14 Things Not To Say To A Tall Person

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What Not To Say To Tall People

Everyone has a pet peeve when it comes to thoughtless questions. If you happen to be considered tall, you are probably tired of the same questions those that are below average in height always ask you.But if you’re not so tall and are just looking for what not to say to a tall person out of respect, then kudos to you.

With the average male height at 5’9’ and female height at 5’4”, anyone that is towering above the societal norm will have curious questions thrown at them.

After all it is only natural for the brain to start pondering on random thoughts when something comes along that is ‘different’ to how you are. Whether this is height, weight, cultural background etc. But thinking before you speak goes a long way in not hurting someones feelings, intentional or not. So here are a few examples of what NOT to say to a tall person.

Looking for ways to get under the tall persons skin?. Use these tall persons insults for maximum affect. Tired of being insulted as a tall person, you can also learn how to return fire to these insults.

1. How Do you Sleep At Night?

Anyone that is close to 6 foot tall knows there’s not much bed left once you have extended your body out fully. So when a person that is 6’5″ shows up a fairly common question to get asked is about how they sleep at night.

I usually answer this question by saying “with my eyes shut“. Simple yet effective. Believe it or not, but there are beds for tall people available so sleeping comfortably is not always a problem. While this is a harmless question, it can be taken the wrong way as some people feel uncomfortable about their height and feeling ‘too big’ can cripple some peoples self esteem.

2. How’s The Weather Up There?Tall Person With Head In Clouds

Of all the things to say to a tall person, this is not the best thing to lead into a conversation with. This one is one of the worst and has never been funny. Not because its degrading, but simply because we have all heard it about a billion times already and it just shows a lack of creativity on their behalf.

Expect eyes to roll if you ask a question like this!

3. Is It Hard To Get A Date At Your Height?

This is a question that is commonly asked of a tall woman. Some very tall women can think men don’t date tall ladies. But this is simply not true and just because you’re tall it doesn’t mean your partner has to be tall as well. There are millions of couples with varying heights and they seem to manage quite well. Once you’ve learnt the art of hugging a tall person, there’s nothing more to it.

Height has little do with finding a partner which is a process that is challenging in itself. If anyone limits themselves to a certain height, no matter how tall they are, they are very possibly letting their soulmate slip away from themselves.

4. Do You Play Basketball/Netball?

Just because you are tall does not mean you are a naturally gifted athlete. Sure having height is an advantage in some sports like basketball, but this does not mean every tall person plays the sport. Even though there are many current basketball players that tend to be tall, does not mean we all enjoy playing the game or are athletically inclined. This question starts in middle school and continues all through your adult life and it gets very tiring.

5. What Size Feet Do You Have? Clown Shoes!Do Tall People Have Big Feet

Obviously, taller people normally have larger feet to stay upright. So, if their feet are proportional to the rest of their body, they will have feet that are also a little larger than average. Since this is an easy question to guess the answer for, it is not necessary to ask it.

Some taller folks have smaller feet than you may imagine. Which can make theses people feel uncomfortable telling you this information. Even with proportional sized shoes on, their feet may be smaller and they are wearing larger shoes to hide this fact. People will bully anyone for any reason whatsoever, sad really.

6. Do They Sell Clothes For Your Height?

Short answer? Just like a shorter person looks for a specific type of pants to fit the length of their legs or long sleeve shirts which make it all the way to your wrists, so do taller people. Yes, it is very frustrating to go to the store and finding most pants are too short for you. But with a little searching around you can find specific clothing for tall people right down to khaki pants for tall women.

But what’s even more frustrating?. When you finally find a pair that fit you well, the company that makes them goes out of business and you have to start your search again. Or when there’s sales on in store but there’s never anything suitable for a tall person. Us taller people have to pay the price for specific clothing such as tall ski pants and yoga pants.

7. Is The Rest Of Your Family Tall?

Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it’s no. If you have tall parents, it doesn’t mean that you will also be tall or that your siblings will be too. If you have red hair, does that mean your parents have red hair?. That is not always the case with genetics.

