Best Jobs For Tall People & Careers To Avoid

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Best Jobs For Tall People

As a tall up and comer it’s not unusual to start thinking about what profession could be best suited to you. After all, height has its many advantages, but could this be used to help you path a prosperous future. The best jobs for tall people can often be scattered across a number of industries. Which does give you plenty of options to consider.

But height alone is certainly not enough to guarantee you any job. Education, skills and experience are often required before you can even apply for a job. Fortunately for you, there are a number of occupations that are suitable for people that are tall. So having some sort of action plan in place beforehand will help you achieve the job of your dreams.

By going through these suitable job types listed below you can get an idea of what the profession entails. If something doesn’t interest you at all, you know you can cross it off your list. Generally speaking, most height relevant careers are often found in modeling, construction, moving and civil service. With these types of jobs, you will be able to make a difference in people’s lives as well as contribute to the community.

Careers You May Want To ReconsiderJobs To Avoid As A Tall Person

But before we look at the best careers a tall person may head down, lets have a quick look at some of the jobs tall people have had in the past and later regretted. This is of course not to say you shouldn’t take up a career in these fields, but just note that other tall people have had bad experiences from such industries.


Any profession that requires you to hunch over a lot is going to cause more discomfort for a tall person. Hairdressing for example, requires you to work over the top of someones head all day long. Now when you are quite tall, this can give you some serious lower back and neck pain. The solution to this is getting a custom chair made for you which will allow you to elevate your clients closer to your height for a more ergonomic working environment.


It’s hard enough working on scaffold due to the limited amount of working space, imagine having to erect scaffold on a daily basis. The amount of times you would bang your head would make it not worth it for me.

Till Operator

Working behind a till all day would be similar to being a hairdresser. The benches are low enough for regular height people, but for tall people they are far too low. Making it very difficult to bend over all day long to operate the till. Unless your boss is nice enough to stick a box or something under the till to raise it, I would pass.

Lawn Keeper

Until companies start producing grass mowers for tall people, anyone over 6 foot tall is in for a career of back pain as a mower man. Mower handles are simply too low and require us taller folks to hunch over for hours on end to make our lawns look like works of art. But as a job, no thanks.

Airline Cabin Crew

Some taller people are going to be very disappointed to discover that cabin crew must be within a certain height restriction. For may airlines, you can’t be taller than 6’4″ and some the maximum height allowed is a mere 6 foot tall.

Best Careers For A Tall Person

House Painter

Height relevant jobs
Taller Painters Don’t Need Stools/Ladders As Much

One of the professions I have used my height to my advantage over the years is house painting. Having extra reach is a huge advantage when it comes to painting. Especially if you run your own painting business as you can drastically cut down labor costs because of the legit short cuts you can take due to your height.

As a painter, you will be responsible for applying paint to structures such as buildings, houses, ceilings, walls etc. When painting, you will often need to reach up to protect areas from any paint over spray. You will also need to use a ladder to apply paint to surfaces.

A tall person will have an advantage in this occupation because they will be able to reach higher areas compared to a shorter person. For example to paint a ceiling you need to use a paint brush to ‘cut in’ the ceiling. This is basically using the brush to paint where a roller wont fit/reach.

When you’re tall you can ‘cut in’ ceilings and walls without using a ladder. This can save many hours over the course of a job. Not having to get up and down a ladder every 30 seconds and move the ladder is a big money saver. When you multiple 10 hours saved x $40, you can really make a killing as a tall painter.

However, the downside to being a tall painter is having to paint things down low. Bending over to paint skirting boards for a few hours really does a number on your back. Especially if you’re tall.

A Tall ElectricianElectrician On Ladder

Much of an electricians job involves installing lights, fans etc into ceilings. Being tall allows you to eliminate the need to go up and down a 3 foot ladder on each and every down light. An electrician is a professional who repairs, inspects and installs electrical fixtures, equipment and wires.

Part of the job requires you to stand and install objects while standing up or using a ladder. As a tall person, you will have more leverage when installing wires and objects which will make the job easier. In many cases, you can install objects without a ladder as previously mentioned. This can also turn 2 man jobs into one tall mans job and save your boss money.

However the downside to being a tall electrician is when you have to enter small spaces. Many people have shallow roofs in which an electrician must crawl around in to install air con, lighting etc. Being shorter in this instance is certainly a bonus.

