Extra Tall Shower Chairs For Tall People

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Extra Tall Shower Chairs Tall People

Purchasing a shower chair either for yourself or a loved one is one of the first steps to ensuring a safer bathing experience. As someone that is over 6 foot, I know how scary it can be to take a fall. This is why it’s so important to buy extra tall shower chairs for tall people.

In this article, you can find tall versions of shower chairs, transfer benches, and commode chairs.

As legs are usually the first muscles to give way it’s extremely important us taller people don’t risk it in wet areas. Ordinary or standard bath benches or shower chairs can assist in falls. According to Ncoa.org, one elderly or disabled person dies every 19 minutes from a fall or slip.

By having a shower chair with a seat that has at least a 19-inch height, you can reduce the chances of taking a fall. Simply because lower to the ground chairs are too far down to bend over. In the wet, this can lead to tragedy. So by owning assistance aids which are tall person suitable, you are able to live life more comfortably.

Shower chairs come with various features such as commodes (toilet), backrests, caster wheels, benches, aluminum, plastic, etc. If you are a tall person under 250 lbs, then the main feature to pay attention to is seat height. But if you’re a big and tall person weight capacity is just as important.

So with these basic features in mind, let’s take a look at the various shower chairs and benches available for taller people.

Compare Shower Chairs & Bath Seats For Tall People

Capacity Seat Height Price
Extra High Shower Chair With Arms & Back
350 LB 16"-21" Check Price Amazon
Best Transfer Bench For Tall People
330 LB 19"-23.5" Check Price Amazon
Extra Tall Commode Chairs
350 LB 20"-25" Check Price Amazon

Extra-High Shower Chair With Arms & Back

Extra High Shower Chair With Arms & Back

Medline has long been a preferred choice for many people when it comes to assistance aids. This shower chair is one of the best for big and tall people. It has a high weight capacity of 350lbs and a maximum seat height of 21 inches tall.

Most standard shower chairs will have a maximum height of about 18 inches, so this extra 3 inches really does help out the tall person. To be able to sit comfortably in the shower without putting pressure on the legs in a wet environment is a safety aspect not to be ignored.

The seat at it’s lowest position is 16 inches in height. So if other family members need to use this chair they still can. The height can be raised in 1-inch increments.

It’s Tall Person Safe

While the seat is a nice height for tall people and weight capacity is high for the big and tall, there are a couple other things about this shower chair that make it quite special.

The first feature are the rubber gripped arms. These arms are rather tall and protrude outwards rather than inwards or straight up and down like on some other chairs. Because the arms go slightly outwards, you get more room to wash yourself without hitting the arms.

The arms are also at a nice height where you can use them to raise yourself out of the chair. But they also act as a support feature as well. You can hold onto the arm while slowly backing down onto the seat. A great safety features for a tall person. The arms are also removable if you prefer no arms.

The Dimensions

  • 16″-21″ Seat height
  • Maximum width from outside of leg to other legs is 18 inches for people wanting to use this in a bathtub.
  • Seat width 16 inches.
  • Seat depth 13.5 inches.

Overall the Medline is a superb choice for taller people that weigh less than 350 pounds. The fact you can take one arm off or both means wider backside people can also take advantage of the extra height. However, the backrest is fixed to the seats foundation to create further support.

The backrest is also curved so that it contours to the shape of your back. This backrest is also a great support mechanism when you are standing up. It’s rustproof and the nonslip feet make this one of the best shower chairs for tall people.

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat with Padded Armrests and Back

More Tall Person Shower Chairs

If the above Medline is not for you, but you still need an extra-tall shower chair, check out the below 3 chairs. Each of the chairs has a height greater than 20 inches tall.

The Best Transfer Bench For Tall People

Best Transfer Bench For Tall People

“Finally a shower chair worth the money” was the last thing somebody mentioned about the Platinum Health swivel sliding transfer bath bench. A statement I simply have to agree with. This bench is amazing, not just for tall people. But for anyone with serious issues getting in or out of the bath/shower.

While it has a steep price tag, it’s well worth the investment. How much exactly?. I found the price on amazon to be on par. There is truly nothing else like this bath bench that I have had the privilege of seeing.

In terms of height specifications, it’s ideal for taller people. Optional leg extensions are even available for the really tall folks. The seat height adjustments goes from 19 inches to 23.5 inches high. The leg height can be adjusted every 0.5″. Which gives you even more precision when making it best suited to your height as most only go up or down in 1 inch increments.

The Platinum Health Bench Explained

Even with an adequately sized bath bench, you still may find it difficult getting your legs over the bath tub while dragging your body sideways across the bench. This is what makes the Platinum Health bench such a standout.

With this bench the seat with backrest can swivel. So to make getting in and out of the bath very easy you simply swivel the chair around so it is facing you. You then proceed to sit down in the seat. Put on the seatbelt and the slide the chair back over the bench.

From here you swivel the seat forwards now that you are inside the bathtub. Without having to move, you are now inside the tub. Bathing when you are disabled or when the body is starting to take its toll has never been easier. This is why this transfer bench is worth 3 to 4 times a regular bath bench. But because of the ease of use, its very worth the money.

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

Transfer Bath Benches Over 21″ High

As good as the above Platinum Health swivel transfer bench is, the price tag may be too high for some folks. So below you can find an assortment of bath benches which are higher that your standard benches.

Extra Tall Commode Chairs

Extra Tall Commode Chairs

While not exactly a shower chair, commode chairs still serve their purpose for the tall person. So these extra tall commode chairs can be very helpful for the person in need of the extra height and comfort.

The Medline heavy duty commode chair has a extra tall height of 23.5″ maximum. Which is quite sufficient for most tall people. The lowest the seat goes is just over 18 inches. So it’s not ideal for shorter people. But with a 300 pound weight capacity, this Medline is a great commode for the big and tall.

This model by Medline is not you standard run of the mill chair. It’s been modified with features to make using this chair as safe and as easy as possible.

Some of the features include:

  • Padded seat and back rest for maximum  comfort.
  • Padded arms fold down for east transport from bed or wheelchair.
  • Back rest can be taken off if you want to use it as a safety rail over the toilet.
  • Comes with the required equipment; pail, splashguard and bucket. Should you not want to use these you can use the commode over a regular toilet but be cautious using in the shower as it may rust.
  • Seat raises up so that you can wash it on a regular basis.

Best Tall Persons Commode Chair

Overall I find the Medline to be the best tall persons commode chair. With the extra tall height of 23.5″ and the 18/20″ seat depth, the chair can be positioned perfectly for people with longer legs. The high weight capacity of 300 pounds also ensures heavy people can safely use this commode chair.

Medline Heavy Duty Commode Chair 23.5" Max Height

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