Bunk Beds For Tall People

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Bunk Beds For Tall People

When it comes to buying bunk beds for tall people, the task can be very challenging. Taller kids, teenagers, and even adults find that sleeping on a bunk bed is very restrictive.

This is for a number of reasons, but naturally, it has to do with their height. Sleeping on a standard bed as a tall person is difficult enough, but when you add in a top bunk, the challenge is amplified. Regular height people find it hard enough to not whack their head on the top bunk when they are sleeping on the base level.

Even at the top level, you still have to watch your head so you don’t crash into the ceiling when you first wake up. So if you have a tall child, or you are a tall adult, how do you go about choosing a bunk bed?

Compare Bunk Bed Options For Tall People

Size Price
Best Bunk Bed For Taller People
Twin XL Over Queen Check Price Amazon
Wooden Bunk Bed For Tall People
Twin XL Over Queen Check Price Amazon
Queen Over Queen Check Price Amazon
Bunk Bed For Big & Tall
Full Over Full Check Price Amazon
Full Over Full Check Price Amazon

Factors To Consider When Buying A Bunk Bed For A Tall Person

  • Bed Length – Without getting a bed custom made, the tall person is left with just a couple of options in terms of bed length. This will also be determined by the size of the bed you need and the amount of space in the room. A tall sleeper is best to look for a bunk bed that is either a Twin XL, Full or Queen size if space permits.
  • Height of bed – The taller the bunk, the more headspace the person sleeping on the bottom level will have. But you also got to take into consideration the height of your ceiling. Also, whether or not the tall person will be sleeping on the top or bottom bunk.
  • Weight Capacity – Taller people are generally heavier than shorter folks. This is because there is more muscle mass and more body to consider. So it is vital that you ensure the bunk bed is capable of handling heavier weights, especially the top bunk.

Best Bunk Bed For Taller People?

Unfortunately, there is no one-bed suits all in this situation. There are too many variables to take into consideration to say “this Twin XL is best for you” or that you should go for a “queen over queen”. But with that said, let us have a look at a few of the best bunk beds suitable for taller people based on the above requirements.

Twin XL Over Queen Bunk Bed

Best Bunk Bed For Taller People

The first number we are looking at is the Caius by ACME. This bunk bed is a great option for taller people as it utilizes the longest sleeping surface of the bunk bed variety. That is, the mattress length that can fit is 80 inches long.

With this bed, you also have the varying size beds, the Twin XL over the Queen. So whether you have guests staying over or a bunch of kids you need to sleep, this bunk can provide adequate sleeping.

Sturdy Foundation

One of the key aspects to consider when buying a bunk bed is how turdy it is. With this bed by ACME, you are getting a rock-solid foundation provided from the metal frame and slats. This bunk creates a very strong and reliable surface which is especially important for sleeping youngsters.

The safety rail on the top bunk is also quite durable, it provides sufficient height to feel safe while sleeping up top. This is not only important for children but also taller people as it’s already scary sleeping up at heights knowing that you’re as long as the bed itself.

Well Designed Ladder System

The other aspect that separates this bunk bed from the others for me is the unique ladder system. Rather than being your typical climb vertical ladder, this system incorporates a slant to the ladder. So you’re not climbing directly straight up which can be challenging for the younger ones that haven’t developed the upper body strength yet.

Getting off the top bunk is also easier as a result. When the ladder is vertical, it can be daunting to put your feet over the edge not being able to see the steps of the ladder clearly. With this system, you can see the steps as the ladder protrudes outwards on an angle.

It’s My #1 Choice

I find the ACME Caius to be the best suited to taller folks for the above reasons. The strong metal foundation combined with the unique ladder system gives you the confidence to climb up to the top bunk. The extra-long 80-inch sleeping surface is the longest you will find for a tall person, without getting a custom bunk made.

However, there is a downside. The ladder system doesn’t move so you can’t adjust the bed to suit your particular style of room. So you need to make sure that having the ladder on the far right of the bed is suitable for your room or not. Otherwise, it is hard to fault this bunk bed.

ACME Caius Gunmetal Twin XL over Queen

Wooden Bunk Bed For Tall People

Wooden Bunk Bed For Tall People

Nothing beds the look of a wooden bunk bed and this one by Furniture Of America is finished in a nice soft white so that it can be used in just about any bedroom. What’s great about this bed is that it is made from solid wood and not particle board as you find on cheaper bunks.

Being made from solid wood does give it the strength and durability required to make you feel safe sleeping at an elevated height. However, the slats on the bed are not the greatest, which is why the bottom bunk is only rated to 250 pounds while the top bunk is rated to just 150 pounds.

