The Tallest Country Singers

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Tallest Country Singers

Is it just me or does it appear like there’s a lot of successful country singers over 6 foot. This list of the tallest country singers, male and female will help unravel this mystery.

When I was a youngster I was surrounded by country music. My Mom, Aunties, Brothers etc were all listening to country music. So naturally I followed suit until I got a bit older and discovered rock music. There’s also quite a few tall rock stars in the business.

Anyways, the country singers always looked like giants to me. Perhaps it had something to do with me being just 10 years old and only coming up to their hips in height at the time. Or maybe there’s something more to this. Perhaps all tall people posses the power to churn out country hits one after another. Either way, lets have a look at some of the tallest country music singers going around.

Keeping in mind the average male height in the USA is 5’9″ tall, in my opinion a male country singer over 6 foot is considered tall.


Tallest Male Country Singers

How Tall Is Toby Keith In Feet – 6’4″

Toby Keith in feet measures 6’4″ according to online resources. In this article on CBS, Toby Keith is referred to as a “6-foot-4” man from Oklahoma. It was also mentioned in the USA Weekend but I couldn’t find a direct link for that resource.

There is no doubt Toby Keith is a tall country singer and there’s absolutely no doubt he’s one of the best singers ever. With hits from his debut album like “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” from way back in 1993 to the more recent release “Wacky Tobaccy” 2017, Toby has sure earned himself a high position in this tall list.

Trace Adkins – A Giant Of A Man 6’6″

Since the mid 90’s Trace Adkins has been releasing country music to the millions of fans all around the world. At the age of 34 he released his debut album ‘Dreamin’ Out  Loud’. So if you’re a tall man over 30, there’s still hope for Nashville yet.

Trace Adkins is 6’6″ tall according to quotes found around the internet. It’s quite obvious that he is a very tall man. But not just tall, solid and very fit even to this day. I wasn’t able to find a specific reference that says 100% he Trace Adkins is 6’6″, but there’s enough evidence floating around to suggest that he is this tall.

Who’s Taller Trace Adkins Or Toby Keith?

From the above information it’s clear that Trace is taller than Keith. But how about a side by side comparison?. Check out the classic “Courtesy of the red, white and blue” where both perform onstage. There’s not much between the two, but Trace appears to be slightly taller. Or is it his boots, you be the judge.


Blake Shelton Height: 6’4″

Way back in May 2001 Blake did a interview with Nash Country Weekly magazine. In the interview Blake was asked what his height was. Well the actually wording was” Just how tall are you”. Blake’s response was “6’4″ with a mullet”. You can read the full interview here.

So there’s no doubt Blake is a tall male country singer. But whats funny is that in that interview Blake goes on to say how his goal would be to make a top 10 song or record. 17 years on and 11 records later Blake has sure smashed his modest goals set back in 2001.

How Tall Is Blake Shelton


Alan Jackson 6’4″ Tall Country SingerAlan Jackson Height In Feet

Since “Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee” country superstar Alan Jackson has built a massive fan base that may even surpass his extra tall 6’4″ stature. Its surprising how many people don’t realize how tall Alan Jackson really is. But then again people are memorized by that infamous mustache that height is no longer relevant.

In 2010 Alan Jackson did an interview with where he let slip his height. “I’m 6’4″ and I don’t say much” referring to how he handles boys coming to house showing interest in his 3 Daughters.

I don’t think it’s his height that is intimidating. It could have something to do with the worldwide fame and countless awards he has won maybe. Or perhaps its the 80 million+ albums he has sold across this planet. That’s quite a presence and one that I know I would feel intimidated by as a male entering his house.

Charles Kelley Height 6’6″ (Lady Antebellum)

Solo country singer and band member of Lady Antebellum Charles Kelley must get sick of half his head missing in photo shoots. He’s that tall it must give photographers some serious headaches.

During an interview with Tasteofcountry Charles mentions that he is 6’6″ tall. ““I’m 6’6”. It’s hard to find golf clubs that fit you right and work right,”. At people living tall, we know the pain. Buying golf clubs for tall people is no easy task.

But it’s not just Charles that towers over the fans, the rest of his band mates are considerably tall too. The other male in the band is 6’2″ and the female Hillary is 5’9″. Both well above average height with Hillary being as tall as the average American Male.

In an interview on it was mentioned that “A lot of people we meet, we tower over, because Charles is 6’6″, Dave’s 6’2″ and I’m 5’9″ — 6’1″ in heels”. Is it possible Lady Antebellum are the tallest band ever!.


Tallest Female Country SingersTallest Female Country Singers

It’s quite obvious there’s a pattern with tall males and singing country music, but is this theory plausible with female country singers?. On average females are 5 inches shorter than males so a female country singer that is 5’8″ or more is considered to be tall.

As mentioned above, Hillary from Lady Antebellum stands 5’9″ tall, but is there any other lady country singers that are as tall or taller?.

Terri Clark 5’10.5″ Tall

Teri Clark is a tall female country singer from Canada but has had success in the US as well. A career that spans over 20 years this 5”10.5″ tall singer has recently released a new album “Raising The Bar”. Perhaps this is a reference to the lack of tall female country singers?.

Notable Mentions

Lowering the height bar slightly, there are a couple big name female country singers measuring 5’9″ in height which is the average height for an American Male. But still yet to be as tall on the same height playing field as the male counterparts.

In an issue of People Magazine back in 2011 Faith Hill said “I’m 5’9” when referring to her shorter best friend. Which puts her on a level playing field as her Husband Tim McGraw. The two released a song together “It’s Your Love” back in 1997. Over 20 years later and It’s your love is still one of the best country duets ever.

Trisha Yearwood is another female country singer exceeding the average height. There’s mixed reports that Trisha Yearwood is 5’8″ or 5’9″. Trisha has a career that spans many years and many records. Most people will recognize her as the voice of the big hit “Con Air” featuring Nicolas Cage. Married to one of the biggest names in country music Garth Brooks, the two released a smash hit duet called “In Another’s Eyes”.

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