to ever grace our eyes, the part of Poison Ivy is still quite an achievement.

In the 2000’s Um Thurman killed in the Kill Bill trilogy. Lately shes been in the 2018 release ‘The Con Is On’ featuring Tim Roth and Sofia Vergara.

How Tall Is Brooke ShieldsHow Tall Is Brooke Shields

On the other side of the coin, there is 6 foot Brooke Shields. She is tall and proud. Always looking for shoes to increase her height as seen in this article on newshub. “even though I’m six foot tall. I don’t care how tall I am”. Now that is one cool tall lady. Quite refreshing to hear her say that.

Brooke has been in movies since the 80’s including her most well known role in the Blue Lagoon. Since then Brooke has appeared in a lot of movies, many of which weren’t big Hollywood movies, but still built her profile up to what she is today.

Brookes also quite an established actress in television series. For me it was The Michael J Fox Show that made Brooke Shields a superstar. But she has also appeared in may successful television series such as: Suddenly Susan, Lipstick Jungle and Army Wives.


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