Dining Chairs For Tall People

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Kitchen and dining room chairs for tall people are among the hardest types of chairs you can find as a tall person. With most standard size chairs having seat heights between 16″ to 18″ maximum, it can be difficult to get the legs to fit comfortably.

If you have already bought a tall dining room table, it Dining Chairs For Tall People

makes sense to buy height appropriate chairs to suit. There’s no point having a table with a height of 36 inches if your chairs sit as low as 16 inches. It just doesn’t make sense.

The problem is that there is not much in the way of extra tall kitchen chairs available without getting them custom made.

The chairs listed below have been sorted into two categories, Wooden Kitchen chairs, and dining room chairs. All of the chairs have taller seat heights between 18″ and 20″. While this is still not ideal for some taller folks, there is not much else available unless you opt for bar stools for tall people with seat heights as tall as 35-inches.

Trying to find a happy medium between kitchen chair height and counter height stools (24″) seems to be very difficult, so if you have had luck doing so, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


Extra Tall Chairs For The Dining Room

Extra Tall Chairs For The Dining Room

The tallest dining room chair I could find on Amazon is by Christopher Knight. It is by far the most impressive option as it not only has the tallest seat height, but it also has a high backrest.

This allows the tall people to really push themselves back into the seat to get their legs comfortable, while the tall backrest gives your neck and shoulders the appropriate support.

The padded seat height comes in at 19.5″ in height while the backrest is an impressive 26.75″ tall. Another key feature of the seat is its depth. It has a generous depth of 19.25 to give you the space to utilize every square inch of the seat with those long legs.

The classic design of the chair works well with most dining rooms, whether you want to be King or Queen at one end of the table, or to have them spread out in your living room as masterpieces.

The winged arm design works rather well with the beige off white color to complement just about any living space. The Caille by Christopher Knight certainly screams fancy pants and I have to agree.

Even if you are not the biggest fan of the visual aspect of this dining chair, the dimensions are what is really important here. With a total height of 46.25-inches, there’s not many on the market taller.

Christopher Knight Home Callie Fabric Dining Chair


Dining/Kitchen Padded Chair 19.3″ Seat Height

Kitchen Padded Chair 19.3" Seat Height

This next chair is an Amazon Brand chair it is one of those chairs that you could use for just about anything. Whether you want a padded comfortable chair for around the dining table or a chair for your sewing table.

It just has that universal appeal to it. Anyways, moving on. So the seat has a total height from the floor of 19.3 inches, which is just shy of the above Christopher Knight Caille chair.

So it has the tall seat, but it does lack in the backrest department. As the total chair height is 36.6 inches, the backrest is only 17.3 inches tall. This could be a problem for you if you plan on using the seat for hours on end. Basically activities that require you to lay back into the backrest.

The seat depth is also a little bit short measuring 16.9 inches. So while your legs may be elevated by the taller seat, you won’t have a great deal of support behind the knees. In terms of price, it is considerably more affordable than the above option, but you will have to weigh up the costs of a shorter backrest and less depth to the seat.

Amazon Brand – Rivet Phinney Contemporary Upholstered Dining Chair


Modern Tall Dining Chair

Modern Tall Dining Chair

This two-pack of modern dining room chairs are quite nice. They are nothing fancy but look like they could survive a hurricane. The appeal to me as I have busted many chairs over the years due to my size, so when you find something that is quite well built, your ears poke up instantly.

For the tall person, the seat height comes in at 19.3 inches which is about 1-3 inches taller than your standard dining room chair. Unfortunately, this chair doesn’t have a high back either. However, it does have a deeper seat.

The seat depth is just over 18 inches (18.5″) giving you a couple more inches of support behind the knees. Even tho the chair is built quite robust, I am surprised that the weight capacity is only 300 pounds. Perhaps this could be higher and the manufacturers are playing it on the safe side.

Either way, I quite like the look and robust appeal of these chairs. They certainly won’t appeal to everyone, but anyone that is sick of flimsy chairs will know what I am talking about.

The design of the chair is rather nice also. The wooden legs go particularly well with the dark blue-tinged green faux leather. A chair that shows off its nice wooden legs always wins me over.

