Bathroom Vanities For Tall People

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Bathroom Vanities For Tall People

Like most products, finding bathroom vanities for tall people is an uphill battle. With the average height of a vanity countertop sitting at just 32 inches,  it’s no surprise that tall people are not too fond of spending hours in front of the bathroom mirror.

A low sitting bench can cause back pain and discomfort as a result of constant bending over. Whether it is to wash your face, brush your teeth, put makeup on or have a shave, as a tall person, standing over a 32-inch high vanity is not ideal.

In recent years, there have been improvements that favor the tall person, with the introduction of comfort height bathroom vanities. These vanities are about 4 inches taller than regular vanities and provide some relief on the tall persons back.

Areas In The Bathroom A Tall Person Struggles

Comfort height products have also spread into the toilet department as well, with some seats of the toilets being 28″ tall. Other areas of the bathroom a tall person struggles with is in bathtubs. However, there are bathtubs up to 86″ in length to suit the taller person.

Finally, the humble shower head, the biggest curse of the bathroom for a tall person. However, with these showerheads, you no longer need to hit your head or duck down into an uncomfortable position while in the shower.

Below you can find a selection of bathroom vanities for the tall person with countertop heights measuring up to 37 inches. Be sure to inspect the final measurements on the description page and always ensure you have measured the space in your bathroom at least two times.

Extra Tall Bathroom Vanity 37″

Extra Tall Bathroom Vanity

This vanity by LifeSky is one of the most stylish and sleek vanities you can find. Thankfully this vanity has more than just its style to offer, otherwise, it wouldn’t have made this list since it needs to be for tall people as well which it achieves thanks to it being 37 inches high.

One thing I like about this vanity is that it offers a lot of space in its large conjoined draw. It’s also a fairly deep draw as well, meaning you can fit a lot of your bathroom gear in there and not on the bench itself giving your bathroom a more modern and clean look.

While this is an excellent vanity that will complement almost any bathroom it does have one small drawback. The instructions for putting this together are rough and this makes it easy to miss a step since they aren’t labeled 1,2,3 etc. This isn’t a dealbreaker but something to consider before purchase.

Just ensure you lay out all the pieces in advance and ensure they are all there. This will help you get a better understanding of the assembly process.

What You Need To Know

  • 37″H x 26″W x 19″ Deep
  • It comes with the countertop
  • Does not come with the faucet or pop up drain
  • Soft closing doors and drawers with hidden hinges for a professional finish
  • Constructed out of Mfc, MDF and finished with a laminate.
LifeSky Modern bathroom vanity


Comfort Height Bathroom Vanities

36″ Tall

Comfort Height Bathroom Vanities

If you take one look at this vanity then you can instantly see that its design is an instant classic. It has a very antique vibe to it and has 3 pre-drilled holes per sink for an 8″ faucet.

Unfortunately, the faucet isn’t included, so you will have to look for some antique looking faucets to match this beautiful cabinet. While this is extremely stylish it won’t suit everyone’s bathroom which means it does lack some versatility in terms of design.

This vanity has an incredible white oak finish which for almost any other vanity on the market would be the big selling point. But this vanity has a marble stone top made from natural stone that will make anyone who visits jealous of your vanity.

If you’re planning on putting this upstairs then you should consider how heavy this vanity is. It weighs an impressive 263 lbs so you will require a lot of help or the use of equipment to get this up the stairs. It’s easier to move this in its box so it’s a good idea to move it in this fashion.

Specs & Details

  • Each sink is 6.5″ deep and has a width of 13″ and a total length of 16″
  • Overall cabinet measurements: 58″ wide with a depth of 22″. Height is counter height at 36″.
  • Solid wood construction, so does weight more than an MDF particleboard cabinet.
  • It does not include drains or faucets.
  • Natural stone cream marble top.
Silkroad Exclusive Crema Marfil Marble Double Sink


36″High Wood Vanity Cabinet

36"High Wood Vanity Cabinet

Silkroad Exclusive has made a name for themselves by making these really stylish vanities that have the old antique feel to them. They continue this trend with this impressive vanity that won’t look out of place in your bathroom.

One of the most useful things that this vanity offers is the sheer number of space it offers. It has a number of draws and cabinets allowing you to store all your bathroom accessories inside of it. Its countertop also has a lot of bench space as well. You can tell they designed this vanity to be all about having space for your bathroom supplies.

This is an extremely solid vanity thanks to its solid wood construction and not some cheap chipboard which gives you peace of mind it won’t just collapse on you or deteriorate as quickly like MDF once in contact with water. This is made even better with its impressive walnut finish which really makes it stand out from the other vanities on the market.


  • 48″wide X 22″deep (Countertop) X 36″ tall overall measurements
  • Yellow undertone Travertine Stone Top finished with a beveled edge around the edges and the bowl cutout.
  • The sink is ivory ceramic
  • Cabinet sits about 1.8″ from the wall when the countertop sits flush against the wall
  • For plumbing into the cabinet, the opening sits 6 inches from the floor with a 11″ wide opening running up the back of the cabinet.
Travertine Stone Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Cabinet


35″ Tall Vanity

35" Tall Vanity

The simple one basin design of this vanity from Vinnova has been made to keep bathroom life simple while still offering a lot of space to store all your bathroom gear. You shouldn’t be put off by its simple design since this design means it’s able to suit practically any bathroom you put it in.

Vinnova did a very interesting design choice with this vanity and its several draws and doors. They went with the safe route of making them soft-closing which means they can’t be slammed or quickly shut on your fingers. This makes it a surprisingly safe vanity for those who have kids who may get into the draws when you’re not looking.

One thing that I really like about this vanity is that the marble sink top is marble through and through. Instead of where other companies go the cheap route and make it a veneer of marble which isn’t as sturdy or nice as true marble.

