Do Guys Like Tall Girls? Inside The Mans Mind

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Being a taller person myself, I find I get asked the same question quite a lot. That is “Do guys like tall girls?”. Because I am tall, they naturally assume I go for taller Women. But when a women asks if men really do like taller women, I feel it stems from possible height self confidence issues. In turn, this also applies to tall men. As much as women say they want a tall dark handsome man, there is a restriction on how tall in many cases.

There are a lot of different types of girls, and there are men out there that like all of them. But if you’re a Tall women and are concerned as to whether a guy will dislike you because of your height, it’s time to drop that train of thought and start valuing yourself for a person regardless of how tall you or someone else is.

But First, What Height Is Considered Tall

You may be a 5’4″ female and considered average height in your home land. But in another country you may in fact be regarded as a short female. Labeling yourself as tall can often be a self impression or an opinion implanted in your brain from regular comparisons with the people around you.

But for those that need to know, the average height for a Female born in the USA is 5’4″. According the Medical News Today, Men are typically found to be taller than females on average. But that’s not to say a Female won’t be taller than a male in a relationship. It’s just the law of averages.

Women Like Taller Men, What About Tall Females?Do Guys Like Tall Girls

Do guys like tall girls? The answer to this question is yes, there are men out there that love tall women. You may hear that men only like women that are shorter than them, but that’s not always the case. There are men out there that like women to be taller and larger than them in general.

If you ask around, every guy you talk to is going to like something different when it comes to how tall of a woman they like. Guys are generally not that picky when it comes to women and how tall they are. For a man with integrity, your height shouldn’t be a deal breaker if you the person has ticked all of his other boxes. However it is worth noting that many Men do like to be taller than the women as it gives them a sense of pride and masculinity.

Random Interviews: Does Height Matter In A Relationship

In this short video you can get random opinions and thoughts on whether height is important in a relationship. You will discover that it’s generally not a deal breaker when it comes to liking someone. If that someone special in your life is one foot shorter or one foot taller than you, it’s hardly worth not making the first move over.


Men Do Like Tall Women

The truth is, some guys won’t go for a girl that is too tall and this can be considered quite petty. But for the majority, height is not a factor that will make or break the relationship. There’s more to any relationship besides looks and height. Sadly, some men and women don’t realize this until its too late.

Guys like women that are able to take care of themselves. While you may think that men want to take care of the women that they are dating and then get married to, they mainly like it when a woman doesn’t need their help to live their day to day lives.

For instance, it’s more attractive if a woman has a good job than if a woman were to not do anything but live with their parents. You’ll find that men like ambitious women more than they like women that don’t have much going on for themselves. Of course, men are out there that like all types of women so this isn’t written in stone.

If You’re Too Tall, Don’t StressDoes Height Matter In A Relationship

You’re going to hear that there are more fish in the sea when it comes to men. Basically, if you find one that doesn’t like you because you’re tall or because of something else, there is going to be another guy out there that loves everything about you. It’s just a matter of dating as many people as possible until you find someone that you connect with. It can take a while, but there are people out there that will love you for who you are. But just remember, taller people are smarter, so never let a short person bring you down.

If you’re trying to find a partner that loves you for who you are, then you need to learn to be yourself around others. You may feel like it’s too much to be yourself and that you need to act a certain way, but that will just get you partners that don’t really know you and what you’re like. You need to show them who you really are and talk with them about what you’re interested in. You’re going to want to avoid just being shy because that’s not going to help you to find a partner that likes you for you.

Most Men Are Attracted To Looks, Not Your Height

When dating you’re going to find that men really like women that try to look their best. This means that a woman is going to have to dress up, do their makeup, and do their best to look good. This of course works both ways. Besides the ‘visual appeal’, there’s a hidden attraction in self respect. When you look after your health and body it shows that you care about yourself. It’s an attractive feature to the opposite sex when you respect yourself enough to try and look good for your partner and yourself. If you dress like a slob, act like a slob. Chances are the potential partner is not going to find you attractive due to no self respect.

Of course, there are also men out there that like women that go with a more natural look and that doesn’t try hard to look good. Provided its not borderline unhygienic just derived from no self respect. Again it works both ways. Most women want a man that respects himself enough to shower, wear clean clothes and try to be somewhat presentable.

It’s really just a matter of what kind of man you want to attract. But, there are men of all kinds that will love it if you dress up and look great for them while you’re dating or looking for a date.

Get Back On The Dating Wagon

There are a lot of guys are out there, so it does you no good to get hung up on what one guy thinks of you. If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for when you date someone, then quit dating them and go with someone else that is going to fulfill your needs a lot better than the person that you’re just dating because you feel forced to. Dating is important to do only with people that you connect with, so if a first date yields no results you shouldn’t go on more.

Now you know that there are guys that like tall women just like there are guys out there that like short women. Do guys like tall girls? The answer is yes, and you also learned more about what types of girls men find attractive in general. Who knows, there may be a taller Man waiting around the corner for you. So be yourself, wear your self respect badge with pride and go get them.

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