Dealing With Being Tall – The Emotional Strategy

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You have heard it far too many times, right? All of those friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers who tell you, ‘I wish I was as tall as you are’. It can seem like the more that people tell you it, the more you feel a strong dislike for your height. ‘If they know how it felt emotionally to be tall, they would never even dream of saying such a thing!’. This is often a thought that runs around my head on a daily basis.

So, what is to be done? Should you go through your entire life wishing you could be that little bit shorter? Most certainly, you should not! In fact, there are many advantages of being height propelled. So not all is doom and gloom. With that in mind I am going to share a few tips with you that you may find helpful to emotionally dealing with being tall and with the end result being that you actually enjoy the fact you have extra height over most other people.

Accepting You’re Tall Is The First StepDealing With Being Tall - The Emotional Strategy

You may think you have already accepted the fact that you are a tall person, however, there is every chance that you haven’t fully engaged in this step. No matter how much you wish you could shorten yourself down, no matter how often you look enviously at other ‘less tall’ people, nothing is going to change the fact that you are a tall person. Instead of spending time wishing you were something you are not, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and say (out loud preferably), ‘I, like many other people, am a tall person. That is who I am’ and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Accepting the fact that you are tall is key to embracing this part of your individual personality. Otherwise, you may spend half of your life dreaming about something that is never going to happen. It can be hard, especially when peers bully you for your height. But your best defense to this is to simply ignore them and not give them anything to use against you. Once they know if is emotionally affecting you, they will continue to push harder and harder to make you crack. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Be proud of who you are.

Changing Your Mindset To Deal With Being A Tall Person

Now that you are in full acceptance of the fact that you are a tall individual, it is time to adapt to that fact. What do I mean?. Changing your mindset, not just accepting your height, but embracing it to its full potential. Often, we are talking about a complete change of emotional mindset.

Up until this point you may have been viewing your height as a negative thing, perhaps the biggest thing that you would change about yourself if you were given the chance. This is the wrong mindset to have in place, it’s time to do a complete flip on this and start thinking positively. This does take time to master and it is a step you need to take once you have accepted the fact you are taller than many people. Once you have accepted the fact, you are ready to start to take a glimpse into the positives that comes with it. Shall we tell you about a few things that you get to enjoy just because you are tall?

Hey There Good Looking – Tall Is AttractiveOvercoming Tall Person Syndrome

Tall people tend to carry weight much better. That means that even if you end up putting on a little weight in the future, there is much more chance that people won’t notice it the same as if you were shorter. Of course, that’s not to mention that tall people tend to need to eat more and let’s face it, eating is a good thing!.

A tall Man is often perceived as being more attractive than shorter Men, while the same can be said for Women. It is less common unfortunately. However, all the top models around the world ‘must’ be tall. So what does that tell you?.

Tall People Have Bigger Muscles

While you may not feel like the next Arnold Schwarzenegger with muscles bulging out of you clothes, having the extra height can often mean you are stronger than someone of similar fitness levels. This is because our muscles and limbs are longer. So while they may not be bulging muscles, they are longer and cover more square inch in comparison. Which lead to a natural improvement in day to day strength. This is of course the simple explanation as to how tall people can be stronger.

Sports & Athletics AdvantageTall Athlete High Jump

Tall people tend to get picked first for sports and often for good reason. Many sports lend themselves more to people who have a good height which means the door to a host of sports activities could be a very easy one for you to open.

Obviously just because you are tall does not mean you need to be the next greatest NBA super star. There are many other areas in the sport world where height is an advantage. Have you noticed how many sprinters and marathon runners are very tall?. How about any sport where you need to catch balls, the extra height can mean the differences between loosing and pulling off a dramatic catch to win the game for your team.

Tall Persons Fashion

There is a reason why many models are tall. A large number of fashion styles really suit tall people. If up until this point, you have felt like everything looks better on your shorter friends you simply may not have found the right style and shape for your body, but when you do, there is every chance that you are going to enjoy a major confidence boost.

Tall People Can Achieve Greatness

So, you have accepted the fact that you are a tall person, you have adapted your emotional attitude toward your height so that you get positive vibes when you see yourself in a shop window rather than those nasty negative ones that used to plague you in the past. What’s next?

It’s time achieve. In other words, you need to embrace all of the positive aspects of being tall and use them to make your life more enjoyable. Be strict with yourself and do not allow, even for a moment, yourself to wallow in a negative vibe. You are all individual and that is something amazing, embrace it, love it and don’t let anyone make you feel anything else!

Some of the biggest Hollywood stars are tall. Had they belittled themselves into thinking there height held them back, I can confidentiality say they would be highly regretful right about now. Some of the tall Hollywood actors include:

  • Liam Neeson
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Will Ferrell
  • Ben Affleck
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Katie Holmes
  • And many many more…

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