Extra Long Electric Blankets Twin To King

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Extra Long Electric Blankets

Tall people will certainly need extra long electric blankets if they are to take full advantage of the warmth on offer.

Electric blankets have made a come back in recent years due to improved technology which improves safety and reduces hazardous risks. Tall people are also jumping on this trend, especially with winter just around the corner.

From twin to throw to oversized king electric blankets, a taller person has a few options when it comes to warming up with electric blankets. Whether you just want a extra long electric throw blanket for cold nights in front of the TV or a extra long twin, you can find the solution here.

When choosing a electric blanket, safety should always be your first priority. Sure a tall person needs extra length, but at what cost?. An electric blanket has to be deemed safe by being non hazardous and come with an automatic shut off timer. Much like a heating pad, a blanket can overheat and start fires.

Which is why you won’t find any blankets that are too risky on this page. Safety always come first, even if you have to pay extra for it. I wouldn’t risk sleeping with a fire hazard and I surely don’t want others to risk it either. A fully functional safety shut off timer MUST be present or it’s simply not on this list.

With each blanket I will cover the safety aspects, size and comparisons to help you determine if it’s the best electric blanket for your tall needs. First lets start with the twin size options. When all else fails, you can consider looking into the extra long blankets to stay warm this Winter.

Best Extra Long Twin Electric Blanket

Length Of Blanket: 85″

Best Extra Long Twin Electric Blanket

Most twin size electric blankets are 64″ wide with a length of 84″. So while this Shavel Home Products XL twin electric blanket has a longer length by just an inch, it’s the longest twin I could find online. The extra inch in length will help cover up the toes or enable a tall person to pull blanket up near their head just a little more.

It is also slightly wider by an extra 2 inches for extra sleeping room. Whats also good about this blanket is that it comes with a extra long 16 foot cord.

In terms of safety, the blanket has a maximum shut off time of 10 hours, so you will never accidentally leave the blanket on as you get out of bed. Its also been certified and tested by ETL which is a relief to know when buying something with electrical components.

The digital controller that comes with the twin Shavel Home Products electric blanket is quite simple to use. Up and down arrows for timer and temperature. In all there are 8 temperature settings, which is a good vast variety for people that either don’t get as cold or are cold all the time. Around the 4/5 temperature setting is a good place for people that feel the cold.

The micro thermee flannel (Polyester) blanket can be machine washed. But unlike many other more well known brands, this blanket seems to keep on working even after many machine washes. Which is how they can back themselves with a 5 year warranty.

*Available in a range of colors and patterns

*Also available in California King 90″ x 108″ (Oversized) which is the longest electric blanket on this list.

Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket


Oversized King Electric Blanket For Tall People

Anyone that is tall most likely has a California King mattress as they are the longest mattresses you can buy from the stores. At 84 inches long or 7 foot, moderately tall people can comfortably sleep on them. The above California King by Shavel Home Products is certainly the longest electric blanket I’ve seen coming in at 108 inches.

For the next best in terms of extra long are the 90″ x 100″ electric blankets. For me it’s between the Sunbeam blanket and the WoolRich blanket. Both are oversized at 90″ x 100″ and provide ample length for a tall person. However I find the WoolRich electric blanket to be more luxurious and higher quality.

More About This Oversized Electric Blanket

Electric Blanket For Tall People

WoolRich have been in the industry over 180 years, so I feel confident in buying one of their electric blankets. At the same time Sunbeam have been around for a long time as well, but I do often hear that their products are hit and miss a lot.

The King size WoolRich which is 100 inches in length comes with 2 controllers so now there is no fighting over the remote anymore. Using the remote you can choose form up to 20 temperature settings, which are quite vast. So finding the right temperature to meet your needs should not be an issue with this many options.

Does the fact it has 2 controls mean you can custom control the temperature on either side of the blanket?. Absolutely, that’s one of the things I love the most about this electric blanket. I can make my side of the bed a little cooler than my partners side. Or vice versa. It’s also possible to have only one side of the blanket heated while the other side is off, should your partner not feel the cold like you do.

Safety Features

In terms of safety, the WoolRich also has a 10 hour automatic shut off feature. Going one step further, WoolRich has implemented a new technology which eliminates any electronic emissions cause by day to day electromagnetic fields associated with most electric blankets. With the amount of increased exposure we face from advanced technology, it’s reassuring to know this blanket is not going to affect our health.

While not a safety feature, I do like the wires in this blanket. In most other electric blankets I’ve tried, the wires are quite thick. While they provide heat, they are not comfortable to sleep with.

The WoolRich has thinner wires that are barely noticeable. Some folks do feel them slightly, but for the heavier sleeper you probably won’t even notice they are there. You will be too busy enjoying the benefits of your chosen temperature setting.

