Extra Long Folding Beds & Rollaways For Tall People

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Extra Long Folding Beds For Tall People

Folding and rollaway beds make for the ideal guest bed. They are compact for storage and can easily be brought out for unexpected guests. But if your guests happen to be taller than 6 foot they are not going to enjoy the shortness of most folding beds. Which is why you must be prepared with extra long folding beds and rollaway cots.

Most of the time you will find these types of beds are between 70 and 75 inches in length. Which is just big enough for a 6 foot tall person. But for a tall person over 6 foot, you are going to need to look at buying a twin XL folding bed to cater to the extra length.

The problem is finding them. They are rare to find as most folding and rollaway beds are your standard twin size which measures 75 inches in length.

Fortunately there are a few oversized folding beds available. After scouring through as many of these rollaway beds I could find I managed to find 4 options available for the tall person. These go up to a maximum of 79 inches in length. While4 inches may not sound like much, it means a lot to a tall person when trying to sleep with their feet dangling over the edge of a steel bar.

While you can sometimes modify a regular bed with mattress extenders, its not as easy with a folding bed. This is because they typically don’t come with a head board to wedge in the extender. So if you do manage to find a folding bed over 80 inches in length I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.


The Longest Rollaway Bed

The Longest Rollaway Folding Bed

Manufactured by Bed & Bath, Inc, this rollaway folding bed is the longest I have come across measuring 79 inches in length. It also has a decent width of 36 inches, whereas most folding beds are around 31/32″ wide. So you get a little extra leg room and also the comfort in knowing you wont roll off the bed as easy.

This extra long rollaway bed also has a small headboard. I like this idea as it keeps your pillows in place from falling off the back of the bed. It also gives the rollaway a real bed look to it. The head board has a removable quilted fabric cover so you can take it off and wash.

This bed is a little unlike other folding beds in that the base is a 1/4″ thick plywood rather than a poly tarp material. This creates a sturdy and strong foundation but I feel it lacks in the ‘springy sensation’ a bed can offer. But nonetheless, the box spring mattress that is included actually works well with the plywood base.

This bed by Bed & Bath inc is a rollaway, so it has caster wheels whereas a traditional folding bed does not. So this makes storing the bed much easier on the body. The casters on this bed seam to be very high quality and durable. They have managed to tackle some tough outdoors terrain including gravel. So whether you use this as a guest bed or a holiday bed, you can rest easy knowing transporting the 16″ thick compact bed is simple and stress free.

In terms of comfort, it’s quite firm but yet comfortable. But if you are a lover of soft plush beds where you sink in, this is not the best choice. However, I don’t really know of any folding beds like that. All in all it’s a very high quality bed that appears to be well engineered to last a long time. The extra width and the extra length are very much appreciated. The oversize features of this bed are very noticeable and a dream come true for a tall person.

79" x 36" Rollaway Bed With Headboard


Best Extra Long Twin Folding Bed

Extra Long Twin Folding Bed

With a length of 78.5″ where the mattress fits the full size of the bed frame, this Milliard is the best extra long twin folding bed I’ve come across. This is your traditional folding bed as in if folds up for storage. But it doesn’t have caster wheels for rolling it back into storage.

When packing away, the bed folds down to a cube like package. Measuring 29″ x 30″ by 16″. So not too bulky and light enough to be carried by one person. But the best part is that you can actually use it as an ottoman. So storing it as an ottoman in the lounge room with your regular sofas etc it won’t look out of place. Then when guests stay you can easy unfold it on the spot.

The mattress itself is a 3.5″ thick foam material with a protective cover. The mattress is in 3 parts, which is how you transform this bed into an ottoman. Each cube of mattress is attached to the bed frame with Velcro, so you can easily take off the mattress if you please. While sleeping on the mattress pads they do not separate either. This was a concern of mine, but the Velcro straps hold them into position quite firmly.

The biggest downfall to this folding bed is that it has a low weight capacity. A maximum of 200 pounds is recommend for this bed, which I find 50-100lbs too little. But the extra length of the folding bed make up for this, allowing tall people to sleep comfortably anywhere anytime. It also makes for a decent camping air mattress as it packs down to a compact and solid ottoman.

Milliard Folding Bed Ottoman 78.5" Long


78″ Mattress Rollaway By Lucid

78" Mattress Rollaway By Lucid

A full twin XL size by Lucid is the way to go here. They offer three sizes, twin, twin XL and cot. But for tall people you want to go for the Twin XL by LUCID. The mattress on this rollaway is a full 78 inches in length. Whereas many folding beds will say they have a length of 78 inches, but in fact have a mattress that’s only 75″.

The width of the Twin XL is also wider coming in at 36 inches, giving you plenty of sleeping surface for the larger people. While I couldn’t find a specified weight capacity, the metal frame comes with a 10 year warranty. So certainly something to look into if you’re over 250 pounds.

Gel Infused Memory Foam Rollaway

Out of all the folding and rollaway beds for tall persons, this one by Lucid has to be the most comfortable. Not only is the mattress 4 inches thick, it utilizes the new gel infused technology. What this means is the top inch layer of the mattress has been infused with gel.

What this gel does is takes away the most common problem found within memory foam. That is poor heat distribution. On the warmer nights memory foam tends to get very hot as it can’t distribute your body heat anywhere.

This extra 1 inch layer of gel helps transfer your body heat out and away from the mattress. Leaving you feel much cooler on hot summer nights. Completing the mattress is a bamboo cover which is helpful for people with sensitive skin while also making the mattress even more comfortable.

Overall, this is one of the best rollaway beds a tall person can buy in my opinion. It boasts strength, comfort and ease of use. Stores away nice and compact for when not in use.

LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed with Memory Foam Mattress


Twin XL Extra Long Rollaway Bed

Twin XL Extra Long Rollaway Bed

A good rollaway bed for the big and tall people as it has a 300 pound weight capacity. Besides the heavier weight limit, the bed is also larger than your traditional twin size. In terms of length for tall people, the bed frame comes in at 78 inches long. However the mattress is naturally a bit smaller so that it fits perfectly on the frame. For width it’s a full 36 inches wide.

Made by Best Choice Products, this rollaway is a good solid all round bed. It utilizes the trampoline spring (32 springs) type of bedding topped with a memory foam mattress for added comfort. The mattress is also 4 inches thick too, which is slightly thicker than most folding bed mattresses.

The frame is also quite sturdy and durable. It’s fully steel and has 2 reinforcement bars to keep it in shape for years to come. When folded in half for storing it away, it compacts down to a nice 10 inch thick package. Giving you greater possibilities for storage locations.

While I do just about everything about this rollaway bed, I do feel the mattress could have been a few inches bigger. This would have made it the best rollaway for tall people. However, because it has a larger frame you can also buy a separate larger mattress to throw on top when the really tall people rock up.

Best Choice Products XL Twin Folding Rollaway Guest Bed


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