CHITA Upholstered Leather Dining Chair


Find More 19″ Seat Height Dining Room Chairs



Kitchen Chairs For Tall People

Kitchen Chairs For Tall People

When it comes to more conventional wooden kitchen chairs for tall people, I quite like the look of this one by Ashley Furniture. It has a unique back design that would add a touch of elegance to any table.

While they are stunning looking chairs, do they provide the right measurements for a tall diner? To start, it has the highest seat to floor measurement that I could find. To the top of the padding, it measures 20 inches.

With a total height of 38 inches, you get a backrest that measures 18 inches. While this is a little low, it’s not such a crucial factor for around the kitchen table. As you spend most of the time leaning forward to eat, you don’t really tend to push your back into the backrest anyway.

The chairs also have a pretty standard depth with the total depth being 23 inches but when you factor in the thickness of the timber, it is more like 21-21 inches deep. Still not bad compared to other chairs where the depth is under 20-inches.

So it’s nice to have a rather good looking option for us taller people, while I would prefer something closer to 22inches, finding one just seems impossible. The price is surprisingly affordable also considering it comes as a two-pack.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Leahlyn Dining Upholstered


Kitchen Chairs For Big And Tall People

Kitchen Chairs For Big And Tall People

When you’re a tall lad you tend to weigh more than regular height people. This is because tall people are stronger, well that’s what I tell myself anyway.

With this larger muscle mass comes the ability to destroy chairs like they were made form matchsticks. But not this Hercules chair!

This chair is the ideal kitchen chair set for big and tall people thanks to its 800-pound weight capacity. The chairs frame and reinforced joints give it that robust heavy-duty feel needed to hold heavier folks.

The 19.25″ inch tall seat height also gives it the legs required to comfortably seat a taller person. However, like all cushioned seats you do lose an inch or so when the 2.5″ padding squashes down. But still, its better than a 17-inch seat.

While I love how sturdy and robust these chairs are, I find the backrest to be lacking. The total height is 34 inches making the backrest quite short. However, I do like how the backrest is curved so it hugs your back nicely. I just wish it would be 5 inches taller to provide up to the shoulder support.

Flash Furniture 4 Pk. HERCULES Series


Contemporary Dining Chair Option

While this chair doesn’t have the tallest seat height on this seat, it is one of the most visually appealing set of the lot. The design is a unique Romanian style with a contemporary twist.

The seat height is about 19 inches, which is not the greatest. But for the style these chairs offer, It’s something I would consider sacrificing for.

However, the backrest is a little taller on this chair coming in at about 20 inches, giving the chair a total height of 39 inches. The seat width and depth are a little small at 17.3″ x 17.3″ so it may not be a suitable option for big and tall people.

But this is not to downgrade the quality of timber used in the construction of this chair. As it is made from solid hardwood which compared to softwood is denser. The denser the timber, the more strength it has, and the longer it will last. After all, who wants to have to replace existing chairs every year due to low-grade timber?

Livinia Romania Dining Chair with Faux Leather Pu Cusion

Additional Tall Wood Kitchen Chairs

The following 4 dining chairs on amazon have seat heights between 19 and 20 inches tall.

Make Your Existing Chairs Taller

Another alternative idea is to make the dining chairs you currently own taller. There are two ways to do this and both can be more cost-effective than buying new chairs.

The first route to take includes buying thick seat cushions. Ideally, you want cushions the same shape and size of your chairs so they look uniform. Try to get a cushion with a minimum thickness of 3 inches. Remember that cushions do sink down after a while, so even if the cushion is initially too high, that is not a bad thing.

Try Furniture Risers To Give Your Chair Extra Height

Dining Room chair risers

By simply screwing in these furniture risers you can gain an additional 2 inches in seat height, which for some is all you may need.

These risers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but this one here is 2″ x 2″. So they are quite suitable for a dining room chair to give you the boost in height you may need. They simply screw into the base of your chair legs and you’re done.

If you have come across a supplier with taller kitchen and dining chairs for tall people, please feel free to share the links and descriptions below for other readers.

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