Are Taller People More Successful – 7 Reasons Why

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Are Taller People More Successful

Height, there’s no avoiding it. You’re either taller or shorter than the person next to you. Genetics play a huge role in your height and some foods can make you taller, but how does height determine the successes in life. Are taller people more successful than average or shorter height persons.

Believe it or not, but how tall you are can be a reflection of how successful you can or may be. This is not to say just because someone is 6’5″ tall, they are instantly going to be successful the minute they graduate school either. So don’t start stretching the limbs and trying some crazy behaviors to make yourself taller just yet.

While being tall certainly has its advantages in being successful, height is just one of the factors that influence success. It’s also worth noting that success to one person may not necessarily be classified as a success to the next person in line.

Success can be found in various forms and situations. People can claim success over many things such as: Getting married, having healthy children, living a fruitful life, beating a disease, getting high scores at school and so on. But for the most part, the success is the completion of a desired goal or purpose.

For the purposes of this article, it will be geared more towards being financially successful through the means of business. Some of the tallest Hollywood actors may be successful as they achieved their goal of becoming a big screen actor. But this does not necessarily reflect financial success so to speak. However fame and popularity is deemed as success to some people, just not in this case.

Tall People Earn More Money In GeneralTall Persons Success Income Guide

Recent studies have proven that height is a influence in determining whether taller people get paid more. So much so that an extra inch in height could bag you an extra $800 a year. Now that’s not a bad perk to being a taller person.

For example take two people applying for the same job who are exactly the same on paper in terms of qualifications, experience, and age. But there is one critical difference. One of them is considerably taller than the other person. So who do you hire?.

Many studies have proved that the taller candidate will be offered the job. Which means its back to the drawing board for the other person who’s drawn the short straw with their inherited height game sweepstakes.Obviously this is not reality in every instance, but many employers see height as an advantage to their company for many reasons in which we will find out below.

First The job, Next The Pay Rise

This means tall people overall have a greater chance of securing a job, but how does this reflect on their salary?. While there’s no official height versus income level chart, it boils down to the imaginary height level pay chart employers subconsciously have in their minds. As previously mentioned, as little as an extra inch could score you more money. In the subconscious mind, a few inches above five feet three inches will put a person in the next height level pay grade.

7 Reasons Why Taller People Are Deemed More Successful

Being tall has its advantages, with tall people head and shoulders above the rest in more ways than one. Being shorter does seem to have a few disadvantages and perhaps, not sticking out in a crowd in the way a taller person might can lead to less opportunities.

But why do taller people get paid more and seem to be more successful?. Much of it comes down to our subconscious way of thinking which goes back thousands of years. A taller person held higher powers in the eyes of the world which still lingers in our brains to this day.

  1. Strong Leaders: Taller people can be physically stronger than someone the same size, just shorter. This is seen as power and a quality many companies seek in their employees. With power comes leadership and the ability to demand respect from co-workers.
  2. Tall people could be deemed more intelligent. Various studies have proved that height can influence a higher IQ. But this is certainly not to say every tall person is equally intelligent.
  3. The CEO success factor. More studies have proved that CEOs are on average taller.
  4. Higher salaries. Which we looked at already and every extra inch matters in terms of making more money. For many people, financial status is the biggest success in life. So having a higher income is high priority.
  5. Positive Attitude. More studies have reported that taller people are more positive which is probably not surprising when you consider the financial advantages that can result from being a tall confident strong leader.
  6. More output. Yes, it’s another study and taller people can be found to be more productive.
  7. The confidence factor. Being tall, and with the ability to see everything going on, breeds confidence. Plus of course having the best jobs, with the highest salaries, also helps.

Confidence Gained Through HeightHeight Leads To Confidence Through Sports

For the confidence factor, this is something that could have been picked up very early in life through being recognized for being good at sport. This could be any sport such as basketball, football, tennis, athletics or baseball. Sometimes with a sport, it’s not all about individual skill set one may pose, but the fact a taller person in a team environment can be a great asset overall.

It’s not that a taller team player may be technically more gifted. In fact, in many cases, they might not be as gifted as a smaller person but their height stands out and they get picked (Referring to school games). This, of course, helps with confidence as they know they are never going to be left out.

All sports put tall people in the public eye and provide opportunities to learn social skills at a younger age. In most team games these days, at the highest levels, nearly all the team members are around and over the six feet tall mark.

Tall Successful PeopleTall Presidents USA

If success is measured by being the president of the United States then Donald Trump fits the bill. He’s six feet three inches and saw off Marco Rubio for Republican Presidential nomination. Rubio lost out in the height stakes to Trump at only five feet ten inches. The same applied to Hilary Clinton at just four inches off being a foot smaller than Trump. Abraham Lincoln was also quite tall at 6’4″.

Another example of a tall person making the most of his ability is Arnold Schwarzenegger who’s actually an inch shorter than Trump. Born in Austria in 1947 Schwarzenegger became a self-made millionaire during his twenties thanks to the efforts he put in with his construction company.

He also did quite well as an actor and is also regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders to ever strut their stuff on the bodybuilding catwalk. Between 2003 and 2011 he added being California’s Governor to his impressive resume.

Bodybuilding launched Schwarzenegger which he took very seriously. He didn’t just enter for the sake of entering. He did it to win and make money which he used to start his business. As the ultimate bodybuilder, he cashed in on this by providing bodybuilding fitness programs to anyone interested in that kind of niche. This provided him with the necessary funds to make his mark, with muscles, in the construction world.

Successful Tall EntertainersHow Tall Is Brooke Shields

Tall women have been well represented in the entertainment world with the six foot Uma Thurman and five feet eleven inch Nicole Kidman who didn’t have to worry about heels during her relationship with the much shorter Tom Cruise. At six feet one inch Liz Large specializes in clothing for tall women. She’s well aware that height plays an important role in her career and she never had any problems being promoted. She believed people just thought she was actually older than she was because of her height which pushed her forward. Again confidence would have played a bit part.

In the music scene, there are many famous tall and successfully musicians. The rock world’s tall stars include a list of rockers like Chad Kroeger, Gene Simmons, Courtney Love and many more.

For whatever reason, there seems to be a lot of tall country singers making a name for themselves as well. Maybe it’s something in the water?. But does this mean you need to be tall to become successful?. Absolutely not, but it does show that if you are tall, don’t feel as though you chances at success are limited. It’s a big world out there and the taller your are, the more opportunities you can see.

People Make Themselves Taller For Success

Back in the late seventies heels were very much in fashion and not just for woman. Our five feet three-inch businessman could wear six-inch heels to make him closer to six feet and bump up his salary.

With flared trousers as well in fashion this could have worked? But high-heels are generally thought about with regards to women who’ve suffered wearing them for decades. But the pain of high-heels has definitely proved gain for women and made their efforts all worthwhile.
For for example, tall females could be considered, on first sight, to be:

  • More ambitious
  • Independent
  • More assertive and confident in their decision making capabilities.
  • Attractive as both an asset to the company for their qualities and confidence.

Success Starts With You

Being tall not only provides a clearer picture of the road ahead it also gives taller people a slight advantage in terms of success. But this certainly doesn’t correlate with the entire tall person population. Success is derived from many factors and how tall you are should be the least of your concerns.

Sure if you’re taller, you can take some confidence from this article when going in for interviews and obtaining higher levels of employment. But the bottom line is that success is a result of knowledge and hard work. Whether the success is about financial goals, relationships or sporting achievements. Knowledge and commitment to hard work is key to success. Not necessarily the fact you’re 6’7″ tall.

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