Over The Knee Boots For Tall Women

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Over The Knee Boots For Tall WomenWhen it comes to buying over the knee boots for tall women, the struggle is certainly real. Which is a shame, because these types of boots look amazing on taller women.

The reason being, taller people generally have longer legs, kind of like how models have the right proportions to pull off over the knee boots, as do women with longer legs.

These types of boots are considered the most intimidating and wearing them can shoot your confidence sky high if you can manage to pull them off. Problem is, they are tricky to pull off and many women fail to do so.

But this is one advantage a tall woman has, her legs. However, the problem lays in the fact most over the knee boots are too short for tall women.

What Size Does A Tall Women Need?

With the average height female being 5’4″, most knee-high boots have a shaft measuring about 20 inches tall. As a woman that is 5’10” tall, chances are the over the knee boots will need a shaft measurement of about 26 inches.

But this is not a one rule fits all scenario either. Two women of the same height may have varying lengths in their legs. Ideally, you need to measure your own legs and compare it with the shaft measurement given by the supplier.

Finding over the knee boots with extra tall shafts like 26 inches is not always that easy as well. So the search may be an endless one without getting custom made boots. But to make the search a tad easier, I have listed a few of the best over the knee boot options for the taller people below.

26.5″ Tall Shaft Boots

26.5" Tall Shaft Boots
Over the knee boots are such a stylish type of boot, but for tall people, over the knee means almost thigh high on regular height women. Thankfully Premier Standard has got the taller woman covered with these stylish over the knee boots that have a 26.5-inch shaft. So no longer will you feel envious seeing shorter women being able to wear them!

These boots come in several different colors, so there’s a good chance that one of the colors will match your outfit. They have a range of 8 different colors from a classic black to a niche leopard print design! While they may not be designer boots, they still look amazing.

Buying boots online can be risky and be a bit of a gamble, mainly due to incorrect sizing. These boots come in several sizes from 5.5 to 10, and the sizes do seem to be an accurate fit according to reviews. So you can’t take all the risk out of it, but it’s reassuring that the size in the description does seem to be accurate.

If there is one downside with these boots, it would be the lack of a grip on the heel. While they’re not ‘fall on ice levels’ of slipperiness, the lack of a grip can be a cause for concern for some who may not be the most sturdy.

Premier Standard Women's Over The Knee Boot


Tall Over The Knee Riding Boots

Tall Over The Knee Riding Boots
There’s a lot to like about this over the knee boots from RF Room of Fashion. They’re not only stylish but comfortable wearing for long periods, which not a lot of boots can pull off! They’re also tall women-friendly with the shaft being 21 inches from the arch.

One of the things I like about these boots is the number of options that they come in. You have a wide variety of colors but also several different heel types to choose from. You have the option of a more flat style boot or a 1, or 2-inch heel, so you have few options to suit your personal style.

For our animal-friendly friends out there, you can rest easy wearing these boots. They’re made out of a vegan suede/leather. Being a vegan boot isn’t the most significant thing for everyone, but for those who it’s important to, it will make a big difference.

But as a result of this, women with larger calves might struggle a little with these boots as the level of stretch is limited. There’s a little bit of room for movement but not heaps. The type of material the boot is made from is something to pay attention to before purchasing.

Many of us don’t pay much attention to how much the material can stretch until its too late. Apart from this, there aren’t a lot of downsides to these boots, having a taller shaft is the key feature to these knee boots.

ROOM OF FASHION Women's Stretchy Over The Knee Riding Boots


Stretchy Calve Height Boots 26″

Calve Height Boots
There are several issues that knee-high boots have for a lot of people, but for tall women, it’s much more challenging to overcome the specific problems. Namely, the boot’s shaft isn’t long enough, or they’re too tight around the calve area. Women who choose to go with these Shoe’n Tale boots may have just found the right mix of width and height.

The shaft of these impressive boots is an impressive 26 inches, which will make a lot of taller women happy. This fact alone makes them almost an instant add to your knee-high boots collection.

Since there’s not a lot of knee-high boots for taller women out there, when you finally do come across a pair, you need to snap them up as soon as possible.

Customization is a big thing for these boots with the number of colors and styles they can come in. Whether you want a low back heel or a stilleto, this boot has got you covered for your desired preference. Having these options combined with a tall shaft is one of the reasons it’s hard to pass up these fantastic boots.

One of the more important factors for buying boots online is them being true to size. Whether the size meets the description of the boots will play an important factor in purchasing a pair of boots. These boots are true to size thankfully, according to many reviews.

Shoe'N Tale Stretch Suede Thigh High Over The Knee Boots


22″ Shaft Over Knee Thigh Boots

22" Shaft Over Knee Thigh Boots
Dream Paris has knocked it out of the park with these amazing over the knee boots. They’re incredibly stylish and comfortable, which are two real key factors in choosing a pair of boots. For a taller woman, you need to add in the shaft distance, which is 22 inches on these boots.

One of the biggest advantages of these over the knee boots is the stretchy faux suede material that you can tie up. Being a stretchy material like this makes them much easier to fit on in the first place while reducing the amount they may slip down your leg as you walk. a

Since the heel version of this boot is a wedge heel design and not just the single heel at the back, it gives this boot an advantage over many others. It means it’s less likely for the heal to break and ruin your night out.

It does only come in wedge heel and flat design, so if you’re not a fan of these styles, I’d recommend one of the others on this list. Between how stylish they look and being a well-made boot, it’s hard not to recommend these boots for taller women.

DREAM PAIRS Over The Knee Thigh High Stretch Boots


Fashionable Knee Height Boots For Tall Female

Knee Height Boots For Tall Female
These Carlos boots are very stylish and comfortable with a good brand behind them. There’s a lot to like about these boots that make them an easy recommendation. If the shaft size of 22.75 inches is long enough for your legs, there’s a high chance you will fall in love with these boots in no time.

While these boots are very stylish, there is one downside, and that’s there are only two colors to choose between. Thankfully one of these colors is black, which goes with almost any outfit. The second color option is a malbec, which is more of a burgundy color.

The heel of this boot might be a bit high for some women, with it being 3.25 inches. While not the tallest heel out there, it might be uncomfortable for some of the really tall women. The heel itself is quite stylish, with it being made of a metallic coating that makes it stand out.

The hardest part to get right on an over the knee boot is how it sits around the thigh. If it’s too tight, it will cause a bulge and not contour to your leg very well. That’s not the case with these Carlos boots as there is a good amount of stretch to suit a variety of leg sizes.

Carlos Santana Women's Quantum Fashion Boot


Extra Tall Over the Knee Winter Boots

Extra Tall Over the Knee Winter Boots
These boots by N.N.G are the perfect boots for a transition to winter as they’re a little too warm for summer. However, they provide a good amount of warmth for the colder winter months.

Having muscular calves can make over the knee boots challenging to wear since they are renowned for being smaller and tighter. That’s not the case with these boots as they can handle calves that are more muscular than others.

The shaft of these boots from the arch is 22 inches so that they will work well for taller women.

There is a variety of choices with these boots, with them available in different colors. Then there is the option to choose between either 2 inches or 3 inch heel. Some of there heels are more out there with clear colors like a see-through blue heel.

They’re a true fit size, so if you order your US size, then fitting shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s always best to check out other reviews on the boot to see how accurate the size is across the board. 

N.N.G Women Boots Winter Over Knee Long Boots


How To Keep Your Boots From Sliding Down

Once you have chosen you over the knee boots for your tall body, now comes the challenge of keeping them up. Here’s a short but very helpful video that shows you how to do just this.


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