How To Grow Taller During Puberty From Exercises To Eating Healthy

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How To Grow Taller During PubertyOh Puberty, that time in a child’s life when everything changes. Our once adored little babies are becoming adults and we aren’t quite sure if we’re ready to accept this change as parents. One of the most noticeable changes is our kids height. For many parents and kids, the number one concern is how to grow taller during puberty.

With the increase in hormones, mood swings and random pains throughout the body, knowing how tall your child will become is quite the common association. Some parents, and children, can at times be concerned with their rate of growth.

While there is nothing wrong with being short, for the most part people like to have a bit of a height advantage. The reasons why you would want to grow taller during puberty are discussed later in this article. But first lets take a quick look at what growth spurts are and whether or not your child is following the normal path towards maximizing their height. Followed by ways to grow taller as a teenager though exercise and proper nutrition.

Can My Teen Grow Taller Yet?

What is the definition of growth spurt? Growth spurts are mostly associated with adolescence and the puberty stages though they can also happen during the infancy stage. Besides when we are babies, the largest growth spurt is when we hit puberty. So when wanting to grow taller, now is the time to strike.

During the period of a growth spurt, hormones like testosterone, growth hormones, progesterone, estrogen, and others, increase growth rate in our children. This results in weight gain and height growth of our kids. They are essentially entering the first stages of adulthood.

Research has shown that girls begin puberty at the age of ten years while boys begin puberty particularly at the age of 12 or 13 years. The start of menses in girls usually occurs around the age of 12.5.

Boys usually see their massive growth spurts at the age of 14 to 16 years. The biggest growth spurt is determined by the time onset of puberty because some boys will start at an earlier age than others.

Research has shown men stop growing based on the time puberty began though majority stop growing at the age of eighteen years. Also, some men will tend to grow until their twenties.

How Tall Will Puberty Make Someone

This process can be termed as a mysterious type of a process for teens, although all individuals go through it at one point in their life. There is no equation or formula to predict how tall one will be at the end of puberty. While there are factors that influence why some people are taller, most of the data points at genes.

Peak height is usually determined by genetics( how tall dad and mom are plus the influence of relatives). Some individuals are late bloomers because they experience their growth spurt in the late years of the teenage stage.

5 Ways To Become Taller During Puberty

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of SleepDoes Sleep Affect Growth Height

All teens at puberty need at least 8 hours of sleep according to the National sleep foundation. Growth hormones during sleep circulate at their highest speed enhancing growth rate. Research has shown that a delayed sleep will definitely cause a delayed hormone growth.

During puberty, the circadian rhythm will automatically change the sleep-wake cycle. The circadian rhythm is basically your internal body clock and during puberty your internal alarm clock is being adjusted. It’s not uncommon for this internal body clock to vary as you get older as well.

However what is very important is that the body gets enough rest to rejuvenate. Teens during their puberty should consider having enough rest because it helps the body to recover and repair body tissues that are undergoing some extreme changes.

At this stage, sleeping posture is essential because it can determine the rate of growing taller. Research has shown sleeping on a flat surface will relieve pressure from your spine, and this is crucial for teens growth.

Eat Height Enhancing FoodsPoor Diet Stunts Teens Height

Nutrition is important to optimal growth of teens. Teens are notorious for bad choices when it comes to proper nutrition. Not all, but many are drawn to the attraction of fast food and junk food.

During the growth spurt associated with puberty, nutrients and calories are highly demanded by the body. Nutrition is important for optimal growth. A teen wanting to maximize their height should avoid junk foods and stick to healthy foods to stimulate growth.

Protein can be classified as the most crucial major nutrient in the growth of teens. Protein helps in building tissues, bones, and muscles as well as helping in body repair. However don’t overdo the protein intake as it can be dangerous. More than one gram of protein per pound of body weight can cause dehydration of the body rather than growth.

Body builders during the off season average around 1.3 grams of protein per pound of body weight, so as a teen having more than 1 gram per pound is too high. Too much protein can lead to heart disease, kidney damage and osteoporosis. So keep this in mind while feeding your children during puberty. You want to maximize height, but not at the cost of a life limiting disease.