The Features

  • Sturdy and stable construction using solid wood with a laminate finish
  • The sink is positioned offset to the left while the drawers are on the right side.
  • 3 pre-drilled holes for the faucet
  • Features a convenient oversized drawer underneath the doors for storing bulkier items
36" Single Vanity Carrera White Marble Top


34.5″ Bathroom Vanity For The Tall Person

Bathroom Vanity For The Tall Person

There is something about a solid hardwood frame vanity that I find hard to pass up. This is because they are more durable and sturdy and this makes wood a must for most bathrooms. It’s hard to go by this Simpli Home bathroom vanity if you’re a tall person.

Something that is often overlooked is the hardware of a vanity. Thankfully Simpli Home hasn’t ignored this by giving this vanity brushed nickel rounded knobs that are durable and smooth to touch.

While this may not be a big thing its the small things that when done well make everything else stand out. Rather than having to go out and buy nicer looking hardware, this cabinet already comes with a nice set.

Complementing the hardware is the design on the front of the cupboards. Sort of a checkered style finish that gives a plain finish, a more modern twist. The handles mix really well with the design of the cabinet.

One thing to note with this vanity is that it’s a right offset meaning the sink is on the right side. This is something to consider before purchasing and making sure you don’t mind if it’s offset to the right. If you don’t mind that then this is a great vanity to make your bathroom look stylish.

About This Vanity

  • Overall size: 37″ wide, 21.5″ deep and a height of 34.5″
  • Soft white color with a white quartz top featuring nice smooth soft-closing drawers and doors.
  • Right offset under mounted sink
  • Adjustable legs
Quartz Marble Top Bath Vanity Top


Extra Tall Vanity With Drawers

Extra Tall Vanity With Drawers

This vanity by Ove Decors offers a lot of space with its countertop and multiple draws which is one of the reasons this vanity is an easy recommendation.

Its benchtop is an impressive 42 inches long by 22 inches wide which gives you a lot of room to store your items on top before you even touch the draws. In terms of height, it measures 34.5 inches tall.

The design of this vanity has a very warm style to it that gives it a nice feel when it’s in your bathroom. Unlike a lot of other modern vanities that all lack feeling and have that bland pale feel to them. So if you’re looking for something that feels more homely, then this is a great option for you.

Tall Cabinet With Granite Top

The granite countertop is a true testimony to this. It offers color and bling to the bathroom. It works in beautifully with the dark brown rustic appeal of the cabinet. The curved front of the cabinet is a unique aspect also, but it can be somewhat of a hindrance if you are short or a bit chubby needing to bend over the sink.

Another aspect of this design I quite like is that there are no tall doors on it. With cabinets that have the tall doors, you lose so much storage space underneath. The middle section of this cabinet features a smaller door section, which is still tall enough to store items but gives the cabinet extra drawers to utilize with smaller storage items, like a hairdryer, clippers, etc.

I really like that this vanity comes with a splashback unlike a lot of others which is extremely useful. Tho I do wish it was a touch higher. It’s certainly not enough to be a dealbreaker consider the amount that doesn’t come with a splashback.

42-Inch Vanity Ensemble with Sandy Granite Countertop


Extra Tall Single Bathroom Vanity

Extra Tall Single Bathroom Vanity

If you don’t have a lot of space in your bathroom then this vanity is a great option for you since it’s fairly narrow. So if your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of room then this vanity only measuring 24.6 inches for its width, makes it a good choice for the taller people.

Something that I really like about this vanity is that Runfine made the smart idea of giving you several color options for it. So if you don’t like the white finish then you may like the gray, or walnut finish.

This should also help in trying to match it to your current bathrooms color design. When buy cabinets like these, especially online, you don’t necessarily have many choices in terms of color options. So it’s good to see this one has these options.

Being so narrow does mean you give up some countertop space and as the bowl is quite large, you don’t get much space to keep items on top of the vanity. However, you can store things in the drawers and soft closing door cabinets to help with that issue. It has one large drawer at the bottom and the main storage compartment which will fit most of what you need in there.

How Tall Is It?

  • 34″ tall with a width of 24.6″ and a depth of 19″
  • Includes the Vitreous China ceramic top and sink
  • Comes fully assembled
  • 3 holes pre-drilled for adding a faucet
  • Ideal for small bathrooms or ensuites.
RunFine Vanity with Vitreous China Top


Make Your Existing Vanity Taller

Being a tall person has a lot of issues when it comes to the most basic of things. The simple task of washing your hands or face over a vanity is amplified as a tall person. It is quite frustrating that the simplest of things can cause pain and discomfort simply because there isn’t a great deal of option available for the tall person. Thankfully there are ways of making your vanity taller so you don’t have to bend as much.

There are a number of ways to make your vanity taller and sadly most of them are going to require a lot of effort. A lot of the ways to increase the height of your vanity will require you to turn the water off in your house, so you should make sure you do this first.

Raise The Height Of Your Countertop

One of the more popular things to do is to raise the height of the countertop of the vanity. This is no small task since you need to remove the top of your vanity and then build a frame to increase the height and paint it. Then you need to put the bench back on top which is a lot of work and more detailed then I make it sound.

If your vanity doesn’t have legs then a good option you can do is to add your own legs to make it taller. This is very similar to adding a wood foundation at the bottom of the vanity with both of them being fairly difficult to do.



Wall Mount You Vanity

One of the best options if you have the ability or the funds to do is to mount your vanity to the wall to get an even better height. This requires a good amount of knowledge of the construction industry so it’s not for the faint of heart.

The last real option is to replace the vanity with a newer and taller vanity which is a handy option. It’s a good idea if you were going to be remodeling and need something to suit your new design.



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