What Sold Me On This Electric Blanket

One last thing, the pre-heat setting on this blanket is a life saver for heating the blanket up in a hurry. The pre-heat is a single button you press when you need heat immediately. The blanket heats up on high power to one of 5 temperature settings. Once it’s heated (Less than 5 minutes) it will automatically revert back to your saved preferred temperature setting. A great feature for heating the blanket up while brushing your teeth before bed.

Woolrich Heated Plush To Berber King Blanket 90" x 100"


Extra Long Oversized Heated Electric Throw Blankets

Electric throw blankets are awesome for sitting round the TV or out on the deck as they provide portable warmth. Provided you have access to power to run them, you can use a throw blanket anywhere in your house.

However, the problem with your normal electric throw blanket is that they are too small. They are not designed to keep your whole body warm. They are designed for wrapping around your waist or thrown over your legs while sitting on the sofa for example.

Now imagine being a tall person, or a bigger person. A traditional throw blanket doesn’t have the surface area to keep you warm. Which is why the need for a heated oversized electric throw blanket has been growing.

I’ve found a number of suitable electric throw blankets to buy that are extra long and extra wide for the big and tall people. Below you can see the best and the biggest potions available below. P.S you can use these throw blankets on your bed too, they are that big.

The Best Electric Throw Blanket For Big And Tall People

The Serta oversized, is it a blanket or is it a throw?. You be the judge. Because at 90″ x 100″ and being labelled as a “electric throw blanket”, I’d imagine it wouldn’t be hard to go to sleep with this blanket every night.

I found the Serta to be a more affordable option compared to the above WoolRich, which are both 90″ x 100″. So if money was my defining factor, I would be happy to go with the Serta. It’s got pretty similar features.

The Features Include

  • 10 hour automatic shut off with the option of manually shutting off the blanket in 30 minute intervals.
  • 10 heat settings, which is 10 less than the Woolrest blanket.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Can you feel the wires?. You notice them, but not horribly. It works amazingly when you wrap it around your body and you sit on it.
  • Comes with the ‘Pre-heat’ function for rapid heating.
  • 2 controller electric blanket for the 90″ x 100″ size.
  • Quite a soft and cozy blanket, even without the heating turned on.
  • ETL certified.
  • Can be hard to make the bed as it doesn’t lay completely flat.
Serta Electric Throw Blanket 90" x 100"


More Oversize Electric Throw Blankets

The Serat throw blanket above may well be too big for some folks. Moving back to a more traditional size throw blanket but with extra length are these 4 throw blankets available on amazon. The average electric throw blanket has a length of 58-62 inches. Of the 4 below, 3 of them have 70 inch lengths and one has a length of 72 inches (The Biddeford).

The Biddeford is also a little more narrow coming in at 50 inches wide. Whereas the other 3 are wider being 60 inches wide. So now the choice is up to you. They all have automatic shut off timers.


Should You Buy An Electric Blanket?

Are They Safe To Use?Are Electric Blankets Safe To Sleep On

Tall people have genuine fears when it comes to finding furniture that fits them, but with electric blankets there’s more to fear than just size.

Some people get concerned when sleeping with electricity wrapped around them, and for very good reason. Accidents do occur when sleeping with an electric blanket. But should you be worried?.

According to these attorneys, around 5000 fire related accidents a year are from electric blankets. While the NFPA states that 19% of heating equipment (which includes a lot more than just electric blankets) are the cause of the 300,000+ house fires every year.

So it sure sounds risky right?. Of course there are risks, there’s risks in using a simple heating pad. But with proper knowledge and understanding, fires caused by electric blankets can be avoided.


How To Avoid Electric Blanket Fires

  • Before your first use of an electric fire blanket you should first check to see for any damage. Turn the blanket on while it is spread out on the bed. Once it has been heated look for any hot spots to make sure the blanket is evenly distributing the heat.
  • Avoid leaving an electric blanket on for too long. Just because the blanket has a 10 hour shut off feature does not mean you need to use it 10 hours per night. This is a quick way to burn out the electrical components.
  • It’s best to use the electric blanket to warm your bed, not keep you hot all night.
  • Avoid using double adapters in your wall socket.
  • Avoid piling on many other blankets on top of the electric blanket, this can cause it to overheat.
  • The elderly are more prone to becoming a victim if electric blanket accident as the lose of feeling/sensation can be reduced and they may not notice the blanket burning.
  • Never fold an electric blanket as this can damage the wires inside. Roll or hang instead.
  • The general consensus is that after 10 years, the blanket needs to be replaced. It’s also a good idea to check yearly for any recall on particular brands of electric blankets.


With proper use and a good understanding of the risks posed by electric blankets, you should be able to avoid potential accidents. However there will always be defective products, so it’s best to never take these blankets for granted. Get them checked over every few months or when you feel necessary. Especially as these are extra long electric blankets, they will compose of my wires which can mean more potential threat.


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