8. How Tall Are You?

There are those people that are even taller than what we consider “normal tall”. You know like NBA players or people so tall they have to bend down to get through doorways.

Most people won’t mind telling you how tall they are, but why does it matter? I’m taller than you, I get it. But at the end of the day, why do you need to know?. To some people its quite a personal subject.

Plus ‘How tall are you’ is never the end of it. While its a harmless question, it may lead to further intrusive questions. Once you give in and answer them, be prepared to be ambushed with more questions about being tall. Such as any if not all the questions on this page. Do you have time to stand around and chat about someones height all day?.

9. Geez I Feel Short!

Well, to me you are. I don’t know why you want to make me feel guilty for your height. I’m no more responsible for my height than you are for yours. I promise you, I didn’t grow this tall on purpose. While there are certain foods that make you taller, it wasn’t my intention as a 5 year old drinking my milk that my Mom put in front of me.

10. How Come Your So Tall?

Some people will assume that just because you are tall now means that you have always been this tall. They don’t stop to consider that you grew this way just like everyone else did. Another similar question “Were you always that tall?  It’s hard not respond with Yes to it and say you were born 6’7” because that can actually happen. Not.

The reasons some people are taller than others varies, and it is most of the time out of your control. Whether you’re short or tall, its all the same. At the end of the day its a silly question and one that a tall person, or short person can’t really answer. So don’t ask it.

11. So… What’s It Like To Be Tall?

This one doesn’t really have a good answer. What is it like to be your height, or how does it feel having blue eyes?. It’s not really a defining thing in my life, sure some things are harder and finding height appropriate furniture is a mission. But to me, life feels normal.

If you must know…. Being tall is just a normal part of my existence and makes it easy to find me in a crowded room. I can get things off high shelves for you in the store, and I’m bad at playing hide and seek. My height isn’t a handicap nor does it give me special talents or powers. I am just like every other person on earth, just maybe taller than most.

12. I Can’t See, Can You Move?

If you happen to be in a crowded place and someone asks you to move, it’s hard to respond, because where are you supposed to go?. Most taller people are polite and are mindful of their extra height. So chances are this tall person has decided that this is the best position to stand or sit based on not restricting the view for someone behind them.

Since you have no control over your height, you can’t help that you are tall. It also isn’t fair that just because you are tall that you always have to sit in the back, especially if you paid for a ticket just like everyone else.

13. Put Me Up On Your ShouldersGirl Sitting On Tall Mans Shoulders

Back in my younger days I would frequently attend festivals and concerts. While I absolutely love the vibe, the music and the atmosphere I hated being tall.

Why you ask, ‘don’t you have a better view from up there?’. Yes being tall certainly gives you the vantage point when looking over large crowds. But the shear number of times I’ve been asked by complete strangers to raise them up on my shoulders so they could be above the crowd was just insane.

First of all, I don’t know you and second of all what makes you think I want your sweating legs all over my shoulders and neck. Just because I’m tall does not mean I’m everyone’s personal step ladder.

14. You Should Be A Model

Tall Women mostly get asked it they model or get told that they should model. Similar to the whole do you play basketball. Just as annoying when you have heard this all your life. If I wanted to be a model, I would have been ok.

It’s Awkward Being Tall, Trust MeGiraffe Representing A Tall Person

While being tall can certainly have its benefits, it also comes with a lot of awkward comments. The good thing is that after a while you get a lot of good automatic replies to all the repetitive questions you hear.

If it’s a question about my height and I find it offensive, I always make sure to tell the person you know that tall people die younger right so be nice to me. Turns the tables a bit and makes them feel guilty for asking an inappropriate question.

Or the best thing about being tall is that tall people make more money. Yes it’s proven so you can stop annoying me now as I got money to go make. While its been a bit of fun going through this list of things you should not say to a tall person, its time to wrap it up now.

If you have any other crazy things people have said regarding your height, please do leave them below in the comments section.


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