Extra Long Khaki Pants For Tall Women

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Extra Long Khaki Pants For Tall Women

Trying to find long inseam pants is a hard enough choir both in the online world and down at the local mall. When you are looking for something even more specific like extra long Khaki pants for tall Women, the task becomes even more challenging.

While there are plenty of Women’s Khaki pants to buy online, finding some with inseams of 34″, 36″ and even 37″ inseams is quite difficult. Sure there are some online stores which specialize in tall women’s pants, but finding Khaki pants is another adventure altogether.’

Khaki pants for Women come in all sorts of styles and designs, but many have no more than 29 inch inseams. Unless you like your pants to plant themselves 3 inches above your ankle, you’re out of luck.

While the challenge is real and it’s very difficult to find this specific type of pant, it’s not impossible. Within this page you will find all sorts of extra long khaki pants for women. This is to cater to all types of people whom have different styles. Along with regular pants, I have also included links to buy khaki pants for plus size Women and a couple of shorts in the Khaki color suitable for the Taller Woman.

Extra Long Women’s Khaki Pants 36″ Inseam

Extra Long Womens Khaki Pants 36" Inseam

These Khaki pants have a 36 inch inseam and are by PRANA. A regular loose fit which can be used both for formal occasions and for fun times outdoors. Because of this, they make for great travel pants.

When wearing them out in the city, they look feminine and don’t scream obvious tourist like the Khaki pants that are more cargo pant orientated. The lack of cargo pockets is how you can pull off formal occasions with these pants while deep down, you know they are intended for play.

Great For Outdoors

During the day you can wear these pants for just about anything. Hiking, exploring, sight seeing etc. This is because of the unique material used to make these pants. This material is known as the ‘Stretch Zion’ and is actually invented by PRANA.

This Stretch Zion material allows you to have fun in these pants without worrying about damaging them. They are a durable material as well as water resistant. So fun times in the boat or a walk along the beach won’t do you any harm in these Khaki pants.

The pants are also lightweight and tend to stretch rather than shrink. Which is a nice touch when you just want some casual pant you can wear outdoors while still fashionable.

PRANA Women's Regular Inseam Halle Pant

34 Inch Inseam Khaki Women’s Pants34 Inch Inseam Khaki Women's Pants

Another relaxed style of khaki pants, this time by LEE. These all day pants have a inseam of 34 inches and are the Tall version. The tall pants come in sizes 6 to 18. They are a comfortable fit without being too big everywhere just because they are extra long. Fit nicely over the thighs and backside without being too tight.

They do however have a bit of a rise. While you don’t feel like Steve Urkel in these pants, they still do come up below the belly button. If this is considered too high for you, perhaps keep looking.

The inseam is 34 inches and is suitable for tall women over 5’10”. Any shorter and the pants may be too long and you will need to do a bit of hemming. People have commented that these pants are long, even for a tall version. So if you’re over 6 foot, these could be the Khaki pants for you.

It’s also important to remember that these Lee’s are a relaxed fit. So chances are you will want to order a size down. Which I find is flattering for a change. The fabric doesn’t wrinkle all that much and they are quite comfortable to wear. A great suit for any tall lady wanting Khaki pants that aren’t too tight.

Lee Relaxed Fit All Day Wear Khaki Pants

 Khaki Pants For Plus Size Women

Khaki Pants For Plus Size Women

Woman Within have these beautiful Khaki pants for plus size women including a tall version which has a 34 inch inseam. Depending on availability with the Khaki color, these plus size pants can go up to a 6XL. With measurements of: Bust 66.5-68″, waist 60-61.5″ and hip 68.5-70″.

The idea behind these Woman Within Khaki pants is to look like going out pants, but feel like sweatpants when wearing them. For the plus size person, having he ability to move freely is certainly a bonus.

This freedom comes from the soft cotton and poly fabrics. The loose fitting wide legs making sliding them on a breeze. Lastly the waistband is elastic so they are easy to loosen and or tighten up when needed.

But it’s important to not underestimate the ‘wide legs’ part. These khaki pants have very wide legs and some people may not find this flattering. But as a plus size tall person, I think they look the part.

In terms of comfort, the knit textured finish is quite soft on the skin. But at the same time they are quite warm. So probably not a good idea to be wearing these around in summer.

Woman Within Plus Size 7-Day Knit Wide Leg Pant

Khaki Pants For Big & Tall Women

The wide leg option above by Woman Within may not be everyone’s ideal Khaki pants. But finding bigger sizes with a long inseam does seem quite challenging. So if you have any suggestions or recommendations, please do feel free to leave them down below in the comments section.

In the meantime, these next 4 khaki pants for big and tall Women, including the straight led design by Woman Within,  range in sizes but have longer than regular inseams. Between 33 inches and 34 inch inseams.

Khaki Shorts For Tall Women

Buying Khaki shorts for tall women is much harder than pants. This is because shorts typically come in 3 lengths. Short which is just out of the question for a tall lady, mid range which is the universally appealing that have an inseam of between 3 and 5 inches and finally the Bermudas or cargo shorts which are 10 inches plus inseam measurement.

But shorts are designed around the shape of your thighs, backside etc. So for a tall person, this can be out of whack. It will depend on what you need tall shorts for, whether its outdoor fun or business, or whether it’s a fashion statement. A tall woman can pull off wearing 3″ inseam khaki pants, but you have to have the confidence to do so. Stick with what you know and works best for you.

36 Inch Inseam Khaki Convertible Pants For Women

If you’re an outdoorsy Woman and love the look and practicality of cargo style pants, then these Monarch convertible pants by PRANA are a great choice. With an inseam of 36 inches, most tall ladies will find ample leg coverage.

When the time comes to get down and dirty, you can unzip the lower half to reveal knee height khaki pants. Great for extra leg movement activities like running, sport and of course fishing.

Like the other PRANA khaki pants, these too are made with the Stretch Zion fabric which is 97% nylon and 3% spandex to give it the water resistance you need. So they are stretchy, rugged and watertight. Ideal for the tall woman looking for adventure.

What makes these especially good for the tall ladies is the shorts. Once converted they are not your regular 5-1-inch inseam shorts, these babies come down to your knees like Capris.

PRANA Women's Tall Inseam Monarch Convertible Pant

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