Extra Long Twin Daybeds For Tall People

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Extra Long Twin Daybeds

Daybeds are super creative ways of utilizing seating options and a guest bed all in one. But for tall people they pose many issues. Trying to find extra long daybeds for tall people is almost impossible.

This is because daybeds are generally constructed with 3 sides: The two ends and the back so that it resembles a deep Sofa type of seating solution. As a tall person, having the two ends create huge issues because they cramp up your sleeping position.

As most daybeds come in twin sizes only, you only get a 75″ sleeping length if you’re lucky. Some daybeds will state that they are 75″, but that is including the frame which makes the mattress shorter than a twin size.


Quick Comparison

Size Measurements Price
Twin XL 81"x40"x13.5"H Check Price Amazon
Twin-Twin XL 81.5"x41.75"x45.5"H Check Price Amazon
Queen 86.22"x63.78"x31.3"H Check Price Amazon
Extra Long Futons Up To Queen 80"x60" View Extra Long Futons
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So What’s The Solution For A Taller Person?

You could always get a daybed custom made to suit your height, but this can end up being quite expensive. While this is the best option for the most comfortable sleeping position, it’s not always possible.

The next best option is to look for Twin XL daybeds. The difference between a standard twin and a XL twin daybed is an extra 5 inches in length. So instead of 75″, the XL twins are 80″. The same length as a queen mattress. The width however remains the same at 39″ wide.

So buying a Twin XL daybed seems easy enough, but you’re wrong. These beds seem to be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That is unless I’m looking i the wrong places!.

I’ve spent countless hours searching online for extra long daybeds to accommodate people over 6 foot and I must say the options are very limited. A 80″ daybed will accommodate someone 6’6″ in a straight position just, and I mean just. If you sleep with your legs curled, then sure its fine for taller people as well.

So below you can find a couple of the extra long twin daybeds I was able to find online. If you manage to find more, please do let me know in the comments below. I’m sure the tall community would greatly appreciate the help.

Extra Long Twin Daybed Frame

Antique Daybed Sleeper – Fits A XL Twin Mattress

Extra Long Twin Daybed Frame

The only iron extra long twin daybed frame I could come across was this antique model. Available in either this Bronze Iron color or White available on amazon.

The description of the daybed states that this bed can in fact fit a Twin XL mattress, which is not included. There is also a consumer review to back this up. But I would imagine it would be a tight squeeze as the beds length is a touch under 80 inches.

But the good thing about this iron tube design is that if the bed is a fraction too short, you can wiggle you feet in between the iron tubular Victorian style design on either end. Whereas with solid timber daybeds, you don’t have this option and can feel more squished.

Antique DayBed Sleeper


Daybed For Tall People With Storage Or Trundle

Daybed For Tall People With Storage

I really like the design of this daybed as it gives you the option to sleep 2 guests or use the underneath trundle for storage. Best part is that the top level can accommodate a twin XL mattress as it is 81.5″ in length. There is also confirmation of this from within the reviews for this daybed.

However it’s worth noting only the top level can fit an extra long mattress. The trundle/pull out bed fits a regular twin size mattress. But still its a good idea to take full advantage of limited space. The trundle does have a plywood base, so it is quite acceptable for you to use it as storage when not needed for a spare bed.

Besides being an extremely well constructed daybed that just looks stunning, it’s also very practical. Many daybeds don’t really fit adults and are more designed for teens and children. But this honey maple stained timber daybed can fit a full size adult no problems.

Whats even better is that neither of the 2 levels of bedding require box springs. This is because both levels are supported by bed slats that are screwed into position. Overall, I like this wooden daybed a lot more over the above iron tubed bed. It’s practical and can certainly suit extra long mattresses on the top level. Great for adults and tall people.

*If you don’t like the stained timber look, you can also get this daybed in white.

Fashion Bed Group Casey Complete Wood Daybed


Alternative Daybed Options For Taller Persons

Queen Daybeds

Queen Daybed

As Twin XL daybeds are quite hard to find, Queen size daybeds are just about impossible. Queen size daybeds also have an 80 inch length making them the go to option for taller people. But the drawback to a queen daybed is the depth of the seat/bed.

While queen is fine for sleeping on, when used for the purposes of seating they are awfully deep. So you need to compensate this with a lot of large pillows. Otherwise it just looks like you have a queen bed in the middle of your lounge room.

The queen size daybed pictured here is the Baxton Studio Eliza and is available on amazon. It was the only daybed I could find that fits a true queen size mattress.


Extra Long Futons & SofasAlternatives To Daybeds - Futons

If you’ve given up on the hunt for extra long daybeds due to lack of options, perhaps you could consider a good futon or sofa/sleeper for tall people. A reclining sofa or extra long sofa can still be used as a guest bed for taller people while also acting as a lounge chair during the day. Without the need to do too much setting up.

While extra long futons on the other hand are harder to disguise as they simply look like futons. But these days you can get some pretty decent looking futons with super comfortable mattresses. Compared to 20 years ago, futons have moved up in the world quite a bit.

If you have any other suggestions for daybeds with extra long lengths suitable for tall people, please do share your ideas and experiences below. Other tall people will appreciate the help.


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