Workout Pants For Tall Women

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Workout pants for tall women

It’s no fun working out in pants that ride up your legs constantly, this is the problem taller women face daily. Finding suitable workout pants for tall women can be a workout in itself as many stores don’t specialize in clothing for tall people.

However, if you look hard enough, you can find an array of suitable pants to workout in when you are taller than the average height female. Below you can find an assortment of styles and sizes for working out pants with varying inseam lengths.

It’s critical that you know what your inseam measurement is if you are going to buy clothing online. This will give you a more accurate measurement of whether the pants will be long enough for you, or simply too short.

Compare Workout Pants By Inseam


37″ Tall Workout Yoga Pants

37" Tall Workout Yoga Pants

These stylish yoga pants for tall women from Yogipace are some of the most comfortable on the market thanks to the excellent materials they are made out of. Combine this with a number of smart design choices you’re looking at some of the best yoga pants on the market in my opinion.

One of the biggest issues that you can get with yoga pants is that when you bend over or stretch them they can become see-through which is an issue. This is one of the things that I really like about these pants is that they’re made of a no see-through material making this unlikely to happen.

Yogipace made a smart choice by including an interior waist drawcord that will help this fit much better than ones without. So if you do get something that is just slightly too big you’re able to use the drawstring to get them to fit a bit better making them more comfortable.

Made From The Right Materials

With the right combination of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex Yogipace has made these yoga pants really comfortable. They breathe well without being see-through which is always appreciated, and they also feel really good against the skin in my opinion.

Yogipace Women's Straight Leg Yoga Pants


32″ Inseam Women’s Sports Pants

32" Inseam Women's Sports Pants

There are many different types of sport pants for women on the market that it can get overwhelming finding something that will suit your needs. While a lot of sporting pants for women end up being really tight to the body Hanes has decided to go in a slightly different direction that I personally like.

Hanes has designed these pants to bit a little looser just around the thighs so they’re not to tight on your legs. This is something I really like as it allows them to breathe really well while not constricting against your legs when you’re trying to workout giving you a bit more freedom of movement.

While these have been designed to be a looser fit they still have a good amount of stretch to them. This is in large thanks to them being made out of 88% polyester and 12% spandex that gives it that extra bit of stretch.

Something that I like is that they’ve been designed to dry really fast thanks to the DRI interlock fabric. By making it out of this fabric, Hanes has given these pants an advantage over other sporting pants that take much longer dry. I don’t think I need to mention why this can be helpful for women.

Hanes Sport Women's Performance Pant


Extra Long Inseam Sweatpants

Up To 50″ Inseam

Extra Long Inseam Sweatpants

Hanes just has this incredible ability to make some of the best work out pants on the market in my opinion. This is something they’ve done time and time again and these amazing pair are no different, except this time they have the option of coming in 7 different colors to help you find something to suit the rest of your workout clothes.

Again Hanes understands the importance of elastic bands in their pants for women. By adding a wide elastic band for the waist and ankles it helps with making sure that these pants stay up when working out.

This pair of sweatpants get a lot of things right in my opinion, they have plenty of room in them which is something that’s crucial for sweatpants. They also breathe extremely well in the heat but that comes as no surprise considering what they’re made out of.

Something To Consider

Depending on what color you choose you will get a different percentage of materials that they’re made of. There is only a slight difference but some colors are a 50-50 split between cotton and polyester and the others are a 60-40 split of the same two. This won’t make a massive difference for a lot of people but it’s something to consider.

Hanes Women's Midrise Cinch-Bottom Fleece Sweatpant


34″ Inseam Sweatpants For Tall Women

34" Inseam Sweatpants For Tall Women

If you’re looking for your more traditional sweat pants than this excellent pair from Safort is a great option for you in my opinion. They give you the comfort that is so heavily associated with sweat pants which makes them hard to pass up but thankfully they offer more than the standard comfort.

Cool is the name of the game with these sweatpants as a clever design choice was made with them. This is that they’re 100% cotton which means they will breathe extremely well keeping you cool even in the more intense workouts.

One thing that really helps with the cooling even further is that Safort decided to not add an inside lining to the inside of them. This really helps keep them cool and to my surprise, they still aren’t see-through even without this lining which is something that I think most people will like.

Time To Rejoice!