Focus on Vitamin D and Calcium

The growth of long bones is associated with vitamin D and Calcium nutrient. Intake of vitamin D and calcium will lead to healthy and strong bones in teens. In order to perfect this, teens during their puberty should put the focus on the diets which contain vitamin D and calcium. Calcium can be found in fish, milk, dairy products, and green vegetables while vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight.


Exercises To Increase Height During PubertyExercises To Increase Height During Puberty

It is capable of a teen to increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone) level when he or she performs proper forms of exercises. These exercises should be performed under a trained instructor for efficiency and effectiveness.

Cycling is one of the exercises that you should emphasize to grow lengthened legs. Increase the height of the cycle seat to enhance your height. This will be because a teen at puberty will demand to stretch his or her legs for the pedals. Increasing the height of the handles will also help stretch the body over time. As teens love the freedom of a bike ride, it makes sense to encourage them to do it more so when optimal height is desired.

Stretches To Grow Taller During Puberty

There are numerous stretching exercises that a teen can perform to increase their height. These stretches include standing twist movement, cobra, spine stretches and yoga are some of the helpful exercises which will stimulate your height growth.

Apart from above-listed exercises, sprinting, swimming, jump rope, basketball will also help in boosting your height level which will automatically make your body grow stronger and possibly taller as a result.

This activity will increase the rate of metabolism in the body which will support good appetite. This will help in healthy living which will automatically help a teen in puberty to grow taller. Besides a good appetite, exercising during puberty can stimulate nerve endings which stimulates the HGH gland which encourages natural growth.


Meal Planning Helps Maximize Puberty Height

Teens during their puberty should have an eating pattern that aims at attaining good nutrition. While we have already discussed he importance in a well balanced diet to aid in growing taller during puberty, applying this diet to a meal plan is just as important.

Teens during their puberty tend to skip some meals which can lead to hunger and overeating as a result. Spontaneous eating is not ideal when wanting to grow taller, following a meal plan is the best idea. As teens and people going through puberty always seem to be hungry, sticking to a meal plan is certainly not easy. However it is advisable for all teens during puberty to take three meals in each day without skipping.

In addition, light meals are more important than skipping the whole meal altogether. So if your time is short and lunch is not really an option on the odd occasion, its best to fit in a lighter meal rather than having no lunch at all. You should spread out your teen’s food intake evenly.

Why Teens Want To Grow Taller During Puberty

With a world so focused on appearances, its no surprise that more and more teens and their parents are looking for ways to grow taller during puberty. While there are certainly disadvantages to being a tall adult, for the most part being tall is seen in a positive light.

Many teens will want to grow taller because they believe that having the extra height will have a positive impact on their lives. Especially as a male, the main advantage of being a tall male is the appeal from the opposite sex. It’s often said that a tall man is more attractive.

This is just like individuals who are unhappy with their body weight, pro-active people will adjust their diets and go to the gym to build their body shape how they desire. But it’s not necessarily possible to grow taller as an adult just because you want to compared to loosing weight which is a direct result of our actions.

Reasons To Want To Grow Taller As A Teen

  • Some boys will be shorter than their girlfriends as girls hit puberty earlier. As the male typically likes to be taller, this can be a concern for boys going through puberty.
  • Some teens at their puberty will want to grow taller to gain self-confidence. Being taller certainly brings with it confidence in oneself.
  • Taller adults can make more money compared to shorter people. so teens with the entrepreneurial edge will see this as a positive.
  • Taller people can be stronger as a result of bigger and longer muscles and bones. This is appealing to males in particular that want to play sports, body build or for general self confidence.

Should You Force Someone In Puberty To Become Taller?Not Every Teens Wants To Be Tall

While we can see from the above ways to become taller during puberty, does it make it right to enforce this onto your own children?. At the end of the day, this is a personal choice and if the child wants to try and add a few extra inches in height as a result of eating healthy and exercising, there really is no problem with it.

But forcing a child can be opposite. Resentment and anger can be the direct result of trying to change someone. So its a tricky situation and one that should always be discussed with your Doctor or health profession before drastically changing diets an exercise capacity.

Did you try to grow taller while you were going through puberty?. We would love to hear your stories and opinions on the topic. Feel free to share them below in the comments sections.

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