However, you can strengthen the slats by getting some board cut to size at Home Depot and place it over the slats. Whether you want the extra burden or not is up to you.


In terms of size, this bunk is a Twin XL over Queen like the ACME above. So it’s a good alternative for the tall person that doesn’t like the look of black metal. The top-level is completely surrounded by safety rails, which is good. But with this, it means you shouldn’t use a mattress deeper than 8-inches or you will no longer have the safety the rails represent.

The safety rails go all the way around as just mentioned, which can be a good thing, and a bad thing. Depending on your child’s physical capabilities, the rails over the ladder area may prove challenging. to be able to lift your first leg over the top rail while standing on the ladder would be my biggest concern.

Overall this bunk bed by Furniture Of America is a pretty decent option for taller people and for those people that like to utilize as much space as possible, the under bed storage is quite sufficient to store drawers under the height clearance. Just be mindful of the fact the top bunk has the rails over the ladder section and it is only rated to hold 150 pounds.

Furniture of America Denny TwinXL-Queen

Queen Over Queen Bunk Bed

Clearance Between Bunks: 40 Inches

Clearance Under Bottom Bunk Bed: 10 Inches

ACME also produce a Queen over Queen bunk bed suitable for the taller persons. When you have adults or children sharing the bed, having the space of a Queen on each level is priceless.

However, with a larger size top bunk, comes the inevitable ‘wobble’ effect. This is common for Queen over Queen metal beds. However, you need to ensure the bolts are tightened up as tight as they can go and you pay regular attention to the tightness, this will help eliminate the wobble effect.

With this bunk bed, you get the full surround safety rail on the top bunk as well as the reversible ladder. This means you can position the ladder on either the left or ride side of the front on the bed. However, I’m not a fan of this ladder set up as it is straight up and down.

Not only is it harder to get in and out from the top bunk, but as it is metal it can be painful on your bare feet while climbing the ladder. The other thing worth noting on this bunk bed is that there is no headboard on the bottom bed.

So you need to make sure the bed is positioned snug with the wall or your pillows will fall over the edge during the night. Overall, it’s another sturdy bed by ACME with a few minor flaws. These flaws can be overcome, but the question is whether this style of bunk bed is right for you.

ACME Kaleb Queen/Queen Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed For Big & Tall

Bunk Bed For Big & Tall

One of the best bunk beds for heavy people is this Full over Full bunk bed by Max & Lily. While it is not the longest bed (maximum length of the frame is 80″ on this list, it has one of the highest weight capacity ratings per bed of the list. Each full bed is capable of holding up to 400 pounds.

While being able to hold more children or heavier people, what I really like about this Max & Lily bunk bed is how they paid attention to the finer details that many other bunk beds miss.

These small details can really make the bedtime experience much easier and hassle-free for both the parents and the kids. These small details that make a huge difference include:

  1. Grabbing slots on the ladder so children can easily hold onto to pull themselves up the ladder.
  2. Groves in the treads of the wooden steps for giving the feet more to grip onto.
  3.  Curved ends on the ladder so no sharp or pointy bits to jag you while getting up and down the ladder.
  4. Made from solid New Zealand Pine
  5. Headboard and footboard included on the lower bunk to eliminate the chance of losing your pillows during the night or rolling off one end.
  6. Reversible ladder
  7. The bunk can be used as 2 full-size beds.

Extra Tall Saftey Rail

When you have little ones, the last thing you want is to feel insecure about your bunk bed purchase. To ease the insecurities, Max & Lily have designed this bunk bed with an extra-tall safety rail that measures 14 inches and it doesn’t block the entrance to the access ladder.

Federal regulation states that the bed rails need to have a clearance of at least 5 inches to be considered safe. As this rail is 14 inches tall, you can have a deep mattress up to 9 inches and still feel safe on the top bunk.

All in all, I am a huge fan of this bunk bed by Max & Lily. If this particular design was available in Twin XL over Twin XL, it would hands down be my number recommendation for tall people.

Max & Lily Full over Full Bunk Bed

Extra Long Bunk Beds Custom Made

While the above selection of bunk beds for tall people will suit many people, they will still be too short for some. Unfortunately it is not easy to find bunk beds that are specifically designed for someone over 6.’2″, that is just the reality.

However, if you have the cash to spend you can actually get a bunk bed custom made to suit your height. With companies like Custom Made and Bunks-N-US you might be able to have the bunk bed of your dreams

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