Are Tall People Smarter Than Shorter People

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Being a taller person, naturally I believe that tall people are smarter than shorter people. But that is said with a complete biased tone. What I think is irrelevant, when it comes to a subject like this, research and studies need to be done in order to guarantee an outcome.

Research has found a moderate connection between height and IQ. By the time this piece of research was published, it sparkled countless debates, as people wanted to know whether this was true or not. Providing a straight answer to this question is very difficult, and it may require additional research work.

Nonetheless, we can take a closer look at a few considerations that may help you find the answer by yourself. Keep in mind, though, that each individual is unique. Even if you find some solid studies that prove tall people are smarter, you don’t need to consider the tallest person in a room on in a social group as being the most intelligent.

All these statistics are valid only when it comes to psychological and physiological traits or large groups of people. You can draw any conclusion at individual level, so think twice before considering your shorter neighbor stupid or unable to understand your words. Or even worse, don’t think just because someone is taller than you, they are smarter. This could end badly in many circumstances where you rely on someone for direction or help.

Does Your Height Effect Self Esteem Which Directly Affects Intelligence? Being Shorter Low Self Esteem

According to psychologists, people who have the feeling of being shorter than the average are more prone to experiencing low self esteem. As height has been one of the beauty standards for many decades, it’s easy to understand why short people end up by hating themselves. Such feelings may have their roots in the early childhoods, when taller kids may have bullied shorter ones. This is something that happens quite a lot in most schools and children communities.

Children are sensitive, and they can develop various behavior problems that will poison their adult life. All these may lead to troubles that can make shorter people appear less smart than taller ones who have enjoyed a normal childhood, free from frustration and bullying.

Furthermore, the truth is that the piece of research which revealed that tall people are smarter than shorter ones didn’t find big differences between the two categories of subjects. The IQ difference was way too small, so you shouldn’t imagine that all short people are dumb, while tall ones are intelligent.

There are many other factors that weigh a lot more than the height of a person, when it comes to assessing their intellectual abilities. There are certainly benefits to being taller, but with it comes many health risks associated with being taller. Besides, as mentioned above, any individual can be one of the exceptions, so you can’t draw a generally-valid conclusion, regardless the credibility of the studies you take into consideration.

How Sure Are You That You’re Smarter

We also need to ask ourselves what makes this type of scientific research legit. There are various IQ scales and tests developed by psychologists, but how accurate they are in reflecting such realities? A person can be intelligent, but unable to show this during a conversation, no matter on what kind of topics. A test may be biased, and therefore irrelevant. How can you be positive that everything you read online is actually true? How can you assess the professionalism of various psychologists who publish articles in newspapers, and magazines or on their won websites?

In order to get your answer, you should perhaps consider the origins of this question. As a matter of fact, the first questions regarding a possible correlation between height and IQ were raised by studies aimed at the development of school children. The goal of such research was to predict potential dullness or precocity as early in life as possible, based on evaluations performed by school teachers. This would have been an excellent method to discover the truly intelligent children, and stimulate their natural abilities, in order to boost their performance in various areas of activity. While the idea was not a bad one in itself, it generated conclusions that weren’t always the right ones.

Taller People Vs Shorter People

The Debate Continues…Are Tall People Smarter Than Shorter People

The height-intelligence correlation has been the subject of countless studies over the past 20 years, but the results don’t lead to a clear result that can be implemented in the real life of various communities. If you want to know more about the evolution of this direction for research, you can use your favorite search engine to find details about the most relevant studies that have been conducted by various scientists from all over the world.

The intelligence topic is something all scientific communities are interested in. We all want to be able to predict whether our children will be geniuses, so that we can stimulate their natural abilities even further. We also want to know how to asses the mental sharpness of people we get in contact with every day, so that we can properly adjust our own behavior and our expectations. Who wouldn’t like to know how smart their interlocutor is at a glance?

There’s still room for improvement in this direction, so all we can do for now is to rely on our personal “dumbness detector” to avoid people who don’t live up to our expectations in terms of innate intelligence and cognitive abilities. Ask the right questions, draw your own conclusions, and always use logic before deciding to avoid certain persons.

At the end of the day, we are all Human and are completely unique regardless of height. How smart you are can often be associated with how willing to learn someone is. A born smart person can also be very lazy and not pursue their gifts. Does this make them smart or not?.

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