There is one thing that is missing from practically every pair of women’s pants on the market and that is pockets! This pair from Safort have not 1, not 2, but 3 pockets in total which I think is almost unheard of. The back pocket has a zipper which will help with protection which is something I like.

Safort Tall 100% Cotton Casual Sweatpants


34″ Inseam Drawstring Workout Pants

34" Inseam Drawstring Workout Pants

Sometimes you come across a pair of workout pants that if you dress in just the right way you could get away with them being at work pants. This is something that I think you could do with these stylish and elegant workout pants from Cherokee who have nailed the design on these in my opinion.

As you might have noticed I’m a bit of a fan of the drawstring on my workout pants so it should come as no surprise I really like that this pair comes with one. The drawstring is something that I think is overlooked on workout pants since when you do lose a bit of weight you can use the drawstring to keep wearing these pants, instead of buying more.

Okay, I’m starting to think that the Holiday season is coming more often nowadays with workout pants. Pockets are an incredibly useful feature that I think most women know the pain of lack of them so with this pair having a total of 5 pockets you won’t know what to do with yourself!

Cherokee has gone a slightly different route with what they have made these pants out of. They went with a combination of 3 fabrics which are 78% polyester, 20% rayon, and 2% spandex.

Cherokee Mid Rise Tapered Leg Drawstring Pant


Fleece Pants For Tall Women 35″ Inseam

Fleece Pants For Tall Women 35" Inseam

Yogipace makes another entry on this list, but this time it’s for these excellent fleece sweatpants that are incredibly stylish in my opinion. There is a lot to like about these sweatpants which can make it difficult to know where to begin, but the thing that really stands out is just how comfortable they are to work out in.

Something that I really like about these sweatpants is that they are water-resistant so they can handle some light rain. Being able to go for a run when it’s raining lightly is something that I really enjoy and these pants make an excellent companion for this.

This is because they have been lined with fleece which makes it able to handle lower temperatures of around 30 to 50 degrees. So they can get a little warm if it’s too hot outside and is something you should consider beforehand and think about where you would be using these pants.

Going for a jog out in the wind or cold can be a difficult thing to do with all the cold wind getting under your pants and making you cold. Yogipace has helped with this issue by giving the ankles an elastic band that you’re able to tighten which helps stop the wind getting into them.

Yogipace Women's Water Resistant Thermal Fleece Pants


35″ Inseam Jogger Pants

35" Inseam Jogger Pants

Eddie Bauer’s clothes have a bit of a reputation of being designed to handle some of the more rugged tasks that people like to do. This reputation is well earned and does give you peace of mind that when you’re wearing an Eddie Bauer you’re wearing something that has been designed to handle tough situations.

At first glance, I wouldn’t blame you for disliking their very simple and traditional style. This is the look they were going for and they do look very simple, but it’s the ruggedness of these pants that set them apart in my opinion. Being much tougher and less likely to rip compared to a lot of other jogger pants on the market.

A big part of the reason they have this level of toughness is that they’re made out of 96% nylon which is a tough fabric. So if you’re planning to go on a jog through a bush track or going on a trek to a mountain then these pants will give you the durability they need.

Thankfully they’re more than just their toughness and are really comfortable to wear in mine and many other’s opinions. The nylon feels comfortable against the skin and the 4% spandex does give them this little bit of stretch that helps when getting into awkward positions.

Eddie Bauer Women's Horizon Adjustable Jogger Pants


Workout Pants For Tall Plus Size People

Inseam Up to 31.7″

Workout Pants For Tall Plus Size People

Being a tall plus size woman is a difficult thing since very rarely are there clothes designed for you. You might get something for the plus-sized part but then not the tall part, or vice versa. This is why I really like these pants since they will help women who are both of these things.

One thing that gives these pants an advantage over other pants is the easy removal they offer thanks to the buttons on the side. You can easily remove these pants quickly which is great for when you just finished your workout and want to get out of them as soon as you get home!

Pockets are something that is often ignored when it comes to pants so you will be happy to know that these pants have 2 deep zippered pockets on the side and 1 on the back. This can make storing things you don’t want to leave in a locker or hold in your hands much easier and something I really recommend.

Unlike a lot of the other pants on the market, these are made from a combination of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. The cotton really helps with the heat that you get during a workout since it breathes so well.

Retro Tearaway Sweatpants


Gym Tights When You’re A Tall Woman

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