Best Golf Clubs For Tall Women

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Best Golf Clubs For Tall Women

Achieving pure contact with every stroke has a lot to do with the length of your golf club. When you’re a tall lady this can become quite the constraint. In this article I will be discussing the best golf clubs for tall Women and how to determine the most fitting length for your height.

For many, the golf club simply has to have a pink tinge to it to be classified as a women’s golf club. But this is not true. It would be like using pink spray paint on a golf club designed for a Man and then saying it’s for women. There’s more involved then just the accent color that makes it a females golf club.

When you’re a tall female the challenge becomes even greater. Many people will say just to use a man’s golf club as it is longer in length anyways. But a woman’s body is different to a man’s and therefor the golf club needs to be relevant to who is swinging.

The problem for many ladies is that a mans club can be too stiff or too heavy for them. Length is not usually an issue for tall women as the men’s clubs are 1 inch longer than the average women’s golf club. Which is why it’s important you actually use a golf club designed for a woman. However tall men’s golf clubs are 1 inch longer again when length really is an issue.

But the most important part is that the women’s golf club is extra long, otherwise you’re going to be hunching over on every shot which reduces power and accuracy on the swing. Not too mention having to spread the legs wider and topping the ball more frequently. Below you can find out how to determine what size golf club you need followed by some of the best golf clubs for tall women.

What Size Golf Club Does A Tall Women Need?

Iron’s in particular rely heavily on your height and arm length. A tall woman or someone with shorter arms will often benefit from a over length iron. Especially if you’re tall with shorter arms. But there can be times when these two factors negate each other and the standard size club is the best fit. Such as having extra long arms with a tall torso. The longer arms would negate the fact you are taller and therefor a standard height club would probably be the best fit.

But you’re here to find extra long golf clubs for women. So the first thing you need to is measure yourself so you can determine what size shaft to look out for. A 6 foot male will usually have a standard size golf club with a measurement of 33″.

But once you start having a measurement of 36″ and higher, a longer shaft golf club is going to be required. To figure out what your measurement is, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Grab a tape measure and a friend to help get the most accurate measurement.
  2. Put on some socks and stand straight with your hands dangling beside your hips.
  3. Get your friend to measure from where your wrists dangle directly down to the floor.
  4. This will give you a good understanding on the shaft size you need.

When it comes to drivers, if you typically fall short of the 180 yard mark with your driver than a Ladies Flex will be a good place to start. Otherwise a Seniors flex will do the trick.

Best Extra Tall Golf Club Sets For Tall Ladies

Best Extra Tall Golf Club Sets For Tall Ladies

This set of extra tall women’s golf clubs is by ‘Believe’ and not only do they look great, they handle extremely well also. All the clubs in this set are 1 inch longer than the regular women’s size. Which puts them on par with a regular man’s golf club size.

However, they have been designed with Women in mind. To be lighter due to the flex graphite shaft. The included 460cc driver allows you to finally hit the big numbers without the need for a man’s driver. The set uses the latest in golf technology to not only reach greater distances, but achieve better accuracy and forgiveness.

Whats great about this set is that it’s easy to manage. The flex graphite shafts make the clubs lighter and easier to carry without sacrificing strength and sturdiness. The included golf bag has 14 dividing slots to easily store your golf clubs. These also ample zippered pockets to store your personal belongings.

Including a section for the umbrella for when the weather turns sour. There’s also 4 additional head covers to match for protecting your woods and the hybrid iron clubs.

Overall the Believe one inch taller ladies golf club set is a great beginners to moderate golf club set. It won’t break the bank and it wont slow you down. Being light enough and powerful enough to reach the long distances with accuracy.

Believe also donate $5 from every sale to the breast cancer studies and free mammography screenings. Which is a nice incentive to buy ‘Believe’.

Believe Ladies Tall Purple Complete Golf Set


Golf Clubs For Women Over 6 Foot Tall

Golf Clubs For Women Over 6 Foot Tall

This ‘Aspire’ ladies set of golf clubs are designed for women between 5’8″ and 6’1″ give or take a few inches depending on your height and arm reach.

The set includes everything you need to start playing golf bar the 4/5 irons. It’s another great choice for the beginner golfer as you can add to them as you become more advanced. With this bag you get legs attached so that the bag can stand. It also comes with an ergonomic handle so your hands and wrists don’t get fatigued from hole to hole.

The bag even has back pack straps should you want to carry them on your back. The other option is to carry the bag over your shoulder. As the set is so light, weighs around 15lbs, carrying the golf set around is no longer an issue.

The driver has been laser marked so you can line up your drive correctly every time and fully hit through your swing. The set comes 3 colors, pink, cheery and purple. Also available in other sizes, but for tall women this ‘tall version’ is the one you want. Overall a great quality set for the taller ladies who don’t want to break the bank to get started in the golfing arena.

Aspire Tall Lady Flex Golf Club Set


Extra Long Ladies Golf Clubs

Amazon has a few more options in regards to long shaft ladies golf clubs which you can buy. Below you can find 4 more options that cater to women around the 6 foot tall mark.


What To Expect From A Women’s Golf ClubCan A Woman Use Mens Golf Clubs

As previously mentioned, there’s more involved in a women’s golf club than just adding a nice bright color tone to it. Typically you will find there are two main differences between a male and a female when playing golf. The swing speed and the upper body strength are the two stand out differences.

However females tend to have longer arm reach then males. This in turn creates different balance points for a female which needs to be considered when buying a golf club. Unless you are a professional golfer or have money to burn, finding long shaft golf clubs to suit your height and arm length can be quite difficult. Getting a custom made golf club set to your specifics is an option if you fall into the above categories.

Can Women Use Men’s Golf Clubs

Of course women can use a man’s golf club and many do successfully. But there are differences which will make it harder for the women when using a mans club.In terms of a tall woman, using a regular height men’s club can work out if it fits correctly to your fitness level, height, swing speed etc.

The most obvious solution to a female using a males golf club is to simply put a lighter shaft on the head. But this doesn’t necessarily work either. What happens is the heavier head creates lag for the lighter shaft and makes the club unbalanced.



Differences Between A Women’s & Men’s Golf Club

The reason why it is not always the best option for a tall lady to use a regular size men’s golf club can be minor but important. Here’s a few of the differences that can completely ruin your game.

  1. Women’s drivers have a higher loft of about 12°. This means you can get the ball in the air easier and with a men’s driver it would be more difficult as the loft is lower.
  2. When it comes to irons, the women’s iron is generally a softer flex with a heavier head. This corrects the usually slower swing speed of the woman.
  3. Ladies grips are generally smaller as females hands are typically smaller than men’s. So the extra grip room could cause slipping of the hand when using a men’s club.
  4. Women’s shafts are lighter due to being graphite. Whereas men’s are typically steel and heavier. But some men’s shafts are also graphite.

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