Why Do Tall People Die Younger & What You Can Do About It

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Do Tall People Die YoungerStudies have provided different results on the mortality and health of short VS tall people over the past 100 years. During the last 30 years or so, many researchers have gotten a negative correlation between longevity and height based on samples from the deceased.

Findings that are based on many deaths that occur suggest that smaller and shorter bodies have lower rates of deaths with fewer diet-related chronic disorders, especially past when you are middle-aged. The short people appear to have average lifespans that are longer than taller people.

Researchers do mention that longevity differences between different sexes are because of the difference in heights. Since males average to be about eight percent taller than females, males have a 7.9% life expectancy at birth that is lower. Which is why people always say the Women lives longer than the Man. Does it have to do with the fact Men are typically taller than Women?. It may be a bunch of hocus pocus, but these results do suggest this.

The Future Of Tall PeopleDo Tall People Live Longer

Health and height relation has become more significant these days because rapid developments in genetic engineering which can provide parents with the opportunity to increase their height’s children. This is a concern for myself personally as I don’t think genes should be messed with.

However, researchers contend that anyone should not be moved along into a new world of increasing generations that are taller without having carefully considered the side effects of the global population of heavier and taller people. Yes the weight of a tall person is important as it it’s part of the BMI which correlates with health in general.

So Why Do Short People Live Longer

There’s a price for enjoying the perks of being tall, which unfortunately can result in a shorter lifespan. Experiments were also done for animals which indicate that smaller animals of the same species do actually live longer then their larger counterparts. From an evolutionary perspective when one grows faster and bigger that the common crowd, the taller individuals can have a shorter life which has been proven in the lifespan of rats.

In humans, this theory doesn’t seem as straight forward. Certain genes have been linked to both short stature and long life. The shorter populations seem to live longer though. It’s very difficult to know whether some aspects are a direct impact from someones height. For instance some diseases, nutrition or lifespan can be influenced by how tall someone is.

Being Taller Increases Cancer Risk?

Many scholars have argued that being taller puts one at a higher risk of cancer. The taller population has more cells which might mean they are more prone to cancer and mutation. Research on hormone-related cancers, such as breast, ovarian and prostate is more common among the height-gifted. Growth hormone also plays a role in the development of cancer as studies suggest that lack of it lowers one’s risk of the disease.

As shown on the World Cancer Research Fund website, an additional 5 cm in height can increase the chances of 6 different cancers. Theses are:

  • Kidney by 10%
  • Breast cancer 9-11% increase
  • Ovarian cancer 8% rise
  • Pancreatic 7% increase
  • Colorectal cancer(Colon or rectum) 5% raise
  • Prostate has a 4% increase when you’re taller.


Heart Disease & Diabetes Are Less Common In Tall People

Research indicates that short people are more prone to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Greater height allows more robust and larger blood vessels. Studies show that an individual tends to get protection from heart-related diseases as they were fed up with proper diets when they were young or they grew up in the environment where they were less exposed to infections.

Blood clots More Common In Tall People  Being Taller Increases Cancer Risk

Men who are six feet or more are prone to venous thromboembolism than those who are average height. Those who are obese and tall at the same time are even more likely to suffer from this condition.

A simple example of blot clots causing further problems can be when a taller person has their legs in a cast while flying. Being unable to move leg muscles more frequently can lead to blood clots. Maybe a rare case, but simple to get the point across. Blood clots can freely move to your lungs causing even death in most severe cases. Taller people have larger limbs and organs which makes blood clots more common.

How height affects mortality

Evidence suggests that people who are tall are more likely to exercise more, they are leaner and they smoke less. These health behavior differences can lead to better levels of cholesterol and lower blood pressure among taller people which explains why the short people are more likely to die of stroke, heart diseases and heart attack. However, this is a case to case situation. Not all tall people are exercise and health driven.

Taller people are more likely to be affected by many cancer disease types since they tend to have bigger organs. So chances are that one cell in an organ can become cancerous quicker than someone with less cells for example.

Tall People That Have Died At A Young Age

There are so many tall people who have died at a younger tender age than the average. This is one way to prove that taller people can die younger than the shorter people. Like for instance, Robert Pershing Wadlow an American who was popular of his height reached 8 ft 11.1 in (2.72 m) and a weight of 220 kg when he died. His continued growth in adulthood was because of hyperplasia of the pituitary gland that led to increased levels of human growth hormone.

There is also the case of actor Neil Fingleton, the tallest man in Europe who had a height of 7ft. This person died at a tender age of 36. These cases of early deaths in these taller people are not uncommon.

Preventing Pre-mature Death If You’re Tall

Be skeptical – For any study has ever been carried out connecting the height of a person and early death, chances are you will be able to find one that will tell you the opposite. Like for instance a study carried out sometime back showed that the taller people have between twenty to twenty-five percent lower risks of cardiac death. This is a disorder that has often been seen taking away our youth athletes.

Look down regularly – Your weight is one of the biggest risk factors that can lead you to death. The healthy short individuals usually have a lower body mass index than the tall healthy guys. Studies that have been done have shown a direct correlation between longevity and BMI. People are advised to keep their BMI in check alongside a total-body training program.

Relax & Stay HealthyHow To Live Longer As A Tall Person

Longevity studies that have been published over the past 35 years have been looked upon and scientists said that height is only a small percentage of the longevity picture. There are a lot of factors that have such a great impact like for instance alcohol intake, genetics, economic status, exercise levels and smoking. So is better to stress yourself on something else other than your height.

It’s well known now that smoking cigarettes can cause cancer, but just because you smoke doesn’t mean you are going to die from cancer. Sure your chances are higher, just like being tall. But there are steps you can take if you are seriously concerned.

Research each of the 6 cancers nominated by the world cancer fund and be pro-active about them. If you are actively encouraging one of these cancers either by your diet or lack of exercise, then do something about it. Brings the odds back into your favor. Don’t feed cancer what it wants. The other alternative is to turn a blind eye and just live your life.


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