The Construction Industry As A Whole

The construction industry caters to all sorts of people, tall short or in between. Certain trades in this occupation you will help put together building structures as well as place objects on top of one another.Such as the frame work on a low story house.

Shorter people can do this work, but a tall person will have an advantage since they can complete work without the need for ladders and stools. They will also be able to install building structures with less physical strain than shorter people. As being tall is often associated with extra strength. Being tall is quite beneficial if you are someone who wants to work in an occupation such as carpentry or glass installation or even a cleaner.

Business & CEO RolesTall CEO Business Career

It is said that taller people are more successful when it comes to business like careers. This is because height can be recognized as power, socially fit and a leader. According to some studies, the brain sees height and instantly associates it with these qualities along with fitness, strength and intelligence.

All these qualities are something you want from a CEO or a leader of a business right?. But being tall doesn’t mean you are naturally gifted in the business world. It just means you are often perceived as a powerful leader with the smarts to back it up.

US Air Force Pilot

Before you even think about a career as a pilot in the US Air Force, you first have to meet their strict height requirements. Tall people can benefit from this requirement provided you are no taller than 6’4″ or 77 inches when standing.

Along with all the other very strict requirements like no more than 24% body fat for men and 32% for women. Now being a tall pilot would be very cool. Finally you would have an answer to “Hows the view from up there?”….

Camera operator

One of the best jobs for people who are tall is camera work. Joining a camera crew can allow you to have a rewarding career while using your tall height to your advantage.

As a camera crew member, you will handle cameras for televising shows and movies. You will also help show sporting events as well. Since you need to get views from a variety of angles and provide appealing views for spectators, being tall can help.

You will be able to get video footage from angles that shorter people would be unable to get. Such as in a crowded area where you need to reach over the top of people. As a result, you will be able to provide viewers with unique and beneficial views as a camera crew member.

Hollywood Movie StarCareers For Tall Actors

While its no secret that shorter actors have the preference, its not to say a tall actor can never make it into Hollywood. Take Chris Hemsworth for example. For most roles he felt he had to lie about his height to get the role, thinking he was too tall. But for the role of Thor, he had to meet a above average height just to secure the role. There’s many other movie stars that are tall, so never give up hope.

Become A Tall Photographer

Another job that is beneficial for tall people is photography. This is an occupation where you take photographs of various things such as landscapes, buildings, people and landmarks. While photographers of any size can take photographs, tall people can sometimes have an advantage.

In some cases, a shorter person would need to use a ladder or some stool to help get a better quality photo of something. However, a tall person can take photos without such an aid. As a result, they will be in position to get better quality photos and/or get photos that shorter people would not be able to get.

Aren’t All Models Tall?Tall Model Career

Modeling is an occupation that is quite common among tall people. Whether you are a male or a female, being tall is often essential to get a job in this field. Female models are usually 5’9” to 6’0” while male models are between 5’11” and 6’2”.

A tall person will be able to show off the most recent clothing and accessories. While they may look good on a shorter person, a tall person will allow people to get a more detailed look at certain footwear and apparel due to their taller height.

HVAC Technician

Tall people who are looking for an ideal career can consider employment as a HVAC technician. This occupation entails inspecting, installing and repairing air conditioning and heating units. Part of the job will require installing objects as well as working with large objects.

While shorter people can succeed in this job, a tall person can have an advantage by being able to hold onto objects at higher levels and also reach up to install an object. Being tall can enable you to perform this job more efficiently.

Civil Services

When searching for a career, tall people will benefit by pursuing one in civil service. One of the most important civil service jobs is firefighting. This is an occupation where you put out fires, climb through windows, go into properties and help people get out of areas that are in flames.

Shorter people can succeed in this occupation but tall people will often have an advantage. One of the advantages that you will have as a tall person is being able to use a hose to put out fires from a higher location.

Tall people who work as firefighters can also rescue people more easily by reaching up to individuals who are in danger from a high distance. Firefighters are also paid quite well and receive a lot of benefits such as health insurance and a pension.

If You’re Tall, You Can Do Anything

Deciding on a career is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make in your life. As a tall person, its not unusual to consider your height as a way to make a career. While you can succeed in any occupation as a tall person, there are some where you will have considerable advantages such as the ones mentioned above.

But ultimately what it comes down to is your drive and your passion. Not many of us have their dream jobs. Many of us settle for what we are good at or what we have come accustomed too.

Height is really just a small fraction of what really matters in creating a enjoyable career. Follow your heart and never let anyone use your height to discriminate against you.

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