Advantages Of Being A Tall Man

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When it comes to height, does size matter and if so, what are the advantages of being a tall Man?. Being a tall person myself, I get to reap rewards daily. But this is work specific, which I will explain further on. Most of us have probably heard all the jokes aimed at taller men. For instance, there is the cliché joke of tall men being better at keeping a close eye on the weather.

However, is it all bleak for tall men? No! In fact, there are numerous benefits to being a tall man. And since there is not much that we can do with regards to our heights, we have to celebrate the good that comes with being a tall man. After the doom and gloom article about the negatives of being taller, it’s time for a pick me up.

Herein we will explore some of the notable benefits of being a tall man.

Tall Dark And HandsomeDo Girls Like Tall Men

I’m sure we have all heard this saying over and over. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you would have noticed how the dating reality TV shows have dominated the airways. In nearly all if not all of these reality shows, the Women are instantly attracted to the tall men.

Being tall has always been an advantage for a Man when it comes to meeting a partner. Women in particular like to have a taller man in their love life.

There was a case of this just recently in a show about getting married. “He was tall dark and handsome”. While yes he was tall About 6 foot 2, he certainly didn’t have dark hair. It was red. Yet the fact he was tall, made the Woman instantly attracted to him.

So the next time you feel negative about being taller than most people, stop and remember, ‘you’re a wanted man’. That is if you are not already taken!. I would imagine millions of people want to be taller and many actually pursue this desire through procedures. While we lucky folks, have the gift naturally.

Financially Rewarded To Be A Tall Man

What many may call the most significant benefits that taller men accrue are economic benefits. In fact, the financial benefits of being taller have been studied time and again. The vast majority of these studies have concluded that there is an actual economic benefit for being taller.

In what has been termed as the height premium, it has been found that taller men tend to earn much more than their shorter counterparts. Typically, an extra inch height earns a man 3% higher wages per inch. This is a significant amount you earn for simply being who you are.

On the recruiting end, when two men seeking a job have comparable skills and backgrounds, a greater percentage of the time, the taller man is selected for the job. Many theories exist to try and explain this trend. For instance, taller men are considered to be more confident, natural leaders, better at physical work (this theory is particularly prevalent in fields where hands-on work is involved), or even being smarter. Whether this is true or not is up for debate. What can be verified is that taller men have an easier task of getting job placements.

Even after selection, it has been found that taller men fair better when it comes to promotions and raises. The combination of these factors bodes well for your pockets of tall people, not only in the near term but also in the long-term.

Social Circle Benefits Of Being A Tall Male

While there are certain;y disadvantages to being a tall man, when in social situations benefits can be great. For instance, being tall is considered “manly”. As much as many people would like to dispute this, it is still irrefutable that a tall man is viewed as the embodiment of what a man should be.

Taller men are also considered as more authoritative. If you stand and tower above all other people around you, it is easy to understand why a tall man is considered as more authoritative. To qualify this point, consider this; nineteen of the last twenty-three American presidents have had a tall height.

Additionally, over 90% of the C.E.Os tend to have an above average height. Thus, the statistics indicate that being taller bodes well for tall people in search positions of authority.

As mentioned above, Women tend to be more attracted to taller men. Studies have shown that women find tall men attractive. This is plus for tall men in the dating scene.

Taller The Better At (Some) SportsBenefits Of Being Taller

For sports, height is a basic requirement. Height-related sports such as basketball require one to be tall. The extra inches that tall men have ensures that they have better reach and thus have an inherent advantage.

Taller men have also been found to physically better suited for short distance sprinting. Some of the best 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters sprinters in the history of the sport have been tall men.

Consider the 100 meters record holder, Usain Bolt who stands at 1.95 meters (6′ 5″). His longer strides enable him to cover a larger distance as compared to his rival’s shorter strides.

Even in swimming, taller individuals have been noted to fair better than others. Multiple Olympic gold-winner, Michael Phelps, who stands at 1.93 meters is a very good example. His longer reach enables him to cover a longer distance than his competitors. And finally, football players have also been getting taller and taller with each passing generation. NFL players have an average height of about 74 inches and it keeps on getting bigger.

For international sports like Cricket, there are 2 main benefits to being tall. A big tall fast bowler not only intimidates the batsman down the other end, but also introduces extra bounce and pace on the ball. Which can cause an element of surprise for the unsuspecting batsman. The other benefit of being taller is having extra reach for catching the ball as it zooms past your head. For average height players, this is likely to end in 4 runs and even a six. But having that extra foot in height can mean the difference between winning and loosing in some cases.

Self Confidence Comes From Being TallAdvantages Of Being A Tall Man

Closer to home, being taller bodes well for your confidence. Individuals who are taller, tend to appear and indeed actually be leaner.

This has a positive effect on the confidence as they feel and look good. Additionally, their voices tend to have better reach which has ample reach, giving a tall man authority while he speaks. This bodes well for his confidence as well.

A taller frame also makes a man appear more mature and society treats accord more respect to such men. This is another confidence booster that tall men enjoy.

Day To Day Benefits Of Being Taller Than Average Height

Finally, there are practical benefits. Being a tall man, you have better reach and thus you are able to interact with your environment much better. For instance, you do not have to use step-stools to reach high places. If you work in a job such as painting (house painting) or plastering, you have a significant height advantage which can lead to an increase in pay.

Why?. Well, normal and shorter height people require ladders and such to apply paint and plaster. Whereas a tall person like myself can cut in the tops (under the cornice) from the ground. Which saves hours of time over the job by not needing to go up and down a ladder. Could you tell, I use to be a house painter by trade?.

Other day to day activities us taller people benefit from include:Pros and Cons Of Being Tall Man

  • Changing a light bulb without the need for a ladder/step stool
  • Cleaning windows higher than eye level
  • Picking fruit high off the tree
  • Standing at the back of a crowd and still being able to see what’s going on ahead
  • Cleaning leaves out of gutters (depending on the height of house)

Share Your Unique Height Advantages

While there are certainly negatives to being a tall guy, you can see there are many benefits to being tall. I have not listed them all and I’m sure there’s even more related to your lifestyle. So feel free to share the unique benefits you get from being a tall Man, or Woman.

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